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TACWRK Proves Unicorns Are Real

Sunday, August 6th, 2017

We’ve received the first clues that Berlin-based TACWRK will soon be raffling some „unicorns“, until recently thought to be extinct.


This picture and some corroborating information indicates, that it seems to be an extremely rare ARC‘TERYX LEAF Backpack in Woodland Camo!

We will keep you posted, as soon as more details are revealed!

Arc’teryx LEAF – Berry Compliant Clothing New Available For Order

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

IMG_2536Arc’teryx LEAF has committed to manufacturing in the United States in accordance with the Berry Amendment (USC, Title 10, Section 2533a) in order to better support US military units who want to outfit themselves with LEAF garments. These US made garments are the same quality you expect from Arc’teryx. Naturally, these are going to be a bit more expensive than their other offerings. However, if you’re a commercial customer, you can still purchase Arc’teryx LEAF clothing made in foreign factories.  

Berry Compliant uniform products include the Assault Shirt AR and Assault Pant AR both now available for order through LEAF dealers. Dealers interested in carrying Berry compliant LEAF products, contact Hugh Rickenbacker.

Arc’teryx LEAF – Assault Shirt & Pant LT

Monday, April 24th, 2017

While many would look at the Assault LT series and call it a “Jungle” uniform, it’s not specifically designed for use in jungle, or arid environs for that matter, but rather as a more generic Hot Weather Combat Uniform. The Katana fabric from WL Gore & Associates incorporates ePTFE fibers and is lightweight, breathable, fast drying and no melt/no drip. The Katana is combined with 520E Tweave and Cyberknit mesh.

Assault Shirt LT

-PPE compatible allowing the shirt to be functionally worn with body armour
-Low profile zip neck allowing collar to be worn either open or as a neck protector
-Arm cuff velcro closures allowing for fully enclosed sleeves
-Upper arm zip pockets allowing for convenient pocket accessibility when wearing PPE
-Upper arm IFF Velcro® 4×4.5” (w/V-Lite™ retention ring) enhancing the retention of electronic IFF devices
-Daisy chain hard points (in upper arm pockets) allowing for the tying off of mission essential equipment
-Mesh pocket bag liners (upper arm pocketing) allowing for enhanced ventilation and reducing overall apparel weight when the shirt is wet

Assault Pant LT

-Adjustable waist (c.2”) allowing for waist sizing flexibility
-Enhanced belt loops allowing for the use of the LEAF Rigger’s system
-Retention loops (sewn into waistline) allowing for the tying off of personal items
-Reinforced knees & gusseted crotch allowing for increased durability and enhancing end-user mobility
-Hand pockets (w/internal folding knife pocket) allowing for the secure carriage of a standard folding knife
-Seat pockets allowing for optional/extra storage
-Expandable cargo button pockets capable of providing dump pocket capability
-Draw cord ankle cuff closure (w/vertical retention tunnel for adjustment end) allowing for pants to be worn tightly with boots
-Mesh pocket bag/knee pad insert liners allowing for enhanced ventilation and reducing overall apparel weight when the pant is wet
-Soft knee pad insert capable allowing the end-user an option to insert soft knee pads

Recce Shirt LT

Although the subject of today’s article is the Assault Shirt and Pant, there is a third, complimentary piece, the Recce Shirt LT. The Recce Shirt LT is made from the same Katana fabric as the other items and features a user removable zipper closure down the front and mesh breathability panels inside the dual chest pockets.


As far as Arc’teryx LEAF products go, development of the Assault LT items was fast tracked. The initial T&E was conducted in the Summer of 2014 and they were announced publicly at SHOT Show, 2017. However, the plan to go to market came just last year, in February. Uniforms were evaluated by Coalition SOF during operational deployments so feedback was quickly incorporated into design refinements. For example, the Pants didn’t originally incorporate kneepads or rear pockets. The user trials indicated they were needed. Additionally, Arc’teryx introduced a Tweave 520E gusset into the crotch to deal with pilling. Finally, the Velcro panels on the sleeves of the shirts is now 4.5″ tall to accommodate attachment of the V-Lite from S&S Precision.

