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MATBOCK Launches New Website

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

MATBOCK announces the launch of our their website. They’d also like to acknowledge the help of some friends – (Thanks JB).


They also offered us this note-

New products:
Over the last year we have been approached numerous times asking for T-Shirts and Hats with our logo. We also wanted to add belt buckles to the mix. While you checkout our new site, you can also support the Navy SEAL Foundation by purchasing our MATBOCK gear. 10% of total sales will go to benefit this truly worthy cause.

Enter to win FREE gear:
To help celebrate a new year, new site and new products, we are giving away free gear. Like our Facebook page and tell us what you think of the new site. We will randomly select someone once we reach 1000 likes. GOOD LUCK!

MATBOCK – Rolling the LIFT System

Friday, February 1st, 2013

This video depicts how to properly collapse, stow and carry MATBOCK Lightweight Integrated Field Transport (LIFT) System. This one pound system is not only the litter you see here but can also be litter but used as a Sensitive Site Exploitation bag, or for other tasks such as collecting a casualty’s equipment.


Sunday, December 16th, 2012

MATBOCK has a really cool addition to their carbon fiber litter poles. This new kit turns the poles into a ladder.


The final kit will feature five V-shaped rungs to create a 7.5 ft ladder. I asked about the V-shape of the rungs and was told that they lay flat on the poles when you use it as a horizontal ladder. Very smart guys!

Transition back to litter is easy as the rungs just slide right on and off the poles with weight being borne by Spectra cord and engineered end caps. Yes, this means there is an up on this ladder so keep that in mind.

This is a final prototype but look for these late 1st quarter 2013.


Thursday, December 13th, 2012

These products will be featured at this weekend’s Special Operations Medical Association meeting in Tampa, Florida. Check out the videos but also stop by MATBOCK’s booth (#218).

Lightweight Integrated Field Transport (LIFT) System and Combat Carbon Poles

Pole Stress

Word on the street is that MATBOCK has some never before seen products to show us down at SOMA. We’re told they’re accessories that will enhance the LIFT System.

Also, these videos were created by Tango Hotel Productions. “Like” them on Facebook?


Monday, November 26th, 2012

Generally, members of SOF units are only issued one or two Push-to-Talks (PTTs) that have to be interchanged between three or four different sets of kit. On top of this you also have to deal with different camo patterns. And then, there’s the actual mounting based on operational preferences and unit SOP. Some guys like to wear their PTTs on the right or left side, some times with the buttons facing out and some times with the buttons facing in. Standard PTT clips don’t allow for all these variations nor do they make it easy to interchange the PTTs between different carriers so most guys end up with zip ties or rubber bands to get what you need out of their PTT.

MATBOCK’s patent pending “PTT Clamp” addresses these problems that confront one of the most important parts of combat, communication. The PTT Clamp was designed so that users can mount a clamp to every carrier, either by Velcro or MOLLE. The PTT Clamps are prepositioned on each carrier to eliminate tinkering with gear, allowing the Operator to simply and securely fit the Push-To-Talks into the Clamp on each set of gear and route the wires.

The Nexus PTT is very popular throughout a lot of SOF units, but these PTTs are prone to being inadvertently depressed. Consequently, MATBOCK designed the PTT Clamp – Nexus model with an “anti-hot mic” cage that will significantly reduce the chance for button being depressed.

Made in the USA, Hydrographic Kydex is available in Desert Digital, Woodland Digital and MultiCam.


Be advised orders will not ship until 15 Dec while MATBOCK builds inventory. However, they wanted to ensure this product was out before the end of November so customers could receive their exclusive Soldier Systems 10% discount. The 10% discount (code SSD10) will expire at 0001 EST Dec 1st 2012.

MATBOCK – The Amphibian

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

MATBOCK is quickly earning a reputation for developing innovative solutions for very specialized problems. These are the issues that others won’t take on, but necessity is the mother of invention and, based on their own needs while serving, they’ve rolled up their sleeves and developed some answers.

For example, in certain situations operators are required to carry a supplemental air source such as an Aqua Lung Survival Egress Air (SEA) bottle or a Helicopter Emergency Egress Device (HEED) bottle. Usually this air source is tucked away in a backpack or pouch without easy access, but it’s still required gear. Not happy with just carrying a piece of life saving gear in a pouch that is most likely going to be a struggle to reach in a high stress, high stakes situation, MATBOCK developed The Amphibian.

