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Darley Defense Days – Tactical Tailor/Grey Ghost Gear

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014


Grey Ghost Gear has introduced a line of Kydex to their site from Orange Diamond Concealment. Seen above is a Velcro hook backed AR magazine carrier. You may notice the distinctive diamond shape molded into all of these products. That and the Orange Diamond name hail the WWII Ranger insignia. Orange Diamond Concealment also offers a variety of holsters.

You may notice that it’s attached to a Tactical Tailor MBAV Low Viz Carrier in Wolf Grey. – Next-Gen Body Armor

Thursday, March 13th, 2014


This week’s post from covers the evolution of modern body armor, including an explanation of NIJ standards, and the new Alpha-Elite body armor from Point Blank Enterprises, a Level 3A certified armor with the weight and thickness of a Level 2 vest.

For the full story, visit

TenCate Advanced Armor USA Develops 15 Families Of Hard Body Armor Plates To Protect Against Rifle, Handgun And Edged Blades Threats

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

A complete line of hard body armor plates is now available for armor manufacturers to private label or market under the TenCate Cratus™ brand.


(Hebron, OH) - TenCate Advanced Armor USA has developed an extensive product line of hard body armor that includes 15 families of plates. The plates are available in 8, 10 or 14 sizes per family depending on whether the focus is law enforcement or military operational environments. Currently, TenCate Advanced Armor has 7 families listed on the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) 0101.06 Compliance Product List, with plans to develop 5 new families each year. The current breakdown of the product line includes 3 plates for law enforcement concealable body armor, 9 plates for law enforcement plate carriers and tactical body armor, and 3 plates for military plate carriers and tactical body armor.

TenCate Advanced Armor adheres to a unique business model. They do not sell direct to wholesalers, distributors, dealers, or the end user. Their products are only available through armor manufacturers, either private labeled, or under the TenCate Cratus™ brand.

TenCate Advanced Armor’s VP of Personal Protection, Mark Bajko, stated, “We define an armor manufacturer as a company whose primary business is devoted to the design and manufacturing of one or more of the three components of the body armor system: carrier; soft body armor insert; hard body armor plate. Our business model is acknowledgement that our plates are only a component of the armor system, and how the armor manufacturer integrates the three components into a system provides the maximum level of protection to the end user. The focus on plate carriers by the U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Special Operations Command has triggered a growing demand by the global law enforcement and defense community for lightweight systems that provide protection against the full spectrum of rifle threats. Our hard body armor plate families feed into this growing demand by offering a breadth and depth of product line that is unmatched in the global body armor industry.”

To learn more about TenCate Advanced Armor’s full product line visit or e-mail

The BulletSafe Bulletproof Backpack Panel

Friday, March 7th, 2014


BulletSafe is currently running an Indiegogo campaign for soft armor backpack inserts. Based on custom inserts made by BulletSafe president Tom Nardone for his children’s backpacks, these panels are constructed from the same material as the BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest, and offer NIJ level IIIA protection. The panel runs 10″ by 12″ in size, and can be utilized as additional protection in packs, bags, briefcases, and more.

SHOT Show – Emergency Life Saving Armor

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

I stopped by the DKX Armor booth at SHOT Show to check on their buoyant armor plates and they showed me the ELSA.


Emergency Life Saving Armor is a new take on something has been around for awhile but never executed very well; suitcase armor. Developed by a former Marine, the idea was to offer discrete armor protection that could be carried anywhere without a signature, yet quickly placed into action.


It looks like an ordinary nylon briefcase but can quickly transform into a fully functional Plate a carrier with PALS field that can be preconfigured with a basic fighting load.


It can support most standard sized armor plates and incorporates a routing system for comms cables or hydration tubes into the shoulder straps as well as a simple waist belt for stabilization that secures with a Cobra GTX buckle from ITW.

Release The Kraken!

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

The new Kraken armor flotation system from FirstSpear was specifically designed to be used in conjunction with Draeger rebreather or other FS maritime systems.



Details on the New NOC Armor from FirstSpear / Renegade Armor

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

We have you a teaser last week of FirstSpear’s patent pending NOC (Non Official Cover) armor developed in conjunction with Renegade Armor. We promised some additional info and here it is.

SHOT Show – Tactical Assault Gear

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

The IHV (Integrated Hybrid Vest) is a new item from Tactical Assault Gear. It is a plate carrier that was designed for Level stand alone plates but will accept plates with backers.


It integrates comms cable routing on either side of the integrated admin pouch.


