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The Raine Bridger – Seeking Companies to License & Integrate

Thursday, January 17th, 2019

A solution to the gap & unusable space created from using FirstSpear® Tubes™ and similar quick release buckles.

Gain back the valuable real-estate lost, with added benefits.

Raine is looking for companies that are interested in incorporating the Bridger into their vests, plate carriers, chest rigs, and gear designs. Raine makes it an easy button solution to integrate the Bridger through licensing or OEM manufacturing for your products at the Raine factory. The Raine team can help integrate the Bridger with your existing products or assist in developing new ones.

The Bridger can be built to work with Firstspear® Tubes™, National Molding/Duraflex Taktic Buckles, ROC buckles, and other similar release buckle solutions.

Visit the Raine team at SHOT Show to discuss your project and for a Bridger demonstration.

Email the Raine team at to schedule a meeting.

SHOT Show (Two Booth Locations)
• Supplier Show Case, Booth # S1318 (Mon – Tues)
• Main Floor, Booth # 20132 (Tues – Fri)

Cummerbund with Integrated Bridger preview:

Bridger Benefits & Features
• Adds back the MOLLE real-estate lost from using release buckles

  (Bridges the Gap)
• Covers & protects the buckles
• Increases the service life of the buckles
• Increased protection from accidental quick release opening of the buckles
• Made in the USA

Raine is taking orders for the next production run of Bridger Covers compatible with FirstSpear® Tubes™ Vests and Plate Carriers.

You can purchase your Bridger Cover at:

A few are left in stock (Multicam and Coyote) with the next production run estimated to be ready in 4-6 weeks.


The Strandhögg plate carrier pictured is made by Firstspear, LLC. The Bridger™ products are made by Raine, Inc. Tubes™. FirstSpear®, Tubes™, 6/12™ and 6/9™ are trademarks of FirstSpear, LLC.

Bridger™ products are patent pending (US and International).

S&S Precision – Ten Days of Clarity

Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

S&S Precision is about halfway through revealing, day-by-day, their new Plate Frame Modular at

RE Factor Tactical x Ferro Concepts – Advanced Slickster Plate Carrier

Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

RE Factor Tactical and Ferro Concept teamed up to create a plate carrier that fits a large number of missions sets to include high vis kinetic operations to low vis work.



-Ferro Concept’s tested Slickster base
PTT Loops on front of vest
-Integrated Kangaroo pocket for magazines/essential equipment
-Elastic comms wires
-2 x integrated radio pouches capable of fitting up to a PRC-152 Radio
-4 x 6″ Zipped admin pocket capable of holding a passport or similar sized item
-Elastic cummerbund with 4 x magazine carriers
-Added elastic retainers to cummerbund carrier for magazine retention
-MOLLE Laser cut back panel


Offered in sizes Medium and Large in Black, Coyote and MultiCam.

Angel Armor Launches RISE 2.0 and Truth SNAP 855 Plate System for Increased Special Threats (M855) for All-Day Rifle Protection

Thursday, January 10th, 2019

FORT COLLINS, CO., — January 9, 2019 — Angel Armor has redefined armor once again with the launch of RISE 2.0 and the Truth SNAP 855 Plate System, which exhibits increased levels of protection against special threats (M855 Green Tip) in an innovative, lightweight, modular package.

“Unlike other plates on the market,” said Josh Richardson, co-founder of Angel Armor. “The Truth SNAP 855 Plate System allows for the user to replace just the ceramic strike face, which is the least expensive component of any ceramic-based solution, if ever damaged, increasing the overall life of the product while reducing budget strain. This is just one of many benefits that the Truth SNAP 855 Plate System offers to the user.”

Angel Armor has redesigned the RISE Armor System in RISE 2.0 to offer enhanced comfort, ballistic coverage, and versatility while improving All-Day Rifle Protection and market-leading weight distribution. The RISE 2.0 armor carrier utilizes 90% new premium materials with proprietary manufacturing methods and exhibits front and rear, top-load rifle plate access. The soft armor profile has been optimized using researched-based design through a collaboration with a leading University and local law enforcement.

RISE 2.0 is available in a variety of colors and offers custom sizing.

The Truth SNAP 855 Plate System and RISE 2.0 will be officially unveiled at Shot Show in Las Vegas on January 22nd. Please visit Angel Armor at Shot Show Booth #7511 to try on the RISE 2.0 Carrier and Truth SNAP 855 Plate System.

About Angel Armor

Angel Armor, an innovative company based in Fort Collins, Colo., exists to protect and preserve the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness for law enforcement officers and their families. For more information visit or email:


SPECS | Truth SNAP 855

The Core Plate of the Truth SNAP 855 Plate System is a NIJ Level III ICW plate weighing in at just 1.45 pounds in an 8×10 shooter cut and just .55 inches thick. This innovative solution allows the user to magnetically attach a ceramic strike face to the core plate for increased special threats, for a total system weighing less than three pounds. The system is also available in 10×12, 8×10, 7×9 with an added new size of 9×11 for maximum All-Day Rifle Protection in our RISE 2.0 Carrier.

