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TYR Tactical Tuesday – Worldwide HQ Grand Opening

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

If you’re going to be at NTOA in Phoenix, AZ, then you need to make some time for the TYR Tactical Worldwide Headquarters Grand Opening on Tuesday, September 26th, from 0900-1600.

TYR will offer shuttle buses between the NTOA event and their new facility. Be sure to get a factory tour and check out the latest gear from TYR Tactical.

Here’s A Way You Can Support Texas Disaster Relief

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

Some legit guys have taken two helicopters to the disaster area in order to support relief efforts.

This is their pitch:

There are several communities in Texas that need critical help after Hurricane Harvey. We will be focused on the Texas coast and Houston area. We are bringing all the resources we have at our disposal which include 2 helicopters. Unfortunately, helicopters are expensive to operate. I’m asking for help with fuel and rotor time. The pilots are donating their time, and those of us organizing it will be donating as much relief supplies as we can. Every penny will be going to aiding fellow Texans in need. I sincerely believe we can make a difference. But, time is absolutely critical.
We will be coordinating with local, state, and federal agencies.
We need fuel and rotor time.
I will provide a complete accounting of where every dollar went.

To donate, visit

US Air Force Adopts Magpul GEN M3 PMAG

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

According to a document entitled, “USAF Authorized Small Arms and Light Weapons (SA/LW) Accessories (as of 28 July 17)”, the US Air Force has followed USSOCOM and the Marine Corps’ lead and adopted the 30rd Magpul GEN M3 PMAG in both Black and Tan. Specifically, they are authorized for use with the M4/M4A1 Carbine, GUU-5P (sic) Carbine, and M249 Automatic Rifle (sic).

When queried about this update, Magpul issued us this statement:

“We are certainly pleased that another major service component has taken their own look at the test data and come to the same conclusion as the Marine Corps and USSOCOM. Given the body of existing data, the extensive fielding history since 2013, and the current experiences of the USMC after their adoption, we hope that Army leadership can put aside their concerns over the viability of their own magazine program and give soldiers the reliability advantage that is enjoyed by the USMC, USSOCOM, and now, the USAF, with the GEN M3 PMAG.”

According to the guidance, previously issued magazines are to be replaced by the GEN M3 PMAG through attrition. This highlighted extract contains the germane information (including NSNs). However, we offer the entire document here.

For those interested, GEN M3 PMAGs are available from and authorized dealers.

You Never Know Where They’ll Show Up

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

This time it’s the Royal Gorge, Canon City, CO.

SL tells us his son wears this cap adorned with the KCRF patch all the time.

Survitec PCS Aims to Significantly Reduce Preventable Battlefield deaths

Monday, August 28th, 2017

Norwegian Defence Material Agency signs up to $18m framework contract

Safety solution provider Survitec has launched a pre-hospital care system (PCS) – delivered by the Survitec Med division – that when effectively deployed will dramatically reduce preventable battlefield deaths, by providing world-leading pre-hospital medical equipment packaged ready for field use.

In line with the Norwegian Defence requirement, the PCS adheres to Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC); a battlefield medical doctrine that optimises the interventions and equipment required to reduce preventable battlefield deaths to a minimum.

Around 90% of battlefield deaths occur before reaching definitive medical care1. By employing Survitec’s PCS solutions, combined with the implementation of TCCC guidelines, battlefield personnel can be equipped with the latest and most innovative pre-hospital solutions available today.

Survitec’s PCS equips the user with the tools and training they need to rapidly assess, treat and extract casualties at all stages of the TCCC process; including Care Under Fire, Tactical Field Care and Tactical Evacuation situations. It consists of four components to include high-quality equipment, tactical and emergency pre-hospital training, end-to-end expert support and a global servicing and restock network, ensuring all stages of global battlefield care are delivered seamlessly.

The Norwegian Defence Material Agency (NDMA) has awarded the framework agreement to Sweden-based Promoteq AB, with Survitec as subcontractor, acting as the System Integrator. This is the first large-scale operation of its kind and is valued at $18m for three years – with an option to extend further – meaning the Norwegian Defence will be supported by the cutting edge of battlefield care into the next decade. Survitec’s partner Promoteq is a security and government contractor with more than 10 years of experience of providing Medical state of the art products and training to the Scandinavian market.

Survitec will be officially unveiling the system at DSEI at London’s ExCel, which runs between September 12th and 15th.

