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MultiCam Materials – 330D Cordura

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Every two weeks SSD showcases a different MultiCam print fabric from Duro Textiles LLC. This week, we are covering Omega. MultiCam is a single camouflage pattern designed to hide the wearer in varied environments, seasons, elevations, and light conditions. After a great deal of commercial success and adoption by elements of US Special Operations Forces, in 2010 MultiCam was selected for use by the US Army as its Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern (OCP).

Duro prints on genuine Cordura fabric from Invista. A light-weight fabric, 330D Cordura is used by many manufacturers for use in targeted applications in concert with other materials to lower the overall weight of the item. Additionally, certain manufacturers build specialized load carrying items using primarily 330D for ultralight-weight items. This material is coated on the back side for water resistance and features a face side finished with a durable water repellent.

Finished Width – 60 inches cuttable
Finished Weight – 6 oz/yd² approximately
Fiber Content – 100% nylon
Construction – 60/40 (warp/fill)
Breaking Strength – 200/155 (warp/fill) (lbs, minimum)
Download a test report here.

UW Chest rigs from Mayflower Research & Consulting combine low profile and low weight design elements to carry a fighting load. Well known for their no-BS design approach, Mayflower bases their gear on use by those carrying realistic combat loads. The Gen III model UW Chest Rig seen here is currently only sold as a bulk custom item. Contact Mayflower Research & Consulting to discuss your requirements and for details on minimums.

Duro offers progressive pricing based on the number of yards ordered. For more information on this or any of the full line of MultiCam fabrics visit www.multicamfabric.com or email [email protected].

Helium WhisperADS Tactical

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

In case you’ve been living under a rock (or reading some other, less informative website) for the last year, I’ll tell you about Blue Force Gear’s Helium Whisper. It’s a combination of a single piece back panel and an ultra-light, extremely durable high performance laminate. Not only is the actual material lighter (and stronger) than current issue kit, but combined with the single piece construction there is less fabric, drastically reducing the weight of your gear. In fact, Helium Whisper weighs in at almost half that of traditional MOLLE. Additionally, Helium Whisper attachment straps are built into the pouch rather than sewn on, eliminating the possibility of stitching failure. Not only that, but they’ve also eliminated those pesky snaps that seem to pull through at the worst possible moment.

Helium Whisper

The entire line of Blue Force Gear products, including the revolutionary Helium Whisper are available for unit and agency order through www.ADSinc.com.

Remember This?

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

Tactical Tailor Updating Site

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Tactical Tailor has just launched a new, updated website to coincide with the official launch of the much anticipated Fight Light line. Look for more info on this line here soon.

As the new site populates the worldwide DNS system you may run across a “system down for maintenance” message but rest assured, by tomorrow you should be able to see the new look.


OR – CiloGear, The Coolest Thing at OR

Friday, August 12th, 2011

At OR everyone asked me about the coolest thing I saw. Granted, I’m a bit jaded, being exposed to new stuff all of the time. I’ve always maintained that the coolest stuff at OR can be found on the fringes and CiloGear is no exception. Well, no exception to that rule, because everything they do is exceptional. Well known within the climbing community Cilo caught the eye of a couple of military climbers. The rest is history being written.

These aren’t mainstream packs that a Grunt is going to use. They are way too specialized for that. For example, you aren’t going to see a pack covered in PALS webbing. If it’s there, it’s there for a reason. These are very specialized tools for a specialized community. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, CiloGear was started by climbers, for climbers. They build to order and keep waste to an absolute minimum.

Taking this whole philosophy into account, as you can imagine they use some exotic materials to create their packs. Early on I talked about the advantages of Cuben fabric. They’ve embraced the technology and also run with a couple of forms of Spectra.

Take for example this 75L WorkSack. That is a 75 liter beast but when you consider the weight, you ask yourself, “How?” It weighs in at just over 2 lbs.

If you are the right customer, then CiloGear has the right gear for you.

Project Helium Whisper Pics

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Here are a few pics from Blue Force Gear’s new Helium Whisper technology.

The advantages are numerous. The process offers lower weight and increased abrasion resistance. Additionally, as it is laser cut from a single piece, there are fewer assembly errors and any markings are etched directly onto the material. Additionally, any product information including part number, title and manufacturer can also be applied prior to assembly. Finally, manufacturing costs are lower due to the reduced number of processes required for assembly. However, it is important to note that the entire pouch is not made from the material, but rather, certain areas are targeted based on individual designs.

Here you can see a comparison between BFG’s standard 10-Speed pouch construction and the new Helium Whisper.

Helium Whisper technology accounts for a 25% weight reduction over BFG’s pouches. For more conventional designs the savings could be as much as 40 – 50%.


BFG Announces a Better Mousetrap

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

For years Blue Force Gear, In. has quietly provided lightweight load carriage solutions to some of America’s most elite warriors. Now, they have managed to out-design even themselves.

Blue Force Gear has responded to the call of the American Warfighter to create the lightest, most durable, and lowest profile load carriage system available. The military continuously demands ever increasing reductions in the weight that our Warfighters carry. Blue Force Gear has answered this call by slicing the weight of issued kit by as much as 50 percent without compromising performance and yet increasing effectiveness.

Their answer is the use of unique materials coupled with cutting edge construction techniques. To create this new line, Blue Force Gear combined their designs with an extremely light and durable material that is cut and marked out of a single piece, in one operation. Besides being extremely lightweight, this patent pending process eliminates strap alignment, closure alignment, and webbing spacing issues that have plagued previous versions of the MOLLE attachment system.

Under project title Helium Whisper, this new line is the culmination of a 3 year quest to provide our Warriors with the lightest, most durable, and most technologically advanced equipment possible. With multiple patents pending and proprietary construction techniques Blue Force Gear’s new line is poised to improve the safety, comfort, and effectiveness of the US Warfighter.

I have been briefed on this new technology and hope to unveil some photography very soon. Anyone in Virginia Beach this week should be sure to check it out.

Finally, Blue Force Gear wanted me to point out that they are willing to discuss licensing of this new patent pending technology. Feel free to contact them if you are interested.


Kifaru – Sometimes Less IS More

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Kifaru recently unveiled their Ultralights packs a few weeks ago. With over 11 years of development, these packs have a lot of great ideas combined into a single line.

If you are at SHOT Show be sure to visit Kifaru and check out their new Ultralights, we sure will. They will be in booth #20652 on Level 2 in the Law Enforcement section.