RISE 2.0 is available in a variety of colors and offers custom sizing.

Diamond Age Forcefield Launches — With a Discount for SSD Readers

Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

The Forcefield is a flexible Level IIIa+ soft armor panel designed with today’s most potent special threats in mind.

First: High-velocity special threats like the 5.7x28mm SS195 and SS197, and the HK 4.6x30mm, all at well over 2000 feet per second.

Second: Handgun bullets designed for enhanced penetration, like the Fort Scott Fort Defense 80gr 9mm SCS round, and the Lehigh Defense “Xtreme Penetrator” .357 Magnum.

Third: Knives, spikes, and needles. The Forcefield exhibits well under 20mm penetration at 24 and 36J against the P1 and S1 blades.

Lastly, the Forcefield is proof to military-grade frag, with a V50 against the 16gr RCC at over 2180 feet per second, which exceeds the military’s requirements by more than 100 feet per second.

All of this in a flexible package which clocks in at just 6.5mm in thickness and less than 1.2psf in areal density.

The Forcefield has been certified with VPAM — a German ballistic standards and testing agency famous for its stringent protocols — and is currently being marketed primarily to the European SWAT community. NIJ and DEA certifications are forthcoming.

For a limited time, Diamond Age is offering this ballistic package directly to US customers — in BALCS cut, and with a Beez armor carrier.

And it’s on sale for SSD readers.

Use coupon code ssd10

Rheinmetall to Supply Germany’s Federal Police with Protective Vest Inserts

Thursday, December 6th, 2018

Rheinmetall has won an order to supply the German Federal Police with ballistic inserts for protective vests.

The framework agreement lasts 36 months and is worth a total of around €10 million. Representing roughly €1 million in sales, a first batch consisting of over 5,000 ballistic inserts will be shipped in spring 2019. The contract encompasses an option for the supply of an additional 36,000 inserts.

Developed and produced by Rheinmetall Ballistic Protection in Krefeld, Germany, the inserts exploit the latest technology in order to achieve high protection at the lowest possible weight. Among the lightest of their kind, these inserts withstand shots fired from an AK-47 assault rifle. As a result, law enforcement officers who find themselves in complex, life-threatening situations are not only well protected, but able to manoeuvre easily as well.

Rheinmetall – a powerful partner of the police and security services

AT Armor Introduces New Plate Carrier System

Tuesday, December 4th, 2018

The Active Shooter Response Carrier Now Available

Fort Worth, Texas – Texas-based ballistic armor retailer AT Armor, LLC –a leading supplier of high quality US made body armor packages for North American law enforcement and military communities, has announced that the first entry in a new proprietary plate carrier system – the Active Shooter Response Carrier – is now available for purchase.

Developed with the direct input of seasoned LE professionals the ASR Carrier provides a fast -deployment rifle protection package for departments of all sizes.  AT Armor purpose built the ASR plate carrier to be scalable and adjustable to provide a high quality solution for departments which pool resources for multiple officers.

AT Armor’s president Mike Martin states “After focused dialogue and needs assessment with US police departments, we identified an opportunity to design and produce an affordable, US-made plate carrier that is adjustable across a full range of officer body types within a shared equipment scenario. Our product design mission statement for the ASR Carrier prioritized fit flexibility and value pricing in order to provide an exceptional and economical carrier solution for our law enforcement community.”

The ASR Carrier is a scalable, modular plate carrier system designed for fast deployment and  fully adjustable for long-duration comfort.  The unique attachment system offers multiple anchor points so that officers can tighten or loosen the carrier very quickly, and select the low/mid/high mount points to account for equipment placement needs and personal fit preference.  The carrier has the ability to accept aftermarket or upgraded cummerbunds so the end user still has the option to add to the carrier to meet their individual requirements.

Product Features:
• Material: Constructed of high-end 500-denier cordura with a soil-resistant finish.
• Colors: Available in four colors – Black, Ranger Green, Coyote Brown, and Multicam.
• Fit: Two Sizes (SM/MD and LG/XL); fits all standard  SAPI plates as well as any 10×12 armor plates.
• Attachments: Low/Mid/High attachment points allow officers to make personal adjustments for fit and function.

The ASR Carrier is currently available for purchase through the AT Armor website.

For more information about the new AT Armor Active Shooter Response Carrier, or to request quotes for department bids or contracts, please contact the AT Armor team at or visit the website,

Velocity Systems – Scarab LT and LE Comparison

Saturday, December 1st, 2018