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3M – Ultra Light Weight Ballistic & Bump Helmet Now Available for Purchase

Monday, March 28th, 2016

This is pretty big news. 3M has been teasing us with these helmets for quite awhile now. 3M owns both Ceradyne as well as Peltor and as you can see, integrated comms is already available.


3M’s new Ultra Light Weight (ULW) Ballistic & Bump Helmet is now available for purchase.

To meet the mission and protection needs today’s law enforcement face, ULW brings three levels of head protection that address the hazards our tactical response teams face – in regard to ballistic threats, ballistic fragmentation, and blunt force trauma. The helmet shell is manufactured in the United States using Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) composites with 3M’s proprietary Seamless Ballistic molding technology. At a 1.26 lb finished shell weight (size large), the ULW is one of the lightest helmets available in the market today (for its protection level).

ULW is tested in accordance to NIJ Standard 0106.00 for Ballistic Helmets to the following NIJ 0108.00 IIIA Ballistic Resistance
• 9mm FMJ – 124gr – 1400-1450 f/s – (Vo)
• .44 Magnum – 240gr – 1400-1450 f/s – (Vo)

ULW is tested for Ballistic Fragmentation resistance in accordance to STANAG 2920 and MIL-STD-662
• .22 Caliber – 17 gr f/s V-50 >670 m/s

ULW is supplied with the D3O® TRUST 10ft/sec Helmet Pad System. ULW, in combination with the D3O TRUST pads/configuration, has been tested and evaluated for blunt impact protection in accordance with DOT&E protocol for Enhanced Combat Helmet: GL-PD-09-04: >150 Gs force are transmitted to the head at the specified locations and under the specified environmental conditions. This result meets the performance criteria set forth in the standard.

Available in tactical “High-Cut” style and 3 color options (Black, Coyote Brown, Camo Green), the helmet comes standard with Night Vision Goggle (NVG) Shroud, Boltless Accessory Rail with removable Picatinny Adapter, and a Boltless X-Back retention system with cam-lock buckles. 3M, who is also the OEM of PELTOR Tactical Communication Headsets, has designed the helmet to be operate with the PELTOR COMTAC 3 – including the “ARC” Rail Attachment configuration.

READY NOW. The ULW is available for purchase. Product Demonstrations and Test/Evaluations can be accommodated per request. The helmet will be on display at the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association (TTPOA) SWAT Conference in San Marcos, Tx April 7 & 8, 2016.

USASOC Sniper Comp – Wilcox Industries

Friday, March 25th, 2016

Every time I sit down with Wilcox Industries they have something new. This company is constantly innovating. This time, it’s the G24R mount and low-pro shroud. The R suffix is for ‘rail’ and as you can see, it’s set up to accept both ground and aviation goggle interfaces.

It incorprates all of the features you’d expect from a Wilcox mount:
Breakaway Release Lever
Tilt Adjustment
Lock Release Lever for Height of NVG
Fore/Aft Release Lever for proximity to eyes
NVG Release Lever
Flip Release
Wilcox Dovetail Shoe
Available in Black or Tan


Another thing I really like about this shroud is how close it fits to the helmet.

The part number for the G24R Mount and low-profile shroud with lanyard is 61300G19.

Ops-Core Updates Website

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

Ops-Core has updated their website. Not only is it easier to navigate, it works on iOS!

Team Wendy – SAR Visor

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

TEAM WENDY’S SAR Visor is now available!

SAR Visor 2

CLEVELAND – Following the release of Team Wendy’s EXFIL Search and Rescue (SAR) helmets in 2015, additional accessory items have been developed to enhance how the SAR helmet is used. The SAR Visor was designed to quickly and easily install on the helmets SAR Accessory Rail 2.0 System. The visor will protect from impact, debris, water and wind.

The SAR Visor is available through and authorized Team Wendy dealers.

SAR Visor Side up position 3


  • An anti-scratch coating inside and out
  • Visor positively locks into up and down positions
  • SAR Visor side view down position 5

    Rated to EN 166 level 2B to ensure optical clarity and impact resistance

    Learn more about the EXFIL SAR Visor:

    Visit Gentex at the ADS Emerald Coast Show

    Thursday, March 17th, 2016


    D3O TRUST Helmet Pad System Integrated into 3M Combat Ballistic Helmets

    Friday, February 19th, 2016

    D3O partner 3M™, has launched the 3M™ Combat Ballistic Helmets and 3M™ Combat High Cut Ballistic Helmets featuring D3O® technology. Using D3O® advanced materials, the new helmet range is designed to provide a high level of protection against both ballistic penetration and fragmentation.

    3M™ Combat Ballistic Helmets and 3M™ Combat High Cut Ballistic Helmets are manufactured by Ceradyne, Inc., a 3M™ company. 3M™ strive to set the standard for confidence and trust in protective gear by providing rugged and reliable equipment, utilising the best materials and production processes from around the world. Today, thousands of 3M protection solutions are within the Department of Defence and Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security and across US State and local agencies.

    With weight starting at just 2lbs to provide improved comfort and mobility, it is the hidden tech core, which gives these helmets the edge. A collaboration with D3O, the ground-breaking impact protection and shock absorption specialists, the helmets are integrated with the D3O® TRUST helmet pad system that absorbs energy upon impact.

    For more information on 3M helmet solutions, please visit:

    Oakley Introduces Mod 3 & Mod 5 Snow Sports Helmets

    Friday, February 12th, 2016


    A lot of SSD readers like to ski and snowboard and a lot more are Oakley fans. At SIA, Oakley unveiled their entry into the snow sports helmet arena. Under development for three years, the Mod 3 and Mod 5 helmets incorporate a modular brim system so the wearer can choose the correct interface ti get a tight seal between helmet and goggle. Additionally, the chinstrap is magnetic, the liner is removable and it’s got a BOA fit system.

    ARG Tactical Is Looking For A New Helmet Name

    Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

    Passing this along for ARG Tactical.

    ARG Tactical is coming out with a new helmet line. We are running a contest to give this new high cut helmet a name. If your name is selected, you will receive a new helmet in the color of your choice with rails, carbon fiber filled shroud, upgraded 4D Tactical Zero G Helmet Liner and the new Boa dial system. When submitting your entry, please do so via email so it is private. We don’t want anybody using the same name. Enter your name and reason behind the name to:

    The helmet will be NIJ IIIA certified and will pass US MIL STD 662F for V50 fragmentation. Looking forward to all the entries.

    Once a name is chosen, we will put out pictures of the kit and name the winner publicly.

    Note to SSD Readers: Don’t post here.