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US Army Awards Two Companies to vie for Next Generation Integrated Head Protection Systems

Wednesday, September 8th, 2021

The Department of Defense announced the following award for Next Generation Integrated Head Protection Systems.

“Avon Protection Ceradyne LLC, Irvine, California (W91CRB-21-D-0022); and Gentex Corp., Simpson, Pennsylvania (W91CRB-21-D-0023), will compete for each order of the $87,619,643 firm-fixed-price contract for the procurement of Next Generation Integrated Head Protection Systems. Bids were solicited via the internet with two received. Work locations and funding will be determined with each order, with an estimated completion date of Sept. 6, 2023. U.S. Army Contracting Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, is the contracting activity.”

In June, the Army published an intent to sole source this contract to Avon and Gentex.

NG IHPS is described as:

IWI Announces Additional Procurement of the Micro-TAVOR (X95) Assault Rifle by the Israel Defense Forces

Tuesday, September 7th, 2021

The decision, in accordance with the IDF spokesperson, was made as part of the IDF’s annual work plan

Israel, 07 September, 2021. IWI – Israel Weapon Industries – a member of the SK GROUP (founded by Mr. Samy Katsav), and a worldwide leader in the production of combat-proven small arms for governments, armies, and law enforcement agencies around the world is proud by the additional procurement of the Micro-TAVOR assault rifle by the IDF, to be in service by infantry units.

The decision was made as part of the IDF’s complete annual plan, taking under consideration significant parameters such as adaption to the forces’ missions in the modern battlefield, compliance between acting duty forces and reserve and more.

Designed for militaries, law Enforcement agencies, and special forces, the Micro-TAVOR (X95) was developed in close cooperation with elite units of the IDF, and was tailored to their specific requirements. Incorporating advanced technology enabling the conversion between calibers within minutes, special ops can use the same weapon platform for a wide array of scenarios, for mission success.

With an outstanding effective range of more than 500 meters, the Micro-TAVOR was created to deal with modern terror threats, as well as urban and open area combat – all in one mission. Exceptionally reliable in even the harshest weather conditions, the Micro-TAVOR complies with the most stringent NATO standards for small arms, including environmental standards. Combat-proven by many police and armed forces around the world, it is the standard Israel Defense Forces (IDF) rifle.

According to Ronen Hamudot, Exe. VP Marketing and sales: ” The TAVOR family has been in use by various units of the IDF for the past 15 years. This announcement by the IDF for further procurement is yet another evidence for the TAVOR’s high performance and reliability in the field”.

The Micro-TAVOR is a designed by users’ platform. IWI’s engineers are still serving as reserve in the IDF, hence like all IWI’s products, the Micro-TAVOR was designed and developed according to their own experience in the field. We are very proud of this ongoing long-term cooperation with the IDF, and the Micro-TAVOR being once again the weapon of choice.

Hamudot adds, “IWI works closely with its worldwide customer base, providing solutions that are designed to meet their specific needs.” He goes on to say, “The Micro-TAVOR is one of the most popular weapons of its category in the world – a success based on its exceptional effectiveness and reliability. We continue to develop a range of new configurations and applications in order to ensure its effectiveness in the widest possible range of situations and field requirements.”

For the IDF’s formal statement go here.

US Army Grants NGSW Novation from General Dynamics-OTS, Inc to LoneStar Future Weapons

Wednesday, September 1st, 2021

Something that has flown under the radar is that the US Army has granted a novation from Next Generation Squad Weapons contender General Dynamics-OTS, makers of the Bullpup configuration guns, to Lone Star Future Weapons.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, Novation means to transfer or substitute a new contract in place of an old one.

Upon request, I received the following statement regarding the action from Program Manager Soldier Lethality, Program Executive Office Soldier, which manages Product Manager Next Generation Weapons (PdM NGW).

“On 30 June 2021, Agreement W15QKN1991024, one of three Agreements supporting the Next Generation Squad Weapons Program for weapons and ammunition prototyping, was novated from: General Dynamics-OTS, Inc. to Lone Star Future Weapons (sic).”

An April press release form LoneStar and partner True Velocity announced a strategic partnership to leverage the two companies’ substantial expertise in R&D, precision manufacturing, quality control and production efficiency.

