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Ladies Choice Uniform Pants for Female LE Officers

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Unfortunately, there aren’t many products for our female readers but the guys at Breach-Bang-Clear bring us this report.

Females in law enforcement may be interested in the wear test Elbeco is currently doing in conjunction with If you sign up on line and are selected, Elbeco will send a pair of the Ladies Choice uniform trousers; you provide the feedback, and when the Wear Test is complete you keep the trousers. Several agencies have reportedly already been involved in their development, including Pittsburgh PD. These uniform trousers are intended to fit more comfortably and flatteringly (not sure how they could help but fit better than traditional pants worn by female officers without other options). They have contoured waistband wit side elastic, curved hip, modified seat and shortened front rise to accommodate female body styles. Other advantages Elbeco says these pants provide:

• Utility belt at natural waist provides better access to your weapon and can reduce back strain
• Curve at hip complements a woman’s shape
• Back pockets adjusted to waist for better access
• Reshaped seat for comfortable movement
• Pocket depth accommodates a woman’s reach

More information on the Wear Test is on

The Mad Duo

The Mad Duo believes everyone is entitled to their opinion. Check out their “Tactical Blog”, featuring occasional guest articles from LE and military professionals and frequent social or operational commentary. No sissies or hippies please.

SureFire Releases an AA Flashlight

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Although they have dabbled with AA batteries for the Saint headlamp, SureFire has never released an AA battery powered flashlight; until now. The new E2L AA Outdoorsman features a dual-output, solid-state LED emitter; tailcap switching; a TIR lens, and a weather-resistant aerospace aluminum body.

Its power-regulated LED features two output levels: 80 lumens of light on high (four times the light of a typical two-D-cell flashlight), or 3 lumens on low. It runs for nine hours on a set of AA lithium batteries at its high setting and 60 hours at its low setting.

AK30 Kydex Magazine Holster

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Now US PALM offers a kydex holder for their popular AK30 magazine. This is a welcome addition to their other carry option, a tactical rig called the Defender. It comes with a belt clip and is adjustable for tension.

Available in Black from Scottsdale Gun Club and don’t forget to keep an eye out for the AK Battle Grip and AK30 magazine in Brown Bakelite.

Introducing Rogue Warrior Brand Knives

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Awhile back we wrote about the Rogue Warrior brand of watches and alluded to some new products coming soon. Well, they just released their new knives and have a teaser web site up showing a few other items.

Here’s also a good look at the new knives. The line includes three fixed blade models which include the Black Frog, Brass Balls, and Sharkman as well as two versions of the Sharkman folder.

The cryogenically treated 8A steel blades are sharpened to a field-grade edge. The Sharkman is hand finished and treated with the proprietary Black-T coating, a multi-step process designed to not only protect the blade but also provide lubrication. The Brass Balls features a variation of the process called Brown-T that provides the blade with its distinctive look and naturally, the Black Frog features a mixture of Black and Green coatings.

The handles are assembled with a proprietary two-layer process. Manufactured from Rosewood (bottom layer) and Yellowheart (top layer), both hardwoods known for density, toughness and shock-absorbency as well as the G10 phenolic laminate used on the Sharkman handle each handle is made individually with consideration for field use and thought given to the needs of the user. In the case of the Sharkman handle, the handle is ported, to allow the water to be sucked away from the handle and not remain between the operator’s hand or glove and the handle. Additionally, the handles are knobbed to provide maximum tactile feedback to the operator.

Coming soon from

Protect Yourself

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Recently, a close friend of the owner of Unleashed Tactical Equipment was severely burned in an IED attack. His wounds are particularly heinous due to his selection of clothing. He was not wearing FR and they worked against him in the blast. In response, UTE has reacted with the Fit to Fight initiative.

In particular, the US military makes it very easy for its troops. Directives prescribe exactly what clothing and equipment troops will wear. Unfortunately, there are scads of others on the battlefield who do not have someone telling them how to conduct themselves and so they must assess their own risks and mitigate them however they can. Has the pendulum swung too far in favor of swaddling our troops in FR? Probably, but they are safer than ever from flame threats. Civilians have a tougher go. They have to decide how to dress.

The point is, for those who are able, consider the environment and the threat. Then, choose proper clothing and equipment. Few would ever go into a high threat environment without armor and a helmet, yet everyday, many venture out into harms way covered in high performance fabrics that will shrink them in a blast.

When in a threat environment, wear a balaclava and gloves. Wear eye pro, preferably goggles. Consider your clothing and the threat you will face. Consider no-melt, no-drip clothing if you don’t want to wear full flight suits or other FR apparel. Do all of this at a minimum. Any part of you exposed in a blast or direct flame threat is going to burn. Research the fabrics your clothing is manufactured from. Find out how it reacts to heat and flame. Stay safe.

Later this week, SSD will be running a feature on the testing of FR fabrics.

Every Which Way Buckle

Monday, July 26th, 2010

New from National Molding is the Every Which Way Buckle. It features their Quick Attach MOLLE Web Mount and can be fitted vertically or horizontally to PALS webbing. Additionally, it accepts any of National’s 1″ male buckles. The buckle is available in Black, Coyote Brown, and Tan 499.

The Colony Season Two

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

Discovery channel’s “The Colony” begins its second season the Tuesday, 27 July at 10 PM Eastern.

Last season’s experiment took place in an urban Los Angeles industrial park and looked at survival from a group dynamic. In addition to numerous innovative solutions to standard survival challenges like food and water,the survivors also had to deal with the dynamics of small groups made up of individuals from disparate backgrounds. Show producers also introduced a variety of moral dilemmas as well as encounters with both hostiles and needy displaced persons. For us, what made this show stand out were the innovative tech solutions applied to the challenges of survival and the group dynamic and their approach to the situation.

This season looks to be even better. The venue has changed and the underlying cause is a biological disaster which will pose its own set of challenges. Over 50 days (10 episodes), the seven new survivors will face a variety of challenges including hostile invaders. Their new home is a 10 acre area in Chalmette, Louisiana destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

Visit the website to learn more.

G4TV Covers the Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

Attack of the Show‘s Sara Jean Underwood covers the Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot & Trade Show. Yes, things explode. Think of it as entertainment.

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