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SPARTANAT – B&T Behördentage 2017

Saturday, June 24th, 2017

0 BT Aufmacher

B & T invites every second year to Behördentagen in Switzerland. Around 800 visitors and many companies follow this invitation. The program includes lectures, training – above: car shooting, an exhibition of different companies and of course weapons of B & T.


A novelty of the year at B & T: the APC comes as an assault rifle in caliber .308. This can be used for regular infantry or police use or also a DMR or semi sniper.


The rest of the family is well known: APC9 / 45, APC300 and APC556 / 223 are reliable weapons that are strongly represented in the police area.

3 BT-LHT-1

Linderhof Taktik from Germany presented the plate carrier HL – laser cut from their hybrid laminate – and the plate carrier Gen VI. Lindnerhof is strong with Bundeswehr and German special forces. www.lindnerhof-taktik.de

4 BT Revision

First seen in Europe: Revisions Revision Military’s new Caiman Head System. The Caiman Head System is a true full-spectrum special operations helmet solution, and will be commercially available in stages, starting with the Caiman Carbon Bump Helmet System. The Caiman Carbon Bump System-including carbon bump helmet, a streamlined rail system, and an innovative liner and suspension system-will.

5 BT First Spear

Made in USA. First Spear presenting their products at B&T Behördentage. Laser cut and Tubes makes a great combination for a Plate carrier.

6 BT Fibrotex

Fibrotex from Israel with a very nice, flexible BDU and great camo innovations. www.fibrotex-tech.com

7 BT Marom Dolphin

Marom Dolphin also originating from Israel, was showing their plate carriers in Israeli style. This is a very nice, small carrier with an integrated flotation kit. It is inflatable and helps you swimming with your gear in the water. www.marom-dolphin.com

8 BT Ulbrichts

Europe goes antiterror. Helmets are becoming more important, especially for Police. Ulbrichts from Austria manufactures helmets from Titan. ULBRICHTS Protection has provided the police, special units and the military with high quality protective helmets for more than six decades, producing the most modern and effective ballistic helmets for protection against bullets available worldwide – the result of many years of development. The ZENTURIO is their high end product. www.ulbrichts.com/protection/en/products


USW is B&Ts new pistol. Or to be honest: it is the smallest pistol carbine we know. With a fordable stock and an Aimpoint made red dot – specially produced for B&T – this weapon gives police officers more flexibility to fight als first responders, and not to have necessarily an assault rifle. www.bt-ag.ch/shop/eng/bt-usw/bt-universal-service-weapon–usw-a1-kal-9-x-19-bt-430001

10 BT Baltic Shooters

One highlight at B&T Behördentage was a Car Shooting Workshop with Frank Thiel from Baltic Shooters: training at it’s best. Thiel is a well known als shooting trainer for German SWAT teams and special forces. www.baltic-shooters.de

B&T: www.bt-ag.ch

SPARTANAT: www.spartanat.com

AARDVARK Announce Expansion of Project 7

Friday, June 23rd, 2017

La Verne, CA – AARDVARK is pleased to announce the expansion of Project 7 to include a new ballistic battle belt, an integrated helmet system, and an increase in technology partners including several more of the industry’s top tactical companies.

Effective immediately Project 7 is expanding to include the following new products:

Ballistic Battle Belt (B3X) – Featuring a revolutionary and patented BOA controlled articulating design by Safariland, the B3X is the most comfortable load bearing belt on the market. In addition to Blue Force Gear Ultracomp load bearing MOLLE surfaces, the B3X features a concealed duty belt for holster mounting and Cobra buckle closure. Perhaps most importantly, the B3X adds several square feet of Protech ballistic coverage. Integrating seamlessly with the Project 7 Scalable Entry Vest (SEV), the B3X increases ballistic coverage while making load bearing more comfortable. The B3X is available in 7 color combinations, three ballistic packages, and 4 different sizes.

Integrated Helmet System (IHS) – Representing the state of the art in tactical ballistic helmets, the IHS combines the technologies of Protech, Wilcox, OPS-Core, and Team Wendy into a lightweight tactical helmet system. The IHS is available in 6 color combinations, 2 different weights, and two different sizes.