This is a significant event in the NGSW program. It means General Dynamics-OTS, Inc is out as the prime, along with production partner Beretta USA, and LoneStar Future Weapons along with ammunition partner True Velocity, is in. However, General Dynamics-OTS remains in an advisory role according to LTC Mark Owens (USA, Ret) who currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer for True Velocity and Project Director at LoneStar Future Weapons whom I spoke with about the novation.

Owens said, “We are extremely excited to pursue the upcoming NGSW RFP. While General Dynamics has novated the contract to us, we will continue to work with their team to combine the best elements of a large company like GD, with the innovation and agility of Lone Star Future Weapons and True Velocity.”

Owens expanded on the significance of what they are doing, “Making something that has never existed before requires a lot of “different”. Different materials, different manufacturing processes, different weapon and ammunition geometries as well as different business relationships and constructs. Maintaining the status quo cannot provide our warfighters with compact, “fightable” weapon systems capable of defeating current and Next Generation threats. We are not different for the sake of being new. We are different in order to adapt to the rapidly changing battlefields of the future. Every piece of our weapon system componentry and ammunition combines the best of traditional technologies from battlefield proven systems with the most lethal, robust, compact and lightweight solutions available for a new, different, enhanced level of lethality.”

One of the big things for the team is that True Velocity has recently introduced commercial production of their composite ammunition in .308 WIN.

Hoping to see additional calibers in the future I asked Owens what might be in the wings and he mentioned a civilian 6.8 round for hunting. I explained that like most shooters, I don’t have any firearms which fire that caliber. He told me not to worry, that LoneStar would be introducing those as well to complement the ammo saying, “We also look forward to a commercial release of the 6.8 Rifle and ammunition for sporting purposes.” He went on to mention that they are working with industry partners to introduce firearms chambered for their 6.8 cartridge.

In addition to access to the NGSW firearm intellectual property, LoneStar is also moving forward with the GD-OTS Lightweight Medium Machine Gun design in 338 Norma Mag and is perusing the USSOCOM opportunity currently underway with SOFWERX. Owens concluded our discussion with, “In addition to the contract, IP for the NGSW R, AR, as well as for the .338 NM MG have conferred. We believe that these weapons will have an important place in both our Army and allied arsenals of the future.”

There’s a lot going on and it sounds like the NGSW novation is just the beginning for LoneStar Future Weapons and partner True Velocity.

Tulmar Safety Systems Announces Repair & Overhaul Support Contract Extension for Canadian DND

Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

Tulmar Safety Systems is pleased to announce the extension of their Repair & Overhaul support contract with the Canadian Department of National Defence for the Canadian Army’s Flotation Life Support Equipment program.  “This is a testament to the hard work, attention to detail, and passion of our R&O, engineering, and contract administration staff whereby we have been entrusted with the provision of critical life saving equipment to the members of the Canadian Armed Forces. I am beyond proud of the work they do to support those who go in harm’s way!” said Matt Fisher, Defence Solutions Manager for Tulmar.


Robotic Research Awarded SBIR Phase II Contract from Defense Threat Reduction Agency

Wednesday, August 25th, 2021

CLARKSBURG, Md., August 18, 2021–Robotic Research, LLC, a global leader in autonomous technology and solutions, announced today that it was awarded this summer a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II contract from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA).

As part of the two-year contract, Robotic Research will increase the capacity of its Pegasus Mini, the smallest of the company’s transforming drone/ground robot systems, which DTRA plans to incorporate into the Modular Autonomous Counter-WMD, Increment B (MACS-B) program.

Planned upgrades include changes to the airframe, battery, and computing and sensing capabilities.

“Early on, DTRA recognized how the warfighter could benefit from a hybrid unmanned system that both flies and drives. With their support, we created an initial Pegasus Mini prototype, and we now are advancing it further,” said George McWilliams, Director of Advanced Programs at Robotic Research.

Pegasus Mini weighs just four pounds and is the size of a football when folded up and carried in a backpack. Deployed in the field, it can change back and forth between modes as required by the user and the environment. This gives it access to areas that might stymie a standard ground robot or drone.

