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Post SHOT Show Wrapup – Galactac AR500 Ballistic Armor Suit

Sunday, January 31st, 2016


Artist Ryan B. Flowers has been selling his Mandalorian-inspired Galactac armor sets for a while now, but this is the first time one’s been made of actual ballistic armor, and it has some high-profile industry names behind its creation. Ballistic armor manufacturer AR500, Heckler & Koch, SureFire, SOG Knives, Team Wendy, Armasight, and TEA Headsets all threw their support, and products, into the development of what is essentially a set of contemporary ballistic Mandalorian armor. This set was floating around the SHOT Show floor, spending its time between the H&K and AR500 booths, the later where we found it and took a few photos for your perusal.

Stay tuned for the further info on the development of this suit at a later date.

You can get a set of the non ballistic armor at

US Elite Checks Out The Velocity Systems SCARAB Light Plate Carrier

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

The Velocity Systems SCARAB Light Plate Carrier is showcased here by Mike Baldwin, the U.S. Elite Product Expert. From the shoulder straps to the inside padding, the SCARAB LT is an excellent choice for all you mofo’s looking for an awesome plate carrier. Together with Mayflower’s Gen V Chest Rig, this is the perfect combo.

For a limited time, get a free gift with purchase when you buy a Velocity System SCARAB LT with a Mayflower Research Gen IV or V Chest Rig.

The Safariland Group Unveils Groundbreaking Armor at SHOT Show

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

The Safariland Group Unveils Groundbreaking Armor at SHOT Show Safariland continues to innovate with armor purpose-built for performance and comfort


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ONTARIO, Calif. – The Safariland Group (‘Safariland’) today debuted the all-new Safariland® Armor collection, a complete line of ballistic panels and carriers built for performance. Designed to integrate together, to perform, move, flex and respond as the body does, delivering unprecedented protection, comfort and fit, the line is being revealed at the 2016 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, from January 19-22. By reinventing existing armor solutions from the ground-up, Safariland Armor will change the way officers think of and wear armor

The Safariland Armor collection is comprised of five distinct panel designs that work universally with all the carrier models to meet any department’s need and budget. Each ballistic panel is developed with high-performance materials and technologies and feature cuts that maximize coverage and maneuverability. The new carrier lines, in both covert/concealable and overt/external designs, utilize advanced materials and performance fabrics to work with the body and maximize comfort in a large range of styles to cover duty, tactical and mission-specific needs.

“For us, success is every saved life,” said Todd Mackler, Vice President, Armor. “Forming a holistic system, we are taking armor to the next level of performance. Every detail has been considered: scalability, durability affordability and comfort to meet the demanding needs of both male and female officers.”

Each of the five panel packages are the best of wearability and stopping power – unparalleled performance based on actual field wear-testing.

SX – Flagship design that is one of the thinnest, lightest, and strongest ballistic products available on the market.

Summit™ – Utilizes advanced and exclusive materials that deliver exceptional ballistic performance while providing the ultimate in comfort and flexibility.

Xtreme® – A versatile and flexible package featuring 100% aramid based material that features advanced perimeter stitching for all-day comfort and performance.

Monarch® – A hybrid design that balances value, blunt trauma, and special threat ballistic performance.

Prism® – Combines advanced materials and design to protect against both stab and ballistic multi-threats.

The new Safariland Armor carriers introduce a system customizable for the individual officer, interchanging perfectly with every ballistic panel and carrier.

The ultra-concealable Covert, or concealable carriers, prioritize ergonomic designs, lightweight fabrics and contoured stitch lines. The carriers in the Covert line – Models P1, F1, M1 and E1 – feature high-performance laminated four-way stretch fabric and cooling spacer mesh liner. Further, an anti-microbial liner to inhibit odor causing bacteria is included on the F1, M1and E1.

 The Overt carrier options, worn externally, feature traditional and load bearing styles for versatility, fit and adjustability. Among their many features, the V1 and U1 overt carrier models encompass a hidden gun pocket, Velcro®-adjustable shoulders and ribbed channel-spacer cooling mesh. Each of these models is offered in either front- or side-opening options for officer preference. Further, the V1 models feature laser cut webbing for attaching equipment.

A unique product within Safariland Armor’s product line, the HyperX™ is a scalable solution that exemplifies the next generation of armor. This integrated system, consisting of a performance base layer T-shirt made of stretch fabric that moves and flexes, and a ballistic carrier, both have soft armor plate pockets for enhanced coverage and protection. The sleek, athletic styling and performance materials offer exceptional comfort and flexibility for all day wear.

Through Safariland’s years of experience and collaboration with leading manufacturers in ballistic technology, this armor is engineered for better compositions and designs integrating ballistic performance and human performance. Best-in-class industry partners include TexTech Industries, Teijin Limited, DuPont Kevlar, Honeywell International Inc., SAATI and Barrday Protective Solutions.

Perroz Designs – Minimalist Slick Plate Carrier (MSPC)

Monday, January 25th, 2016


Perroz Designs’ Minimalist Slick Plate Carrier (MSPC) is designed as a bare minimum plate carrier, which still features a degree of modularity for those who want a bit more. It is constructed of 500D Cordura, with 15 oz. DuPont Hypalon shoulder straps, 3D spacer mesh 3mm padding inner material, and a 4″ polyester webbing elastic cummerbund. For customization, users can take advantage of the included ITW QASM buckles and a large Velcro loop panel on front for mounting load-carrying pouches, a chest rig, etc.

