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Protech Tactical Debuts First Tactical Carrier With FirstSpear Technology

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016


Popular Shift 360 Plate Rack System now available with expanded options

Jacksonville, Fla. – Safariland, a recognized leader in the tactical armor market, today announced the release of the PROTECH® Tactical Shift 360™ Scalable Plate Rack System as its first platform to encompass the FirstSpear® Tubes™ closure system.

Utilizing advanced technologies from industry-leading armor brands, PROTECH Tactical and FirstSpear, the Shift 360 plate rack is a high-speed carrier system representing PROTECH Tactical’s fastest and most dynamic scalable plate rack offering. The system starts as a basic plate rack carrier with the ability to transition into a fully loaded tactical system for a multitude of mission specifications.

FirstSpear Tubes modernize the armor carrier closure system, enhancing the ease of donning and doffing the Shift 360 carrier with a quick up or down single hand function. The simple motion for attaching or detaching the system capitalizes on the user’s muscle memory, ideal for stressful or high-speed scenarios. This lightweight closure system ensures the cummerbund is always positioned in the same location, which is vital for proper ballistic coverage, and mitigates the risk of misalignment and incorrect attachment.

“The Shift 360 meets the requirements of patrol and tactical law enforcement officers who need to transition from routine activities to high-threat situations in a matter of seconds,” said Director of Tactical Armor Brian Santimauro. “Facing increased occurrences of scenarios evolving into active shooter, hostage or terrorist situations, law enforcement officers can have confidence that the Shift 360 will outfit them for any situation.”

“The Shift 360 system was put to the test with a variety of law enforcement teams, providing PROTECH Tactical with vital feedback to make it one of the most sought after scalable plate racks on the market,” added Santimauro. Beyond the FirstSpear technology, the Shift 360 plate rack incorporates other recently updated design elements, which elevate the functionality of the system, such as a cummerbund attachment, ballistics insertions and reinforced support. The Shift 360 AWS is available with all three closure system options – FirstSpear Tubes, single-point Quick-Release, and Velcro® closure.

“Protective technology is in our name,” said Todd Mackler, vice president of Armor. “This isn’t restricted to the ballistics and hard armor components that are inserted into our carriers. It also pertains to the carriers themselves with efficient designs and detailed components that we test, evaluate and integrate into our systems.”

Safariland introduced a new a-la-carte ordering system for 2016, which allows teams and individual users to configure the Shift 360 plate rack to meet their specific needs, including a full array of ballistic and non-ballistic accessory garments. The PROTECH Tactical Shift 360 is available for ordering with Type II and IIIA ballistic packages, as well as color options based on the load-bearing configuration. Integrated FirstSpear 6/12™ Platform & Pocket Technologies and Traditional Modular Webbing are due out at the end of 2016. More information on the Shift 360 Scalable Plate Rack system is available here:

Mission Spec Named  DKX Armor Distributor

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

Mission Spec, LLC has been named the distributor for DKX Armor in the states of Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Currently, the M3 (ultra-light weight level 3+, buoyant) and M7 (level 3+ special threat rated) are available at in various sizes and cuts. Potential dealers and departments/units should contact Mission Spec directly for volume pricing information by email or phone. Contact information can be found on the Contact page of the Mission Spec website.

M3 product page:
M7 product page:

KDH Defense Systems Chooses Honeywell Materials For Products Designed For US Military Protection System

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

Spectra Shield® and Gold Shield® help military achieve goals for reducing soldiers’ body armor weight

MORRIS PLAINS, N.J., Oct. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Honeywell (NYSE: HON) announced today that KDH Defense Systems will use Spectra Shield® and Gold Shield® ballistic composite materials to create new soft armor vest systems as part of the U.S. Army’s next-generation Soldier Protection System (SPS).