The mag pouches are integrated into the design with internal access to the bungees through a zipper at the bottom of the plate pocket. The pockets will accept 2x M4 mags on the outboard pouches and singles on the two inboard pouches. The mag pouches will fit many radios as well. TAG also integrated a dual pistol mag pocket into the design as well as a small GP pouch that will fit a tourniquet or a dip can.


The cummerbund is PALS compatible and relies on Austrialpin Cobra buckles.


SHOT Show – Crye Precision

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Once you see what Crye has on hand as well as their Six12 project, some will just throw their hands up in defeat and wonder why they even bothered to show up. But most will accept the challenge and up their game.

Crye Precision has delved into new areas and continues to remain out on the cutting edge.

First off are the new patterns. On the left you have Arid pattern and on the right Tropical.


Next up, three new jackets for Spring.

FieldShell 2

They’ve redesigned the fit lock on the fieldshell.

Loft Jacket

The loft jacket is an insulated softshell with stretchy side panels and thumb hole cuffs. It also features a stowable, low-profile hood.

LWF Jacket

The lightweight fleece jacket is the first use of this new printed softshells with fleece interior.

LEO1 Pants


The LEO1 Pant was created to offer a low-cost alternative to the combat pant for law enforcement. While the stretch panels are not on this pant, the fit block is said to be well suited to mobility. The LEO offers the Crye knee pad and the front and side cargo pockets are integrated into a single piece to lower cost.




Hitcoat is a two component system designed for LE that incorporates a vest and a sleeves. You may note that the vest offers an offset zippered, front closure.


The sleeve component is a single, integrated unit that offers armor and shoulder and elbow protection.



Sizing will be similar to the combat shirt.



SmartPouch Suite

This is a real gem. Crye Precision looked at the Operator’s load and designed a suite of pouches that can be used for several different purposes.


For attachments, each pouch has a sleeve for use with AVS that will also accommodate a 2″ belt as well as PALS compatibility.


More on these soon.



They updated the yoke for the Adaptive Vest System.


Fieldsuit and Combatsuit


The Fieldsuit and Combat suit were designed for airborne operations,


They found that by offsetting the front zipper, they could keep the suit from riding up.


Airframe ATX


The Airframe ATX is an aramid option for the helmet.

And now what you’ve all been waiting for…Six12


Six12 is a modular, compact shotgun system that utilizes a rotary magazine ala a revolver.


Designed as an answer for the breacher, the patent pending system can be used standalone or attached to a carbine. As it is, the bull pup design a perfectly legal length. However, there is a short barreled NFA variant available for use with SBRs.


The compact design gives the breacher additional breaching rounds in a package that is integrated into his carbine, increasing both lethality and survivability.

Here, you can see the removable magazine.


Look for it by Christmas.

Survival Armor Announces The X50 And The GRID-HERCULES Attachment System At 2014 SHOT Show

Monday, January 13th, 2014

For Immediate Release – FT Myers FL - Survival Armor leader in the US ballistic protection industry announces the X50 enhanced ergonomically designed tactical vest and the H-Warrior with the GRID-HERCULES™ attachment system at the 2014 SHOT show.

X 50

The X50 is an enhanced ergonomically designed tactical vest to accommodate today needs for wearable, yet maneuverable, outer tactical vest. This new vest features a patented shoulder attachment system (SAS) which provides a second point of contact to secure the officer’s critical gear. Shoulder Sling Trap (SLT) provides a tunnel to keep the sling off your neck. To enhance weapon stock retention, a Rubberized Weapon Pocket (RWP) is located at the shoulder. There is a built in Wire Management System (WMS) to keep wires internal for cleaner look and no hang ups. The unit also includes Mission Adaptable Pouch System (MAPS) and down officer Drag Strap. For upgrading of protection, the unit also has internal front and rear top loading rifle plate pockets to fit plates from 7”x9” up to 12”x14”.

Warrior wNewPC

The GRID-HERCULES™ attachment system is now available on the H-Warrior product line. GRID-HERCULES™ a revolutionary material that replaces the current Cordura and MOLLE webbing attachment system. This system increases the strength while decreasing overall weight of the tactical vest. The GRID-HERCULES™ engineered material is a highly specialized applied coating to base textile fabric making it waterproof. It is specifically designed to enhance the physical properties of impact, abrasion, and heat/flame resistance, as well as, tear/tensile strength along with its flame retardant properties. The GRID-HERCULES™ material has successfully completed and passed U.S. DOD requirements for MOLLE attachment point testing protocol and can be used for load bearing components of the Soldier Protection System (SPS). GRID-HERCULES™ is a trademark of Absecon Industries. All rights reserved.

All new products can be seen at Booth #31403 at the 2014 SHOT Show

For more information please visit