SHOT Show – Crye Precision LVS

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016

I’d like to close out our SHOT Show 2016 live coverage the same place we started, Crye Precision. During our overview at the beginning of the week I showed you the new LVS armor system. However, based on the comments I feel that further explanation was warranted.

This is LVS. There is a cover laminated directly to the armor. It can be worn this way directly against the skin for extreme low profile wear thanks to their Insert As Vest architecture. Both Caleb Crye and Gregg Thompson wore LVS this week during SHOT Show to demonstrate how unobtrusive the system is.

In particular, some commenters were concerned about sweat and how to clean the armor.

Above and below you see a covert carrier. LVS can be placed inside this, and other carriers, when needed. LVS can be removed for cleaning.

There are many carrier types available.

There’s even a tactical carrier which is what many are accustomed to.

While LVS has an integrated cover fir low visibility wear, it can still be placed in a carrier when needed.

SHOT Show – Eagle Industries

Thursday, January 21st, 2016


It was cool to see the the Eagle Industries Ultra Low Visibility Comcealed Body Armor Carrier at SHOT Show. It accepts both soft and hard armor and consists of front and back panels as well as adjustable cummerbund with two side plate carriers. Offered in Black, Grey ans Coyote in sizes XS – XL.

SHOT Show – S&S Precision PlateFrame Gen II

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016


S&S Precision has developed a second generation of the PlateFrame. It is injection molded which brings in some additional features and will also lower production costs. The new system also means that as you change plates, all you’ll need to do is change out the clips that hold it in place.


They’ve also added a new quick connection point at the shoulders and a stiffened cummerbund.


The new Modular Back Panel can be removed for a quick swap of loads.


To do so, you open the levers to change the panel out. Simply put it in place and close the levers to secure the panel.


Look for it hitting the market third quarter 2016.

SHOT Show – Crye Precision

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Every year I am impressed by Crye Precision’s dedication to innovation. This year is no exception.


First thing you’ll notice is they aren’t showing as many items publicly as in the past. Last year, they decided to limit the products they display to those that they will release that year but there’s still plenty to see. They’ve got a new way of doing soft armor as well as packs. There are also overwhites and a pack cover as well as new riggers belts.



LVS is an entirely new way of creating soft armor. The system offers NIJ IIIA protection and Crye Precision has created a patented process called Insert As Vest (IAV) that does away with external carriers for soft armor.


The panels are 3D formed to mimic the lines of the human torso which not only enhances concealability but also eliminates crumpling of ballistic material at the bottom of a carrier. 


The basic carrier has two pouches built-in along the front of either side of the cummerbund for magazines, radios or other items but the panels can quickly be swapped to different covers which are really more sleeves than a traditional carrier. Available in Grey in S, M, M-L, L, L-L, XL, XL-L, 2XL.



Crye Precision is offering two new packs, the EXP 1500 and EXP 2100. These are low profile designs that don’t scream tactical and have an interesting feature whereby the wearer can extend the pack’s capacity by up to 500 cu in for the 1500 and 900 during in for the 2100, just by opening a couple of zippers. This feature also means the pack will accapt item up to 27″ long for the 1500 and 29″ long for the 2100.


The EXP 2100 also offers removable sternum and waist straps as well as comms/antenna/h2o ports at the top of the pack. Offered in MultiCam, Black, Grey and Ranger Green.


-Full perimeter (lay-flat) opening allows easy access to contents and offers all the benefits of both a top-opening and side-opening bag.
-Fleece lined pocket fits medium to small sized tablets (H: 11” W: 8”)
-Top access laptop storage (H: 12.25” W: 19.75”)
-EXP PACK MOLLE INSERT (sold separately) for attaching pouches and gear
-Molded back pad with integrated air channels
-Internal pAlS webbing on inside walls
-Internal mesh divider separates front compartment and main compartment
-Convenient briefcase style side handle 11. removable sternum strap
-Removable 3D formed frame sheet

Alpine Pack Covers


Offered in two sizes (med 34l and large 73l) these lightweight MultiCam Alpine pack covers fold into an integral stuff sack and fit many different packs thanks to an internal drawstring.

Compact Alpine Overwhites


The Compact Alpine Overwhites are in the MultiCam Alpine pattern and consists of a knee-length parka with thumb loops and pass thoughs to pockets of garmemts worn underneath such as combat shirts as well as a set of gaiters which come just above the knee. The gaiters offer greater mobility than traditional overpants.





The Fieldsuit and Combatsuit are being joined by the Flightsuit which is optimized for wear by aircrews. Issue flightsuits give a wedgie when bending but Crye Precision’s design eliminates this issue through their unique zipper design. It is available in FR and non-FR versions in even chest sizes 32-52 in Short, Regular, Long and X-Long lengths. MultiCam, Ranger Green and Black.




Available in two flavors, Loop Buckle and Quick Disconnect, the LRB is a low profile riggers belt. It can be worn alone, with the CP MRB as the inner belt, or atop the inner belt that comes with the MRB is you need to add life support capability to your war belt. It features a load bearing front anchor loop as well as a removable, LRB Floating Loop so you can move an anchor point to where you need it on the belt. It is lined with Velcro hook for integration with an inner belt and performance exceeds NFPA 1983. Offered in Black, Coyote, Ranger Green and MultiCam. Sizes Small-XLarge.

But That’s Not All

As in past years, vetted customers will also get to see several products in the back room, which are either under development or that have restricted distribution. For instance, last year, I got a glimpse of the new LVS body armor system. The year before that it was the AVS 1000 pack. Now, both are publicly available. You should expect to see all of the items in the booth available on Crye’s site over the next months.