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Darley Defense – Standing By to Help

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

Darley Defense is procuring stocks of PPE and disinfecting products as fast as we can to be available to military and first responder customers at our cost.

We do not want to profit from this situation, only get the correct equipment to those working to protect us.

Regulus Global Prepared To Provide Field Hospitals To Deal With COVID-19 Pandemic

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

Some months back I visited Regulus Global to discuss the fully equipped field hospitals they have been providing to the UN for Ebola response in Africa. Considering the current COVID-19 pandemic, I thought it was a good idea to share some of the information I learned.

Regulus Global has a history of providing fully functional, ready-to-deploy, scalable UN Level II Mobile Hospitals.

They provide Medical shelter modular systems which are mobile and rapidly-deployable featuring liners (with floor) to provide a clean environment for medical operations. Additionally, there is a pre-installed electrical system and air distribution plenum is standard.

They offer complete infrastructure/inventory for stabilization and treatment-in-place of patients during mass-gathering incidents. These include an Emergency Medical Treatment and Triage Solution Module (E-MTTS MOD). There are also three configurations for surge-capacity patients (12 bed, 25 bed hub and spoke and 25 bed square) which can be scaled by combining as needed. These freestanding units are designed for quick set-up and can be augmented with medical equipment and supply sets to provide a total turnkey solution for mobile medical needs.

Other options include alternate care sites used during a mass casualty event and/or drive-thru distribution systems for use during a pandemic all the way to hospital surge facilities.

Of particular interest during this current crisis, their Drive Thru Clinic System offers a versatile mode of providing services or conducting checkpoints.

Modular Mobile Hospital Configurations, including surgery, can provide complete stand-alone mobile hospitals customized for 12 to 100 beds or more.

Regulus will work with the customer to provide the right-sized mobile medical facility. Everything arrived kitted and ready-to-go. In many cases, transportation boxes are used for storage and as furniture in the medical facility.

Regulus Global can also provide full power generation and conditioning along with HVAC solutions as well as billeting and dining facilities for medical and support personnel.

To learn more, visit

Defense Logistics Agency Short Suspense Coronavirus RFI

Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Troop Support Clothing & Textiles Directorate is conducting market research to determine industry capabilities for providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) against viral contamination, specifically COVID-19. This is a Request for Information only and not a solicitation for award. DLA understands this is a fluid situation where the landscape of availability is constantly changing. The primary purpose of this announcement is to identify potential sources, product offerings, availability and/or challenges to procuring and obtaining such items to rapidly meet emerging requirements. Therefore, to the extent practical, additional market research may be conducted prior to posting any solicitation to capture the snapshot of the availability at that specific point in time. DLA urges those companies that can provide the following category of items to respond even after the initial response due date of Tuesday, 24 March 2020, 5:00 PM.

The categories are not an all-inclusive list. DLA welcomes industry to identify alternatives or identify additional PPE items necessary to protect against viral contamination of the COVID-19.


(1)  Protective Coveralls, in any variant, i.e. with hood and booties, without hood and booties, with hood no booties, with booties no hood, etc.

(2)  Protective Aprons and or Gowns

(3)  Protective Hoods

(4)  Protective Masks

(5)  Protective Booties

(6)  Protective Gloves

(7)  Protective Boots

DLA is asking the Industry to:

Identify/recommend specific products available or specific products that could be available in the near term that can meet the requirements of PPE to protect against viral contamination of the COVID-19 virus.

For each recommended item:

1.     Provide a specification or detailed description of the recommended item.

2.     Identify whether the item is specifically certified as PPE for viral infections and how,

3.     Identify the place of manufacture for all components of the recommended item, the place of manufacturing for the end item, and storage locations if applicable,

4.     Identify if the recommended item is Berry Compliant – meaning that the recommended item is manufactured in the USA with USA sourced/manufactured components.

5.     Identify the current level of inventory for each recommended item or the manufacturing lead-time for each recommended item,

6.     Identify total monthly and yearly production capacity of each recommended item,

7.     Identify any production limitations for each recommended item,

8.     Comment on any requirements that may be imposed on potential Government orders for each recommended item (i.e. must have an order in xx amount of time, must have xx amount of time to provide a quote, unable to ship overseas, only willing to ship within the continental USA, etc.)

9.     Suggestions on any contractual management fees for providing DLA access to inventory in the event of a future crisis without any guarantee of any order from DLA,

10. Identify if your firm is unwilling or unable to provide PPE items along with a reason why.

Please contact Jessica De La Hoz via email for any questions at

Initial responses are requested by 5:00 PM, Tuesday, 24 March 2020. However, DLA will accept any and all responses received after this date and time for any ongoing requirements.

Industry Nine Wants To Help Beat COVID-19

Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

Industry Nine is in a position to help with manufacturing parts needed and assisting supply efforts in combating the virus outbreak. At our disposal are dozens of CNC machines ready to make parts in short supply like ventilator components. Our engineering teams have years of robotics and automation experience ready to support companies producing PPE like masks and gloves. We’re reaching out to our contact network to find ways to support these industries in need, but now we’re calling on our dedicated followers to help us connect with other manufacturers or suppliers.

