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Whiskey 5 – Nelson & Co

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Who – Introducing Nelson & Co. This is probably the oldest ‘new’ company you’ve never heard of, but the roots go very deep in the tactical equipment community. Though the company was only just started at the end of 2014, it is founded by Brad and Rebecca Nelson, the original owners of Lightfighter.com. Those who know Brad know he is well regarded for his passion and relationships. Those who remember Rebecca know she is one of the nicest humans on the planet.

What – The lessons learned (and there were many) about operating a retail supplier of tactical equipment were long discarded, placed on the back burner right away once Lightfighter was merged into ATS those many years ago. Brad and Rebecca moved on, first going back to school after a lifetime in the Army and growing the Lightfighter business. Then occupying themselves with their family and working in corporate America, including years spent at Amazon.com, 5.11 Tactical, and Wal-Mart Stores. The lessons weren’t forgotten, however; they were welded to all that was learned working for these other retail giants. Because of this, Nelson & Co is already light years ahead of where Lightfighter.com left off.

When – After nearly a decade of dormancy, along comes at last the inspiration to try building a brand again. It sparked in 2014 for a simple reason, and one that echoes with the origin story for Lightfighter (with Lightfighter, Brad wanted a Becker Patrol Pack for duty use, but in the late 90s, it wasn’t easy to find vendors that reliably sold gear of that quality, so he started a company just to buy this pack – sshhhhh, don’t tell Rebecca). Nelson & Co was started similarly; Brad became a sheriff’s deputy and found that buying uniforms and equipment was a very unpleasant experience in his part of Indiana. So instead of only complaining, Brad and Rebecca resolved to do something about it. It started with a small local store operated from their home in Greencastle, Indiana – sound familiar?

Where – Greencastle, Indiana is uniquely located to make it easier to buy uniforms and equipment. For the customers who visit the new retail store, it is very easy to get to between Indianapolis and Terre Haute. Nelson & Co also happens to be the only store of its type within hours – most customers travel more than an hour, even into Illinois, to shop. For online customers, Central Indiana is an e-commerce fulfillment wonder – it is the crossroads of America. A good majority of American consumers are within only 2 days shipment even with standard ground service in all directions. There is a reason that Amazon made Indiana one of its early shipping hubs with 4 warehouses here.

Why – Nelson & Co aims to make it easy. The company steals a word learned in those years after Lightfighter when Brad was working with Amazon.com – that word is “customercentric”. It means that everything the business does is with the customer in mind, not just what is easy for the store. It does not mean that everything is always perfect – no honest merchant would suggest such a thing. It does mean that if it makes sense and is in favor of the customer, even if it is hard on the business, the customer gets it they way they want it. Sounds simple, but its rare. Just ask yourself how often you have heard a business tell you, “Sorry, but our policy says…” Nelson & Co is Customercentric.

Visit Nelson & Co in Greencastle, Indiana or shop online at www.nelsonuniform.com.

Whiskey 5: NLB Tactical

Friday, March 10th, 2017

Whiskey 5 is a recurring Soldier Systems Daily feature that asks “Who, What, Where, When, and Why” of industry leaders, manufacturers and instructors — to let you hear how they describe themselves. It’s intended to give you a close and thorough look at some of the people that make our industry unique. We’ve found these basic 5 questions to be the basic keys to understanding. Past Whiskey-5s have included business from Provengo to Kryptek, and all sorts of other companies in between.

Today we’ll be sharing an overview of Virginia Beach’s, NLB Tactical formerly No Lie Blades.

NLB Tactical is a training company located in Virginia Beach, operating MTU’s in the United States and Europe. It is run by Hank Hayes, a veteran close protection specialist, senior Mil-L/E combative instructor and the inventor of the No Lie Blades feedback training knife. Hayes’ experience alone would make NLB worth looking into, but NLB’s instructor staff makes it that much more (the go to solution) enticing. NLB is made up of literally 100’s of years of superior tactical and field combat skills with over 51 instructors world-wide with instructors in the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany with the bulk of the MIL-L/E instructors on the east coast and mid-west states. NLB, also formerly known as No Lie Blades, manufactures various feedback training knives and offers a host of unique courses available on the United States government GSA products and services schedules. Additionally, NLB has more letters of recommendation on government letterhead than its 5 industry competitors combined.