Service Life

Considering its use, Arc’teryx designed this uniform as a consumable product. Interestingly, this gave several potential customers pause, so Arc’teryx collected data during their user evaluation and it turns out that they will easily handle six months of operational use.

Colors and Sizes

As this is such a specialized item, they are currently sticking with the MultiCam print and have no plans to offer additional colors. Sizes offered are from XS-XXL.

Arc’teryx LEAF – ‘Less Is Better’ With New Assault Packs

Friday, January 13th, 2017

Arc’teryx LEAF released their Assault Packs as part of the 2017 line.

Essentially, they are updates to the Khard line with minor improvements. These improvements include the name. No one really knew what a “Khard” was when it was first released, but everyone understands what the new naming convention denotes; “Assault Pack” is pretty straight forward.

Like I mentioned, the changes are minor.

The padded shoulder straps and removable waist belt are now common between both the 30 and 45 liter sizes. The suspension is also more PPE friendly.

They’ve also eliminated the zippered pocket inside the pack’s lid due to redundancy, while the zippered pocket on the outside of the lid is no longer as deep, so you won’t lose track of your gear. It also now has a flap. The plus side of this is that it is more water resistant, but I’ve noticed I find myself regularly checking to ensure I’ve zipped it closed, since I can’t just glance at the zipper.

Interestingly, the Khard 60 will remain as-is in both name and configuration, as a specialist item.

The Assault Pack is available in 30 and 45 liter sizes in Crocodile, Wolf Grey, MultiCam and now Black.

See the whole line of LEAF load carriage, including the DryBag series at

Arc’teryx LEAF 2017 Line Pre-SHOT Show Sneak Peek

Thursday, January 5th, 2017

Here’s a sneak peek at the 2017 Arc’teryx LEAF line which will be fully unveiled during SHOT Show 2017, January 17-20 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Overall, you’re going to see expanded offering of Ranger Green, redesigned Load Carriage and new Garments. What you’ll see here is just an overview. We’ll be offering additional details soon.

Combat Uniform

LEAF is hard to round out their Combat Uniform offerings which started with the AR and FR series, followed by the Assault Coverall AR and FR. Now, they’re introducing the Assault Shirt and Pant as well as Recce Shirt LT for Hot Weather use. Lightweight, breathable, and fast drying, the Combat Uniform LT is made from Katana fabric by WL Gore & Assoc along with Tweave 520E and Cyberknit mesh. It’s not a jungle or arid uniform, but rather intended for wear in either environment.

You’ll note several new features including a zipper on the front of the Recce Shirt LT to get it closed up when you need to keep the bugs out. This can be removed by the wearer, if not needed. They’ve also considered both drainage and ventilation in the design.


The new Baselayer items are made from a Corespun Merino Wool which makes them stronger. The material was brought over from the outdoor line but the designs are LEAF, with a more generous cut than the outdoor line, and LEAF colors of Black and Crocodile.  I wore a set during a recent visit to Vancouver and they were comfy during the recent cold snap.  


What most people don’t know is that prior to this year, the Alpha and Alpha LT used different Gore-Tex fabrics depending on whether they were solid colors or MultiCam print. This year, that’s been rectified with the Alpha utilizing the WL Gore & Assoc, BD450 3L 40D Nylon Ripstop and the Alpha LT is made from L&F 3L 30D Nylon Plain Weave fabric from Gore. Previously, those fabrics were only used in the MultiCam versions of the clothing. Now, it’s all the same. These are literally the highest end Gore-Tex fabrics used by Arc’teryx. Look for Ranger Green this year as well as the other flagship colors.

The Alpha line consists of Jacket, Pant and Bib while the Alpha LT is just the Jacket and Bib.

Load Carriage

The big story here is a reboot of the Khard. Over the past few years, LEAF has named products based on what they do and the Assault Pack is a classic example. The Assault Pack is more refinement of the Khard than a completely new model and is still offered in 30 and 45 liter models. Many of the changes are in the lid with the zippered poxket on the inside removed and the outer zippered pocket given a flap and made slightly smaller so that the contents won’t fall down and pool at the bottom of the pocket.

