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2016 Rampart Range Day & Expo

Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

For the 6th consecutive year Rampart hosted Canada’s largest combined live fire demo and expo with 40 vendors and and over 400 registered attendees.

Beez Combat Systems Adds Navy Blue

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

You asked and Beez Combat Systems stepped up to the plate, in order to answer increased demand from Law Enforcement, Firefighters and EMS, thet are introducing Navy Blue to their color options for select Plate Carriers and Body Armor Carriers.

Made 100% in the USA

Safariland Expands Protech Tactical Line With New X-CAL US Hard Armor Plates

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

Impressive low-profile sub 4 lbs ICW plate defeats rifle threats

Jacksonville, Fla. – Safariland today announced the expansion of its Protech® Tactical X-CAL™ line of “in-conjunction-with” (ICW) ballistic hard armor plates with the addition of the X-CAL US. Independently tested under the NIJ 0101.04 type III protocol, this special threat plate under 4 lbs. in weight is designed to defeat high-threat rounds and velocities.

With an increased availability of the M855/SS109 round in the domestic market, this hard armor plate will fill the product gap for a high-end, lightweight plate that can protect officers at risk of encountering this type of ballistic threat. Developed in collaboration with Hesco® Corporation, a world leader and innovator in the design and manufacturing of protective systems, the debut of the X-CAL US plates affirms the partnership’s ongoing dedication to bringing products to market that meet the evolving challenges and threats in military, security and law enforcement environments.

“The X-CAL US will change the way type III, rifle threat plates are designed,” said Dan McNeil, Director of Tactical Armor. “Officers will find it to be a piece in their arsenal that they won’t enter the field without due to the product’s lightweight profile that delivers the ultimate protection in an ICW configuration.”

An average two pounds lighter than traditional type III rifle threat plates, the X-CAL US minimizes bulk and load-bearing weight to enhance maneuverability. The X-CAL US plate is approved for use with NIJ soft armor packages offered by Safariland, including the Summit® SM02 Type IIIA, Xtreme® XT03 Type IIIA and Xtreme® SX02 Type IIIA. With an impressive low-profile, the X-CAL US plate is just 0.75” thick with protection against numerous threat rounds such as the 7.62mm FMJ (NATO) and special threat rounds such as the 7.62mm x 39mm, 123 gr. MSC and the 5.56mm, 62 gr. (M855)(SS109) at six impacts each.

Available in a 10”x12” multi-curve, swimmers cut, the X-CAL US plate is available to order with part number 1190172 at $710.00 MSRP. For ordering, please contact an account representative or a member of the Safariland customer service team at 1.800.347.1200. For more information, visit

TYR Tactical – EPIC Concealable Carrier

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

The TYR Tactical® EPIC™ Concealable Carrier (TYR-M-ECCT) is constructed using 4-way stretch Tweave which provides freedom of movement while maintaining an ultra-concealable profile. Additionally, Tweave is treated with a DWR coating which sheds excess moisture and decreases dry time when the carrier is worn under clothing.

• DWR treated for water repellency
• Machine Washable
• Internally Adjustable Cummerbund & Shoulders
• Removable Concealable Shoulders
• Includes T54/C Soft Armor which meets Level II NIJ0101.06 Specifications

Sizes: Carrier size relates to the operators chest width – Small, Medium, Large, XLarge and 2XLarge

Colors: MultiCam, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, Black and Grey

Direct Action Gear – SPITFIRE Plate Carrier

Monday, May 16th, 2016

Taking its name from the famous WWII fighter plane, the SPITFIRE plate carrier is a streamlined, lightweight, non-restricting and dynamic platform. It is one of the lightest, yet durable, plate carriers on the market and is also unique in its modularity – converting to a cut-away rig in just a few simple steps.

• Proprietary laser-cut laminate, Cordura® 500D and softshell construction
• Optional accessory cutaway system
• Front flap attached directly or via chest rig buckles in variants: PALS, kangaroo type
• Configurable with no flap, wrap around style
• Interchangeable cummerbund – side armor compatible
• Back panel zipper attachment system compatible with Crye Precision AVS™ standard
• Low profile reinforced drag handle
• Radio and PALS wings available
• Spitfire allows for quick donning, doffing and medical access thanks to Hypalon pullers. The carrier construction enables easy and secure comm’s wires routing through the plate bag and cummerbund
• Chest Rig attachment system compatible with Mayflower® / Velocity Systems standard
• Front plate only configuration using the chest rig interface
• Optional pads on front, back and shoulders area for improved airflow
• Zippered chest admin pocket
• PTT and comm’s wires / antenna routing attachment points
• Accessory armor package for heavy configuration in development

Direct Action will be presenting the full range of their advanced tactical gear and apparel systems for the first time in the US at SOFIC. Visit them at booth #126

New NATO SS Ballistic Resistant Shield From Protech Tactical

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Safariland today announced the release of the new Protech Tactical NATO SS Ballistic Resistant Shield, NIJ 0108.01 type III compliant. Comprised of advanced composite, high-performance polyethylene and ceramic, this type III shield boasts protection from a multitude of rounds, which is vital for members of the law enforcement community.

Demand for the NATO SS was driven by a surplus of the M855/SS109 rounds in the domestic U.S. market. As suppliers release the M855/SS109 rounds to civilian distributors, the need for effective type III equipment is more important than ever.

