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Urban Operator – Wrist Straps

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Wrist Wraps provide additional wrist support anytime you need it. These affordable but durable wraps are made from a Mil-spec webbing. Use them for greater wrist stability anytime you are pressing or going overhead during weightlifting, powerlifting, and strongman training.

Sold in Pairs
22″ in length
Width: 2” inches
Hook and Loop Closure
Thumb loop

Available is several patterns.

AKTI Legislative Update

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

The American Knife and Tool Institute is working to change knife laws state by state to repeal and clarify laws that keep you from using, selling or making the knife of your choice with confidence. We continue to work to allow interstate travel of knives without concern of differing state law.

Virginia – “I am pleased to be patron of House Bill 1432, I am grateful for the indispensable assistance of AKTI in preparing and securing Committee passage of the bill, and I look forward to advocating for full passage of the bill during the 2017 General Assembly.” Delegate Ware. HB 1432 & SB 1347 will eliminate carry restrictions on automatic knives for lawful professional and recreational uses. Status: Passed both House and Senate committees. Learn More

Colorado – “AKTI thanks supporter John Bloodgood for his committee testimony and other organizations for their letters of support.” SB 17-008 legalizes sale and possession of automatic and gravity knives by removing them from the state definition of illegal weapons. Status: In Senate for vote. Learn more.

Georgia – SB 49 would increase legal length of a knife blade to carry from 5-1/2 inches to 12 inches. Status: In Senate Committee.

Illinois – SB 607 removes restriction on the sale, manufacture, purchase, possession and carry of automatic knives IF person possesses a current valid Illinois Firearm Owner’s Identification Card. Status: In Senate Committee.

Montana – HB 251 would remove knives with a blade length of 4 or more inches wholly or partially concealed from list of illegal concealed weapons. Status: In House

Texas – HB 790 would change definition of illegal knife and legalize an individual to carry concealed or open a dagger, dirk, stiletto or poniard. Status: Introduced

Changing laws is time-consuming and expensive. Please help support our efforts to make changes that benefit the entire knife community.

Make a contribution to AKTI’s Legislative Fund
Become a Member!
Donate a Knife

Know your state knife laws.

ORWM – Barebones Living Pulaski Axe and Folding Shovel

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Two of the greatest things I saw at the recent Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City were the Pulaski Axe and Folding Shovel from Barebones Living.

Pulaski Axe

Based on the wildland firefighter’s best friend, the Pulaski Axe by Barebones Living features an axe head, balanced by an adze, so you can chop wood as well as clear ground. The 21″ wooden handle surrounds a full-length steel rod, capped with a pommel for pounding. The Pulaski Axe comes with a simple leather sheath to protect the head.

Folding Shovel

This folding shovel is a true treasure and I can’t wait until it is available later this year. When I was a kid, the old M-1951 combination entrenching tool was both inexpensive and plentiful. It could be had, in new condition from any surplus store for just a few bucks. We used them camping and my dad kept one in each of the cars, just in case. Unfortunately, the old warhorse has become scarce and they now cost too much to use as they are scooped up by collectors. The current issue tri-fold e-tool is certainly lighter and more compact, but not nearly as user friendly as that old wooden handled model.

Barebones Living took the same tried-and-true adjustable head design we all know, and did one better, they gave their shovel a full-length handle so you can really put it to use. They’ve also included a traditional D-type handle grip for additional control.

Kryptek Launches Pouch Line

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Today, Kryptek is formally launching a line of load carriage pouches.

There’s a wide variety of pouches available, with the photo depicting just a few examples. They are PALS compatible and offered in Highlander, Mandrake and Typhon.

SHOT Show 17 – Spartan-Harvey Folder Scale Options

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Spartan Blades has been offering limited run versions of their popular Spartan-Harsey Folder which feature special finishes and handles.

Right now, the plan is to have four different options available at a time and to swap them out for new designs in turn so they don’t all change at once. Here are some examples.

Blade Length: 4″
Overall Length: 8 13/16″
Blade Thickness: 0.154″
Thickness: 0.5″
Blade Steel: CPM S35VN
Blade Hardness: 58-60 RHC

– Eric Graves
SSD Editor

SHOT Show 17 – Leupold Introduces New Mk 8 Variant

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

The Leupold Mk 8 is one of the most popular optics on the market. However, it’s expensive and not everyone requires the scope’s illuminated reticle, so Leupold came out with this new model to make it available to more shooters.

It’s still a 3.5-25×56 with Mk 8 construction. They’ve added low-profile M5C2 ZeroLock adjustments and a non-illuminated front focal plane reticle.

SHOT Show 17 – Adams Industries DTNVG

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Adams Industries exhibited their Dual Tube Night Vision Goggles featuring tubes by ACT.

Aside from veey clear night vision, the tubes also automatically turn off when they are flipped up to the carriage position.

Adams Industries offers multiple versions of this technology including government, commercial, export, white phosphorous, color and WFOV models.  The Camo tape is available in multiple patterns.

– Eric Graves
SSD Editor

Lancer Systems 2017 Catalog

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017


Click to view .pdf

Check out the Lancer Systems 2017 catalog, which features their entire line of magazines, handguards, and rifles.