NLB is one of the best solutions for edged weapons combat simply because they provide an immediate feedback tool that no other US government training provider offers. From the first days of NLB it was clear they were onto something with their very direct, straight-forward, and highly effective fighting system. Its methodology is rooted in violence of action, shutting down threats and uses HVT (High Value Target) striking, pinching, biting, gouging, ripping and tearing to name a few of the neutralization tactics.

Operators have found that with these proven methods that work for dealing with an edged weapon threat those exact same tactics and methods will work for dealing with blunt or impact weapons and also in dealing with empty hand subjects. Departments and agencies saw that NLB could handle several of their needs and started asking for more training from us. Currently NLB offers combat solutions in the follow areas.
Edged Weapons Tactical Training
Impact Weapons Training
Instinctive Reactive Firearms Training
Dynamic Transitional Fighting from Weapons to Empty Hand, etc.
Active Shooter Response Training

NLB’s transitional fighting course is something virtually no other organization provides. This is where the student transitions from one weapons system or empty hand to another weapons system up and down the force continuum. The root of the NLB system translates directly to impact weapons, empty hands fighting and direct access to firearms weapons over the shoulder or on the belt line.

The NLB company story is an interesting one. Like most inventions they are either made from frustration, necessity, mistakes or creativity. NLB’s was a little bit of everything. After an edged weapons training session with some instructors from Quantico in 1997 and a large dose of frustration Mr. Hayes felt the strong need for a training knife that could provide immediate feedback just like a simunitions training ammo round. He needed evidence to show what was working and what wasn’t. Many claimed that their techniques worked when they clearly didn’t, but proving this was a challenge short of an actual knife encounter.

Later he started doodling on a napkin and after a few months and lot of help he had a prototype marking training knife. So as you often hear the rest was history. In 1998 NLB was open for business and within a year the US government approached to purchase the product which is how NLB became a US government contractor. About 2 years after that NLB received another call from the government stating they had a problem. They said the tool does exactly what it says it’s going to do and that their men have found their fighting programs had major holes now that the training knife revealed all their tactical knife fighting flaws. They wanted to know if we had a training program, they needed help. It was in those moments the training side of our company was born.

NLB Tactical is based in Virginia Beach, Va minutes from Dam Neck Military Base, Naval Air Station Oceana and close to the other 25 Military bases in Virginia Beach and neighboring states. NLB operates as an MTU (Mobile Training Unit) or MTT (Mobile Training Team) dispatch team. Although NLB administrative offices are located in Virginia Beach and have small teams and senior instructors ready to be active as needed for any training operation in the US, Canada and Europe.

There is an overarching reason and 3 key things to point out. The main reason why is that the Military and especially the Law Enforcement communities make it so hard to get good, solid training. The standards are often set so low to meet the skills of some complaining pansy who went and got the minimum skills requirements lowered even more. When US lives are being lost at the rates that they are and with easily 50% of those deaths avoidable with proper skills adjustments, something MUST BE DONE! NLB takes on that responsibility to do something about those skills that are needed.

The components that make NLB a must hire solution are 3 key things. First is the marking feedback training knife. NLB is the inventor of the marking blades technology and are so far in front of others when it comes to training with this immediate feedback it makes them the most knowledgeable and the leaders in the knife fighting arena. It has been said that NLB would have to be really stupid to profess they have a tactical edged weapons solution without it being outstanding as the marking blade reveals everything with each mark representing injury/blood loss.

Second, NLB is world known for being very direct, straight-forward and highly effective. It’s methodology is rooted in violence of action, shutting down threats and uses HVT (High Value Target) striking, pinching, biting, gouging, ripping and tearing to name a few of the neutralization tactics.

Thirdly, NLB ownership is highly focused on serving departments, agencies and commands with the absolute best people and service in the industry. Mr. Hayes has been said to be fanatical about the people that come on board with NLB and demands their best. Mr. Hayes says the A game is the only game accepted.

