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Eco Defense Group Granted Travel In Shutdown To Train Rangers In Special Ops Capabilities

Tuesday, August 24th, 2021

With initial operations complete, Eco Defense Group is now able to disclose its extraordinary access and efforts in developing wildlife protection capabilities at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown in Southern Africa.

Granted exclusive and unique Travel protections via Diplomatic Note out of the Office of Defense Cooperation (US Embassy Pretoria), Eco Defense Group pursued a unique partnership with South African National Parks and was the only NGO in its space moving from the US to southern Africa during the pandemic-forced travel restrictions that began in early 2020.

Working in South Africa, Malawi and Uganda, Eco Defense Group introduced the first ever small-team movement training program using custom-built non-lethal equipment from Evike EMG. This revolutionary technique prepares Rangers to face escalations in armed conflict.

“We consult with parks that face the toughest poaching challenges. The bravest Rangers were left with no support when tourism stopped all over Africa,” says organization President Nathan Edmondson. “When the world shut down, we asked to be presented with the foremost needs facing Ranger units in areas where we are invested. Then we got to work.”

Employing new training materials including airsoft, the introduction of small unit tactics and low-light capabilities were paramount in changing the game against escalating poaching. The Park City-based non-profit brought US Army Special Missions Unit combat veterans to the frontlines of the poaching crisis to train groups of 20 rangers at a time in new techniques, specifically safe and effective movement against armed suspects, marksmanship, light discipline, communication and working with specially trained Malinois dogs to aid in arresting poachers.

Rhino poaching has surged due to the pandemic as the loss of tourism and hunting revenue has simultaneously reduced the resources available to support protecting wildlife. Rhino, lion, elephant, pangolin and more species are targeted for a multi-billion dollar trafficking enterprise and demand has increased throughout a year of global distress.

Eco Defense Group is a force-multiplier, aiming to enable Rangers to be as effective as possible. The introduction of never-before-seen techniques for patrol and contact response is vital for State law enforcement to get “left of bang,” and stop a fight before it happens.

“Due to the fact that we cannot disclose most of our work, we rely on private donor to do what we do,” adds Edmondson. “In 2020, some amazing sponsors stepped up and we accomplished the seemingly impossible.”

The training has been supported also by Vortex Optics, Crye Precision, Multicam, Noveske Rifleworks, Half Face Blades and Original Footwear.

Eco Defense Group invited Muddy Shutter Media to join them for exclusive media access during the later 2020 travel months. Photos by Muddy Shutter Media/Moe Lauchert.

10th SFG(A) Group Foundations Course

Saturday, August 21st, 2021

The Group Foundations Course is a two-week course designed for Green Berets new to 10th SFG(A). During this two-week process, the new Special Forces Operators learn about the history of the group and cover the fundamentals of being an Original – which includes combatives, pistol and rifle marksmanship, physical fitness and in-depth military vehicle familiarization.

12 Labors Conference – Refining the Modern Male

Friday, August 20th, 2021


Friday to Sunday, December 3-5, 2021

Due to the accumulation of unexpected challenges that arose in 2020, we pushed the conference back to 2021. The vision, general format, instructor lineup, and location remain the same. There will be several concurrent tracks of instructional blocks scheduled throughout each day and evening events after hours.


The Range Austin
8301 South IH-35 Frontage Rd
Austin, TX 78744

Austin Marriott South
4415 South IH-35 Frontage Rd
Austin, TX 78744

Conference events will take place at the range and at the Marriott. Attendees who need lodging are strongly encouraged to book their stay at the Marriott and take advantage of the 12 Labors group rate. We will be posting the direct reservation link several months before the event. The hotel is only seven minutes north of the range.


This conference is designed for gentlemen who work hard to safeguard their own lives and work even harder to make their lives worth safeguarding. We are planning tailored clinics on handgun, long gun, edged weapon, and empty-hand skills; but we’ll also offer sessions on men’s fashion, financial health, mixology and fine cuisine, nutrition and fitness, and more.


The instructor list is still being finalized. We do have several tentative commitments from the trainers listed below. We hope to confirm these partnerships and add a few more very soon. Please stay tuned for updates as we publish our complete website with finalized faculty rosters, biographies, and course descriptions.