Rune Jensen, Chief of Project Department in the General Material Division, NDMA says: “So far the NDMA has a good experience with Promoteq as a System Integrator and Survitec as a subcontractor. We are looking forward to testing a System Integration of this scale and have very high expectations to further cooperation and their future deliveries.”

Survitec Med is staffed and managed by a team full of military experience, informed by years of real world combat deployments and by active, qualified civilian paramedics to provide the best solutions to all tactical field users.

Kevin Wheeler, Medical Director of Survitec, said: “This is a complete end-to-end solution and the only offering of its kind that combines modular designs, tactical medical training, expert support and servicing, anywhere in the world. In simple terms, it is a system that will significantly increase survivability – it will save lives. It not only equips military personnel with the tools they need to care for their comrades, but also provides the training they need to execute any support and care efficiently and quickly. We are proud to be supplying the system to the Norwegian Armed Forces and we hope that other militaries follow suit to ensure their troops are equipped with the latest and most innovative pre-hospital care medical solutions available today.”

Created by Survitec with support from Promoteq, the PCS is delivered with the close involvement of over 40 leading medical companies. Survitec supplies world leading equipment, with each component uniquely packed into a suite of modules optimised for the relevant phase of care, be it under fire, in-field or tactical evacuation.

Survitec’s mission is to provide innovative medical systems that deliver the right equipment to project forward the highest level of care in harsh environments.

The PCS supports extraction, field care, mobility, casualty sustainment and mass casualty events while meeting all required industry standards.

Beez Combat Systems American Sentry GRID Plate Carrier Cumber

Monday, August 28th, 2017

Beez Combat Systems American Sentry GRID Plate Carrier Cumber


General Features:

The ultimate in laser cut plate carrier performance.
Modular laser cut attachment points on entire vest for maximum versatility.
Padded 3D mesh interior provides additional comfort and airflow.
The plate carrier has a full adjustable cummerbund.
Bottom load hard plate – supports 10×12, ESAPI Medium and Large, Swimmer cut.
Side plate pockets on the inside of cummerbund – supports 6×6, 6×8 and 7×8.
Cummerbund has velcro access for soft armor inserts(6×12-15″) or rigid inserts.
Concealable rear adjustment sleeve for cummerbund.
8” Shoulder pads with laser cut routing and fully adjustable shoulders
Reinforced drag handle
Materials / Construction

§ 500 denier Cordura and GRID
§ MIL-Spec thread, hardware and velcro.
§ Tubes™ FirstSpear® Tubes™ are trademarks of FirstSpear, LLC

The Plate Carrier is available in MultiCam, Coyote and Black. For more info please check out:

ETS C.A.M. Rifle Magazine Loader – Loads Almost Every Rifle Magazine Out There, In Seconds

Monday, August 28th, 2017

August 25, 2017: ETS Group is proud to announce the release of our new C.A.M. Rifle Magazine Loader. Our new C.A.M. Rifle Magazine Loader makes loading magazines easier than ever before. With our patent-pending load system, you can load most any rifle magazine fast!

The ETS C.A.M. Rifle Loader can be loaded with loose ammo or can easily pick up rounds directly from the ammo tray. Simply run the feed-ramp over the ammo tray and pick-up 10 rounds at a time. Attach the ammo plunger and push down—it’s as simple as that. Spend more time shooting and less time loading.

Loads the following magazines:
AR15, AR10, AK47, AK74, FN SCAR-16/17, G36, Steyr Aug, MP5, Scorpion EVO, Colt SMG, UZI and more…

Loads following calibers:
5.56×45 / .223, .308, 7.62 x 39, 300BLK, 5.45 x 39, 9mm and more…

• Lightning fast loading
• Loader easily picks up rounds directly from the ammo tray or can also be used to load loose ammo
• Loader will not damage the magazine in any way
• Made from a durable polymer that will hold up to wear and tear
• Portable and fits easily into your range bag or your pocket
• Lifetime warranty

Price: $29.99

See How It All Works:
ETS’s C.A.M. Rifle Magazine Loader is available now at

War Furniture

Monday, August 28th, 2017

Apparently, war furniture was a thing, and thanks to my friend Håkan Spuhr, we now know about it. In case you were wondering why it’s called war furniture, it is because it is made from weapon parts.

He took these photos at Festung Hohensalzburg – Fortress Hohensalzburg in Salzburg, Austria.