NLB Tactical can be found online at
Websites nlbtactical.com
Websites nolieblades.com
Facebook www.facebook.com/nolieblades
Phone 610.442.5539
email info@nolieblades.com
You can also acquire NLB training services on GSA through their Prime vendor partnership with MJL-Enterprises at www.mjl-enterprises.com/tactical-training.

Whiskey 5 – Gen Kit Exchange

Sunday, January 8th, 2017


Gen Kit Exchange is created by serving British soldier Alex Miller. He has also recently collaborated with a group called Cooper’s Kit Corner to bring Kit Pest Reviews.



Gen Kit Exchange is an online marketplace where retailers or individuals can buy and sell new and used gear.

It’s intended to be an alternative to the high fees that sites such as eBay and Amazon can charge for this market. You can sell anything on GKE with only a small number of prohibited items and as long as they’re military related.

Kit Pest Reviews is a review blog with the intention of bringing unbiased, and relative gear reviews regularly. Anyone can send in reviews if you’d like to have them on the blog, however there is a handful of core contributors that are self confessed ‘kit pests’. Another aim is to bring ‘everyday’ bits of kit into the light rather than, out of this world cutting edge technology that we might never see.



Alex started the Gen Kit journey nearing the end of the summer of 2016. It was crowdfunded over £1000 on Kickstarter which enabled Alex to create GKE much quicker and bring it out almost immediately at the start of December 2016.


GKE is based in Newcastle Upon Tyne but is subject to move all over the UK, however if you’re in a different country you can still buy and sell items on the site. The actual initial brainstorming happened on a broken-down coach on our to way an exercise in Denmark.


Alex has been in the Army for 6 years and created GKE after noticing a lack of refreshing options in the kit market. He did some research and couldn’t find anything like this available, instead only finding tired and old Facebook groups which just aren’t relative to the great industry that this is.

After many hours of research he found a viable option for GKE which is where its at today. In the future it will develop into a new platform that will still hold the core principles that it does today yet bring many more exciting features to all that use it.


Whiskey 5 – Quantico Tactical

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016



Quantico Tactical is a leading retailer and a government supplier of weapons, weapon accessories and other special operational equipment. Quantico Tactical was founded in the town of Quantico by David Hensley, who retired from the Marine Corps in 2004 as a Major with seven years enlisted time. As a family, veteran owned small business, David and his team ensure Quantico holds true to its founding principles of integrity, service and value.


Quantico Tactical has two divisions; retail and government sales.


Via its on-line presence and retail stores located outside of major military bases, Quantico Tactical is a leading force in the retail of weapons, weapon accessories and other gear to members of the military, federal agents, state/local law enforcement officers and enthusiasts. Every Quantico Tactical store has an unmatched selection of gear & guns with a well trained staff to ready to assist.

Quantico Tactical is the largest military/LE distributor for Smith and Wesson, Sig Sauer, FN, IWI and Beretta which allows Quantico Tactical to offer unmatched “Professional” pricing on weapons for Military (Active/Reserve/Retired), Law Enforcement (Active/Retired) and First Responders.


Quantico Tactical also manages the commemorative weapons program for both Smith and Wesson and Sig. So, if your unit, department or agency is interested in a commemorative weapon or a group buy of off the shelf weapons, please contact Quantico Tactical.

Government Sales

Quantico Tactical is a major supplier of equipment to the Military, Federal Agencies, State/Local Departments and Private Security. Our line card includes leading manufacturers of weapons, weapon accessories, personal equipment, communication/crypto/computer gear, tents/shelters/generators, UAVs and more. Our contract vehicles include an extensive GSA Schedule, DoD eMall and a Defense Logstics Agency contract for Special Operational Equipment which allows us to rapidly supply equipment to you equipment via MIPR or MILSTRIP funding.

Our Government Ops team is made up of US Military combat veterans who continually train so they can stay abreast of current technology to assist you in filling your capability gaps.



