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Quantico Tactical Thursday – Lighter, Smaller, and More Capability

Thursday, November 9th, 2017

SOI C4ISR Platforms


Spec Ops, Inc. has been providing Tactical C2 hardware to military and first responders around the world for over 14 years. Known as SOI C4ISR Platforms, the company has a reputation for its TOC-in-a-Box solutions. These solutions consist of everything the end user needs for a current tactical picture. The original TOC-in-a-Box product developed by SOI engineers was the Rapid Tactical Operations Center or RTOC. The first RTOCs, shown above, were a projection based system with one, two, or three 60” diagonal images, XGA projectors and can be operational in under 15 minutes. The invention of the RTOC allowed units to be able to display maps, logistical plans, current battlefield situations, and feeds from either a team member’s computer or outside source. By displaying this information in the TOC, this facilitated better shift transitions and immediate situational awareness to the tactical commander. In addition, all SOI cases are built to withstand military transit and weatherproofed meeting the IP65 rating, making movements quicker and easier.


SOI’s latest RTOC offerings integrate high resolution, high lumen projectors and include systems with large UHD LED displays. The LED displays can also be mutli-touch for comprehensive operational discussions and briefings. The projection based RTOCs have been miniaturized, saving weight and providing a significantly reduced footprint. The Nano RTOC (nRTOC) and the Mini RTOC (mRTOC), are smaller when stowed and 85lbs lighter. These systems are both front and rear projection capable, utilize a 4,500 lumen WUXGA projector, and can facilitate the pen like product (e-beam) which provides interactive capability. The nRTOC has a single projector and can be ordered with a screen size up to 100” diagonal. The mRTOC is a dual projection system and supports a pair of 60” or 75” diagonals. Both systems can be setup with one person in under 10 minutes.


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Quantico Tactical Thursday – Vortex RECCE PRO HD Monocular

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

Vortex RECCE PRO HD Monocular is an Impressive Piece of Kit

The Vortex Recce Pro HD monocular is an impressive piece of kit for military snipers or scout teams. Weighing only 11 oz, it brings exceptionally clear 8x magnification and a mil ranging reticle in a tiny 6 inch by two inch package. It also features a rapid ranging reticle showing a series of human silhouettes, sized to match to the form of an average adult male at distances of 200-600 meters. Fielded by several SOCOM organizations, operators have said that the Recce Pro provides the user a simple, low profile solution at a much lower cost than laser rangefinders. It offers better clarity and a wider field of view while being extremely rugged and waterproof. Made in Japan, it is Trade Act Compliant and can be purchased via government sales.

Technical Specs:


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Quantico Tactical Thursday  – US Air Force Authorizes SureFire’s Entire Line-Up of Weapon Lights

Thursday, September 28th, 2017

Attention US Air Force units: The newly released US Air Force Small Arms/Light Weapons Accessories list has authorized the entire line-up of SureFire Scout Weaponlights for all M4 and M4A1 users throughout the Air Force. Previously, only two kits utilizing the M600 Scout light were authorized.


Now, the M600V, M600U, M603V, M300C, and M300V (famously popular within the USSOCOM community) are all authorized for use, along with the dual-switch “DS” tailcap assembly and dual pressure switch assembly that also allows for control of PEQ series laser aiming units.

With the authorization of this family of SureFire weapon lighting tools, a unit can tailor their weaponlights to their capabilities and mission.

For a quote or more information about Quantico Tactical or SureFire’s line-up of weapon lighting tools, please e-mail [email protected] , call 910.944.5800 or visit

MDM 17 – Bike Track Modular Plastic Flooring

Thursday, September 21st, 2017

I was walking past Quantico Tactical’s booth and I noticed this flooring sample on one of the tables. For a lot of our readers this is going to seem very mundane, but if you’ve lived in a tent, or worked in a tent, for weeks and months at a time, if you don’t put down some form of flooring, you’re going to be ankle deep in a mess rather quickly. 

Bike Track offers stainable, slip-resistant, 1″ and 2″ thick flooring as well as 2″ ICM flooring which features channels for cable management. That too is a big deal. There’s nothing worse than tripping all over power and data cords, except maybe standing in a mud puddle while you brief the CG.

The HDPE 4′ x 3.5′ panels snap together and can be installed without tools. Even better, they have NSNs.

See Quantico Tactical At Modern Day Marine

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017


Quantico Tactical Thursday – SNIPERCAP by Agile Precision

Thursday, September 7th, 2017

The Multi-Function Lens Cover to Rule Them All.

Quantico Tactical is proud to carry the SNIPERCAP by Agile Precision. The SNIPERCAP gives a shooter new optics capabilities in a robust design that o?ers protection for the objective lens of a ri?e scope. In addition to o?ering sealed water resistant protection for your optic’s objective lens, it allows the user to adjust the aperture exposing the lens. This gives the user a great tactical advantage in signature management and light transmission.

The SNIPERCAP creates an adjustable iris that allows the shooter to augment their optic in multiple ways. In its fully open mode, it acts as a typical sunshade for the scope. In the fully closed position, the SNIPERCAP gives water-resistant protection for the objective lens of the ri?e scope. This o?ers a major advantage over other protective caps. There are no ?ip caps to be broken, and nothing to remove or get lost. The true capabilities of this design, however, lie in between the two.

By twisting the cap the user can vary the aperture from fully open to completely closed depending on what the situation allows. There are ten potential aperture sizes with tactile clicks at each stop allowing the user to operate by feel. When in a tactical scenario where the shooter must avoid detection, reducing the aperture virtually eliminates glint o? the objective lens while still allowing the shooter to view the target. The size of the aperture can be adjusted based on ambient light conditions to balance the need for optical clarity and minimal glint.

If using an in-line night vision device, the SNIPERCAP can act as a coupler. Reducing the aperture size reduces glare coming o? the objective lens from the night vision display and in some cases completely seals around the ocular lens.

The SNIPERCAP is available for several optics including the:
• Leupold Mk4 12-40×60 Spotting Scope
• Leupold Mk6 3-18 Rifle Scope 44mm Objective
• Steiner M5Xi 3-15 50mm Objective
• Steiner M5Xi 5-25 56mm Objective
• S&B PMII 56mm Objective

The SNIPERCAP is available to US Military and Law Enforcement organizations from Quantico Tactical via our GSA Schedule or DLAs TLS Program.

For a quote or more information about Quantico Tactical or the Agile Precision SNIPERCAP please e-mail GovtOps@QuanticoTactical, call 910.944.5800 or visit

Quantico Tactical Is Standing By To Support EOY Purchases

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

Quantico Tactical Thursday – US Air Force Authorizes LMT’s SOPMOD Buttstock for All Users

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Now all career fields may purchase and use the LMT SOPMOD buttstock for M4 and M4A1 carbines in the USAF inventory. The long-time preferred stock of US Special Operations Command and employed by AFSOC for years, the LMT SOPMOD Stock’s ergonomic features provide comfort, functionality and reliability. The shape of the stock allows the user to find the perfect cheek weld every time.


The rubber padded buttplate provides a non-slip surface, ideal for use with chest rigs and body armor. Included in the stock’s frame are two watertight storage compartments that hold batteries, victory cigars or other small items. The stock provides a tighter fit to the buffer tube, allowing for a more stable shooting platform (no more wobble).

Available from Quantico Tactical via our GSA Schedule or DLAs TLS Program.

For a quote or more information about Quantico Tactical or the LMT SOPMOD Stock please e-mail [email protected], call 910.944.5800 or visit