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Imminent Threat Solutions Releases Updated TourniQuick™ Pouch in Four Colors

Sunday, May 20th, 2018


[ARLINGTON, TX, 03/16/2018] Imminent Threat Solutions is proud to announce the popular TourniQuick™ Pouch is now available in four colors, including Black, Coyote, MultiCam and Ranger Green! In addition, the previously embroidered TQ logo on the front has been replaced with a loop field and each pouch now includes a PVC Tourniquet Identifier Patch.

The TourniQuick™ is the first-ever tourniquet pouch designed as a system to rapidly access and deploy the two most common CoTCCC (committee on tactical combat casualty care) recommended tourniquets on the market. The TourniQuick™ Pouch reduces time from deployment to application, saving valuable seconds. Remember, seconds count when you’re bleeding out!™ Additionally, the TourniQuick™ features our patent-pending, 4-Way Mounting System™. The 4WMS allows you to mount the tourniquet pouch vertically on a duty belt, vertically to MOLLE (PALS webbing), horizontally on a belt, or even vertically on a backpack strap. The mounting possibilities are truly unlimited.


Imminent Threat Solutions provides indispensable skill-sets and products to explore your world and prevail against all threats.

For more information on ITS Medical products, please visit

Pelican BioThermal Celebrates 15 Years of Life-Saving Technology with the Original Golden Hour Container

Sunday, May 13th, 2018

Leader in temperature controlled packaging marks anniversary of product developed to provide blood to critically wounded soldiers
MINNEAPOLIS–Pelican BioThermal, the global name in temperature controlled packaging, is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its award-winning Original Golden Hour™ container. The company’s flagship product, which was recognized in 2003 as part of the U.S. Army’s Greatest Inventions program, has gone on to shape future product development, influencing the full range of Pelican BioThermal reusable and single-use products.

“Today, the technology behind this product allows us to provide reliable temperature control not only for blood on the battlefield, but also for life-saving civilian applications, including the transport of biologics and temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals for clinical trials and commercial distribution.”

We developed the Original Golden Hour to address a critical need facing our military personnel — how to make blood available to treat the critically wounded within the crucial first hour after injury,” explained Kevin Lawler, Pelican BioThermal VP of sales. “Today, the technology behind this product allows us to provide reliable temperature control not only for blood on the battlefield, but also for life-saving civilian applications, including the transport of biologics and temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals for clinical trials and commercial distribution.”

In 2003, Pelican BioThermal responded to a U.S. Army request for proposal seeking a way to store blood and platelets to aid emergency medics saving lives on the battlefield. The answer, the Original Golden Hour container, was subsequently included as part of the 2003 U.S. Army’s Greatest Inventions program by the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM) Public Affairs office.

“If you can make sure that someone doesn’t bleed out by giving a resupply of blood right there, you’ve exponentially impacted the ability to save that soldier’s life,” said sixteenth chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, retired U.S. Marine general, Peter Pace, who also serves as chairman of the board for Pelican Products. “It truly makes a difference on the battlefield. And that’s as true today as it was 15 years ago.”

Patented Golden Hour™ Technology provides superior thermal protection for high value temperature-sensitive payloads between 2 and 1686 liters, from -50ºC to 25°C for up to seven days (168 hours). Today, Golden Hour Technology is integral to all of the company’s products, including reusable products like the Cr?do Cube™ shipper and the Cr?do™ ProMed series, as well as the Chronos™ range of single-use shippers.

In recognition of this milestone, Original Golden Hour will be on display during two events taking place this month: Special Operations and Medical Association Scientific Assembly (SOMSA), taking place May 13-16 in Charlotte, NC and Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC), taking place May 21-24 in Tampa, FL. Champions of the product will also be on hand during the events to discuss its evolution and new applications.

To learn about Pelican BioThermal, as well as the 15th anniversary and evolution of the company’s Original Golden Hour container, visit

Pelican BioThermal is a division of Pelican Products, Inc., which is a portfolio company of Behrman Capital, a private equity investment firm based in New York and San Francisco.

The Windrose Group – Qwick-AID Sterile Trauma Bandages

Saturday, May 12th, 2018


For more information, contact

SOTECH Debuts New Medical Line At SOMA

Thursday, May 10th, 2018

The cornerstone of SOTECH’s massive product catalog has always been their medical line, and their crowning achievement was having their designs selected to fill most of the nylon carriage systems in the Special Forces Medic’s Tac Set over the last decade.  After a year of design and sampling with SOF medics from around the globe, SOTECH has emerged from the design studio to present its next iteration of the Tactical Medical Modular Carriage System (Gen II).  It was an honor to be given the opportunity to take a system carried by SOF personnel going downrange during the GWOT (SOTECH’s owner, Jim Cragg, was included when he deployed in 2007).  And it’s an honor to be asked to take these battle-tested designs and modernize them with lighter high tech materials, minimized designs, and contoured shapes.  SOTECH’s first generation of this modular system evolved into the RUCK – TRUCK – HOUSE concept, which guided this new system.  The salient feature that runs across the entire TMMCS-II is universal modularity.  The SOF medic is issued the set of loop-lined packs, bags and pouches with a set of hook-backed modular pouches and panels.  Combinations of hook and MOLLE backing allow some pouches to be removed from the inside and mounted to the outside adding capacity.  And the medic harness has shifted from a chest harness to a belt harness with a spin around feature congruent with the MARCH protocols.  Also in the 2018 catalog are other new items including the Tourniquet Rapid Pouch, Zoll Difribrilator/Monitor Pack, and Medic’s Sharps Resistant Dump Pouch.