Quantico Tactical was started in 2001 as a part time business while David was stationed in Quantico. The original store was open Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays unless David was deployed, in which case the store would remain closed until his return. Upon David’s retirement in 2004, Quantico expanded to seven stores and began doing government sales. In 2014, after a decade of full time effort, Quantico Tactical was awarded a five year, $10 Billion contract with the Defense Logistics Agency to provide Special Operational Equipment to US Military and Federal Customers worldwide. This DLA contract, allows Quantico to take MIPRs or MILSTRIP for your unit’s equipment needs. Further, Quantico Tactical has an extensive GSA Schedule.


Quantico Tactical currently has a Government Ops (Sales) team around the country, six brick and mortar stores outside major military bases (Ft Lewis/Tacoma, Fort Riley/Junction City, Ft Hood/Killeen, Ft Campbell/Clarksville, Ft Bragg/Aberdeen and Northern VA/Woodbridge). Their HQ is located in Aberdeen, NC just outside Ft Bragg.


Quantico Tactical’s growth is continually fueled by our commitment to exceptional service and the desire to sell only the best gear and weapons. When you visit Quantico Tactical, you will see only “better, best and over the top best” gear. When you order from us, expect excellent customer service.

David Hensley is still actively involved in the day-to-day operations of Quantico Tactical and may be reached at David@QuanticoTactical.com.

Whiskey 5 – 37 PSR Gun Club

Monday, November 7th, 2016

SSD’s Whiskey 5 is a recurring feature that asks industry organizations, “Who, What, Where, When, and Why?” It’s a column intended to give you a more in-depth look at those manufacturers, trainers and individuals that make this industry unique. Today we’ll be taking a look at the 37 PSR Gun Club, which we originally talked about back in 2012.



The 37 PSR Gun Club is a shooting range and training facility run by Retired Special Forces NCO Frankie McRae. McRae also operates Raidon Tactics, a fundamentals-to-Special-Operations training organization which holds most of its open-enrollment courses at 37PSR.



37 PSR Gun Club is a full service low restriction outdoor shooting range and training facility featuring covered firing lines with handgun, rifle and shotgun shooting positions, tactical training, competition bays, and a 360-degree ballistic rated shoot house. 37 PSR also houses a gun shop with full gunsmithing services. 37 PSR is open to shooters of all skill levels from beginners to special operations troops, and offers families everything from a Woman’s Only Shooting program to a Youth Shooting Program and Family Steel Challenge Matches. 37 PSR’s staff and firearms instructors have many years experience in either Special Forces or the US Special Operations Command.



McRae bought the facility in 2009, when it was barely recognizable as a range. Using his own and an investor’s funds, he recreated the facility from the ground up and opened it for training later that same year.



37 PSR Gun Club is based in Bunnlevel, North Carolina, between Fayetteville and Lillington, just off HWY 210, 45 minutes from the Fairgrounds in Raleigh and 15 minutes from Fort Bragg.



Initially planned as a DoD-specific training site, 37 PSR evolved into a civilian-friendly range offering everything from firearms fundamentals classes for children to advanced skills courses for special operators.


McRae realized the Fort Bragg area, home to numerous highly-trained troops and their families, lacked a low-restriction range where those troops and families could actually train rather than just shoot (no more than two rounds at a time, no drawing from the holster, no movement, nothing but sterile, square range noisemaking). 37 PSR Gun Club filled a dire need for a real place to train, from cradle to adulthood, without the mind-numbing restrictions of the typical shooting range. Despite detours from the original plan, and a near-catastrophic “hoarding instead of shooting” lull after Sandy Hook, 37 PSR continues to build its client base and expand both its facility and services offered.


37 PSR Gun Club is online here: 37psr.com

You can learn more about Raidon Tactics on SSD here: soldiersystems.net/2016/10/17/whiskey-5-raidon-tactics

Read up on Frankie McCrae, who we’ve known here at Soldier Systems Daily since some time spent with him in the Philippines a few years back, in this interview: www.recoilweb.com/preview-zeroed-in-frankie-mcrae-81521

Whiskey 5: Raidon Tactics

Monday, October 17th, 2016

Whiskey 5 is a recurring Soldier Systems Daily feature that asks “Who, What, Where, When, and Why” of industry leaders, manufacturers and instructors — to let you hear how they describe themselves. It’s intended to give you a close and thorough look at some of the people that make our industry unique. We’ve found these basic 5 questions to be the basic keys to understanding. Past Whiskey-5s have included business from Provengo to Kryptek, and all sorts of other companies in between.

