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B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc. Exhibiting at Modern Day Marine 2024

Thursday, April 25th, 2024

April 24, 2024 (Redmond, WA) – B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc., a defense technology manufacturer specializing in advanced photonic solutions for military, law enforcement, consumer, and aerospace applications worldwide, will be exhibiting at the 2024 Modern Day Marine expo from 30 April – 02 May 2024, booth #615 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. Modern Day Marine is the largest military equipment, systems, and technology expo specific to the United States Marine Corps.

B.E. Meyers & Co.will be showcasing the U.S. Army adopted BOARS®-M2, (NSN) 1240-01-682-8650, a modular, low-profile optics and accessory mounting solution for the M2 series of .50 Cal crew-served weapons that offers a quick-disconnect with true return-to-zero reattach capability. They will also be showcasing their United States Department of Defense-specific variant of their Modular Advanced Weapon Laser (MAWL), the MAWL®-X1, a high-powered infrared and visible green multi-function aiming and illumination laser designed for individual carbines and crew served weapons. It has been engineered from the ground up to exceed the needs of the modern night fighter. Other products on display will include the KIJI, a Class 3R VCSEL-based infrared laser illuminator that can be rail mounted on a wide variety of systems including individual weapons, shoulder-fired anti-tank rockets (i.e. AT-4) and spotting scopes, as well as helmet-mounted for aid in night vision navigation.  The KIJI can also be used in a handheld configurationin support of aviation applications and has been used by pilots and crew to provide clear and bright infrared illumination to identify ground HLZ hazards and communicate with ground personnel.

To schedule a meeting with a member of the B.E. Meyers & Co. team at Modern Day Marine, please connect with us atinfo@bemeyers.com.

For more information about B.E. Meyers & Co., our products, and our 50-year history, please visit us at www.bemeyers.com.

Legend Compression Boot Socks Exhibiting in Booth #956 at Modern Day Marine

Monday, April 22nd, 2024

All Weather, Cold Weather, Warm Weather

Mid-Calf and Over the Calf

Please stop by to discuss why Compression, yarn selection, cushioning, added support and custom knit comfort features make the difference.


Galvion’s State-of-the-Art Warfighter Lab Plays a Critical Role in the Development of Integrated Helmet Systems

Monday, April 8th, 2024

Historically, the evolution of protective head systems has been centered around lighter materials, enhanced protection against expanded and varied threats, improved coverage, fit and comfort, and scalability through shrouds, rail systems and add-on accessories.  These critical advancements have led to significantly better protective helmet systems for those on the front lines.

Several years ago, the concept of “active” protection emerged, built on the idea that helmets needed to move from a purely protective productto a solution that increases survivability and lethality. These solutions integrate with modern equipment like hearing enhancement devices, night vision goggles, head-up displays, sensors, emitters, and computation. With the accelerated pace of innovation and the introduction of very new technologies like drones, robots, visual augmentation, advanced weapons platforms, and communicationsystems, etc., the future of head systems is capability-enhancement and integration focused.  

Great product design is grounded in end-user feedback. The challenge, however, is that user feedback is inherently subjective, and often related to a ‘feeling’ rather than a quantifiable measure. With little detail beyond “that felt tight,” or “this was comfortable,” or “that felt a little unstable”, it can be difficult to translate subjective feedback into actionable product development decisions. Industry needs new tools in our collective toolbox in order to analyze the operational effectiveness of the warfighter as a system.

Galvion’s Warfighter Lab was purpose-built in our Portsmouth, New Hampshire headquarters, with state-of-the-art, custom-designed equipment, to measure and record performance under controlled andrepeatable conditions in an operationally immersive environment.Depending on the project, the questions posed, the type of end-user, the environmental conditions required, and the product or system being tested, the Warfighter Lab builds experiment protocols that include layers of simulation ranging from full reality to mixed reality to full virtual reality.  

Dr. Martin Fultot, Manager of Galvion’s Warfighter Lab and an Experimental Psychologist explains, “We want to obtain behavioral responses and performance from the user that reliably reflect what would happen in the field. We do that by pushing the boundaries of immersion and suspension of disbelief; by blurring the lines between what is virtual and what is real.  The simulated weapon you use is really in your hands, the wall you see is really there, etc. The level of immersion for our simulations is as advanced as we can get, given the current technology, allowing us to tap into deeply ingrained neuromuscular structures and processes to maximize the quality of the data and the validity of our conclusions.”

