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Velocity Systems Clarifies Threat Protection Level of VS-P34 Plates

Saturday, April 4th, 2015

Velocity Systems issued this statement in order to clear up any confusion regarding the threat protection level of their VS-P34 plates.

We have heard of a few instances of people incorrectly stating the threat level of our VS-P34 Plate.

Our P34 Plate is an In Conjunction With (ICW) Plate rated for both NIJ Level III and NIJ Level IV.

The P34 MUST be worn In Conjunction With VS-13A Soft Armor to achieve the stated threat level. (The reason for rating the plate to both III & IV is that the NIJ Level IV Threat Rating is not all inclusive of the NIJ Level III Threat Rating)

WARNING: The P34 is NOT a Stand-Alone Plate for ANY threat level. To assume this plate is a “Level III Stand-Alone and Level IV In-Conjunction WIth” is INCORRECT.

Agilite Gear – K3-Keramon Plate Carrier

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015


Agilite has just released the brand new K3-Keramon Plate Carrier. Intended for IDF units, the K3 is designed to house the IDF-standard V3 “Hashmonai” plate.


The K3 is lightweight, with a selection of modular pouches that allow the end user to adapt the carrier to their equipment and mission. The minimalist design of the K3 decreases the overall weight, while increasing airflow. Additionally, a laser-cut Velcro front panel allows for the attachment of patches or hook-backed modular pouches.

Available exclusively in Israel.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Beat Up Plate Carrier

Friday, March 20th, 2015

This week we feature a FirstSpear original. The Beat Up is a plate carrier that was one of the first armor platforms produced when the company launched. A government agency overrun has allowed them to close out a limited stock of Medium and Large SAPI cut Beat Ups (Ranger Green only).


This is a great opportunity to grab a full featured carrier or replace an old one at a very low cost. These are not seconds and are fresh off the floor and still come with the FirstSpear lifetime warranty in materials and craftsmanship.

With a name borrowed from the lexicon of the elite Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) of World War II, a “Beat Up” was considered to be a raid, ambush or direct action of the type that group favored and this PC is developed for just that sort of operation. The Beat Up is lightweight and integrated with all appropriate functions that reflect input from Professional Users, the experience of the FirstSpear Design Team and the very best in modern materials technology.

The Beat Up features full comfort padding and ventilation on the front and back body just like the Strandhögg. Includes full cummerbund that accepts 6×6 side plates, Drag handle, fully adjustable shoulder straps, and FirstSpear design and quality craftsmanship you can trust. Fits Hard Armor plates cut to SAPI in the corresponding size, ie. Medium Plate fits a Medium Plate Carrier.


The Beat Up retails at $349.98 now available while supplies last for $149.99 AND they are offering Free Domestic Ground Shipping (APO/FPO/DPO) with purchase of the Beat Up (Ranger Green only).

Tactical Revolution – AJAX Armor System Overview

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

Tactical Revolution has recently released a video which functions as an overview of their AJAX Armor System.

The AJAX Armor System is intended to protect the gunner from enemy fire into his shoulder area which is more lightly armored than the chest. Consisting of a Picatinny rail mount and associated armored 46100 steel plates, AJAX weighs 1.46 lbs per mount and 3.6 lbs per plate. Naturally, this means it’s meant for use in fixed positions but it can quickly be mounted and dismounted from the weapon.

Available through International Armored Group and manufactured by Tactical Revolution, LLC

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Deceptor

Friday, February 20th, 2015

Deceptor money shot

This week, we are checking out the FirstSpear Deceptor. Designed to conceal Rifle Velocity Protective Plates it will discretely hold a pair of plates and, if desired, two 6”X6” Rifle Side Plates. Additionally, pockets from the Ragnar Series can be quickly attached to the front or the back of the carrier as well.

It’s optimized for plates in the 2.2 to 4.5 pound size medium weight range which are .75” or thinner. For larger, thicker or heavier plates, FS recommends you consider a different carrying solution. This carrier comes with stretch and non-stretch shoulder straps to accommodate user comfort preference.