Asked about these expansions, AARDVARK’s CEO Jon Becker stated “Project 7 is all about working with the industry’s best manufacturers to bring the best technologies together into a single tactical armor platform. Our goal with Project 7 is not just to make great armor, but to deliver a completely integrated and scalable platform for our nation’s tactical operators.”

All products are shown in the new Project 7 catalog released this week and will be available on www.project7armor.com immediately.

Crye Precision – LVS Tactical Cover

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

Crye Precision has released a Tactical Cover and accessories for their LVS armor which greatly increases the scalability of the system. It features Skeletal Cummerbund, 4 built in mag/radio pouches, heavy duty aluminum shoulder hardware, chest rig attachment loops on front and pack attachment loops on rear.

The LVS Tactical Cover is compatible with AVS front flaps as well as the new 6×6 and 6×9 soft armor and plate side pouches.

Available in all LVS sizes, (Small – 2XLarge including Long sizes) and offered in Black, Coyote, MultiCam and Ranger Green.


Armor Express Awarded Major Contract with Florida’s Orange County Fire Rescue Department to Outfit Firefighters and EMS Officers with Personal Protection Equipment

Friday, June 9th, 2017

Hundreds of first responders to benefit from state-of-the-art body armor, including ballistic resistant vests and helmets certified to NIJ requirements and tested against special threats

CENTRAL LAKE, MI, June 8, 2017 – Central Lake Armor Express, Inc. (“Armor Express”), a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-performance body armor solutions, is pleased to announce today that the Company has been awarded a contract with the Orange County Fire Rescue Department (OCFRD) in Florida to outfit Officers with its advanced HardcoreTM SU carrier and QuantumTM Level IIIA armor featuring ballistic cummerbund inserts for full wrap-around protection. Additionally, Armor Express will provide OCFRD with its high-performance BUSCH AMP-1 E Level IIIA ballistic helmet, featuring uni-size capability.

“We are very excited by this incredible opportunity with Orange County Fire Rescue and our vital partnership to ensure that their firefighting, rescue and medical emergency officers have the most reliable personal protective equipment required,” stated Rex McGrath, Armor Express’ Channel Manager for Fire/EMS. “As the largest fire and rescue agency in Central Florida, serving roughly 1,000,000 citizens and visitors and responding to more than 119,000 service calls annually, we’re honored to support OCFRD with advanced body armor solutions. We’re committed to addressing the unique needs of their first responders, who often don’t know what level of threat they’re responding to. These men and women put their lives on the line every day when there’s a crisis and they ensure our communities are safe. In turn, we stand ready to safeguard them.”

Under the terms of the contract, Orange County Fire Rescue purchased 350 ballistic armor systems and helmets respectively, along with 160 carry bags for proper equipment storage. The award is sponsored in part by the County and by a grant from the Office of the Medical Director.

“Given the extensive history of fire and EMS response to active shooter events, from 1999 at Columbine High School to the Pulse nightclub tragedy last year, and ongoing events throughout the nation and the world, Orange County Fire Rescue is ensuring our first responders are properly equipped and prepared to safely respond and render care to those impacted by violent incidents in our community,” said Chief Otto Drozd III. “All positions on field response units are now equipped with ballistic vests and helmets. Crew members are authorized to deploy the vests and helmets any time they determine there is a risk of violence or explosive threats. When crews are dispatched to a Potentially Violent Situation (PVS), our new procedures require they don the vests and helmets prior to response.”

The equipment has been issued department-wide, and it has already been put to use. First responders from Orange County Fire Rescue recently arrived on scene in ballistic equipment to a deadly workplace shooting. “With the equipment deployed on responding crews, we were prepared to provide victims with the best chance of survival,” continued Chief Drozd.

