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Enforce Tac – SIG Optics Exhibits USSOCOM Squad-Variable Power Scope Candidate

Thursday, March 8th, 2018

SIG Optics had their contender for the USSOCOM Squad-Variable Powered Scope solicitation. It is a 1-6x intended for use out to 600m. It is seen here mounted to a SIG716-G2.


It is a variant of their commercially available Tango 6 optic, with final assembly in their Oregon plant. Additionally, they manufacture the mount there. The optic also comes with a throw lever installed.


Interestingly, it is a second focal plane scope. The contract had a small business set aside for first focal plane submissions, while the second focal plane versions are a full and open competition. If you’re wondering why there’s even a second focal plane option, it’s because the customer wanted the dot to be crisp and visible, even in full daylight.


The optic is a red dot, with a SOCOM-specified reticle. At the intensity setting, you can lock out the dot.


Although they have not made a final decision on naming convention, you will be able to purchase a version of this optic. Options will include tube color, reticle and first or second focal plane.

SIG Range Day 2018 – P365 Laser Sneak Peek

Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Due to its narrow design, the new SIG P365 pistol features a slim-line rail. SIG Optics is introducing a laser in March built specifically for this pistol.

Offered in Red and Green variants, it is actuated via pressure of the middle finger of the button at the grip.

Here is a photo of me shooting the P365 Equipped with the laser.

A 100 lumen light in the same configuration is also on the way as well as a Lima grip which the user can swap pistol frames from the standard frame to one with an integral laser.

SOFIC – SIG Electro-Optics ROMEO4T

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

The SIG ROMEO4T is a 1×20 red dot sight with a CR2032 backup and Solar Panel primary power source along the top. Using solar power and battery backup, you can expect in excess of 100,000 hours.

It is made from 7075 Aluminum and comes with a hexnut fastener on the 1/3 co-witness spacer.

Additionally, it is available with one of two sets of four, user selectable reticles (Ballistic Circle-dot and CirclePlex). The sight also comes standard with solid and see through lens covers.

Tested to Mil-Spec 810G, submersible to 20 meters, the is also an “H” model which doesn’t offer the solar power source.