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SHOT Show 17 – Hazard 4 Frazetta Licensed Products

Monday, January 30th, 2017

At SHOT Show I found out that Hazard 4 recently signed a licensing agreement with Frazetta Jr. Enterprise to produce products based on Frank Frazetta’s legendary art. Their first product is a 3D morale patch depicting the iconic Death Dealer which has long been the symbol of the US Army’s III Corps.

Available now in Black, Coyote and OD Green.

SHOT Show 17 – Mystery Ranch Flash Bang Pouches

Monday, January 30th, 2017

Many people don’t know that Mystery Ranch makes SOCOM issued Flash Bang pouches. Both sizes are PALS compatible and the flaps can be tucked behind the grenade.

There’s the Flash Bang above and the Triple Bang below.  Yes, it’s often referred to in the field as the “gang bang”.

SHOT Show 17 – FN 16 Tactical II Pro Series

Monday, January 30th, 2017

I was told by a little bird to stop by the FN America booth and take a look at the select fire ARs. Sure enough, my trip was rewarded with the FN 16 Tactical II Pro.  This one had an 11.5″ barrel but as I understand it, there will be 10.3″, 11.5″, 12.5″, 14.5″, 14.5″ pinned, 16″ and 18″ hammer forged barrels featuring a 1/7 twist and the Hodge barrel profile. Oh yeah, did I mention that the Pro was developed in conjunction with Hodge Defense Systems?

FN has incorporated the SureFire WarComp.  

You’ll notice the Hodge MLok handguard with FN badging, Magpul grip and stock along with oversized Bolt Catch.  

The thing about the Pro series carbines is that they are being offered as COTS options for government customers, but I’m hoping to see them offered commercially soon, as well.

– Eric Graves
SSD Editor

SHOT Show 17 – MTEK Flux Ballistic Helmet

Monday, January 30th, 2017

It was great to see the MTEK team in their own booth at SHOT Show. They had their whole line on display. A small company, creating lightweight, innovative designs, what’s not love about these guys?

This dipped version of the Flux Ballistic caught my eye and I thought it worth sharing.

SHOT Show 17 – The Goodman Special Operations Combat Knife from Abraham and Moses Survival Equipment

Monday, January 30th, 2017

Bill Geissele’s sons Abraham and Moses began showing an interest in knives, so he started a new company, Abraham and Moses Survival Equipment, to help them learn about the business. They are some very fortunate kids.

For one of their first knives, they partnered with Retired Special Operator and Master Knifemaker Lou Goodman. Lou has been making knives for his fellow Soldiers for years, and now that he is retired has taken up the art professionally.

The Goodman not only shares his name, but also incorporates features he wanted in a combat knife. He related that when he was a younger man, he often carried large knives but that they often just got in the way while carried, so he made the Goodman as a more agile size. He also incorporated and extended guard to prevent the hand from sliding onto the blade. Additionally, the ricasso has been lengthened to allow the user to ‘choke up’ on the blade for detailed tasks and the Goodman features a choil-less edge to prevent snagging during combat.

This 12.4 oz full tang knife is 10 5/8″ long with a 5.655” long and .210″ thick blade, which is made with Carpenter PD1 steel. They’ve differentially heat treated the blade and tempered it six times. This creates an edge that is sharp and a strong core at 60 HRC. The blade is then finished with G10 Handles and a hi-tech Nano Composite Coating to prevent wear and rust.

The 7.4 oz sheath is an interesting design, machined from a billet of 7075 aluminum with a nylon liner. It incorporates a drain hole and the different attachment systems are user configurable. In addition to PALS compatibility, the sheath can also be belt worn, or lashed to equipment.

You’ll notice a small notch in the blade. This will interface with a catch on the sheath, they refer to as an active retainmemt device. To draw the knife, use your finger to depress the catch and pull the blade free. The active retainment device is used to keep the knife in place during activities like parachuting, and swimming as well as mounted and urban operations. However, it can be removed and Lou assures me the knife will stay in place via friction for most uses.

Here you can see the Goodman mounted to its designer’s JPC which gives you a great idea of the size of the knife and how much real estate it will take up.

– Eric Graves
SSD Editor

SHOT Show 17 – Blackhawk Convoy 1/4 Zip 

Monday, January 30th, 2017

Offered in Steel and Moss, the Convoy 1/4 Zip from Blackhawk is cut to help avoid imprinting when carrying concealed and incorporates zippered chest and sleeve pockets.

More On The Netherlands Fractal Pattern

Monday, January 30th, 2017

We recently mentioned the Dutch Arm’s Smart Tactical Vest which featured the equipment variant of the Netherlands Fractal Pattern.


Not long ago, there was a meeting where testing of new C4I and personal equipment was discussed. A platoon had tested the equipment (from Elbit and Marom Dolphin) and direct feedback was offered, along with the opportunity to ask questions directly from the program lead and business representatives.


There was a mix of the woodland and desert versions of NFP on hand. Noteworthy, is that some of the armored vests incorporated the T-belt system which acts as a spine, transfering the weight of the vest to the hips. It was mentioned that this system will probably be issued. Also, a backpack included a hinge system allowing it to use the hip belt while carrying an armored vest.


Implementation should start near the end of 2017.


Sunday, January 29th, 2017

Baton Rouge, LA – Lipsey’s, a nationally renowned firearms distributor, had a strong showing at this year’s SHOT Show by earning top distributor awards with some of the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Whether it’s a first time award or one that Lipsey’s has won multiple times, it’s never taken for granted. The mantra of “AIM HIGHER” continues to serve as the company’s foundation for excellence.

Laurie Lipsey Aronson, President and CEO, was in attendance to accept the NSSF’s SHOT Business Distributor Of The Year award last Tuesday morning. “Our team pushes hard all year long and I am impressed every single day by their work ethic. It’s a pleasure to watch them over-achieve our company goals. Receiving these recognitions makes me even more proud of their accomplishments.”

In addition to leading the GLOCK Perfection Awards list as top commercial distributor, Lipsey’s brought home nearly a half dozen other awards in both the firearms and accessories categories. Brett Frey, Director of Purchasing, enjoyed making the rounds at SHOT Show as the good news kept coming in. “It was humbling yet rewarding to receive multiple honors at this year’s show. The awards help validate all of the time, effort, and hard work the entire Lipsey’s team puts in that no one sees, but it makes us who we are.”

Distributor awards Lipsey’s received were as follows:

  • NSSF SHOT Business Distributor Of The Year
  • Daniel Defense Distributor Of The Year
  • Chiappa Distributor Of The Year
  • Trijicon Distributor Of The Year
  • Crimson Trace Distributor Of The Year
  • Located in Baton Rouge, Lipsey’s was originally formed as a wholesale hunting and fishing distributor in 1953. Today, the company leads the firearms industry in the collaboration and distribution of exclusive firearms. An authority in NFA regulations, Lipsey’s also offers a robust line of silencers, short barrel rifles and accessories. With a committed focus on relationships, Lipsey’s provides value and innovation to federally licensed dealers and the industry’s top manufacturers.