The Warfighter Lab allows our teams to move from ideation through iterations to implementation quickly and is at the center of new system developments, including Galvion’s Integrated Helmet System (IHS), a customized solution to meet the unique operational requirements of the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC).   Galvion collaborated closely with Marines to incorporate real-time feedback, collected through multiple Limited User Evaluations (LUE) events, resulting in a purpose-built helmet system that provides an integrated head protection platform for the Marines.  

One of the critical priorities discovered during feedback sessions was the need for superior stability.  Marines voiced a willingness to trade comfort for stability and effectiveness, scoring NVG stability as essential.  Galvion’s Engineering, Human Factors and Warfighter Labteams collaborated in an iterative development process to refineGalvion’s APEX™ suspension & retention system in order to ensure unmatched stability without compromising comfort.  The results included a more robust fitband dial for easy adjustment even when wearing gloves, an improved harness camlock for quick adjustment, and a re-designed nape pad. The Warfighter Lab put the IHS helmet through stability testing under three conditions: helmet only, helmet with NVG, and helmet with NVG and counterbalance. Our internal design experiment demonstrated that overall performance with the helmet (shooting accuracy and speed) did not change, meaning the helmet can easily handle headborne accessories, validating overall stability of the helmet and APEX™ liner system design.

The ability to understand, measure and analyze exactly what new technology offers will be critical in assessing the tipping point between increased operational effectiveness and cognitive overload.  How does each new technology impact overall warfighter survivability? Does it truly enhance performance or is it something that we, in theory, believe enhances performance?  The Warfighter Lab is designed precisely to answer these new questions by collectingthe quantitative data needed to make product decisions in the era of the hyper-enabled warfighter.

Galvion will be exhibiting at Modern Day Marine Booth #943 (April 30-May 2nd, 2024) and at SOF Week Booth #948 (May 7-9th, 2024)

For more information related to Galvion’s IHS, please click here.

Legend Compression (All Weather) Merino Wool Over-The-Calf Boot Sock Pre-Launched at Modern Day Marine 2023

Wednesday, July 19th, 2023

The LEGEND® technical and product development teams have worked with the Marine Corps, for over two years to develop this compression Over-The-Calf merino wool SEABAG/Combat boot sock. The focus was the use of mild graduated compression to reduce foot fatigue, improve blood circulation, and provide added support throughout the boot sock. Dense terry cushioning throughout the leg, with added cushioning in the seamless toe, foot, heel and shin provide added comfort, support and minimize sock movement to prevent blisters.

Whether the attendee was a young Marine or a Marine Corps Officer; they all had blister horror stories to share. Based upon their past experiences they asked very specific questions as to the user benefits of compression, durability, comfort, features to help to eliminate blisters, stay up in their boots, anti-microbial, and wicking ability.

Invariably, at the end of each conversation the young Marines asked when the style would be available at the Exchange and the Officers asked the Marine Corps program development status.

Production has begun, inventory is being built to supply retail orders and potential, projected, future Military needs.

The LEGEND® Compression Tactical Boot Sock program is Proudly “Made in USA” and is Berry Amendment Compliant!


MDM 23 – WINDSTOPPER by GORE-TEX LABS x Beyond Jackets

Friday, June 30th, 2023

GORE Brands exhibited two new jackets from Beyond Clothing’s new Jäger line which incorporate WINDSTOPPER fabric by GORE-TEX LABS.

WINDSTOPPER fabric is 100% windproof and is used in zones of the jacket such as the front and rear panels as well as the hood to help shed weather and wind to keep the core warm and dry. In such hybrid constructions as we see here, other zones such as under the arms, offer more traditional fabrics to assist with air circulation for active wear.