The Deceptor is becoming quite popular at the Federal level and has basically split down the middle on users who prefer Stretch vs. Static Shoulder Straps. FS speculates that a lot of that preference is shaped by the plate used and whether or not there is an external load (Ragnar Pockets) being utilized on the Carrier.

FS has a range of soft armor inserts cut in plate shapes as well as their UC Special Threat Plate that will fit the Deceptor. The soft armor cummerbund of the popular NOC will fit onto this carrier as well.

Available in Black or Coyote, sizes Small through XLarge.

Airsoft BBs Used to Test Continuous Filament Knit Aramids for Extremity Ballistic Protection

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

Army Research Labs recently subjected several new fabrics to ballistic testing to see how they might perform in protecting against explosively launched debris for applications in clothing and other gear such as Protective Under Garments. They chose airsoft BBs from BB Bastard as test projectiles because they replicate the size and weight of gravel particles.

Click to view .pdf
Continuous Filament Knit Aramids for Extremity Ballistic Protection

The report is quite interesting for those of us interested in materials, ballistic or for those who want a peek into what testing actually entails.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Adaptive Cummerbund

Friday, January 30th, 2015


The Adaptive Cummerbund is the next step in the FirstSpear system approach. Up to now, you’ve been able to exchange front panels for several carriers. Now, you can take full advantage of their Tubes technology. Tubes are located at both front and rear of the cummerbund meaning you can easily swap them out, as well as front and rear panels.


It is currently available in the “land” style with loop Velcro on the body side for Ragnar pockets, as well as a TFSS maritime flotation cummerbund specifically designed for combat swimmers, and/or maritime airborne operations personnel.


The TFSS cummerbund has been designed and tested for use during egress from a submerged structure of any type, providing 45lbs of positive flotation in seawater at a depth of 33 ft, 57lbs of positive flotation at a depth of 15 ft and 80lbs of flotation on the surface, allowing the wearer a maximum load-out of equipment.


Soft Armor Ballistic Inserts complying with NIJ Category IIIA.06 or specific Military Specification requirements are available from FirstSpear for an additional fee.

This video will bring it all together.

These Adaptive Cummerbunds are just the beginning. Look for FIrstSpear to add purpose built sections for the Adaptive Cummerbund as well as integration of other mission essential elements.

Available in Black, Ranger Green, Multicam, and Coyote

Revision Military Showcases Capabilities

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

Revision Military is so much more than eyepro. Over the past several years they’ve purchased a company or three and expanded their capabilities to provide a holistic soldier protection solution. Although they have been involved in USSOCOM’s TALOS program, it was more a conduit to showcase what they’ve done than a driver of innovation. They were already well on their own path when former Commander, USSOCOM, ADM McRaven called on industry to develop an “ironman” suit.

Revision has been way out in front of everyone else bringing this all in house. Hopefully, their hard work will be rewarded.

SHOT Show – Armor Express

Monday, January 26th, 2015


As I meandered through the halls of SHOT Show 2015, the aesthetic of the Raven carrier from Armor Express caught my eye. The refer to the PALS compatible triangle-shaped laser cuts as Trilogrid. It also features a built-in kangaroo pocket as well as ambidextrous horizontal knife sleeve. The padded shoulders are nonskid and incorporate utility ports for comms. Additionally, the best is lined with 3d spacer mesh.

SHOT Show – Tactical Assault Gear

Saturday, January 24th, 2015


Available with either skeletal (licensed from Crye Precision) or standard cummerbund, the Vanguard Plate Carrier features a built-in multi-caliber three mag carrier mounted to the flap. Additionally, it incorporates low profile padded shoulder straps as well as added padding for comfort and breathability throughout the interior. Made from 500D Cordura, its a replacement for the Banshee carrier. Offered in Black, Coyote, Ranger Green and MultiCam.