OCFRD selected Armor Express’ HardcoreTM SU carrier which accommodates soft concealable body armor, while external plate pockets give the first responder the option of adding hard armor protection at any time. It is intended for use as an external garment—worn visibly over a uniform, for example, and consists of two primary components—the BALLISTIC PANELS and the TACTICAL CARRIER or “outer shell”. The Hardcore SU has a lightweight, low profile design with fully adjustable shoulders and waist; it is designed not to hamper the movements required while rendering first aid and extraction. The Dynamic Cummerbund System allows the user to breathe and move much more efficiently. The shoulder strap geometry offers enhanced ergonomics and the liner shell material uses 3D spacer mesh for improved heat, moisture and debris dissipation. The plate pocket offers MOLLE webbing for modularity and optional attachments.

Paired with the Hardcore SU carrier, Armor Express’ QuantumTM Level IIIA ballistic package will provide OCFRD officers with the kind of robust protection leveraged by numerous federal law enforcement agencies. The armor is ideal for firefighters and EMTs in need of a light, flexible, yet sturdy solution. Viewed as a workhorse in the industry, the Quantum is capable of stopping special threats such as the 5.7 x 28 Sporting Round (both Level II and IIIA) and the 5.7 x 28 Lead Free. It is also uniquely certified to the Department of Defense’s standards for fragmentation protection.

Additionally, OCFRD personnel will benefit from the BUSCH AMP-1 E Level IIIA helmet. This ACH/MICH-shaped helmet is made of aramid fibers in a composite matrix. It features fragmentation protection and is tested to V50 > 2130 f/s (650 m/s) 17gr. Another significant feature of the BUSCH AMP-1 E helmet from Armor Express is its uni-size capability, which will enable OCFRD to address the multiple sizing needs of its broad staff in a single solution – making it an extremely affordable option.

In related news, Chief Drozd’s proposal to establish a clear, concise, operational standard to guide fire and emergency service response to active shooter events and other violent incidents was accepted by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standards Council. The new Technical Committee for Cross Functional Emergency Preparedness and Response begins meeting this month. The committee will establish criteria for all components of emergency response, including ballistic equipment.

McGrath concluded, “Our work with the Orange County Fire Rescue team is a big step in Armor Express’ commitment to working more closely with the Fire & EMS markets and expanding product and service reach to agencies that are depending on personal protection more than ever before. First responders are facing increasingly dangerous environments with the rise of active shooter/mass casualty incidents. On June 12, we will be reminded of the Pulse nightclub attack and remember all those who were lost. We will also acknowledge the important lessons learned and re-affirm Armor Express’ pledge to supporting communities and the first responders who answer the calls for help. Through our continued investment in next-gen armor systems and protection technologies, we will continue to bring the peace of mind they deserve.”


TYR Tactical Tuesday – PICO-MBAV

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

TYR Tactical is proud to introduce the newly redesigned PICO-MBAV. This sophisticated plate carrier has an abundance of standard features and accessories designed to make it adaptable to whatever your mission requires.

It’s engineered utilizing our revolutionary PV® material which offers significant weight reduction with increased resistance to abrasion. PV® has been tested to have 7-10 times higher abrasion resistance than standard mil spec nylon. PV® also enhances the ballistic attributes of armor within the vest. Antimicrobial/FR treated padded spacer mesh is used internally for comfort.

• PALS webbing for MOLLE attachment
• Accepts MBAV Shape Ballistics
• Features a removable Quick Attach Surface Mount (QASM) buckle system for integrating chest racks and other accessories
• The circumference of the New Three Row Slotted Base Cummerbund incorporates poly mesh which quickens dry time in both arid and humid climates. It also allows excess heat to vent, further decreasing dry time.
• Removable MOLLE Front Flap with MOLLE/PALS webbing to attach mission specific pouches
• 1.5” Low Profile Shoulder Pads with easy front to back overlapping adjustment
• The Patented Ballistic Vein® increases load carriage performance, provides a rigid platform, reduces fatigue, stabilizes and enhances soft armor inserts.
• Hard sewn 11” zippers on the back of the carrier allow the user to integrate our complete line of Assaulters Zip-On Back Panels
• Reinforced Drag Handle
• Velcro® PALS webbing for MOLLE attachment & ID Placards on the front of the carrier
• Attachment points for a Lower Ab or Groin Protector