Simon Golob
Gabe White
Chuck Haggard
Paul Sharp
Ernest Langdon
Mike Pannone
Tom Givens
Chris Fry
Larry Lindenman
Cecil Burch
Scott Oates
Darryl Bolke
Robb Wolff
John Welbourn
Tim Kennedy
Craig Douglas
Jeff Gonzales


Early bird pricing is $799 {through August 31, 2021)

General Admission: $899 (through September 30, 2021)

Late Registration: $999 (October 1, 2021 or later)


Vigilant Security Services – Foreign Weapons Training

Thursday, August 19th, 2021

Vigilant Security Services has reinvigorated their foreign weapons training, but now in Las Vegas.

They offer Non-Standard Weapon Familiarization, Armorer training and custom courses.

Students will also receive a complete set of 11 Non-Standard Weapon Manuals which cover weapon specifications & variations, operation, disassembly & assembly, firing procedures and misfire & malfunction drills.cover weapon specifications & variations, operation, disassembly & assembly, firing procedures and misfire & malfunction drills.

Visit www.foreignweapons.com

SureFire Field Notes Ep. 65: The Importance of Being Familiar with a Fight with Greg Lapin  

Thursday, August 19th, 2021

Greg Lapin runs Vida Jiu-jitsu and VATA Group Training. Greg spent eight years as a Louisiana Law Enforcement Officer with the majority of his time in Special Investigation and Narcotics units. He went on to work for Triple Canopy conducting high threat protection for the Department of State in conflict zones. Greg was then recruited for a Department of Defense program in which he also worked in conflict zones while deployed. He has conducted various missions for both government and non-government clients around the globe. Greg is currently a Sheriffs Deputy assigned to SWAT,  an instructor for both firearms and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and is also an avid USPSA competitive shooter.




SIG SAUER Academy Partners with The Light Foundation for Corporate Training Day 2021

Monday, August 16th, 2021

NEWINGTON, N.H., (August 16, 2021) – SIG SAUER Academy, the leading provider of the highest quality firearms instruction and tactical training in the world, is pleased to announce a partnership with The Light Foundation for its Corporate Training Day 2021 (CTD 2021).  The proceeds raised from the event will directly benefit the programming of The Light Foundation whose mission is to provide leadership tools and training through outdoor experiences to underserved youth. 

“For many years SIG SAUER has been a major sponsor of The Light Foundation’s Celebrity Shoot-Out founded by former New England Patriot offensive tackle Matt Light, that has raised over eight million dollars for the foundations programs,” said Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc.  “For 2021 we are proud to expand our partnership with Matt and his team by bringing the elite instruction of the SIG SAUER Academy to his Corporate Training Day to further benefit, and expand the reach, of The Light Foundation programming.”   

The Light Foundation will host CTD 2021 on Monday, September 21st at Addieville East Farms in Mapleville, Rhode Island.  This unique experience offers top level executives an intense and powerful way to build key leadership skills through an immersive experience. The day will include instruction and training on the proper use and handling of both handguns and rifles and individualized instruction with real time feedback on participant performance.

“America’s special operations units set the standard for solving complex problems, overcoming adversity, and achieving results.  We are honored to have the instructors of the SIG SAUER Academy, with their special operations experience, contribute to The Light Foundation’s Corporate Training Day for 2021,” added Matt Light, Founder, The Light Foundation. 

To learn more, register, or review the course outline, for The Light Foundation Corporate Training Day 2021 presented by SIG SAUER Academy visit mattlight72.com.

Defender Pacific 21: Special Forces Soldiers, JGSDF Conduct Bilateral Operations in Guam

Sunday, August 15th, 2021

GUAM — Two C-130s launch from Yokota Air Base, Tokyo, into midnight darkness on course to deliver airborne personnel with U.S. Army Special Forces and the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force members to Guam.

History is being made as Green Berets with 1st Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne), and members of JGSDF, execute their first bilateral airborne operation outside of Japanese territory. On board, both units know well the commands and procedures that lead up to exiting a high-performance aircraft.

The operation begins with a call from the drop zone control party. The pilots check in and wind calls are made. The JGSDF exits on first pass with the Type 13 parachute. On second pass, special operations forces exit with the steerable MC-6 parachute. Directly below is a flight line—which guarantees a hard landing—and grass off to the sides.