Today we’ll be sharing an overview of North Carolina’s Raidon Tactics Inc.

Raidon Tactics is a training company located in North Carolina. It is run by Frankie McRae, a former Ranger and Special Forces NCO who instructed at the U.S. Army Special Warfare Center and School. McRae’s experience alone would make Raidon worth looking into, but Raidon’s entire instructor staff is comprised of seasoned professionals, with an aggregate total of over 100 years of Special Operations experience. Raidon offers one-on-one instruction for classes ranging from firearms fundamentals for new shooters to advanced skills for highly-trained special operations troops. Because McRae and so many of his instructors were Special Operations senior leaders who held positions in SF schools, and they’re close to Army SF’s heartland, Raidon maintains working relationships with military units to facilitate needed training.

Raidon Tactics is a go-to company for those requiring realistic, relevant training from skilled, experienced instructors. Raidon offers individual and team training in rifles, pistols and shotguns, Tactical Casualty Combat Care/EMT/paramedic training, counter-ambush and PSD driving, surveillance, sniper/observer skills, aerial marksmanship, hand-to-hand combat, K9 handling, edged weapons, corporate and travel threat mitigation, and many other courses. Raidon trains military, law enforcement and private citizens of all ages.

Raidon bought their facility in 2009, made improvements and opened the facility for training a year later.

Raidon Tactics is based in Bunnlevel, North Carolina, minutes from Fort Bragg. Raidon operates a low-restriction training facility almost 365 days a year, minus Christmas and Easter. The facility has numerous live fire training bays, a 360-degree ballistic shoot house, and 100- and 25-yard shooting ranges for the public. “Low restriction” means exactly that; Raidon students shoot from elevated positions, vehicles and other barricades. Firearms classes offer a full complement of steel targets to challenge shooting skills. Raidon also leases a 1000-acre farm for realistic scenario-based training; for example, students learning Sensitive Site Exploitation will get many false positives from explosives and other chemicals used for farming. Raidon has a hardball road for Vehicle Interdiction training, which is used often by Special Forces units on near Ft Bragg. Language skills can be tested in realistic scenario-based training exercises that employ multilingual role players to enhance realism. 

Because the military makes it hard to get good training.

McRae dealt for years with the Army’s policy of ruining good training opportunities with bureaucratic obstacles and overbearing safety rules. After retiring he decided to open his own facility where he could provide the best training possible with the least red tape.  There are very few military facilities where a unit can incorporate evasive driving, CQB, hand-to-hand combat, TCCC, and small unit tactics into one exercise, without having to deal with an old-school sergeant major waving a reflective belt. Instead of drowning troops in unnecessary hurdles, Raidon Tactics has perfected the turn-key method of providing training to Special Operations units. Raidon Tactics even provides all weapons, ammo and gear to all of students in order to make training as painless and smooth as possible.

Find Raidon Tactics online at raidontactics.com.

Also on Facebook at www.facebook.com/RaidonTactics

You can read more about Raidon Tactics chief instructor Frankie McRae in this interview here:

Whiskey 5 – Provengo

Thursday, July 7th, 2016

Provengo. Provengo is a contractor that has been supplying the Department of Defense for over 12 years. After hearing so many of our customers tell us their biggest challenge was getting the gear when they needed it, we heard them and we evolved. Two years ago we expanded into the full service ecommerce website we are today, featuring just in time inventory. Everything on our site is on the shelf in our warehouse. Located in Oceanside NY, all orders are shipped the same business day, when placed before 12pm ET. Our mission is to offer expedited equipment order processing for those serving and protecting the United States, at deeply discounted prices. Simply register for a government account on our website to take advantage of these amazing deals.