Reducing body armor weight is a key goal for the Army. The SPS is a modular, scalable and tailorable system designed to provide an overall weight reduction of 10 percent. It is comprised of five subsystems, one of which is the Torso and Extremity Protection (TEP) subsystem that aims to achieve a 26 percent weight reduction. KDH Defense Systems will incorporate Spectra Shield and Gold Shield with its own ballistic designs to produce several TEP products.

“The key to reducing body armor weight is combining state-of-the-art ballistic designs like KDH Modular Scalable Vests with next-generation materials like Honeywell Shield,” said Dave Herbener, president and CEO, KDH Defense Systems. “We are committed to leveraging the most innovative technologies to help protect the brave men and women serving in the U.S. military.”

Short Bark Industries is also using Spectra Shield to create Ballistic Combat Shirts (BCS) for the SPS TEP system. The company specializes in soft armor, tactical wear, gear and accessories for the military, governmental agencies and law enforcement.

“Honeywell Spectra Shield is a key material to create armor that meets the military’s rigorous requirements for weight, mobility, flexibility and protection,” said Lisa Held Janke, president and CEO, Short Bark Industries, LLC. “Our team works tirelessly to develop solutions that help protect soldiers from the ballistic threats they face in combat.”

Armor made with Honeywell’s Spectra Shield and Gold Shield products were chosen by soldiers after a U.S. Military Human Factors Evaluation. These armor systems demonstrated improved mobility and flexibility, in addition to reduced weight, compared to systems predominantly made with woven aramid.

“The next generation of soft body armor uses Spectra fiber instead of aramid fiber for optimal performance and protection,” said Lin Murray, armor program manager for military and law enforcement at Honeywell Packaging and Composites. “Our collaboration with innovative companies like KDH Defense Systems and Short Bark Industries ensures that the U.S. military and law enforcement have the most advanced ballistic protection available.”

Spectra Shield technology is a patented Honeywell process designed to optimize the ballistic performance characteristics of Spectra fibers. Spectra Shield and Gold Shield products have been widely adopted and proven for the most advanced armor applications globally, from bullet-resistant vests, breast plates and helmets to combat vehicles and military aircraft—all of which require lightweight solutions and superior performance.

Honeywell maintains an active Spectra fiber and ballistic materials research program focused on continuous improvement and development of high-performance materials. For more information, visit

MDM – ArmorWorks Is Back!

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

After a brief hiatus, ArmorWorks is back in the market actively supporting several prime contractors with seating and armor systems both here and abroad.

Right now they are concentrating on the vehicle market, manufacturing seats for armored vehicles along with vehicle armor, including metal composite armor. However, they’ve got a long history of PPE development behind them they can reach from, based on customer requirements.

Mission Ready Acquires ForceOne Armor Business

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

VANCOUVER, B.C. – September 22, 2016 – Mission Ready Services Inc. (“Mission Ready” or the “Company”) (TSX-V: MRS) is pleased to announce that PTF Manufacturing Inc. (”PTFM”) has acquired certain manufacturing assets, trademark, customer list and 23 certifications of models that Comply with the U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice (“NIJ”) standard-0101.06 for ballistic-resistance of body armor of ForceOne, LLC (“ForceOne”).

ForceOne manufactured a full range of tactical solutions that will now be manufactured by PTFM in the Tennessee facility including modular tactical vests, rapid entry vests, tactical outer shell vests, protector vests, E.M.S. carrier vests, navigator vests, and flexible shields. In addition, PTFM will offer the ForceOne armor accessories, including custom-fit carrier shells, concealable ballistic panels, pockets, pouches, ID panels, and protective carrying bags.

“The strategic acquisition of the ForceOne assets will complement and greatly enhance PTFM’s portfolio of tactical solutions at this pivotal and exciting time for the company,” states Rod Reum, President and CEO of Mission Ready. “The highly regarded NIJ Certifications will be invaluable to the Company in further validating our products and our dedication to the highest quality standards in personal protective equipment and the added equipment rounds out that which is already in place giving us a state of the art facility that will lower our overall cost of production.”

