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USSOCOM Awards Contract To Hardwire, LLC For Soft Armor

Monday, September 24th, 2018

Back in January of last year, the Unites States Special Operations Command released a requirement for soft body armor in support of the Special Operations Forces Personal Equipment Advanced Requirements (SPEAR) program.

For those of you who are fixated on price being the government’s number one factor for selection of a solution, this isn’t always the case. For this solicitation, they were intent on the best value with appropriate consideration given to the major factors listed in descending order of importance: Technical/Management, Past Performance, and Price. Technical/Management is significantly more important than Past Performance, which is significantly more important than Price.

Specifically, the Technical/Management Factor (Factor 1) is significantly more important than the Past Performance Factor (Factor 2), which is significantly more important than the Price Factor (Factor 3). With regard to Factor 1, Subfactor 1 is significantly more important than Subfactor 2 which is significantly more important than Subfactor 3 which is significantly more important than Subfactor 4:

Subfactor 1: Weight?Subfactor 2: Soft Armor Limited User Evaluation?Subfactor 3: Technical Approach and Independent Ballistic Test Data
Subfactor 4: Delivery Schedule and Production Capacity/Capability


Factor 3 – PRICE

They cancelled this initial solicitation at the end of April of this year because none of the offerors could meet the spec, which remains classified.

The solicitation was re-released in July of this year and an award was announced on September 20th to Hardwire, LLC of Pocomoke City MD. The award is a five-year, IDIQ, Firm Fixed Price contract for a minimum of $100,000.00 and a ceiling of $8,000,000.00.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Mexican Marines Adopt Protactic Vest System with FirstSpear Technology

Friday, September 21st, 2018


Fenton, MO – FirstSpear Technology Group and Protactic have announced a joint development combining Protactic’s advanced materials and signature management solutions with the latest FirstSpear Technologies to create a system built from the ground up to support the demanding and unique requirements of the Mexican Marines.


The design incorporates a 6/12™ laser cut platform for less breakup of camouflage pattern and tighter pocket attachment with less movement than traditional MOLLE. Rapid-Release Tubes™ Technology on the shoulders and cummerbund provide the most secure and quickest way to don or doff a plate carrier. Tubes also ensure more consistent placement of ballistic components and does not wear out like traditional hook/loop vests.


By using these two technologies together there is a significant reduction in weight and bulk helping to reduce fatigue and minimize the silhouette of the end user. The hydration carrier leverages Tubes to quickly secure to the vest for improved range of motion and rapid individual access to the pack itself.


Learn more on

AT Armor Amplifies Hesco Partnership

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

Texas Company Is Poised for Body Armor Sales Growth in 2018

Fort Worth, Texas – Sept. 17, 2018
In partnership with HESCO Armor, Inc., Texas-based ballistic armor retailer AT Armor, LLC has taken a strategic step toward providing the most flexible and affordable body armor solutions for North American law enforcement and military communities as well as all responsible citizens. Now a full-line HESCO reseller, AT Armor is in the position to build customized, in-depth body armor packages for every department’s needs, large or small.
Greg Rose, OEM Account Manager, Hesco Armor, Inc., understands the importance of forming partnerships: “As a market leader in ballistic inserts, we at Hesco Armor pride ourselves on working with US Army veteran-owned businesses and forming partnerships with trusted resellers that will streamline the purchasing process for our customers.”

The following HESCO Ballistic Inserts are now listed on the AT Armor website, with more to come:
Hesco BI L210 Special Rifle Threat Stand Alone Plates (Shooters Cut)
Hesco BI U210 Special Rifle Threat Stand Alone (Shooters Cut or SAPI)
Hesco BI 3800 Level III Stand Alone Plates (Shooters Cut or SAPI)
Hesco BI 3810 Level III+ Stand Alone Plates (Shooters Cut or SAPI)
Hesco BI 4400 Level IV Stand Alone Plates (Shooters Cut or SAPI)

These popular options from HESCO cover the action spectrum from fast-moving, highly volatile environments to low-profile concealment situations and active shooter/rapid response scenarios. In addition, access to a full array of plate carriers and carrier accessories manufactured in house gives AT Armor the unique ability to offer all-inclusive armor packages in support of both individual and department sales.

