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Velocity Systems – Khard Medical Insert System

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018


-Two-piece insert designed to fit the 30L and 45L Arc’Teryx family of Assault and Khard Packs
-All Pouches have VELCRO® brand loop fasteners for attaching pouch contents/name tapes
-Main insert piece consists of six pouches
-Lid/front flap insert consists of two pouches that adhere to the lid/front flap of the pack
-Available for 30l and 45l Assault and Khard Packs
-Offered in Black and Wolf
-100% Made in the USA


Proposed Changes To Service Animal Accommodation

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

The United States Department of Justice is reconsidering significant portions of the Americans With Disabilities Act. One of the provisions involves reasonable accommodation when the disabled person (and/or their service dog) presents a “direct threat” to those around them. In the past, reasonable accommodation could be dispensed with if the individual was afflicted with a communicable disease. Now, the government is considering expanding “direct threat” to include service animals as well as other circumstances. The way this is worded, it is probably going to fly under the radar. Quite a few Veterans I know have service dogs and this may affect them.


The issue is open for public comments on the Federal Registry. If you have any feedback, please visit Please, be thoughtful and respectful. Comments are open until March 20th, 2018.


Monday, February 19th, 2018

Last but definently not least, the R-LIFT is the lightest and most versitle rigid litter on the market. Yes, as an individual litter this is more expensive than your typical rigid littler, but the value is in the system. At 6.5lbs, it is half the weight and size of any other rigid litter on the market and comes with a thermal blanket, inflatable head pillow to allign the spin and a simple one buckle “X” pattern patient retention system to secure the patient’s core. 

 The poles in the R-LIFT are the same as used throughout the rest of the LIFT System. This allows the assault teams to carry the ladder or extension poles while the medic is left with only a 4lb attachment to be used in the event of a casualty.

Over the past three weeks MATBOCK has shared with us products in the LIFT System and here is a brief video showcasing the entire LIFT System.

SHOT Show 18 – Raptor Tactical CLS Bag and Chest Rig

Monday, February 12th, 2018

Raptor Tactical had a couple of new items at SHOT Show.

CLS Vododoc Medical Bag


Made of durable 500D Cordura and laminate
Two zipper Rip away cover
Half circle design
Chamber with inner pockets and elastic loops for storage
Cascade pockets for the flat items
Laser marked glove compartment
Two slot holder for scissors and belt butter
Grab Handle
Hook and loop circle patch
Can be connected to the 2nd bag
2″ Waist belt that can be extended and use as a shoulder strap
MOLLE straps
Colors: MultiCam, Coyote, Ranger Green, Black

Archer Super Light Chest Rig


low weight and uniform camouflage on all surfaces thanks to the use of laser-cut holes instead of webbing
modular design for easy in-the-field load re-configuration
double color sided
MOLLE mounted inside and outside at the same time
MOLLE compatible
TAP system compatible
Velcro patch
H harness with build in spacing for cables or water bladder system hose
Colors: MultiCam, Coyote, Ranger Green, Black


Monday, February 12th, 2018

The S-LIFT is the next product found in the LIFT System. The S-LIFT was the first product developed in the system and was derived on the battlefields of Iraq. The founders of MATBOCK were tired of carrying around an SSE bag and a soft stretcher, so they created the S-LIFT.

This patented product weighs only 10oz, comes vacuum sealed and fits right in the palm of your hand. When needed, the S-LIFT may be deployed as an SSE bag to assist in collecting evidence. It features a drawstring and shoulder strap, but can quickly be re-configured as a soft stretcher by using the zipper down 2 sides. Since carrying a down operator for any period of time with a soft stretcher is less than ideal, MATBOCK built handles that also accept the combat carbon poles. If you remember the article from last week, these poles are the same ones found on the LIFT Ladder.

Technical Specifications:

• Dimensions:

-As a bag: 29 inches x 24 inches

-Volume of bag: 4,222 cubic inches (69 liters)

-As a stretcher: 78 inches x 29 inches

-Rolled for storage: 9 inches x 4.5 inches x 2 inches

• Weight: 10oz

• Maximum carrying capacity: 400lbs

North American Rescue Announces Acquisition Of JTM Training Group

Sunday, February 11th, 2018

Greer, SC (February 5, 2018) North American Rescue, LLC (NAR) is pleased to announce the acquisition of JTM Training Group (JTM) from Las Vegas, NV. JTM has over 20 years of experience providing tactical and medical training to military, law enforcement, EMS, and first responder personnel.

JTM Training Group has a strong history of offering premium evidence-based medicine education and training solutions for military and first responders. As a leader in their industry, they have been offering online EMT certification/re-certification courses since 2006 and are considered one of the most trusted online EMT providers in the world. Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) courses are also available, providing hands-on combat medical training that adheres to the TCCC Standardization Guidelines. Finally, their team of experienced and knowledgeable instructors enables them to provide customized opportunities for immersive, scenario-driven courses that are tailored to meet mission-specific requirements.

This broad range of training capabilities makes JTM an ideal addition to the NAR company goal of providing “products with a mission.” NAR has long recognized that successful life-saving treatment may begin with the right equipment, but the key elements of education to know when to use and training to know how to use that gear are requisites for desirable outcomes.

“North American Rescue has always been committed to equipping the warfighter and first responders with what they need to save lives,” said Robert Castellani, CEO of North American Rescue, LLC. “We are pleased to bring the JTM team onboard. For years we have been asked for training opportunities by customers of our premium products. We are confident that JTM’s solutions will enable us to exceed expectations for leading-edge education and training experiences and that the options of online, in-person, or even mobile training events will provide accessibility to premium training that meets and exceeds requirements.”

JTM Training Group will be changing their name to “North American Rescue Education and Training” (NAR Training), and will transition to new branding during the second quarter of 2018. Their website will remain fully functional, and courses will continue to be run and offered throughout the transition.

MATBOCK Monday || LIFT Ladder

Monday, February 5th, 2018

LIFT Ladder is part of a multi-product system, and over the next few weeks, we will look at all of the various products that are found in this revolutionary system. The Combat Carbon Poles are the backbone of the entire system, which allows operators to tailor the kit for different missions in ever-changing battlefields.


The LIFT Ladder was built so operators could scale and bridge obstacles with ease at only 4.975lbs. It comes with a 400lbs load capacity and is built from American made Carbon Fiber. This short video was taken at the MATBOCK HQ, to show the quick assembly of this ladder and how compact the ladder rungs are when the poles are not attached.

Technical Specifications:
Material – Carbon Fiber / Spectra Cord
Total Weight: 4.975 Pounds
Weight without poles: 2.375 Pounds
Dimensions folded up (without poles): 3in x 3in x 12in

SHOT Show 18 – ITS Tactical TourniQuick Pouch

Thursday, January 25th, 2018

ITS Tactical has spent the last year-and-a-half developing the patent pending TourniQuick Pouch. It is is compatible with SOFTT-W and CAT and what I like is that it completely encapsulates the tourniquet, protecting it from debris as well as UV light.

It’s simple to deploy. Pull on the red-banded fabric ring at the top and it come out, ready to deploy.

Finally, it features ITS Tactical’s 4-way mounting system. It can be belt mounted horizontally and vertically and is also PALS compatible. They’ve also added one-wrap to attach it to pack straps.

Look for it later this year in Black, Coyote and MultiCam.