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SOTECH Debuts its Next Gen SOF Medical Carriage System at SHOT 2018

Monday, January 22nd, 2018

SOTech built its reputation over the last 20 years designing and building medical systems for our nation’s elite special operations units. This is a modular medical pack system that functions across the 3 platforms of RUCK-TRUCK-HOUSE. This 2nd generation evolution of SOF medical packs incorporates a decade of wartime operator input. A tailored set of modular pouches are chosen to affix to any of these packs/harnesses/panels. Check out the system laid out in booth 20113 at the SHOT Show.

Phokus Research Group – Wound Cube

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018


Phokus Research Group’s Wound Cube is a simple, inexpensive, medical training device which was created to teach students how to control bleeding. In particular, they can pack wounds with gauze. It’s a 4″x4″x4″ cube made from semi-transparent non-toxic silicone which integrates a large laceration as well as multiple wound channels.


One of the Wound channels can also be used as a slot for a flashlight. This feature allows the instructor to illuminate the wound from the inside so that the student’s actions can be more easily evaluated through the semi-transparent material. At 2.5 lbs, material replicates tissue density. Although it’s a dry training device, Wound Cube can also be used with blood stimulant.


During Warrior East, PRG’s Rob Hanna showed me the Wound Cube and asked me what I thought. I envisioned it being used by training centers as well as at the unit level, with one per team or platoon, depending on the type of organization. Due to its low cost, Wound Cube could also be used by private trainees who can’t necessarily afford a full prosthetic training aid. In fact, Hanna told me they’ll offer a special price for private trainers.


Monday, January 15th, 2018


The BLS is a joint project between MATBOCK and MAS Special Ops Training. Its a patent pending Bench, Ladder, Stretcher designed for Wing and Zodiac inflatable boats. The BLS is sold as a pair (bottom and upper sections) and designed to deploy as a unit. For the inflatables, it sits across the side tubes and can be secured to the floor with either ratchet straps or line (not included in the kit) giving space for 4 operators to sit forward facing during transit. When reaching the landing site or ship to be boarded, the sections can be attached together to create a 12 foot ladder with integrated shepherds hooks and offset ladder rungs. Additionally, the ladder rungs are coated on the top surface with nonslip to help prevent falls due to wet surfaces. If there is a casualty, a single section can be used as a stretcher to evacuate the individual as well. Four handles protrude from the sides to aid in transport as well as for positioning the ladder.

Each section is 69″ tall, 17.5″ wide, weighs 20.5lbs and made of aluminum with welded connections throughout the system.

Additionally, the BLS comes with grip feet on the lower section to help prevent the bottom from kicking out while being used as a ladder.

Finally, add-on floatation for each section will be available in the coming weeks.

The unit can be purchased from either MATBOCK or MAS Special Ops Training in the links below.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – OEM Partner Series – Ryker Nylon Gear

Friday, January 12th, 2018

This week, we focus on one of FirstSpear’s OEM Partners, Ryker Nylon Gear and their AFAK (Ankle First Aid Kit).


Made in the USA by FirstSpear the AFAK (Ankle First Aid Kit) was designed by Ryker Nylon Gear for carrying medical items concealed on your ankle. Weighing in at only 2.3 ounces the AFAK is lightweight and comfortable making it very easy to conceal not just medical items.

– Features 3 Vertical pockets for items like combat gauze, mini compression bandage, tourniquet, trauma sheers, etc
– 1 Horizontal pocket that will fit a chest seal
– Includes new elastic extension piece for full size boots

OEM Partner Interview

1. Why was the AFAK originally developed?

The AFAK (Ankle First Aid Kit) was originally designed to provide a way for my friend Chris Lapre, a Arizona law enforcement officer, to carry medical gear in a low profile manner. At the time he worked plain clothes and conducted undercover operations while assigned to a federal task force. He wanted a way to have medical gear available immediately, but still be concealed. I went home that night with a list of items (chest seal, TQ, sheers, quickclot, gloves) we potentially wanted it to hold. This produced the first two prototype AFAKs. Once we started wearing the AFAK, the design changed slightly with Chris’s feedback. We had one additional AFAK in Afghanistan within two weeks of the prototypes being made.
My family and I started making them for free to send overseas to friends and acquaintances that needed a concealed medical kit option. I never intended to start a business and sell the AFAK. It was more of a way to help out people I know in high-risk professions.

Once the demand was beyond our capabilities I decided to start a business selling the AFAK.

2. Why did Ryker choose American Made?

While we’re a small business, I hope every time we order more product from First Spear it creates a tiny economic ripple that helps support American businesses. From fabric suppliers, sewers, fabric cutters, to office staff, etc and the American economy in general.

I’ve worked in manufacturing for 17 years and have personally seen the effects of what’s happened to people and communities due to outsourcing over seas.

American Made was the only way we were going to produce the product. Going overseas wasn’t an option.

3. How did the relationship between FS and Ryker begin (or how did you hear about us) and Why did Ryker ultimately choose FirstSpear manufacturing?

Our original local manufacturer went out of business right after our first year of business. We decided we had enough business to support First Spear manufacturing the AFAK. Chris Lapre who the AFAK was originally designed for, put me in touch with friend Ronnie Fowlkes.