The first jacket is the Jäger and pairs the WINDSTOPPER shell with Polartec Alpha Direct* insulation and stretch side panels. I’m a big fan of both WINDSTOPPER and Alpha Direct but haven’t had a jacket yet which combines the two. This combination offers high air permeability for high aerobic activity as well as weather protection and insulation. It is ideally suited for wear in cold wet conditions down to +20°F. If you’re wearing a ruck and constantly moving, this is the jacket for you.

For those of you who appreciate the details, this jacket offers a Clo Thermal insulation value of 1.19 and Low Water Pick-Up (15.78% after 30 minute in a light mist).

The second jacket is the Mountain Jäger which combines WINDSTOPPER By GORE-TEX LABS fabric with Climashield Bio 2.0 oz Insulation and a 40d lightweight liner with stretch side panels. There is also gridded stretch fabric at the chin for comfort in the cold when you’re all bundled up.

I’m told there’s also another model in the line without the side panels and with additional continuous insulation for even colder conditions.

The Mountain Jäger still has decent air permeability but it is a better option for those who will operate in more static modes. It provides good performance in Wet Cold (+39° to +20°F), Dry Cold (+19° to -4°F), and even Intense Cold (-5° to -25°F) conditions when incorporated into a layering system.

The tech specs are Low Water Pick-Up, 15.13% after 30 minute in a light mist and an even higher Clo thermal insulation value of 1.79.

Although the Jaeger line jackets aren’t specifically intended for any military programs, they are great options for organizations seeking to update their active shells. Prototypes of both have been evaluated by multiple US military organizations with very positive feedback.

Contact Beyond to learn more.

*This is a prototype. Production versions will feature color matched Alpha Direct insulation.

MDM 23 – Shaw Concepts USURPER Belt System

Friday, June 30th, 2023

The USURPER Belt System from Shaw Concepts is a completely new look at war belts.

It is a two-belt system, but unlike anything else on the market. The stand alone inner belt is foam lined, surrounded by soft loop Velcro. This makes it more comfortable, with no sharp edges and can be worn as a uniform belt. Although it includes a D-Ring COBRA ProStyle 18kN Buckle, the belt is not currently rated for life support use. The buckle is included for its easy of use. The inner belt is also narrower at the buckle and becomes wider as it reaches the first belt loops on either side.

While the inert belt concentrates on comfort, the outer belt provides the structure to the system. It is lined with Velcro hook and locks up with the inner belt. It is held in place on either side via G-hooks. Additionally, areas at the front on either side are reinforced with Tegris.

At the weak side, there are angled PALS slots to cant your magazine pouches for easier access. Because of this feature, it is offered in right and left hand versions. There is also a carabiner attachment point incorporated into this panel. On the strong side is a setup for pistol mounting. In these photos, they’ve mounted an M320.

Along the top of the outer belt are three mounting points for suspenders. According to the founder of Shaw Concepts, he has designs on the drawing board but until that happens, there are quite a few options available from other manufacturers.

Additionally, they have incorporated PALS slots at half inch intervals for wider mounting options into the laser cut laminate layer of the outer belt.

Orders open July 4th, sizes Small – XLarge in Black, Coyote, Ranger Green, and MultiCam.


MDM 23 – Reconnaissance Weapon Kit from Heckler & Koch

Thursday, June 29th, 2023

Although it was displayed as a complete HK416A5, Heckler & Koch exhibited the Reconnaissance Weapon Kit which was procured by the Marine Corps as an upper receiver group for the M27, transforming it into a A5-style upper with 11″ barrel and 2-stage gas block suppressed use during CQB. The Marines did not procure the attached suppressor or optics.

MDM 23 – Aries Defense Launches NEOS

Thursday, June 29th, 2023

NEOS is a new hardware solution from Aries Defense designed to optimize network bandwidth utilization for UAS/UAV Platforms. The system compresses and optimizes the data allowing more signals to be passed simultaneously.

Based in their OverWatch integration kit, it provides network bandwidth management and adds a fully customizable reticle to the video feed which allows for quicker call for fire commands.

Aries Defense is working with Skydio and L3Harris Technologies for integration of their systems, allowing multiple users access to multiple feeds. With the Marines deploying a UAS at the squad level, NEOS offers simultaneous direct access to a wider range of sensors both at the tactical edge as well as at the command post and even national level.