We offer a full range of services without the complications, price mark ups and time consuming policies of large, multilayer organizations. Our brands, including Crye Precision, 5.11, Yeti, Costa Del Mar, Goal Zero, Danner, Benchmade, and Salomon to name a few. Our selection reflects the constantly evolving requirements of successful operations, and new products are added to our site every month.

Provengo LLC was established in 2004 as a Women Owned Small Business. We are proud to have grown from a small shop into the thriving website we are today, with an untarnished reputation of success.

Every item on Provengo.com is stocked in our warehouse in Oceanside, NY. We double?check every order and ship all orders received before 12PM ET the very same business day. We offer in store pickup for local orders; be sure to check our site for hours of our retail store.

Here at Provengo, we believe it’s important to maintain our reputation as a business who genuinely cares about our customer. That’s why we stock, package, and ship all the products we sell. We take pride in hand?selecting every item we carry. From protective to tactical equipment to simply the coolest gear, we love every product we sell. Since we’re constantly on the hunt for new items, great products get added to the website every month. If we don’t stock it, let us know and we might be able to order it for you! We want to make your experience with Provengo the best. Hopefully, you’ll be so impressed you’ll tell your friends about us!

Deep Discounts
-Get exclusive discounts on our most popular products We Stock & Ship Directly
-Don’t waste time ordering from competitors who don’t keep stock or have a warehouse. Orders placed before 12pm ET will be processed and shipped the same day! That’s our promise to You!

Hassle Free Returns
-Provengo has a 10?day no hassle Return policy. Merchandise may be returned to Provengo within 10 days of the receipt of your purchase.
Free Shipping
-Orders over $250 will ship for FREE. Yes, it’s completely FREE. (excludes AK,HI, PR)

Simply register on our website for a government account to take advantage of these great deals. As an extra bonus, the first 400 registered users will receive a FREE 5.11 Knife valued at $20. Enter coupon code SS16 during checkout.

Whiskey 5 – 3GUN4VETS

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

WHO: 3GUN4VETS …www.3gun4vets.com/our-story – Non Profit veteran run organization.

WHAT: 1yr anniversary fund raising match.

WHEN: 30 -31 July 2016 (SAT/SUN)

WHERE: Parma, ID (Parma Rod & Gun Club) Home of the MGM Ironman

WHY: The Organization is about one thing and one thing only. Getting our lost veterans back, whether it be an emotional loss or a physical loss. Our goal is to help get combat veterans upright again by introducing them to a hobby they can not only relate too, but a group they can belong too. We take the weapons once used for destruction and help turn them into tools of healing. Our support structure is made up of like minded people that genuinely care for one another. Our sport offers not only the mental and physical challenges many of our vets are use too, but the camaraderie many have left behind or lost.

The 3G4V program is not designed to be a Band-Aid for veterans, but rather a life altering surgery. I know first hand the healing powers this sport has to offer because I too was once lost. Thinking I had no where to turn I let myself and my family suffer. This sport gave me back more then I ever could have asked for. This sport brought me back from a place I never wanted to be and a place I never thought I’d escape.

This isn’t a one time thing for us, we aren’t the organization that brings vets out for a weekend of fun just to check the block and say we did our part. This organization is about follow through. We are with our vets for the long run, they made a commitment to us, we owe them the same.

Whiskey 5 – American Cord & Webbing Co., Inc.

Monday, March 7th, 2016


For over 100 years, American Cord & Webbing Co., Inc. (ACW Co., Inc.) has been a leading designer and manufacturer of narrow fabrics, sewn strap assemblies and injection molded plastic hardware produced for both military and commercial use. We take pride in offering quality products that exceed government specifications. ACW is recognized in the industry for its’ innovative design and engineering abilities when developing custom products. Our combined years of experienced industry professionals, along with our commitment to service and quality, is unequaled in today’s marketplace.

ACW opened its doors in 1917 and will celebrate its’ 100th Anniversary this coming year. You will see that even after a century of business, ACW continues to maintain the same level of commitment to its customers. Our highly trained and experienced customer service and sales representatives work together to provide our customers with top-notch sales and support, while fulfilling orders with efficiency and speed.

