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Double D Armory Ltd. Introduces PenCott patterns In A Mil-Spec Hard Coat Anodized Finish

Friday, December 27th, 2013


Double D Armory has announced that they will be offering both individual parts and fully-constructed rifles with a mil-spec hard coat anodized finish in the following PenCott patterns: GreenZone, SnowDrift, SandStorm, and BadLands. To celebrate, Double D is offering a pre-sale discount on complete rifles. The patterns will be available as an option during the pre-sale.


New Combat Lifesaver DVD From Panteao

Friday, December 27th, 2013

Columbia, SC, December 26, 2013 – Panteao Productions introduces the first video in the Make Ready series dedicated to medical care. Combat Lifesaver is an introduction to the principles of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), particularly the Care Under Fire (CUF) portion of the doctrine. The video is taught by John “Doc” Spears. Doc is an instructor for EAG Tactical. He started his career in the US Army as an 18D, Special Operations Medical Sergeant in 3rd battalion 7th Special Forces Group. He joined the 12th Special Forces Group while attending college, obtained a biochemistry degree, attended Osteopathic medical school, and then completed an orthopedic surgical residency and finally a spine surgery fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic Florida. In this video, Doc reviews care under fire, the individual first aid kit (IFAK), packing a wound and applying a battle dressing, tourniquets, hemorrhage, the airway, chest injuries, drag & carry, and more. This is a must have and must watch video if you are serious about first aid treatment and casualty care.


The DVD is available for pre-order from the Panteao website. The video will be available streaming to Panteao subscribers shortly.


Fighter Design Magnetic Retrofit Kit Now Available For Tactical Pants

Friday, December 27th, 2013


Fighter Design has announced a new version of their patented Magnetic Retrofit Kit designed for use with most popular tactical pant brands. The Magnetic Retrofit Kit for Tactical Pants comes in a 5-set pack, which will convert both cargo pockets and front flashlight pockets to magnetic closures, largely eliminating noise in addition to protecting the fasteners and preventing wear. Available in Black and Coyote Tan.


C.B. Colby’s Take On The M16

Friday, December 27th, 2013

Colby's Take On The M16

Taken from ‘Special Forces the U.S. Army’s Experts in Unconventional Warfare’ by C.B. Colby.

The type of warfare engaged in by the Special Forces requires something special in weapons as well. The new Colt AR-15, known as the M16, is just that. This weapon can be fired either semiautomatic (as fast as the trigger is pulled) or fully automatic (firing as long as the trigger is held back). It weights 6.31 pounds, which is very light for any weapon with its capabilities. Its cartridges are also very light, weighing 8 ounces for a full 20 rounds. The caliber is .223 (about as big as a .22 but many times more powerful) and the full-jacketed, boat-tailed bullets have a velocity of 3,250 feet per second. They can penetrate a car from rear to front, through bumper, trunk, back seat, front seat, fire wall and out the radiator. Not even the motor block of a vehicle will stop them. The M16 fires at the rate of 750 rounds per minute from bipod or shoulder. The muzzle does not rise when on fully automatic, and the weapon can fire various grenades 200 yards with ease. With a telescope sight it can fire all shots in a 12-inch bulseye at 500 yards. It can be fully dismantled with the tip of one of its own cartridges and its own firing pin. This is the weapon held by the man on the cover.

Sneak Peek – Elzetta Alpha 1-Cell Modular Flashlight

Thursday, December 26th, 2013

Elzetta Alpha Coming Soon, 900x550

Elzetta shared an image of their upcoming Alpha 1-Cell Modular Flashlight. They should have prototypes at SHOT Show with production this Summer. The belt clip will fit Bravo & Charlie (2-Cell & 3-Cell) models as well.


Team Wendy Is “Just Kicking Around A Few Things”

Thursday, December 26th, 2013


What do you think?



US Army Announces Improved Modular Tactical Holster Winners

Thursday, December 26th, 2013

Way back in December, 2012, the US Army released a pre-solicitation for a new Improved Modular Tactical Holster (IMTH) for the M9 pistol. The concept was to look for:

improvements to be made to the current Army Tactical Drop-Leg Configuration Holster System for the Army M9 specification Beretta 92F / 92FS pistol. The improvements sought are increased modularity including a drop-leg configuration, that can be quickly transferred to a hip configuration, as well as the capability to be worn/attached to current Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment (MOLLE), load carriage equipment such as rucksacks and the Tactical Assault Panel (TAP) or on individual body armor such as the Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV) or the Solder Plate Carrier System (SPCS).

Just over a year later, on December 19th, 2013, Natick announced the winners. Interestingly, the Army split the award between ADS Inc ($24,288,000.00) and Military Hardware, LLC ($49,000,000.00).

As we understand it, ADS bid a Serpa system from Blackhawk, probably similar to what they successfully won the Marine Corps contract with. To be sure, the Serpa is popular and has been adopted by militarized all around the world.


Military Hardware on the other hand, offered a G-Code system that we have covered here on SSD in the past.


The Military Hardware/G-Code holster consists of the XST holster along with Duty Drop Leg, H-MAR adapter for vests and MOLLE belt mount. The Kydex XST features an two forms of retention; the Over the Top, Power Assisted, Retention Canopy as well as their Adjustable Pro-Safe Tensioning. It is also outfitted with G-Code’s RTI (Rapid Transition Interface) which allows the user to securely move their holster from mount to another.

According the the pre-solicitation the overall 5-year IDIQ contract would not exceed $49 Million and consist of 225,000 holsters. Considering the ceiling on the Military Hardware award meets this, we are unsure how the Army plans to leverage this contract vehicle. Doubly so as they bid entirely different systems from different manufacturers, featuring different retention mechanisms. However, based on the two award amounts, it looks as if the Army expects to purchase twice as many G-Codes as Serpas.


On a final note, earlier this year, US Air Force Security Forces opted out of using the Serpa and mandated the Safariland 6004/6005. Likewise, the 75th Ranger Regt as well as other SOF organizations also issue the Safariland holster.

Forces Focus -16th Air Assault Brigade

Thursday, December 26th, 2013

Happy Boxing Day to our British Friends. A tip of the beret to you.