We were only interested in American manufacturing that we knew could produce the best product for our customers. A good percentage of our customers work in high risk professions and depend on our product to carry critical medical gear. We needed a manufacturer that could produce a product that would last in austere conditions.

With a strong manufacturing background I was specifically interested in the quality of manufacturing that First Spear offers. These include Non Destructive Marking, laser cut fabric, etc. These practices make for a much higher quality, durable product in the end for my customers.

4. Any new product developments between Ryker and FS in the future?

Yes we are working on our next product. It will create a solution to fill a void in the vehicle medical kit arena similarly to the AFAK filling a void in the ankle medical kit market. We’re still testing it and it’ll be ready for First Spear later this year.


ADS To Host Prolonged Field Care Scenario At SHOT Show

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018


Attending SHOT Show 2018? Strategic Operations, Inc. will host a live demo of a prolonged field care scenario in the ADS booth, #20415 on Jan. 24th at 2pm.

RE Factor Tactical – Trauma Tape

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

Trauma Tape is like traditional medical tape but with the addition of vital signs and a MIST Report (for the military version) printed on it.

The idea behind the tape is it allows the user to write the patient’s vital signs on the tape, then place that tape on the patient for patient hand-off. Because it’s traditional medical tape it can also be used for all the normal applications of medical tape. This helps reduce bulk and stream-lines medical kits.

MATBOCK Monday – OsteoFX Casting System

Monday, December 18th, 2017

The OsteoFX Casting System from MATBOCK is now fully in stock and has been added to the DAPA schedule. We introduced this a few months back, but MATBOCK now has the system fully available in different diameters from 2 inches (pediatric) up to 5 inches, all in various lengths for arms and legs. The cast system is easier to use than current systems, available at the same cost, and reduces some of the risks involved with current technologies. With the roll on method, there is reduced pain to the patient during application as well as the elimination of the risk of over tightening compared to wrapping methods. Additionally, because the system can breathe and dry, there is no reason for recasting in the event of exposure to water such as showering or swimming and these activities are encouraged with the OsteoFX. The material is also radiolucent for an X-rays that may be needed after application.

“We are very excited to bring this product to market, not only for the hospital systems in the rear, but also for the operators in the field. The casting system makes a great splint or brace in the event of a turned ankle and can be made removable in cases with risks of compartmentalization.”

FDA Approved
Easy to apply with less mess
Lightweight and breathable
Water resistant for swimming and showering
Little to no skin issues
Superior radiolucency
Cost effective with reduced application times and reduced waste

SOARescue Launches the Pillbox: A Simple Fix for a Multitude of Medical Problems

Friday, November 24th, 2017

The SOARescue Pillbox, born out of necessity and lessons learned. Remember that one time at band camp when your teammate had a headache, stuffy nose, or… ate something bad? If you’ve ever had this teammate, or you have been the one, you needed a simple quick fix to stay operational. As the “doc” we’ve been expected to have that fix, but every once and a while, we don’t. We created this kit to make sure you always have a simple fix close by. No this kit will not cure cancer or perform neurosurgery, but it will save your butt more times than not.

No matter your mission, the SOARescue Pillbox has you covered.

Designed to treat minor pain, injuries, and illnesses. Each box is stocked out with the most commonly needed over-the-counter medications. Each medication is individually packaged, and organized to provide you with quick access to only the items you need, while keeping the others protected. In case you forget, the label on the back even provides standard uses for each medication. While this box was initially developed for tactical medical providers, with input from Special Operations Medics, it is perfect for the outdoor adventurer alike. Whether you are a weekend traveler, team medic, public safety provider, SOF professional, this kit will always have you covered. We’ve all been there when we wish we had that one extra item. Now you can. Packed in a rugged, waterproof, and dustproof hard case. The SOARescue Pillbox comes stocked out, but you can add as you need, for yourself, team or family. It will launch and be available on Black Friday for $45.00!!!

“The Pillbox fills a massive need within our team, this kit offers an easy fix for so many simple issues that could otherwise be force limiting. We are excited to place one in each of our cars and armored vehicles.”
–John S., Major Metropolitan SRT Team Leader

SOARescue Pillbox Contents:

  • Acetaminophen – x5 – 2 tablet packs (325mg)
  • Ibuprofen – x6 – 2 tablet packs (200mg)
  • Diphenhydramine – x6 – 1 tablet packs (25mg)
  • Bismuth Subsalicylate – x3 – 2 tablet packs (262mg)
  • Loperamide – x4 – 1 tablet packs (2mg)
  • Meclizine – x5 – 2 tablet packs (25mg)
  • Multi-System Cold – x5 – 2 tablet packs
  • Burn Cream – x2 – 32 oz. packages 
  • Hydrocortisone – x4 – 32 oz. packages
  • Antibiotic Ointment – x4 – 57 oz. packages
  • Moleskin – 1 strip (3″ x 2″)
  • Bandaids – x4 
  • Cough Drops – x4
  • Electrolyte Drink Mix – x2
  • Eye Drops – x2


    For all lines of work Military, Public Safety, Industrial and many more.


    Perfect for a patrol bag or a range bag.


    Available in a clear or black lid. The choice is yours.