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Phokus Research Group, Inc Announces New Wound CLUB and Wound Tube

Thursday, January 17th, 2019

San Diego, Ca. — Phokus Research Group, Inc., has announced the arrival of the new Wound CLUB, and Wound Tube. These two products will join the future award-winning Wound Cube. All three of their unique task trainers: Wound Cube, Wound Tube, and Wound CLUB utilize a see-through technology which accelerates the students understanding of proper wound packing and tourniquet application. The entire product line makes for effective hands on training during TCCC, TECC, TEMS, PHTLS, and STOP the BLEED classes. All products are built in the United States at Phokus’s San Diego, Ca. factory.

The Wound Club is a 2 in 1 – Junctional (axillary) and Upper Arm wound simulator with five realistic wound patterns designed into a semi-transparent silicone cube and tube combo. Our hyper realistic bleeding system makes this training device ideal for mastering basic bleeding control. Tourniquet training is easily accomplished between the Silicone Cube (Junctional) and the Silicone Tube (Upper Arm). Included in the Upper Arm is a realistic Brachial Artery and an anatomically correct Humerus Bone.

• 2 in 1 Training Device – Junctional (axillary) and Upper Arm Trainer
• Cube = Shoulder (Wound Packing Trainer)
• Tube = Upper Arm (Tourniquet, Wound Packing, and Pressure Dressing Trainer)
• Semi-transparent
• 4x Gunshot Wounds – Narrow, Small, Large, X-Large
• 1x Large Laceration
• Hyper Realistic Blood Flow
• Realistic Tissue Loss
• Realistic Tissue Density
• Anatomically Correct Humerus Bone
• Realistic Brachial Artery
• Compact Design (No wasted space)
• Durably built
• Affordable

The Wound Tube is an Upper Arm wound simulator with one realistic gunshot wound designed into a semi-transparent silicone tube. Our hyper realistic bleeding system makes this training device ideal for mastering basic bleeding control and tourniquet application. Included in the Upper Arm is a realistic Brachial Artery and an anatomically correct Humerus Bone.

• Upper Arm Trainer
• Tube = Upper Arm (Tourniquet, Wound Packing, and Pressure Dressing Trainer)
• Semi-transparent
• 1x Gunshot Wounds – X-Large
• 1x Large Laceration
• Hyper Realistic Blood Flow
• Realistic Tissue Loss
• Realistic Tissue Density
• Anatomically Correct Humerus Bone
• Realistic Brachial Artery
• Compact Design (No wasted space)
• Durably built

SHOT Show attendees can see firsthand these future award-winning products.

• ADS – Booth #20415 (All Phokus Products)

• Tactical Medical Solutions – Booth #6508 (Wound Simulation, and SSAVIE Products Only)

Both models are designed, machined, and assembled in the United States and backed by Phokus’s legendary Full Lifetime Guarantee.

For more information on Phokus® products, please visit us at phokusresearch.com

UF PRO Releases ‘Pro’s Guide to Combat Medic Essential Skills’ Series—Shows How to Save Lives, Missions

Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

TRZIN, SLOVENIA (14 January 2019)—UF PRO®, maker of advanced-technology jackets, sweaters, shirts, pants, hats, caps, and accessories for military and law-enforcement units, today announced it plans to soon make available online at no cost a video series for aspiring combat medics to teach them the basics of treating casualties and preventing needless deaths during missions.

Called “The Pro’s Guide to Combat Medic Essentials Skills,” the video set consists of several installments hosted by a SF combat medic who currently actively serves in the forces and has kept troops patched up while participating over the years in everything from routine exercises to hot-zone engagements.


“The Pro’s Guide to Combat Medic Essential Skills” has been released on the 13th of January and lays out fundamental, proven techniques for quickly, efficiently, and effectively aiding the injured in the field when no medical doctor is available.


UF PRO® added that at the conclusion of each video, a short quiz is presented to viewers and said the company will give to quiz-takers who pass all three tests a complimentary, limited-edition UF PRO® Combat Medic patch that can be worn on their uniforms.