“Pegasus Mini can fly into three-story windows. It can perch and stare. It can autonomously navigate, explore and map enemy tunnel systems,” McWilliams said. “We see it as being a critical element in DTRA’s family of robotic systems as well as a powerful tool in the hands of other users.”

The SBIR Phase II, which will include demonstrations in operationally relevant environments, is set to end in June 2023. After that, company officials say Pegasus Mini’s design will be further refined based on user feedback. In the meantime, Robotic Research’s Pegasus line of hybrid unmanned vehicles has garnered interest from allied countries, and Pegasus Mini has received industry accolades.

In May, it was nominated by the Association for Unmanned Vehicles Systems International (AUVSI) as an XCELLENCE Award finalist.

S.O.TECH Delivers 8000 M320A1 Grenade Launcher Weapon Retention Clamps to USMC

Wednesday, August 25th, 2021

S.O.Tech is proud to have worked with the USMC to develop a solution to the difficult challenge of securely retaining the M320. This is a cumbersome device with scope and stock making it sway and shift on the vest. A stable carriage platform that still offers speed draw and field repairability was needed.

The Solution: SOTECH’s weapon clamp was designed to pull the weapon close to the body with the pistol grip angled inward. The clamp uses a plastic insert to grip the frame of the weapon rather than the trigger guard. The clamp is indented on one side and flat on the other side, allowing the weapon to lay flat on the shooter. Detents on both sides would have angle the weapon outward creating sway. Three MOLLE compatible loops provide a stable attachment that pulls the weapon against the shooter.

Quadruple retention with a plastic lined front strap fastened by a side lock buckle common to all military issue rigs pro-vides easy manipulation and security. Stiffened straps keep them from dangling and catching in the action or in the sight mount. The elastic grip retention is anchored for an easy no-look find and manipulation. Its pistol grip loop is rubber grip lined flat elastic for a better hold on the weapon.

And in case of a failure with the plastic clamp, it can be easily removed and replaced, as can the elastic grip strap which can also be tightened if the elastic wears. M320A1 Grenade Launcher Weapon Retention Clamp is patented and has additional patents pending.  Available on GSA and through DLA.  Government price is $45.60.

RETENTION CLAMP, Right  GLRC-RT-CB NSN: 1005-01-691-9293;

RETENTION CLAMP, Left   GLRC-LT-CB NSN: 1005-01-691-9289;


The “Fuchs” Success Story Goes On: Major Contract for Rheinmetall – International Partner Orders Material kits for Fuchs/Fox 2 Wheeled Armoured Vehicles Worth €250 Million

Thursday, August 12th, 2021

An international partner has placed a follow-up order with Rheinmetall to supply material kits for the Fuchs/Fox 2 wheeled armoured vehicle. This new order, which also encompasses an initial supply of spare parts, is worth around €250 million. Delivery will take place during the 2021-2023 timeframe, with production to be carried out in the partner’s country. This major order underscores the long-lasting nature of this successful strategic partnership.

The order is particularly important for the Group’s Kassel plant, birthplace of the tried-and-tested 6×6 vehicle. Last year marked the fortieth anniversary of the Fuchs armoured transport vehicle’s entry into service with the German Bundeswehr.

To date, some 1,600 Fuchs vehicles have been built. The armoured forces of numerous nations rely on various versions of the vehicle, which, among other things, can be configured as an armoured personnel carrier, a mobile command post, a field ambulance or for an NBC detection and reconnaissance role. The German Bundeswehr has fielded multiple versions of the Fuchs 1 ever since 1979, deploying over a hundred of these vehicles in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Its successor, the Fuchs 2, is an advanced version of the vehicle, featuring, among other things, a larger fighting compartment, a more powerful engine, an updated chassis, improved protection, and a digital electrical system.

Furthermore, the Bundeswehr is also modernizing part of its Fuchs 1 fleet. The latest version of the vehicle – the Fuchs 1A8 – offers substantially better protection against mines and improvised explosive devices compared to earlier models; it also features enhanced protection against ballistic threats. Among the principal modifications found in the 1A8 are structural changes to the hull; new seats and seat suspension systems in the fighting compartment decoupled from floor of the hull; reinforced wheel housings, doors, and window mountings; and additional external storage bins and reinforcement of the vehicle exterior. In total, the Bundeswehr inventory includes around 940 Fuchs vehicles, 272 of which are the current version 1A8.