ACW began with the development of a single buckle, which was introduced into the flotation industry almost 40 years ago. Since the beginning, they have continued to redesign and improve their product lines to be able to offer its customers the latest improvements and advancements plastics and weaving technology. ACW continues to meet and exceed customer demands through streamlining operations and expanding facilities as necessary. Our dedicated facility for custom design and manufacturing places ACW above its competition. Designing and manufacturing in-house allows for efficiency in all phases of product development, allowing ACW to be able to provide innovative, cost-effective solutions for our customers. An emphasis on value-added services, such as pre-production samples, and a problem-solving approach, complements our long-standing industry reputation. ACW raises industry performance standards and will continue to do so for years to come.

ACW is located in Woonsocket, Rhode Island in a state-of-the-art weaving and molding manufacturing facility. You are also able to reach us at www.acw1.com.

In the marketplace today, there is a need for certified & approved, Berry-compliant products that maintain the highest strength and quality. ACW is able to provide those products all the while exceeding market expectations. Our representatives provide customers with relevant product information necessary to make an informed buying decision for our application needs. Simply put, ACW puts its customers first, while supplying the marketplace with high quality products and service.


Whiskey 5 – Radical Firearms

Monday, December 21st, 2015



Radical Firearms. We’re a Title II NFA Gun Manufacturer and retail operation with a complete—and growing—lineup of pistols, rifles, shotguns, silencers, and machine guns. We manufacture this line of our line of custom built AR-15s, AR-10s, bolt guns and silencers in house. We are a true manufacturer, not an assembly shop, with a fully tooled and operational gunsmithing facility. Our employees, 80% of whom are veterans because of our veteran hiring preference, are passionate about what they do and knowledgeable enough to do it extraordinarily well.



Radical began as a hobby. We started as Kyle Richie’s small shop, handling FFL transfers in a modest retail space while building high end ARs and bolt guns for choosy buyers with specific needs. We then brought in another black gun aficionado, David Spector, who knew workaday guns and business. We soon began to buy CNC machines to create better tolerances for the some of the pieces we were assembling in house (the first piece was a gas block). After selling enough gas blocks we bought more machines to manufacture other parts. With more CNC machine purchases we began hiring passionate employees. We started to realize we were creating our own parts at a fraction of the cost, which allowed us to pass the savings on to our customers. We now offer a great selection of firearms and parts that are built here in Texas for the most discerning firearms enthusiast and professional. From Military/Law Enforcement to 3Gun participants we are sure to have some thing that will meet your needs and budget—and we can do for as little as half the cost of other manufacturers. Don’t believe it? Visit the facility and watch us build your specific rifle start to finish.



Radical Firearms started in Texas, 2012 and the first CNC machine was purchased in 2013. We are proud to have grown from a small shop to selling 2000 rifles per month with over 50 employees in just three years.



Radical Firearms is located in 4413 Bluebonnet Suite 8 Stafford, TX 77477. Check our site for hours for the store. We have been in Stafford the whole time, at same facility, in the same building. All of our principals are native Texans.



Simply put, there’s a need, and because there are many rifle “manufacturers” who are disingenuous at best. Some source their parts from other manufacturers (including us) and put them together Lego fashion. Some source their parts the same way, then claim they’re built internally. We build our guns from muzzle device back, and really the actual manufacturing process. We have substantially less tolerance stacking than many manufacturers and can better control quality because everything is right there, cut to fit everything else exactly. You’re not going to find a couple thousandths off here and a couple thousandths off there on a Radical rifle. The team in our factory and store take pride in their work and thoroughly enjoy being part of the community. Besides building firearms for the public we have also begun to provide rifles to various law enforcement agencies in Texas and are the official rifle of the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association (TTPOA). Being part of the community is some thing in which we take pride; part of that is being a good neighbor. Our philanthropy work has raised a lot of money. We have as many as five rifle giveaways a month for various charities, from the families of fallen LEOs to families who lost everything during the recent flooding.

You can learn more about us online at www.radicalfirearms.com.

We’re on Facebook at www.facebook.com/RadicalFirearms and on Instagram as well, @radicalfirearms.