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ArmorSource Passes FAT for Lightweight ACH

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016


HEBRON, Ohio, Jan. 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — ArmorSource LLC (ArmorSource) announced that it has successfully completed First Article Testing (FAT) for the U.S. Army Lightweight Advanced Combat Helmet (LW-ACH), with deliveries set for spring 2016. The LW-ACH is the latest result of cooperation between industry and the Department of Defense (DoD) to best serve the men and women of our Armed Forces. By reducing the weight of the current Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) by four ounces, the LW-ACH provides superior protection while alleviating the extreme weight burden soldiers must sustain on their head and neck.

“The LW-ACH FAT was challenging. It presented extensive and evolved ballistic test protocols,” said Yoav Kapah, ArmorSource CEO. “But the vigorous process assures the Army and the soldiers that the helmet delivers improved and enhanced protection. ArmorSource’s progressive R&D, engineering and production readiness capabilities are fully engaged to begin supporting the U.S, military with a lighter and more robust combat helmet. And we are very proud to do so.”

The ArmorSource LW-ACH, model ‘AS-505’, provides protection against multiple projectile and fragmentation threats, back-face deformation, and blunt and shock impact resistance. Though the testing protocol of the LW-ACH is much more rigorous than that of the legacy ACH, ArmorSource’s successful completion of FAT testing confirms that improved ballistic protection can and does simultaneously deliver a 10 percent weight reduction. The weight of the LW-ACH (size large) is now 3 lbs., compared to 3.3 lbs. in the ACH.

ArmorSource is currently the only vendor with an approved FAT authorization for the LW-ACH with production underway to deliver 105,000 helmets to the U.S. Army throughout 2016.


Visit Gentex at WEPTAC and SHOT Show

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016


Australian Defence Force Selects Team Wendy Exfil Ballistic Helmet

Friday, December 18th, 2015

Tiered Combat Helmet Contract awarded to Aquaterro APS

Ballistic 5

CLEVELAND – Team Wendy announces that its EXFIL Ballistic Helmet has been selected by the Australian Defence Force (ADF) as Tiered Combat Helmet (TCH) of record (Tiers 2 and 3) for the Soldier Combat Ensemble (SCE). The five-year contract with two additional 2 year options was awarded to Team Wendy’s partner in Australia, Aquaterro APS.

The EXFIL Ballistic is the third model in the Team Wendy EXFIL line, following two popular non-ballistic tactical bump helmets: Carbon (released in 2012) and LTP (Lightweight Tactical Polymer, released in 2013).

With a complete helmet system weight of 2.6 lbs. for Size 1 and 2.75 lbs. for Size 2, boltless CAM FIT retention with Boa closure system for optimized stability and fit, cam-lock sliders for positive locking adjustment, and a customized Zorbium impact liner with 2 full sets of comfort pads, the EXFIL Ballistic is designed to be comfortable during extended use all the while providing leading edge ballistic protection.

“We are thrilled that the ADF has selected the EXFIL Ballistic as their Tier 2 and Tier 3 program of record helmet. We also appreciate the confidence that the ADF has placed in Team Wendy and our partner in Australia, Aquaterro” said Team Wendy CEO Jose Rizo-Patron. “Since launching our EXFIL helmet program 3 years ago, we have worked hard to not only put out some of the most advanced helmet systems in the world, but to also provide our valued customers with industry leading service and support.” Rizo-Patron continued, “Team Wendy also recognizes the importance of working with industry leading strategic partners. To this end, we are pleased to highlight the support of our partners that are associated with the EXFIL Ballistic Helmet – ArmorSource LLC, Wilcox Industries and Boa Technology Inc.”


Morgan Advanced Materials Launches Ultra-Lightweight Hybrid Composite Military Helmet Range

Monday, December 14th, 2015


Morgan Advanced Materials, a world leader in the application of advanced composite material technology, has unveiled its newest range of lightweight combat helmets, the LASA AC914 and AC915.

The LASA AC914 and LASA AC915 draw upon the expertise of the Composite and Defence business of Morgan Advanced Materials. Morgan has a wealth of experience in composite materials and an established pedigree within the military and law enforcement sectors, having sold in excess of one million helmets worldwide. The helmets’ revolutionary designs deliver outstanding ballistic performance and comfort to the wearer. Made using a hybrid of composite materials and incorporating Morgan’s proprietary technology, the helmets’ shells are approximately 30% lighter than previous generation technology and deliver outstanding protection against ballistic threats, fragments and blunt trauma.

LASA AC915 front 45 degrees blue

In full compliance with NIJ 0101.06 level IIIA, the LASA AC914 and AC915 offer an unparalleled level of protection against blunt trauma and 9mm rounds, maximising user safety in combat situations. The high-cut LASA AC915 weighs little more than 1kg and allows for greater situational awareness, making it ideal for special operations. Similarly, the AC914, with its full-cut design for combat operations, offers unparalleled ballistic and blunt trauma protection – particularly impressive given that it weighs a mere 1.2kg (2.6lb). In both instances, the AC914 and AC915 offer exceptional levels of fragmentation protection and come with optional visor and mandible guard to provide greater high impact protection for the eyes and face.

Available in a variety of configurations, the LASA AC914 and AC915 are compatible with in-service equipment including night vision goggles as well as an array of other accessories. While the helmets have been designed to offer the greatest levels of protection, the configurable suspension systems also deliver optimum levels of user comfort.

Duncan Eldridge, President of Morgan Advanced Materials – Composites and Defence Systems, explained: “we are delighted to launch the LASA AC915 and AC914 helmets, the helmets are a result of three years of materials and product development, which have also been applied to our next generation helmet for Canada. Our expert knowledge in composite materials and application has once again allowed us to create a range of helmets that offer a level of protection at a weight beyond that typically afforded by standard ultra-lightweight helmet solutions.

For further information please visit Morgan Advanced Materials – LASA Soldier Systems

Ops-Core Helmet Saves Turkish Soldier’s Life

Thursday, December 10th, 2015



Spiritus Systems – Lid Snake

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

The Lid Snake is designed to protect your night vision cables that lead from a rear mounted battery pack up to the mount which is great for guys who don’t use a cover.


Berry Compliant, the Snake Lid is constructed from Genuine 330D (MultiCam) and 500D (All other colors) Cordura in MultiCam, MC Arid, MC Tropic, and MC Alpine.


Unity Tactical – KNUCKL Helmet Mount

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015


Unity Tactical’s KNUCKL is a modular helmet accessory mount. Designed to mount to a helmet’s accessory rail, such as those on Ops Core, Team Wendy, and Crye helmets, the KNUCKL features tension-adjustable 3-axis articulation, and allows for the mounting of up to two accessories. The KNUCKL also incorporates a socket for the Wilcox Retention Lanyard, which retains gear during a break-away.


Available in Black and FDE.


Team Wendy Cyber Monday Sale

Monday, November 30th, 2015