Carrier Size Relates to the Size of the Plates:
PICO-MBAV Size Small/Medium Fits
• Small: 9.75″x12“ Plate Pocket
• Medium: 10.5″x12.75” Plate Pocket
PICO-MBAV Size Large/ XLarge Fits
• Large: 11.25″x13.5“ Plate Pocket
• XLarge: 11.75″x14.65” Plate Pocket
Fits Operator Cut or Swimmer Cut Plates

Carrier Only

Certified T52/SP Soft Armor Level II NIJ0101.06 Specifications


USSOCOM Alerts Industry To Aviation Body Armor Vest Requirement

Friday, June 2nd, 2017

Natick released a Sources Sought Notice to industry for a new Aviation Body Armor Best to support SOF aviation customers.

1. Must be capable of supporting the following items:
a. Spear Cut Level 5 Stand-alone, Swimmer Cut Front, Back, and Side Plates
b. Under-Arm Flotation System Modular Water Wing Design
c. SEA LV2 (Emergency Breathing Device)
d. M-4 Magazines (Qty: 3 with the ability to increase to a quantity of 6)
e. M-9 Magazines (Qty: 2 with the ability to increase to a quantity of 3)
f. CAT Tourniquet
g. Individual Medical Aircrew Kit (5.5″L x 5.5″W x 3.25″D)
h. Individual Survival Aircrew Module (5.5″L x 5.5″W x 3″D)
i. Universal radio pouch capable of holding the CSEL or 148 series Radio with Thales GPS
Side Mate Module Assembly
k. Modular holster for M-9 Beretta capable of being mounted and reconfigured between the vest and belt, and capable of being mounted vertically, horizontally, or angled on the vest.
2. Must be interoperable with Swimmer Cut Generation V SPEAR Body Armor Plates
3. Must have an integrated extraction / retention system consisting of:
a. Belt shall be capable of being used independently as a method of extraction and retention
b. Chest connection point shall be capable of being used independently for retention. It shall be capable of being used for extraction in conjunction with the belt while maintaining the chest connection point as the single point of attachment to the hoist line.
This system should be capable of being used as a single point for both retention and extraction.
c. Capable of supporting a 400lb load for rescue hoisting from both belt and chest connection points and provides retention through a chest connection point compatible with lanyard part numbers AMTC-S1379 (7′) & AMTC-S1380 (12′) & 001-HSLSOCOM.
d. The belt must be rated in accordance to meet NFPA 1983-2012 – 3000lbs for 1.5min.
The criteria for the static pull test of the belt is a minimum break strength of 3000 lbs in an upright and inverted position. Pull Test (two iterations): Horizontal & head-down with a max buckles slippage of 25 mm (1 in.). The criteria for the static pull test of the chest connection is a minimum break strength of 3,000 lbs. for 1.5 minutes in horizontal, vertical, and angular directions.
e. Any harness worn with the belt must not diminish the pull strength in any way.
4. Must be available in Multicam and be capable of being printed in other patterns. ABAV must meet minimal requirements for not creating Visual and Near IR (VIS/NIR) offenders. If nonprinted materials are used, they must be in Tan #499 and meet VIS/NIR Tan #499 compliance.
5. ABAV must be flame resistant, no melt /no drip, and be self-extinguishing. The items shall be tested in both the warp and fill directions. The average melt / drip that occurs after removal of the source flame shall be less than 1 droplet. The average after flame in each direction (warp and fill) shall be no longer than 3.0 seconds, the average afterglow in each direction shall be no longer than 2.0 seconds, and the average char length in each direction shall be no longer than 4.5 inches for samples prior to laundering (0 washes) and after laundering (5 washes). Laundering shall be conducted according to AATCC Method 135, and the vertical flame testing shall be conducted according to ASTM D 6413
6. Environmental conditions cannot degrade the ABAV to the extent they cannot be used for its intended mission (e.g. buckles and fasteners must operate in extreme cold and hot conditions and be resistant to sand and debris).
7. Must withstand the effects of full climatic range of operations ranging from -50F to 130F.
8. Must withstand storage temperatures ranging from -50F to 185F.
9. Must be resistant to rot, mildew, DEET, Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants (POL), chlorine, UV light, and salt water.
10. Shall have a shelf life of not less than five years in a sealed package.
11. The ABAV must be easily usable and adjustable while wearing a wet suit, exposure suit, and/or cold weather gloves to the maximum extent practicable.
12. Must be backward compatible with all currently issued SPEAR Load Carriage items.
13. Shall provide adequate amount of surface area for carrying mission essential equipment tailored to duty position (e.g. rifleman, medic, engineer, etc). The ABAV shall be compatible with existing
USSOCOM equipment when minimally or fully loaded in accordance with operational practices.
Existing USSOCOM equipment includes Military Free Fall (MFF) equipment, fast rope and static line parachute equipment, combat swimming equipment, backpacks, equipment belts, and NBC gear (MOPP 4).
14. Shall have a handle capable of dragging or supporting 400 lbs. during dynamic motion in combat.
15. Fine adjustments to fit shall be easily made while in minimally and maximally loaded configurations. This includes the need for fine adjustments of any straps, harnesses, cummerbunds, or any other type of adjustment system while wearing the entire ensemble without removing it.
16. Provide equal weight distribution, be configurable for additional load carriage, and provide shoulder-hip distribution capabilities. These capabilities shall not interfere with any others, and should only add additional capability without detrimental aspects.