Morgan Advanced Materials Awarded UK MoD Contract Valued At £1.1m  For Ballistic Shields

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

The Composites and Defence Systems business of Morgan Advanced Materials, a global leader in composite armour technology for personnel and platforms, has secured a £1.1m contract from the Ministry of Defence (United Kingdom) to supply ballistic shields and supporting services.

The contract will see Morgan provide a range of bespoke ballistic shields drawing on Morgan’s class-leading composite armour technology capability. With outstanding levels of multi-hit protection, the shields showcase the latest in lightweight armour, ensuring maximum mobility and protection for army personnel in the arena of combat.

Duncan Eldridge, President of Morgan’s Composites and Defence business, also commented: “We are enormously proud to be supplying ultra-lightweight, bespoke ballistic shields to the Ministry of Defence. Our cutting edge ballistic composite materials knowledge, coupled with rigorous in-house research, development and testing has allowed us to create ultra-lightweight ballistic shields, delivering outstanding levels of protection whilst enabling maximum manoeuvrability.

For further information, please visit

LBT INC Partners With Custom Armor Group To Provide Level IIIA Soft Armor Inserts For Their Recently Released Go Pack

Saturday, September 3rd, 2016

LBT INC partners with Custom Armor Group to provide Level IIIA soft armor inserts with their recently released Go Pack, now offered in solid color variants.

* Small form “Go Pack”
* Large main compartment with tablet/laptop storage area on the back
* Medium sized exterior compartment
* Mesh storage area on exterior with draw string closure and loop for placement of morale patch
* Compartments secured with two (2) zippers with paracord pull tabs
* Adjustable padded shoulder straps with adjustable sternum strap
* Drain grommet on bottom of bag
* Carry Handle
* Overall dimensions approx: 14L x 8W x 16H
* Weight: 1lb

Soft Armor Backing
* Armor fits into rear sleeve of pack keeping main compartment unobstructed
* NIJ certified level IIIA soft armor
* Certified up to .357 and .44 mag
* Weight: 1.24lbs sq/ft

TYR Tactical – PICO-DS Assaulters Plate Carrier

Thursday, September 1st, 2016

Introducing the NEW TYR Tactical PICO-DS Assaulters Plate Carrier (TYR-PICO-DS). It is a lightweight and configurable system. It acts as a scalable foundation which the operator can configure based on mission requirements.

It’s engineered utilizing their revolutionary PV material which offers significant weight reduction with increased resistance to abrasion. PV has been tested to have 7-10 times higher abrasion resistance than standard mil spec nylon. PV also enhances the ballistic attributes of armor within the vest. Antimicrobial/FR treated padded spacer mesh is used internally for comfort.

• PALS Webbing for MOLLE Attachment
• Features the removable Swift Clip System for integrating chest racks and other accessories (COMING SOON)
• The circumference of the New Three Row Slotted Base Cummerbund incorporates poly mesh which quickens dry time in both arid and humid climates. It also allows excess heat to vent, further decreasing dry time.
• Removable MOLLE Front Flap with MOLLE/PALS webbing to attach mission specific pouches
• NEW 1.5” Low Profile Shoulder Pads with easy front to back overlapping adjustment
• Hard sewn zippers on the back of the carrier allow the user to integrate DS Assaulters Zip-On Back Panels (COMING SOON)
• Ballistic Vein increases load carriage performance, provides a rigid platform, reduces fatigue, stabilizes and enhances soft armor inserts.
• Reinforced Drag Handle

Carrier Only: $395.95
T52/SP Soft Armor [Certified Level II NIJ0101.06 Specifications]: $695.95

The TYR Tactical PICO-DS Assaulters Plate Carrier launches today. Take 15% off your entire retail purchase during the TYR Tactical Labor Day Sale with coupon code: LABORDAY16.

Sale Dates: Thursday, 1-Sept-16 – Tuesday, 9-Sept-16