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MDM – Gentex / Ops-Core

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

The New Lightweight Marine Corps Type II helmet is now being issued to Marines.


It integrates an ACH shell coated in Coyote CARC paint with walnut shell with Team Wendy ZAP pads and a new revised chinstrap that eliminates the padding at the cheeks.

Sneak Peek – MTEK Weapon Systems G4

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014


Spartan Village – AirCage Helmet Cover

Monday, September 8th, 2014


Necessity is truly the mother of invention. Developed with direct user feedback from several SOF units, Spartan Village’s AirCage Helmet Cover is designed specifically to work with the Crye Precision AirFrame ballistic helmet. Made from mesh and stretch materials, the AirCage fits as if a “second skin” on the AirFrame, providing increased sized Velcro loop panels for mounting a vareity of lights, strobes, power packs, goggles, and identifying markers.


The AirCage also utilizes a new retention system consisting of small slots sewn into the rear loop panels. These slots accept several upcoming accessory brackets which are designed to provide security for helmet accessories and ensure they are not lost while knocked around during use. These accessory brackets will soon be available for purchase. I’ve seen one of the prototypes for eyepro and it’s pretty slick.

Currently available in Medium; Large will be available soon.

Visit Ops-Core At The 2014 U.S. Army Maneuver Conference

Friday, September 5th, 2014


Ops-Core will be present at the 2014 U.S. Army Maneuver Conference in Fort Benning, GA, September 8th – 10th, booth #336. They will be displaying and demonstrating their advanced helmet systems. Stop by and visit the booth if you’re attending the show.

Team Wendy v. FMA – Court Rules In Team Wendy’s Favor

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Very exciting news! Team Wendy has recently won a court battle against Hong Kong-based FMA in regards to the their counterfeiting of Team Wendy’s intellectual property. The final judgement and permanent injunction can be read below:

Click to view .pdf

Team Wendy v. FMA

Additionally, Team Wendy has released a brief statement regarding the matter:

Team Wendy decided to go after a Chinese/Hong Kong company (FMA) that has been knocking off our intellectual property. After we educated the court about the potential confusion and safety issues inherent in FMA’s knock-offs, the court entered the attached judgment in our favor. A nice victory/statement against those stealing American intellectual property.

Congratulations to Team Wendy for the court victory, and hopefully this ruling will serve as a precedent for ceasing any future instances of copyright infringement of gear by foreign companies.

Wilcox’s Mounting System For The FLIR Recon M24 For Truly Hands Free Use

Friday, July 25th, 2014

Newington, NH - Designed specifically for the FLIR Recon M24 Thermal to provide hands free capability, the Wilcox FLIR Quick Detach Helmet Mount Adaptor enhances the capabilities of this very compact thermal. The ability to use the FLIR M24 Recon hands free is ideal for surveillance situations and adds to its versatility.


The Wilcox Quick Detach Mount Adaptor utilizes either a horn or dovetail interface, that is easily swapped without the needs of tools. The dovetail is attached utilizing the ¼-20 threaded screw insert on the thermal body and is able to remain attached without impeding the use of the M24 during handheld operation. The thermal can be detached effortlessly from the adaptor with the simple press of the lever or quickly re-attached when needed. When used with a Wilcox Helmet Mount and Shroud solution, the system creates a solid mounting platform with minimal movement. Several adjustment points are integrated into the mount to allow for precise eye alignment. Wilcox’s NVG helmet mount allows the system to be flipped up out of the way providing a very low profile. The system can be configured for use with either eye.


The Quick Detach Helmet Mount Adaptor has been engineered to Wilcox’s strict standards and features a lifetime warranty. The adaptor is manufactured from aerospace grade metals and a very strong polymer and is hard anodized for durability. The system weighs a minimal 2.5 ounces.

For pricing and ordering information contact Wilcox Industries at or 603-431-1331.

Team Wendy Offers Chinstrap Extender

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014


Team Wendy is offering a chinstrap extender which gives you an extra 4″. It’s compatible with Team Wendy’s CAM FIT Retention and Cam-Buckle H-Back Retention but not compatible with the Standard Chinstrap. Offered in Coyote and Black.

Ops-Core HGU-56/P ABH

Monday, July 14th, 2014


The HGU-56/P long ago replaced the SPH-5 as the standard rotary wing aircrew helmet in the US Army and US Air Force. At last week’s Warrior Expo, Ops-Core displayed a new variant of the Gentex HGU-56/P called the Aircrew Ballistic Helmet (ABH) which they’ve been developing along with the Air Force. It retains all of the features you are used to with the 56/P, but adds ballistic protection (110% of current levels).

ABH Ballistic Specs

The ABH now meets the F1 Fragmentation Resistance Standard and Gentex says that they’ve been able to do this without adding weight. Gentex is also offering a new ballistically enhanced version of the maxillofacial shield (MFS) with the ABH. The helmet geometry remains the same so you can continue to use the same accessories as you do with the current model. (page is currently loading slowly)

Ops-Core to Officially Launch Mission Configurable Helmet Cover at Warrior East

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014


We first showed you the Mission Configurable Helmet Cover during AUSA 2012. Since then, it’s seen some limited use and a bit of development. During a recent visit to Op-Core’s Boston Factory, they showed me an enhanced model that will join the original version we’ve shown you in the past.

photo 5

I’ve got to say that I still love the thing. It’s a great way to enhance the capability of your ACH-style helmet with the addition of not only a cover, but also VAS Shroud and ARC Rails. And all this with the addition of a cover and the pulling of a drawstring.

See The Wilcox Industries Dual Powered Aviation Mount at Warrior East

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

We originally mentioned the Dual Powered Aviation Mount during Warrior West. It will be on display at this week’s Warrior East so be sure to check it out.

Wilcox Industries Dual Powered Aviation Mount

Newington, NH-Wilcox has designed a Dual Powered Aviation Mount (DPAM) for use by Aviators, crewman and on-the-ground operators that offers an overall improvement to the current existing systems. The DPAM mount works with the ANVS-6/9, F4949, F5050 and GPNVG night vision goggles.

This mount fully integrates into the currently used external batteries utilizing a standard 4-pin Lemo connector or can run off an internal 123A lithium battery for up to eight hours. The internal backup battery provides power to the NVG even when removed from the mount. This completely eliminates the need for the snap on battery pack and the additional weight.

Unique features of the DPAM include a low-battery indicator light and a Power Mode selection that allows the operator to choose between the external and internal power supply without having to remove the helmet. The system has a switch guard that protects against accidental snags.


An NVG flip button allows the goggle to “flip up” into a stowed position when not in use. This enables the auto-off capabilities of the goggle helping to save battery life. The system has several adjustment points for a precise fit. An interface plate provides a stable mounting platform and helps with the fit. It also allows the DPAM to easily be removed from the shroud.

The mount is manufactured from lightweight aerospace grade metal and high strength polymer. A field replaceable ball detent insert provides the ability to set tolerances over the life of the mount. The mount fist into ballistic and non-ballistic helmets drilled with the standard one or three-hole pattern and when used with Wilcox’s line of NVG shrouds. The mount and shroud weigh a minimal 5.92 ounces. For ordering and pricing information contact Wilcox Industries at