AT Armor’s founder Mike Martin states “HESCO has set the bar for American-made ballistic body armor. We’re proud to offer some of the lightest and most concealable plates manufactured today to our loyal first responders, tactical teams, and responsible citizens. They deserve the best.”

For more information about the full line of Hesco Ballistic Armor products, or to request quotes for department bids or contracts, please contact the AT Armor team at or visit the website,

KDH Defense Systems Wins Prestigious Drug Enforcement Administration Contract  

Thursday, September 13th, 2018

Eden, NC, September 13, 2018 – KDH Defense Systems, Inc. (“KDH”), a leading manufacturer of American-made, high-performance protective solutions, today announced it has been awarded a competitive, multiple-year Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) Contract for Ballistic Body Armor from the Drug Enforcement Administration (“DEA”). Under the terms of this award (15DDHQ18D00000014), KDH will manufacture and deliver both concealable and tactical vests, as well as hard armor plates to the DEA. The contract covers one base year with four one-year options, with a maximum value that shall not exceed $2.9 million.

“For the past several years, KDH Defense has supported the DEA’s body armor requirements and we are honored again, to have been selected as their protective solutions company,” stated Dave Herbener, President of KDH.

Jim Henderson, Chief Executive Officer of the holding company that owns both Armor Express and KDH Defense Systems stated, “Between Armor Express and KDH, we now service most of the pre-eminent Federal agencies. Our goal is to continue to expand our reach, enhance our solutions and deliver the best service that our customers mandate. We stand ready to support the DEA’s mission-critical requirements and look forward to building on our partnership in the years to come.”

Manufacturing will be performed at the Company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Eden, North Carolina. All body armor will be delivered, inspected and accepted at the DEA Headquarters and regional division offices located throughout the 50 United States and overseas.

PPSS Group Launch New Stab Resistant Anti-Riot Suit

Thursday, September 13th, 2018

A brand new stab resistant anti-riot suit has been launched in order to effectively help protect those professionals who have to deal with prison riots, public disorder, mass searches or other serious disturbances.

The types of weapons being used in these conflicts include knives or improvised man-made edged weapon, snooker queues, shanks made out of broken mirrors, glass or ceramic tiles, razor blades, sharpened bed or table frame legs, timber, socks filled with snooker balls, broken bottles, hypodermic needles and spikes, fire extinguishers and rocks or bricks and so on.

Robert Kaiser, CEO of PPSS Group, strongly believes their new stab resistant anti-riot suit, which offers truly incredible levels of protection from blunt force trauma as well as a high level of protection from edged weapons, will dramatically reduce the risk of physical injury in such incident.

He said: “For me to say my firm’s new Stab Resistant Anti-Riot Suit is definitely the appropriate type of safety equipment I felt like I needed to have unquestionable physical evidence in place to back up my claim.”

“We decided to produce a product demo video, which assures our clients and customers around the world that our equipment will reliably protect you from the most realistic threats and risks you will face.”

“Our rather powerful video has been produced to offer the wearer real peace of mind.  You can trust its performance on focus entirely on the task on hand.”

PPSS Group’s new stab resistant anti-riot suit offers unlimited shelf life.  There is no biological, chemical or physical evidence even suggesting that the protective raw materials being used will degrade over a 20 years period. This is of clear financial benefits to Governments Agencies, as commonly used safety equipment made out of Kevlar® would require replacing frequently.

Should you have any questions in reference to stab resistant anti-riot suits, then please contact PPSS Group directly.

Please visit

Velocity Systems – New Modular Carrier and Vest Configurations

Thursday, September 6th, 2018

September 6, 2018 – Velocity System announces new modular carrier and vest configurations.

3 shapes + 6 carriers/vests + 8 accessories = 26 new modular carrier/vest configurations.

We mixed the fronts and backs of 3 different carrier/vest shapes: the Assault Plate Carrier (APC) + Law Enforcement Plate Carrier (LEPC), the SCARABTM LT + SCARABTM LE, and the Low-Profile Armor Carrier (LPAC) + Low-Profile Assault Armor Carrier (LPAAC). We then created multiple configurations of each carrier/vest shape by offering different cummerbund, front flap, and quarter flap setups to bring you 26 new modular carrier/vest configurations.