1. Must be easily and quickly releasable when unloaded or fully loaded in all combat environments, including submerged / maritime environments where crashed aircraft is possible.
2. All aspects of the design and integration of the ABAV and its Accessories shall be simple, easy, and intuitive to use. The ABAV must be easily setup prior to use, and easily adjustable during use.
3. The holster must be capable of being transitioned from mounting on the vest in a horizontal, angled, or vertical configuration, to mounting on a belt.
4. Materials and designs of the ABAV must provide maximal comfort, full range of dynamic anatomical motion, and maximal agility during movement in all environments.
5. The ABAV shall minimize water retention, maximize drainage, and minimize drying time.
6. When fully loaded, the ABAV must allow the operator to bring and maintain all weapons to a good firing position or adjust firing position. These weapons include M-9, M-4, and crew served weapons.
7. Must not hinder or significantly interfere with the operator entering or exiting SOF ground vehicles, aviation platforms, movement through hatches or doorways, and must maximize comfort while riding on SOF/Service aviation platforms.
8. The Accessories should be simple to use, minimize bulk, retain necessary equipment, and allow easy access for removal and replacement of equipment into the pocket or pouch.
9. All Accessories should firmly attach to the ABAV in a way that minimizes relative motion between equipment-filled pockets and the ABAV. Fastening mechanisms shall be simple, easy to use, and durable for all operational environments.
10. Shall be capable of fitting the 5th to 95th percentile chest size (33″ circumference, 16″ torso length to 49″ circumference, 24 ¼” torso length
11. ABAV and Accessories must be able to integrate with a low profile, modular floatation system that has an easily installable bladder capable of providing no less than 70 lb. of positive buoyancy when inflated on the surface with 40 lbs. at 1 ATM. Modular flotation sub-components shall not reduce or will only minimally reduce the area available for Accessory attachment. Bladders and floatation capability must be easily removable.
12. ABAV and accessories must have durability and abrasion resistance during extended land operations.

Responses are due, NLT 7 June 2017. Visit www.fbo.gov for full details.


Thursday, June 1st, 2017

PRE LABS is a new armor company in Canada. It was founded by Brad Field who had also founded Pacific Safety Products here in Canada and later sold it to Armor Works. Idiscussed the new brand with Mr Field and he told me that he wanted to offer a company which focused on customer relations, working with them to give them what they need and as quickly as possible.

Duento the contract cycle, most military and federal Armor is currently under contract with other vendors. PRE LABS is concentrating on local departments, offering a full range of armor solutions.

Additionally, Mr Field informed about their new tech development which will help users determine if their armor panels have been compromised by contamination from moisture and air.


Kit Badger – Body Armor Placement: Hard Plates

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

Drawn from years of experience, including seeing those he worked with, and himself, wearing body armor incorrectly, Kit Badger released this video on how to properly wear hard plates in a plate carrier.