As explained by UF PRO®, the first video in “The Pro’s Guide to Combat Medic Essential Skills” series discusses care under fire. Field medics need to swiftly assess injuries and wounds, then choose the best way under the circumstances to treat them. This part of the series delves into the latest strategies for keeping unit personnel alive, comfortable, and safe.


The second video describes the M.A.R.C.H. algorithm. M.A.R.C.H. stands for massive hemorrhage, airway constriction, respiratory distress, circulation problems, and hypothermia. As the video reveals, each of those conditions is listed in descending order of injury seriousness and so provides a handy way to remember which ones must receive attention first when encountering multiple casualties all at once.


The final installment deals with the actual interventions medics need to make when casualties occur. For example, shown in detail are techniques to stop bleeding, splint a broken bone, clean a wound, and manage pain.

UF PRO® indicated that anyone interested in receiving notification that an official release date for the video series has been set can sign up for a UF PRO® email alert by visiting “The Pro’s Guide to Combat Medic Essential Skills” webpage.

For more information about UF PRO®, “The Pro’s Guide to Combat Medic Essential Skills,” and the complete line of UF PRO® tactical gear, please visit ufpro.si.

HSGI Releases The 247 Trauma Wrap

Friday, January 11th, 2019

For Immediate Release – Swansboro NC – Manufacturer of Battle Proven Tactical Gear™, High Speed Gear® is pleased to announce the addition of the 247 Trauma Wrap to their line of first aid products.

The 247 Trauma Wrap is designed to streamline the carry and deployment of essential life saving equipment, helping users “Stop the Bleed” in response to gunshot wounds.  The ability to covertly carry the essentials, making the 247 Trauma Wrap a top choice for civilian EDC, or covert military or law enforcement use.  

“In this life unexpected things happen. Being prepared to deal with those events can mean the difference between life and death.” said Ryan Damaska, sales manager “Learn to stop the bleed and carry the gear you need to do the job.”

• Designed for one tourniquet, combat gauze, compact compression bandage and nitrile gloves
• Expandable storage will also fit chest seals, gauze and a clothing cutter, if desired
• Glove pocket on elastic strap folds flat when not used
• Neoprene padding behind tourniquet pocket protects ankle from hard contact with tourniquet
• Neoprene padding adds grip to eliminate slipping and sliding of wrap during wear
• Features breathable 3D mesh for comfort
• Heavy duty elastic strap offers good fit over leg or boot

Dimensions: 18.25”L x 2”W x 5.5”H, 4.4oz

Metric: 46.35cm x 5.08cm x 13.97cm, 124.73g


For more information please visit: www.highspeedgear.com

MeFak – Mission Essential First Aid Kit from Mission Spec

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

The Mission Essential First Aid Kit (MeFak)™ is a tear-away individual trauma pouch. Included with purchase is the MeFak pouch and base pieces along with 2 Long MALICE clips.  With the rear of the pouch portion being lined with hook Velcro it can be easily ‘stuck’ to any loop surface while in use.

– Tear-away easy access
– Two entry points
– Velcro backing
– 1000D CORDURA (MultiCam; Arid, Tropic, Black 500D)
– Berry Compliant (see: Berry Amendment USC, Title 10, Section 2533a)
– 100% USA Designed, Tested, and Manufactured
– Limited Lifetime Warranty

The MeFak is available now in the entire line of Mission Spec standard colors and camouflage patterns.


MATBOCK and CRO Release a Dual-branded Product, the Graverobber Assault Medic (GRAM) Bag

Monday, December 17th, 2018

The Graverobber Assault Medic bag is the result of years of needed improvement in bags specifically designed for the team medic. CRO brings a multi-mission approach to the design with their well-thought-out adaptability, including a panel insert that converts to a skeleton med panel which can be clipped or slung using the thin padded shoulder straps. Remove to design a custom panel that is interchangeable for different packing requirements or easily change bags with the versatility of a panel insert.

Lighter Faster Warriors, The MATBOCK™ ethos, is realized by the GRAM. MATBOCK Ghost® material is used throughout with Tegris® reinforcements, giving the inside contents protection to allow for narcotics to be setup using a soft case.

A few of the highlighted features include:
Mounts on ALICE frame
Hangs in vehicles
Ultralight 2.9 lbs
1.2 lbs skeleton setup
Mitigates shrapnel hazards
Thin (2.75”)

The Graverobber™ Assault Medic bag is designed to be mounted to an ALICE frame, giving the medic a slim assault bag that can be configured in many ways to enhance medical load carriage. This jumpable, water resistant bag bridges the gap between assault bags and en-route care, due to its expandable design and ability to hang.

This versatile, meticulously designed med bag was created with everyday medic load carriage in mind.


*All items made in Ghost® have a 4-6 week lead time.

ADAPTIVX Introduces Trauma Kit

Friday, December 7th, 2018

Designed by the ADAPTIVX team to give you a lightweight, low profile, yet robust trauma kit, and manufactured by the best in combat medicine: PHOKUS RESEARCH GROUP.

The kit contains the necessary supplies to deal with tension pneumothorax injuries, moderate arterial bleed wound packing and compression. The durable vinyl packaging also doubles as an in-extremis occlusive dressing. The pouch included with the kit is made from durable cordura®? stretch tweave, and tegris.

Featuring a low profile Velcro closure and pull handle for one handed access. Comes with 2 zero clips and necessary hardware for attaching the zero clips.

Also IWS compatible with IWS holster tab (sold separately).

Whether a trained professional going into harms way, outdoor adventurer, or an individual that wants to be able to provide the first line of trauma care; you will always have the necessary materials at hand.

2 compact chest seals
1 hemostatic combat gauze
1 mini compression bandage
1  14g decompression needle
1 Nasal pharyngeal airway
1 frog tape
2 safety pins
1 custom made stretch tweave pouch (IWS and IWB compatible)
2 zero clips with hardware

$250 (sold as full kit only)


ITS Releases Smaller and More Durable EDC Trauma Kit

Monday, December 3rd, 2018


[ARLINGTON, TX, 12/3/2018] Imminent Threat Solutions has made the EDC Trauma Kit™ even smaller! Utilizing the TruFlex™ material found in the Boo-Boo First Aid Kit™ and the ETA Trauma Kit™, they’ve reduced the overall footprint. This durable material is more puncture resistant than other vacuum material on the market, which allowed ITS to eliminate the protective outer sleeve from the previous version of the EDC Trauma Kit™.


Featuring a full-size tourniquet, the EDC Trauma Kit™ is designed with a minimum footprint, while still being fully capable of preventing the number one CoTCCC preventable cause of death; extremity hemorrhage. (AKA Bleeding Out) At around the size of an average wallet, the EDC Trauma Kit™ fits perfectly in your back or side pocket and weighs only 7 ounces!


Imminent Threat Solutions provides indispensable skill-sets and products to explore your world and prevail against all threats.

For more information on ITS Medical products, please visit store.itstactical.com/collections/medical.


Monday, November 19th, 2018

Not your father’s MARCH belt.

Over the past year, CRO has been developing a scalable and modular load-carriage system for medics. The system is designed to scale up or down based on mission set and is the latest in a product line designed exclusively for the ground medic. See more at CROMEDICALGEAR.COM

The MARCH Belt was designed to work on the CRO Gunfighter™ Belt, a very well made inner/outer gun belt featuring horizontal and vertical PALs to allow for scaling the pouches based on need. The belt is extremely rigid and holds in place for extended wear.

In addition to the CRO Gunfighter™ Belt, The MARCH Belt is sold with five pouches and two tourniquet covers. The Small and Medium Gen Med pouches have CRO’s signature bungee retention panel with vertical pockets to allow customization. They are designed to open flat or be set to open at varying degrees depending on the medic’s preference. The rear pouch is a tear-away design and features the same inside setup as the Hybrid IFAK™.

This versatile product promotes the necessity of working off the body to deliver as many advanced interventions as possible in the shortest amount of time. This is a step forward towards dropping the med bag all-together.

The MARCH Belt will be available on GSA and other DoD contract vehicles in the coming weeks. For more information please visit cromedicalgear.com or email operator@cromedicalgear.com.