The Assault Pack’s backpanel was also redesigned to make it more compatible with PPE. Having worn the new Assault Pack 45 for the past month, it still offers a comfortable carry while not wearing armor. In fact, the removable waist strap for both sizes was a welcome addition along with the thicker shoulder pads for both 30 and 45 liter models. Additionally, it’s now available in Black as well as Coyote and Wolf. The Khard 60 remins as-is in the line as a specialist item, although no Black color offering.

Finally, Arc’teryx LEAF is officially launching the DryPack 25 which we previewed last Summer. This is going to be very popular due to its size and price. Available in MultiCam it’s made from a 725D laminate with full seam taping and a T-handle waterproof zipper. They’ve also incorporated an inflation tube for swimming and diving operations.

Xfunctional Equipment

The popular Xfunctional Pant AR is now offered in Harrier which is a Grey color which joins Greenstone and Terra. Remember, these don’t sport the standard LEAF color palette because they are intended for more low profile wear rather part of a uniform system.

On a side note, although part of the outdoor line, the BAC will also be available starting this month in additional colors.

Look for an updated LEAF website from Arc’teryx on 11 January as well as LEAF dealers for orders of these new products. Everything will be available for sale this first quarter of the year with the exception of the Combat Uniform LT and the DryPack 25 which will be offered in the second quarter.

Arc’teryx LEAF Announces Berry Compliant Manufacturing

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

This is huge news from Arc’teryx as clothing and equipment from their LEAF program continues to increase in popularity with US military customers. Even though you get what you pay for, cost can be an issue for some, but the biggest hurdle is the Berry Amendment which requires that textiles originate and are assembled here in the US.

They are kicking off with production of the Assault Shirt AR and Assault Pant AR which have already been selected for clothing programs within elements of the Air Force. Hopefully, this will soon be followed with the Recce Shirt AR, Atom LT and Alpha Jacket and Pant.

Read their release below.

Vancouver BC (Jan 2 2017) – ARC’TERYX LEAF, the technical leader in performance apparel and equipment, is proud to announce that it has committed to manufacturing in the United States in 2017 and in accordance with The Berry Amendment (USC, Title 10, Section 2533a).

Berry compliant products will allow Arc’teryx to establish its position as a provider of best in class uniform solutions to the US military.

The aim is to create approved, stock issued items, that are inventoried by our dealer network. Arc’teryx is approaching this capability in a scaled and opportunity driven manner. Phase 1 BERRY manufactured uniform products will include the Assault Shirt AR and Assault Pant AR.

“Currently we have not been able to satisfy large volume technical apparel requests by US Military units. Becoming Berry compliant allows us to become a true uniform supplier”. – James Harding, Director of LEAF Commercial.

See The 2017 Arc’teryx LEAF Line Unveiled At SHOT Show

Thursday, December 15th, 2016

I just spent the past three days in North Vancouver, British Columbia with the Arc’teryx LEAF team going over the 2017 line. We even put some of it through the paces on a nearby shooting range with 18″ of snow and freezing temperatures.

It was a great week and you’re going to love what they’ve got to offer. You’ll find new clothing styles as well as load carriage, in addition to more colors for the stuff you already use.

To see it in person at SHOT Show, visit Booth #10526 at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas, January 17-20. Everyone else should watch this space because I’ll be providing pre-show coverage as well live from the SHOT Show floor.

Ask SSD – Arc’teryx LEAF Cold WX Jacket and Pants SV Temp Range

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

Recently, after we mentioned the latest Cold Weather ensemble from Arc’teryx LEAF, we were asked, “What Is The Intended Temp Range For The Arc’teryx LEAF Cold WX Jacket and Pants SV?”

The answer is from -20C/-04F down to -40C/-40F, so you’re looking at some seriously cold temperatures.

We also got a question, asking if the fit block in the torso is large enough to wear over kit. According to Arc’teryx, the amswer is “No.” It’s designed to be worn with overwhites, if required tactically, and with external LCE as you can see in this CSOR photo.