The Amphibian combines two life saving elements, air and water, into one system. At first glance the Amphibian might look like another water bladder pouch, but they integrated a special sleeve specifically designed to hold an Aqua Lung SEA bottle. Additionally, the hoses of the Platypus water bladder and SEA bottle are bundled together in a Velcro sleeve, which is routed over the shoulder. Both the water and air mouthpiece are mounted to the front of a plate carrier for easy access that won’t get in the way.

Specifically build for Navy helo crews, NSW water operations, Search and Rescue crews or any situation when supplemental air sources are required.

The Amphibian consists of three components:
– 500 Cordura
– Side zipper pocket
– PALS Compatible

Platypus Bladder:
– 1.8L Hoser
– Drink Tube Kit with Bite Valve Cover
– Black Tube Insulator

Aqualung SEA Bottle:
– Model LV-2
– 2.0 liter bottle
– 27” hose
– Mouthpiece cover

Don’t forget, in honor of their 1st anniversary, MATBOCK is offering an exclusive 10% discount for all SSD readers. Please just enter “SSD10″ during checkout to receive your 10% discount. This coupon code will be good for the entire month of November.

New TreeGO IZLID Ultra Pouch from MATBOCK

Friday, July 6th, 2012

MATBOCK has been selling their TreeGO IZLID pouches for awhile now. Based on user feedback, they made a few improvements. They recently caught us up on the latest changes.

Without altering the simple, easy to use design we went back to the drawing board to add a few features. 1st being the small retention pocket that is specifically designed to carry the Gear Keeper RT4, which is sold when you order “with retention” from our website. 2nd we made the opening slightly larger to allow IZLIDs with the protective flip cap – the original design forced the operator to remove that plastic cap. 3rd the cap is redesigned to ensure operators can pull the IZLID out of the pouch with one hand without unbuckling or disconnecting any latches (single part draw). Our Tree-GO IZLID Ultra pouch is now available on our website, but we also updated our Tree-GO IZLID 1000 to match these 3 new features. No matter which IZLID you use the pouches are design to ensure an easy transition (one less thing operators have to worry about when learning a new systems – having to learn how to get it out).

They also provided us with these brochures –

TreeGO IZLID 1000 Pouch Brochure

Additionally, MATBOCK has finalized the fit of the IZLID Ultra pouch.

TreeGO IZLID Ultra Pouch Brochure

MATBOCK pouches are available in Coyote, Multicam and Desert Digital. MADE IN USA!

These pouches were designed for JTACs by JTACs. Check out both pouches at

MATBOCK Takes the Moral High Ground

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

MATBOCK’s Backhand GPS carrier

Yesterday, something rare happened on SSD. A small manufacturer named MATBOCK LLC released the Backhand GPS carrier. A couple of readers recognized the item as a copy of the LBT GPS Palm Pouch.

LBT GPS Palm Pouch

Within hours, MATBOCK removed the item from their website, refunded those who had ordered the product and posted this statement in the discussion area of our website:


Thank you for coming forward and pointing this out. We at MATBOCK sincerely apologize for this situation. Our goal is to develop innovative gear and get it to the operators who need it. We had heard a piece of equipment like this existed but could turn up no evidence of it during a search before pushing forward to build it ourselves. As of today, we will no longer be producing or selling this product and will direct any attention for it over to LBT. Our sincerest apologies.


With that statement they took the moral high ground and set the bar pretty high. I’ve spent some time with the MATBOCK guys and I can tell you that they are very aware that the most important thing they have is their reputation. They could have gone ahead and built that product since in reality, it is a modification of an altimeter wrist carrier for skydiving. But they didn’t. They want to concentrate on products that nobody else builds.

I spoke with them after they made their decision and discussed the idea that it might be difficult to build products in the future based on this position. They understand and stand by their decision. I hope for their sake, that others play by their rules.

I have to say, that while I’m no fan of copying, having several companies build similar products is healthy for the market and great for the consumer. A little competition drives innovation, ensures quality and helps control prices. It’s important that my readers know that LBT didn’t let out a peep about this. They didn’t say word one about the MATBOCK product.

In the end, I wonder if the readers who said it was a copy knew that there were altimeter carriers that pre-dated both pouches. And I wonder if they knew that these have built in rigger sheds for years. I’m guessing they didn’t. If they did, they probably wouldn’t have said anything.

It’s a tough time to be starting out in the tactical business but I think these guys are going to make it. They’ve got a great attitude and while their product line is small, they deserve your business if their wares meet your needs.