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Sneak Peek – Winkler Small Belt Knife

Monday, March 30th, 2015

At last week’s USASOC Sniper Competition we were offered a look at the upcoming Small Belt Knife by ABS Master Bladesmith Daniel Winkler.
Seen above with the Belt Knife for size comparison, the new Small Belt Knife was created as a smaller, lower coat alternative to the standard model. Aside from moving to the 4-1/2″ blade, another factor contributing to the lower cost is that the Small Belt Knife has a full tang rather than the more complicated tapered tang found on the original. This also makes the SBK easier to manufacture which will help alleviate the backlog for the Belt Knife. Look for it by May, 2015 from

Predator Intelligence – Propper Packable Windshirt

Monday, March 30th, 2015


Propper has released the new Packable Windshirt. It features a full zip closure, hood, and a DWR coating.


The stuff pouch is self contained, with an easy grab loop.


Available in Black, Coyote, and Olive. Sizes SM – 2XL.

Sneak Peek – SureFire Closed Tine Flash Hider

Monday, March 30th, 2015

Last week, I got a peek at SureFire’s new Closed Tine Flash Hider.

Manufactured at the request of a military customer, the Flash Hider part SFCT-556-1/2X28, works with the SOCOM556 series of suppressors. The “SFCT” in the part number denotes SureFire Closed Tine, the 556 is the caliber and the 1/2×28 is for Mil-Spec 1/2-28 muzzle thread. If it looks somewhat familiar to you, that’s becuase it is. This is an updated version of the same flash hider they have had for years for the legacy suppressor line, part number FH556-212A (NSN: 1005-01-554-3051).

Many will find two advantages to a Closed Tine design. First, the Flash Hider is much less likely to catch on foliage and second, you lose the distinctive “ting” sound produced while firing an open tine muzzle device.

Above, you can see the suppressor alignment lug at the 6 O’clock position. Additionally, the bottom of the flash hider is closed (like an A2 flash hider) which reduces dust signature when firing.

Way Of The Gun – Proctor Covert B.E.L.T.

Monday, March 30th, 2015


The Proctor Covert B.E.L.T. (Bring Everything Light Tactical) is a minimalist concealed carry belt. Made from flat black nylon webbing, the Covert B.E.L.T. is 1.5″ wide with a narrow thickness to accomodate a wide variety of pants, and a built-in stiffener on the sides to help prevent hostile torque. Two dedicated elastic pistol mag pouches and two elastic pistol and rifle mag pouches allow for a degree of user customization, and the pouches have a backing for retention purposes. Additionally, the B.E.L.T features a small Velcro pouch for small items, and plastic D-ring buckles.

Drop The Crackpipe And Take Off The Tinfoil Hat – Jade Helm 15 Really Is, Just An Exercise

Monday, March 30th, 2015

Last week, the internet was aflame with conspiracy theories regarding Exercise Jade Helm 15, a multi-week Unconventional Warfare exercise involving about 1200 SOF personnel, set to take place across the southern half of the United States starting this July. Apparently, someone released a slide deck with an overview of the exercise, to the blogosphere. The next thing you know, the conspiracy industry had some new material to twist into a Martial Law narrative that got the moonbat crowd all worked up.

Declare martial law with 1200 troops (including support guys)? Really?

Off course, it’s another case of 1 + 1 = C. First off, we’ve got an official statememt. Here’s the gist:

When asked by the press about Exercise Jade Helm 15, USASOC spokesman LTC Mark Lastoria answered, “It’s a training exercise. Just a regular training exercise.”

Next, we can look at the slides themselves. The cover slide is straight forward and it was obviously presented to a local government to explain what is going on in an effort get permission to train in their area.

They aren’t exactly hiding the nature of the exercise or where it will take place.
 The slides are very up front about the nature of the training as it concerns local citizens.

Next, the slides detail the types of units involved. Not something you’d run around telling folks if you had a secret plan afoot.

As you can see, it’s a rather large training area but there’s a simple explanantion. It allows the units participating to actually deal with the tyranny of distance which effects transportation and communications as well as command and control. Even SOF portions of Combat Training Center rotations involve long distances between elements and target areas and those are conducted regularly.

As an aside, I really dig the logo which depicts crossed arrows and dagger (synonymous with Special Forces) set behind a French wooden shoe called a sabot. That wooden clog is where the term “sabotage” comes from. During the French revolution, workers were said to throw these shoes into the works of looms in order to break them. Unconventional Warfare and sabotage go together like peas and carrots.

The truth of the matter is that these exercises are nothing new and have been occuring for well over 50 years. Over the course of my 21 year long career, I participated in numerous large-scale, multi-week, joint SOF exercises with training areas that spanned multiple states. They were (and remain) excellent opportunities to practice the conduct of successful operations and such frequent exercises are what honed SOF capabilities, so ably demonstrated in the opening weeks of Operation Enduring Freedom, some 14 years ago.

If you still don’t believe me, I’ll once again share the period documentary, “Guerilla: USA” which depicts an early 1960s Unconventional Warfare exercise conducted by Special Forces in West Virginia. Equipment and TTPs may change but the underlying mission of working with the locals remains an inherent tenet of UW.

None of this is nefarious, and the activities in the documentary are more intricate than will take place in Jade Helm 15. Jade Helm isn’t a threat to liberty, but rather part of a larger mechanism deigned to protect it. So sleep peacefully in your beds at night knowing that rough men stand ready to do violence on your behalf. And, drop that crack pipe.

MultiCam Black Vinyl Wrap On The Dillon Aero Little Bird

Sunday, March 29th, 2015

MultiCam partnered with Image Craft LLC to wrap a Dillon Aero MD530 Little Bird in MultiCam Black vinyl. This was done for the 2015 Army Aviation Association of America trade show in Nashville, TN, where Fulcrum Concepts is debuting their new weapons integration system for the Little Bird. Below are images of the MultiCam-wraped Little Bird.

At The Front – WWII Equipment Reproduction Company

Sunday, March 29th, 2015

image 1

Established in 1992, At the Front is a company based in Central Kentucky, near Lake Cumberland. They offer authentic WWII reproductions for films, museums, and collectors. Over 90% of their products are exclusive to their company, and many of their reproductions are produced in-house. These reproductions are thoroughly researched and cross checked against their collection of thousands of originals, ensuring the highest quality and accuracy in appearance.

The most popular product line offered by At the Front is their 506th PIR paratrooper list. This includes authentic jump helmets, Corcoran jump boots, web gear, jump suits, and more. Additionally, customers can purchase tanker jackets, Ranger uniforms like those worn at Pointe-du-Hoc, dress uniforms, USMC frogskins, and much more.

Take a visit to At the Front at their website: and at their Facebook page:

ASE UTRA Civilian And Mil/LE 2015 Product Catalogs

Sunday, March 29th, 2015

Finnish Suppressor company ASE UTRA has released their 2015 Civilian and Military/Law Enforcement catalogs. You can click the images below to view them.

Military/Law Enforcement