SCARAB LT & SCARAB LE – 14 New Configurations
APC & LEPC – 7 New Configurations
LPAC & LPAAC – 5 New Configurations

Our goal is to provide the end user with gear that matches each user’s personal preference and mission specific needs. The project began with the objective to allow the end user to build their own carrier or vest setup. As the planning progressed, the decision was made to make the setup as easy as possible for the end user. We assembled all the possible configurations for you, simply put, modularity made easy.

For more information, on the new modular carrier and vest configurations please visit our website at

KDH Defense Systems Awarded Nearly $85.0 Million in Contract Extensions from the U.S. Army to Deliver the Next-Generation Modular Scalable Vest and Blast Pelvic Protection

Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

Eden, NC, September 4, 2018 – KDH Defense Systems, Inc. (“KDH”), a leading manufacturer of American-made, high-performance protective solutions, today announced it has received close to $85.0 million in contract extensions on previously awarded contracts from the U.S. Army. Production will be done at the Company’s Eden, North Carolina manufacturing facility.

The first award is a $61.0 million shared Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (“ID/IQ”) contract extension from the Army Contracting Command for the Modular Scalable Vest (MSV) Generation II. Under the terms of the contract (W91CRB-15-D-0021, modification P00019), KDH will produce the MSV Gen II, with an estimated completion date of August 20, 2019. KDH, along with two other companies, was initially awarded a $49.0 million shared firm-fixed-price contract for the Soldier Protection System, Modular Scalable Vest in July 2015.

The second award is a shared ID/IQ contract extension from the Army Contracting Command for Soldier Protection System Torso and Extremity Protection Blast Pelvic Protectors (“BPP”) under contract W91CRB-15-D-0032. The modification issued by the U.S. Army increases the contract ceiling by $23.8 million and extends the ordering period by two years through September 2020. As a result, the Government may place additional delivery orders for a grand total of up to $37.3 million under the terms of this extended contract. KDH was one of three companies to win the initial award in September 2015.

“KDH prides itself on producing and consistently delivering some of the most advanced body armor systems for the U.S. Armed Forces, and protecting the brave men and women serving in the world’s finest military,” stated Dave Herbener, President of KDH. “We are honored by the Government’s trust in us and stand ready to exceed their force protection requirements. Further, we want to thank all of the industry partners that have supported us and look forward to working more closely together to drive innovation and value for all of our customers.”

KDH Defense and Armor Express officially merged in January 2018, creating one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of body armor and protective solutions in the industry. With these latest contract extensions and other awards received post-merger, the Company has grown, and equally important, has leveraged research & development, supply chain relationships and industry know-how to advance its production capabilities and vast product offerings.

“Since the merger, we have focused on leveraging resources, decades of industry knowledge and relationships between our companies,” stated Jim Henderson, Chief Executive Officer of the holding company that owns both KDH Defense Systems and Armor Express. “These synergies have certainly strengthened our competitive position and provide us with significantly more opportunities to enhance our foundation and grow with our partners. That is key to our future – driving long-term collaboration with the supply chain, technology leaders, distributors, and the end-customers who rely on our solutions. Central to our vision and to be the best, we must continuously advance innovation and ensure we exceed customer requirements through unmatched delivery and service.”

Polish GROM Re-selects Direct Action SPITFIRE Plate Carrier

Friday, August 31st, 2018


According to the document „ZP-24/2018” released on the first half of August (8/9/2018) in the Polish Public Information Bulletin (Biuletyn Informacji Publicznej), Direct Action® SPITFIRE® Plate Carrier was re-selected in the tender concluded by Polish special operations unit GROM. Along with the plate carrier, GROM has chosen also the DA® gun belt with belt sleeve and numerous ammo and utility pouches. This is another tender in which the Direct Action® products are selected to be used by this SOF unit (last year, the SPITFIRE® Plate Carrier was adapted as a new battle vest in GROM).


You can learn more about the SPITFIRE® Plate Carrier, along with other Direct Action® products on their web page: