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Sunday, June 16th, 2013

MATBOCK has informed us that they are officially renaming the LIFT System as you know it. The current bag / semi-rigid litter will become the S-LIFT.


Over the next few weeks look out for the R-LIFT and Combat Carbon Ladder.

MATBOCK Tree-GO IZLID Pouch Now Available From BE Meyers

Monday, June 10th, 2013

It’s funny sometimes how things happen. A few weeks ago the guys at BE Meyers asked us if they could borrow our AN/PVS-14 from Adams Industries. Little did we know it was to make this video.

Specifically designed for JTACs by JTACs to carry B.E. Meyers & Co IZLID 1000 or Ultra, the MATBOCK Tree-GO IZLID Pouch is a great way to carry your IZLID yet place it right into action. Offered in two different styles: VELCRO (Integrated with cummerbund on plate carrier) or MOLLE. Sold with retention or without. With Retention = IZLID Pouch with RT4 Gear Keeper.

Now they are available as options for purchasers of the IZLID directly from BE Meyers.

“Freedom Isn’t Free” Cooler to Benefit the Navy SEAL Foundation

Monday, May 6th, 2013

1) Cooler_front

Our friends at MATBOCK have come up with a really cool fundraising idea. They have a buddy who makes custom coolers and approached him about doing a 100% Made in USA cooler with a military theme in order to raise funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation.

A lot of work went into this build. Here you can see the up close, the illustrations burned into the wood.

As an added bonus, the winner will be able to decide what he wants added to the lid.

10) Cooler_Top

They’ve also added a few embellishments to keep with the theme.

This is going to look great in my backyard so go out there and win it as a donation for the SSD home office!

Here’s how it works. Visit the auction on eBay.

How to enter
1) Make your bid and check back to ensure you are the highest bidder
2) Give us a Like on Facebook – Visit MATBOCK on Facebook

– The winner will have the opportunity to pick from three other drawings to complete the top of the cooler or they can submit their own idea to be placed on the top. (this is why we have a longer handling time)
– The cooler will arrive before memorial day weekend
– The auction will last 7 days and ends on 13 May.
– 100% of your bid will be donated to the Navy SEAL Foundation
– MATBOCK will pay for UPS ground shipping

The theme for this cooler is “Freedom isn’t free” because so often we forget the daily sacrifices that people all around the world make to ensure our freedom. Usually only during key events or holidays do people (sadly including us) think about these sacrifices. With this hand built 100% USA made cooler on your porch, patio or even in your garage, you will remember the daily sacrifice, not to mention 100% of your donation will go towards the Navy SEAL Foundation to help the families of the men who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Retail for this cooler is over $900, so lets start bidding!

Constrictor Cargo System

Sunday, May 5th, 2013

The first thing the guys at MATBOCK ever showed me was the Constrictor Cargo System. As soon as I saw it, I knew what genius looked like. If you’ve ever had to build a pallet you know what a PITA the netting system is. The 463L cargo handling system design goes back to the 1950s and it shows. The real issue is with the HCU-7/E side net, the HCU-15/C top net, and the CGU-1/B Device or cargo straps. They can be assembled backward and take a lot of time to lay out for proper use due to the asymmetric construction of the pallet.

portrait instructions12x14

The Constrictor Cargo System is much simpler to use. Once you’ve built your pallet, you throw the bag on top of the load and pull the netting down. Then, you ratchet it tight to the pallet. No more misaligned net segments and no more tangled nets because the CCS stores in its own bag.

MATBOCK continues to work with interested companies and commands to field this system. Interested parties should visit their site for additional information.

MATBOCK Is Getting A 3D RoBo Printer

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013


In less than a month MATBOCK will be receiving their RoBo 3D printer. Question is, what should they print first?

M3 SkyFins from MATBOCK

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Although few troops conduct military free fall (MFF) operations, MATBOCK specializes in developing niche products. Their new M3 SkyFins (patent pending) make life a little easier for jumpers.


Civilian jumpers have been using pants and suits to help them have more control, more power and track farther in the sky for years; however, military issue combat pants haven’t offered those same capabilities; until now. Named after Matt “Maddog” Mason, the M3 SkyFins were specifically designed for use with SOCOM’s issue PCU Level 9 pants with Crye knee pads. Additionally, MATBOCK is working on a slight modification for the M3 SkyFins to accept the “snaps” that can be found on the latest issue Level 9 pants by Patagonia.


Keeping with their motto, Lighter Faster Warriors, MATBOCK incorporated a VS-17 day signal panel to the inside of each SkyFin. The M3 SkyFins can easily be removed once on the ground and can be combined to make a bigger signaling panel, if needed.

M3 SkyFin VS-17

Sneak Peek – M3 Sky Fins from MATBOCK

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Ever imagine having the same level of control while freefalling in your combat uniform that you have while wearing a RW suit? Well MATBOCK’s M3 Sky Fins won’t get you all the way there but you feet are going to be much more aerodynamic. What’s more, they stay put while jumping yet are easily removed once you hot the dirt. Coming Soon.

MATBOCK Belt Buckle Sales Benefit Navy SEAL Foundation

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Yesterday we told you that MATBOCK had some cool new t-shirts, hat and yes, even belt buckles. As you can see, this 2.25″ x 3.25″ oval pewter buckle buckle is pretty cool and with every purchase of MATBOCK Gear, they will donate 10% of your total MATBOCK Gear order amount to the Navy SEAL Foundation to support the families of the warriors who gave their lives for our freedom.

MATBOCK Belt Buckle