Download yur catalog here

Check them all out next week at the SOMA conference in Charlotte.  Most of the TMMCS-II items have been submitted for NSNs and will be available through DLA and medical prime vendors (via DAPA), and all items are available on SOTECH’s GSA schedule.

Darley Defense Days 18 – Para-X EZ Debride from BMK Ventures

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018

Although this is more of a long-term care issue, it’s critical to debride charred skin from deep burn patients as soon as possible.

EZ Debride is a single use, disposable instrument which incorporates a flexible neck, cutting flutes and counter-balanced head. These features enable those with little to no experience, be more effective.

Rockwell Tactical Group Tactical Trauma Care Course Now Approved for Pennsylvania EMS Eight Clinical Patient Care Hours

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

Approval Cements RTG as the State’s Premiere Tactical Medical Training Company

Hershey, PAApril 30, 2018 – Rockwell Tactical Group (RTG) is proud to announce its Tactical Trauma Care course is now approved for clinical patient care hours by the Pennsylvania Department of Health Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (EMS). RTG, Pennsylvania’s top training group, is recognized nationwide for its principle-based firearms training capabilities and instructor knowledge and experience.

“We’re truly honored by the trust the State has put in Rockwell Tactical to best prepare its law enforcement officers for duty,” said Jared Ross, owner, Rockwell Tactical Group. “All of our instructors are veteran or active duty military and law enforcement officers. We provide the same level of expert training that we learned from and used while operating and training in the US and around the world.”

The RTG Tactical Trauma Care course was created by a Special Operations Combat Medic and a former Greenside Navy Corpsman, now New York City Paramedic. The course will teach basic trauma management using the MARCH Protocol, different than standard EMS. The course is hands-on and concludes by giving each student a practical exercise. The course will cover management of the following topics in a tactical setting:

•             Massive bleeding
•             Airway
•             Respiration
•             Circulation
•             Hypothermia
•             Patient stabilization

There are two upcoming Tactical Trauma Care courses (course number 1000000404).

Dates and locations:

Friday, May 18 at Tripwire Operations Group. 1685 Baltimore Pike, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325. For more information and to register, EMS providers can go to

Saturday, June 23 at F3 Tactical. 14231 Willard Road #300, Chantilly, Virginia 20151. For more information and to register, EMS providers can visit the RTG Training Schedule.

High Ground Gear Announces Release Of 6 New Medical Kits

Thursday, April 26th, 2018

Philadelphia, PA. – High Ground Gear, manufacturers of high-quality tactical gear, bags, packs and armor solutions have now released six (6) NEW medical kits representing two (2) versions each of their IFAK, M9 Bag and Rigid Frame Modular Packs that incorporate their Patented Quick Release Belt System.


Fully equipped and kitted with medical supplies and trauma tools; High Ground Gear has provided a “go-to” solution for all levels of medical attention to including DOD Medics, EMS and First Responders. The six (6) newly designed kits utilizing three (3) platforms developed & kitted to provide maximum flexibility to any medic/first responder to customize and augment their preferred medical supplies while maintaining the minimal basic components necessary for all situations.


“The design of these new six (6) medical kits is based on critical information gathered during field testing and operators’ feedback from all levels of trauma care.  Each kit is specifically designed to meet the evolving requirements of the battlefield and medical field,” stated Mike Runella, High Ground’s, Director of Business Development. He added “we already had three (3) proven platforms of the HG Med Pouch, M9 Bag and Rigid Frame Modular Pack with QR Waist Belt System within our product offerings, but our customer feedback required us to take this a step further and be capable of outfitting our operators with a one stop solution that included medical supplies.”


High Ground has seen significant increase in demand for “kitted” medical bags/packs/pouches utilizing our current platforms. Bob Rosania, CEO of Ehmke Manufacturing Company, fabricators of High Ground Gear, stated, “as funding is allocated within the Government and buyers are looking for simply, more comprehensive solutions such as kitting, High Ground responded.  Our Team has done a commendable job of listening and working closely with our customers to develop these kits to make their missions more effective. At the end of the day, we want to provide the war fighter with the exact medical kits that they demand”

The six (6) New Medical Kits and other High Ground products can be found on their website ( and world-wide dealer network that includes GSA, TLS and FEDMALL.

For more information, please visit

High Ground – We Make Every Stitch Count…

You May Be Able To Save A Life

Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

I received this note from a friend earlier today.

We’re looking for ethnic Korean donors to help save a dear friend’s life. If you were a Marine posted at Quantico there’s a good chance you received dental care from Naval Dentist Lt. Julie Jung. Post-military she provided free dental care to children from low-income families and child victims of trafficking and violence. Lt. Jung was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Leukemia in January (AML with FLT3 mutation) and urgently needs to find a bone marrow donor match. Julie’s life expectancy is only 2 months after her last round of Chemo which she is starting soon.  Her husband Lt. Cmdr Jung is still active duty.  Unfortunately, matches usually come from someone’s own ethnic group. If you have any Korean in your ancestry, please join the donor registry to see if you are a match at A testing kit will be sent to your home, and all you need to do is swab the inside of your cheek and send

the kit back. Your help is greatly appreciated!