If you think you can help us in this effort please email:

Rogue Fitness Pivots to Medical Production

Monday, March 23rd, 2020

Rogue Fitness has made the following announcement:

Medical Supply Update: We are taking the following measures

1) Product Development Team is working solely on medical supplies – Masks, Gowns, Shields and ventilators.

2) Manufacturing: We have begun sewing masks and will kick into full production Monday. Next items we are going to make are gowns, shields and ventilators.

We have purchased three Industrial 3D printing machines to help make parts.

3) Supply Chain: We are prioritizing these raw materials and components for these as well.

Per earlier post we are also seeing very strong demand for our products and will do our best to get those items to you in an expeditious manner.

We would encourage you if you want to do this in your state to contact the local hospitals and your state leadership.

Thank You

Rogue Team

Selle Anatomica Seeks Soft Goods Manufacturing Partner For Medical PPE

Monday, March 23rd, 2020

Selle Anatomica is a US Manufacturer of Bike Saddles with a sister company Light Composites which is a carbon composite manufacturer for the medical device and aerospace industry.

They’ve reached out in a desire to meet the need of our nation as it relates to the supply of personal protective equipment for our healthcare workers, specifically masks. They can make masks out of carbon fiber, fiber glass, and other fabrics. Light Composites is certified ISO 9001 and AS9100.

If you can help them to connect with the right people, please contact them. If you can contribute engineering resources, raw materials, etc, please contact them.

Please visit for more info.

MATBOCK Monday – OsteoFX Casting System

Monday, March 23rd, 2020

Good morning and Happy MATBOCK Monday. We hope that everyone is taking the proper precautions to remain safe during these difficult times. Here at MATBOCK we are continuing to monitor the situation to provide a safe and healthy environment for our MATBOCK family. Ultimately MATBOCK is still here to help you whether through phone calls, text or email. If you need anything please reach out and we will be happy to assist you.

As a part of Medical March we are showcasing our OsteoFX Casting System. The OsteoFX Casting System from MATBOCK is now fully in stock and has been added to the DAPA schedule. We introduced this a few months back but MATBOCK now has the system fully available in different diameters from 2 inches (pediatric) up to 5 inches, all in various lengths for arms and legs. The cast system is easier to use than current systems, available at the same cost, and reduces some of the risks involved with current technologies. With the roll on method, there is reduced pain to the patient during application as well as the elimination of the risk of over tightening compared to wrapping methods. Additionally, because the system can breathe and dry, there is no reason for recasting in the event of exposure to water such as showering or swimming and these activities are encouraged with the OsteoFX. The material is also radiolucent for any X-rays that may be needed after application.

-FDA Approved
-Easy to apply with less mess
-Lightweight and breathable
-Water resistant for swimming and showering
-Little to no skin issues
-Superior radiolucency
-Cost effective with reduced application times and reduced waste

Join us this Monday at 4:30pm EST and every Monday thereafter for a brief webinar on our weekly highlighted product. To register click here:

US Army Rolls Out New Medical-Training Mannequins

Sunday, March 22nd, 2020

CAMP BUEHRING, Kuwait — The U.S. Army is rolling out a new program for certified medical-personnel to borrow state-of-the-art medical-training equipment from the Training Aids Service Center on post, scheduled to be fully implemented by this summer.

The medical-simulation unit is a mannequin that emulates many aspects of battlefield casualties to help commanders train their soldiers more effectively in Tactical Combat Casualty Care, in compliance with Department of Defense Initiative 1322.24: Medical Readiness Training (MRT).

“The purpose of this device is for the commanders to employ collective training where a casualty is incurred, and the squad is supposed to react,” said Dr. Jerry P. Higman, Deputy Product Manager of Medical Simulation, U.S. Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation. “At present we have instruction to field 77 systems across 41 sites.”

The mannequin, named the Tactical Combat Casualty Care Exportable, or TC3X, simulates the three main causes of death on the battlefield: airway obstruction, tension pneumothorax and blood hemorrhage, commonly referred to as the “ABC’s” — airway, breathing, and circulation. The TC3X is fully animatronic and effectively simulates the ABC’s through a heavily-monitored internal system, giving feedback to the soldiers through physical movements and vocalizations.

The movements and vocalizations can be set and controlled by an operator before the training takes place. The controller has a variety of scenarios built in with spaces for custom scenarios. Scenarios range from bullet wounds and shrapnel damage to head trauma and full amputations, requiring soldiers to act accordly in real time.

“You should definitely treat it like you would treat a human,” said Lt. Col. Rickardo Christopher, Product Manager of Medical Simulation, U.S. Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation. “If you don’t apply correct pressure to the wound, it’ll keep bleeding just like a real human being.”

The mannequin is built to withstand dust, dirt, mild moisture and variations in temperature, necessary for field-operations training.

“You’re working with a high fidelity mannequin, but it is robust,” said Higman. “Do not be afraid to work with the mannequin, in terms of deploying it or taking it to the field. We do not want the medics to have any inhibitions on checking it out.”

“You have to use what you have to get better,” said Christopher. “This mannequin sets the condition for soldiers to increase their overall medical readiness.”

To check out a TC3X for use in training, see the TASC on post to see if and when they are available.

By PFC Andrew Zook