Furthermore, Rheinmetall now offers an even more advanced version of the vehicle, the 1A8 Plus, which includes a new powerpack, a new transfer case, an improved steering system, and a monitor and camera vision system. This makes the Fuchs 1A8 even more manoeuvrable in off-road terrain and more ergonomic to operate. Legacy vehicles can be upgraded to 1A8 status, while newly built Fuchs 1A8 vehicles are available now as well.

Los Angeles Police Department Selects FN 509 MRD-LE as New Duty Pistol

Tuesday, August 10th, 2021

(McLean, VA – August 10, 2021) Following a highly competitive and rigorous qualification, FN America, LLC is pleased to announce that the FN 509 MRD-LE has been chosen by the Los Angeles Police Department as their new duty pistol. The FN 509 is a capable and versatile handgun platform that delivers rapid, precision fire in any environment. Officers training on marksmanship, tactical maneuvers and precision target engagements now have a more accurate and reliable sidearm, proven by the LAPD to perform with a wide variety of duty-rated handgun optics and ammunition.

“The Los Angeles Police Department is one of the largest and most elite law enforcement agencies in the country, with roughly 10,000 uniformed officers, and we are proud that they have chosen the FN 509 MRD-LE as their next duty pistol,” said Mark Cherpes, President and CEO of FN America, LLC. “The FN 509 MRD-LE is the only choice for agencies seeking an extremely capable and versatile duty pistol platform with proven reliability, accuracy and optic interoperability. Serving the men and women of an outstanding law enforcement agency like the LAPD brings great pride to everyone at FN, we look forward to supporting their police force with a remarkable handgun platform their officers will rely on every day.”

During the LAPD handgun trials, FN competed against several contenders in a 20,000-round-count endurance qualification, which it surpassed with zero malfunctions. “Exceeding all of the requirements LAPD sought in their new duty pistol was a high-performance standard to meet,” said Chris Cole, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at FN America, LLC. “With over a million rounds fired in development, the FN 509’s reputation for durability is proven here again giving LAPD officers a superior handgun they can depend on in the most demanding policing environments.”

Superior accuracy of the FN 509 MRD-LE starts with the patented FN Low-Profile Optics-Mounting System™. Adapted from the original development for the U.S. Army’s handgun trials, it gives officers more precision and sighting versatility than all other handguns.

“LAPD needed the ability to quickly and securely mount a variety of duty-rated micro red dots to their service pistols to improve the accuracy potential of their handguns and their officers,” said Charles “Bucky” Mills, Sr. Director of Law Enforcement Sales for FN America, LLC. “FN pioneered the MRD mounting technology the LAPD required, enabling precision shot placement and immediate target engagement no matter the environment.”

Accuracy is further enhanced by the high-performance trigger assembly and cold-hammer forged barrel. The combination of accuracy, speed, longevity and versatility gives the FN 509 MRD-LE the edge that today’s officers need.

FN’s New FN 509 MRD-LE

The FN 509 MRD-LE delivers more precision and versatility than any other duty-rated handgun. Building on the proven FN 509 lineup, the exclusive upgrades for law enforcement place every advantage in an officer’s hands. The FN 509 MRD-LE is the only choice for agencies who require complete reliability.

Pinpoint accuracy is made possible for all officers with a precision, hammer-forged barrel with recessed target crown, high-performance, conical striker and flat-faced, duty-rated trigger. With a positive wall at 90° before a clean break, officers maintain their sights on target through the full trigger pull. The FN Low-Profile Optics-Mounting System™ with co-witness tritium 3-dot iron sights, delivers rapid sight acquisition and consistent shot placement, vital when every shot must be accounted for. 

To inquire about the FN 509 MRD-LE, LAPD’s newest duty-issue sidearm, for agency or individual office purchase, please contact the FN Law Enforcement Sales team at [email protected] More information about the FN 509 MRD-LE or FN’s other law enforcement products can be found at www.fnamerica.com.