“Officers are significantly more likely to encounter the M855/SS109 today than just a few years ago,” says Dan McNeil, Director of Tactical Armor. “Traditional lightweight type III ballistic- resistant shields are not able to attack the challenge of defeating this round. Committed to Safariland’s mantra that, ‘Together, We Save Lives,’ this next generation shield fromProtech Tactical will shift the marketplace.”

Ultimately, the NATO SS is designed for high-performance incidents as the first type III shield that successfully stops penetration of M855/SS109 rounds. Protech Tactical’s NATO line of products has already earned a reputation for life saving innovations. For example, Safariland SAVES Club Member #1940 was inducted earlier this year after the NATO II Shield stopped the rounds of a 12-gauge shotgun.

Specific to the new NATO SS, this ballistic resistant shield safeguards end users in law enforcement against numerous rounds, including the 7.62mm x 51mm M80 FMJ, 5.56mm x 45mm M193 Ball, 5.56mm x 45mm Tactical Bonded Projectile, 5.56mm x 45mm M855 Ball and the 7.62mm x 39mm PS Ball Projectile.

Featuring Safariland’s latest technology and highest quality materials, this shield measures 20” x 32” and features 4” ballistic wings for additional protection from angled shots. A strategically placed 4” x 10” viewport offers the user excellent visibility without sacrificing coverage. Moreover, a horizontal handle bar and standoff straps located on the back of the shield ensure proper placement during use. Each NATO SS also includes a shield support hook for additional support and stabilization, which is to reduce the weight-bearing load.

The NATO SS is available to order with part number 1189266 and is offered at $6,300 MSRP. For ordering, please contact an account representative or a member of the Safariland customer service team at 1.800.347.1200. For more information, visit

Propper Now Shipping Revolutionary New Armor

Sunday, May 8th, 2016


St. Charles, MO – First announced at SHOT Show 2016, Propper is now shipping its new 4PV Concealable Vest. The 4PV (Four Panel Vest) is the latest innovation in armored protection. Four independent panels articulate to provide unparalleled mobility and protection. This easy to size platform provides a fully modular, highly adaptable and comfortable system that users want to wear.

Ill-fitting armor can be a hazard, as it forces the user to adjust shooting position and can make pursuing a suspect and other tactical situations awkward and dangerously different from training. Throw on uncomfortable, bulky armor and changes to shooting position and other tactics have to happen on the when training needs to kick in automatically. That’s why the 4PV line of armor features custom adjustable four-panel construction that offers superior protection and comfort not found in the typical two-panel vest.

“The four-panel ‘chassis’ design virtually eliminates the ride up effect when officers are seated and creates better mobility while performing their critical missions,” explained Skip Church, Vice President Armored Products. “Protection is paramount, and this design offers increased side area coverage, eliminating gaps.”

Most days on the job aren’t spent only sitting or standing. And a whole host of other duty-related maneuvers, such as climbing fences, giving chase or squatting down to help someone in need of aid. A vest should move with the user and not get in the way. Not only is ill-fitting armor uncomfortable, it can also expose vulnerabilities as the protective panels are no longer lined up correctly. So each 4PV armor system is designed to be fully adjustable for comfort and proper fit, providing the maximum protection no matter the user’s size or activity.

That’s why there is 4PV armor to fit any need:

  • 4PV: Concealed and comfortable
  • 4PV-FEM: Fit to the female form
  • 4PV-TAC: Tactical and tough
  • 4PV-U: Professional and protected
  • All 4PV styles can accommodate a wide range of NIJ-rated ballistic protection to fit the job if called upon.

    “The 4PV is a leap forward in officer protection,” according to Church. “It was created to eliminate issues that have plagued the outdated two-panel design for years.”

    From concealable armor for everyday uniform wear to outside armor to fit a departmental look or tactical protection for high-risk operations, the 4PV line has everything needed to maximize comfort and protection.

    TYR Tactical EPIC Low Vis Carrier – MOLLE

    Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

    The TYR Tactical® EPIC™ Low Vis Carrier – MOLLE (TYR-M-EPIC-LOC-MOL) fits the soft armor from the Enhanced PICO Integrated Carrier – EPIC™ and is designed to minimize bunching in various positions while providing comfort and decreased shifting.

    • EPIC™ Low Profile Shoulders, Foam
    • Carrier manufactured using TYR’s PV® , a highly abbrasion resistant material with ballistic properties
    • Antimicrobial/FR treated padded spacer mesh used internally for comfort
    • Velcro® PALS Webbing for MOLLE attachment
    • Removable MOLLE Front Flap
    • Internally Adjustable Cummerbund & Shoulders
    • Internal Plate Retention Strap fits the HA3/7, LWB111 & LV1191 plates
    • Attachment points are provided at the bottom of the carrier for the added capability of ballistic lower abdomen or ballistic groin protector accessories
    • Semi-Rigid Exterior MOLLE Cummerbund

    Available in the following soft armor packages:
    Certified T54/C Soft Armor which meets Level II NIJ0101.06 Specifications
    Certified T52/SP Soft Armor Level II NIJ0101.06 Specifications.
    Certified TXP3A Soft Armor Level IIIA NIJ0101.06 Specifications

    Colors: Black, Coyote, Ranger Green and MultiCam

    Sizes: Small, Medium, Medium-Long, Large, XLarge, 2XLarge

    Get 15% off your total purchase with coupon code: IDTOUR15