On July 30, 2021, a Special Forces Operational Detachment-Alpha (ODA) assigned to 1st SFG (A) and approximately 80 members with JGSDF conducted bilateral operations in Guam as part of Defender Pacific 21.

DP21 is a U.S. Army Pacific exercise designed to operationalize the national Defense Strategy through realistic, iterative training across all domains—land, sea, air, cyber and space.

Following the airborne infiltration, U.S. Special Forces and the JGSDF conducted an air assault in vicinity of their first objective near Naval Base Guam, said the Special Forces ODA team leader assigned to 1st Bn., 1st SFG (A). After destroying the first objective, which were anti-air weapon systems, the bilateral force reconsolidated and moved toward their follow-on mission.

Thirty-six hours elapsed from when mission planning started to when the second objective — an enemy command and control node — was destroyed.

Despite tropical heat, humidity and lack of sleep, the bilateral force conducted a high-performance mass-tactical airborne operation and executed two targets with zero major injuries, said the team leader. The airborne operation sends a clear message that the United States and Japan share a commitment to freedom and security and can employ a combined force in support of these principles.

“This experience provided valuable insight into JGSDF capabilities and maneuver techniques; giving insight into how we can better support their operations in the future,” he continued. “Furthermore, this operation allowed the team to create valuable relationships with JGSDF [members] and leadership that will serve as the foundation for future bilateral operations.”

Throughout the operation, the ODA team leader made sure bilingual Green Berets and JGSDF members were placed strategically in the formation to ensure communication and commands were understood.

“Joint operational capability is important for us to defend [Japanese] territory,” said Capt. Ryosuke Taki, lead U.S.-Japan bilateral operations planner for JGSDF.

For six months, Taki coordinated with the JGSDF and 1st SFG (A) on making this training opportunity a reality.

“I had to overcome many obstacles to accomplish this mission,” he said. “As far as airborne operations go, [U.S. Army] uses many words we don’t know. Language sometimes [created] misunderstandings making coordination difficult…[however,] our members wanted to coordinate with 1st Special Forces Group.”

“Special Forces are experts in military freefall and close-quarters combat, as well as static-line jumps,” Taki said. “We have more lessons to learn from their rich experiences.”

The Indo-Pacific region is the most consequential theater on the planet and DP21 provides opportunities necessary to create, refine, and deploy new options and solutions for the challenges our nation, allies and partners face. This exercise anticipates requirements to support regional alliances and the existing security architecture to exploit opportunities.

By Anthony Bryant

USMC PFT Update for Calendar Year 2022

Friday, August 6th, 2021

In 2020, the Marine Corps adopted the plank as an alternative to crunches for the annual Physical Fitness Test (PFT) as a means to measure core stability, strength, and endurance while reducing risk of injury. For PFTs conducted in 2022, Marines will still have the option to conduct the plank or the crunch just as in 2021, with slight scoring adjustments. The plank will be mandatory in 2023, replacing the crunches as an authorized PFT exercise.

For decades, the Marine Corps has used sit-ups and crunches to both improve and assess abdominal endurance. However, research has shown that sit-ups and crunches with the feet restrained require significant hip flexor activation. This has been linked to an increased risk of injury, including lower back pain due to increased lumbar lordosis.

The plank presents numerous advantages as an abdominal exercise. The plank’s isometric hold requires constant muscle activation, activates almost twice as many muscles as the crunch, and has been proven to be most reliable in measuring the true endurance required for daily activity function. With increased core strength, Marines are less likely to experience injury or fatigue during functional tasks like hiking, lifting and low crawling.

The new time for the maximum score will 3:45, reduced from 4:20. The time for the minimum score has also been adjusted, increasing from 1:03 to 1:10.

For more information and resources, including a four-week core strength training plan, visit www.fitness.marines.mil and reference MARADMIN 404/21 at www.marines.mil/News/Messages/Messages-Display/Article/2719680/forthcoming-changes-to-the-physical-fitness-test.

Direct link to the Plank Progression Program: www.fitness.marines.mil/Portals/211/Cache/Plank%20Progression_Wk1-Wk4