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Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020

(Las Vegas, NV – SHOT Show Booth# N255, January 22, 2020) – Owyhee Group Companies (OGC), a solution focused contractor in the tactical defense market, and FIELDSHEER, a manufacture of heated apparel, have teamed up to design and deliver a heated glove for the tactical defense market. “We wanted to bring the comfort of FIELDSHEER’s heated apparel into a tactical glove designed specifically for the needs of the defense industry”, notes OGC President Michael McLaughlin. Under the terms of the arrangement FEILDSHEER will manufacture of the glove, while OGC will be its exclusive General Service Administration (“GSA”) distributor (GS-07F-0370M).


The gloves utilize FIELDSHEER’S mobile warming technology. With a single touch of a low-profile button, the glove can quickly be adjusted to one of four settings ranging from 90 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit. The heating system is powered by dual 7.4-volt rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries with AC dual charger giving it a life of 2 to 8 hours based on the setting used. It can be recharged in as little as 4 to 5 hours.

The gloves design features touch screen support for the thumb and index finger, along with a screen cleaning squeegee located on the back of the left glove’s index finger. The glove is available in Tan 499 and comes in adult unisex sizes from Small to 2XL. Zippers on the wrist guards make battery insertion a snap and an adjusting Velcro straps at the wrist makes for a secure fit.

SHOT Show: FIELDSHEER Booth# N255 on Level 3 for the Next/New Products.

Web Link: owyheegroup.com/e/MWUG1216.

FirstSpear Range Day 20 – Mechanix Wear Women’s Specialty 0.5mm Covert

Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

The team at Kadri Clothing got a chance to check out the Mechanix Wear Women’s Specialty 0.5mm Covert gloves.

These shooting gloves combine their 0.5mm thin AX-Suede palm with the breathable TrekDry reduce heat build-up on the back of the hands and expandable flex joints improve trigger finger mobility for smooth manipulation, all with a female fit.

Magpul Releases Two Updated Glove Models

Wednesday, January 15th, 2020

Magpul has updated two of their most popular gloves, releasing the Technical Glove 2.0 and Patrol Glove 2.0. Magpul tells us the new versions are even better in fit, materials and construction

Technical Glove 2.0

• Durable synthetic construction with suede-backed thumbs
• Protection for active hands with minimum impact on fine motor skills
• High-abrasion synthetic suede palm for durability and better grip
• Suede-backed thumb area to quickly remove fogging on hunting optics and glasses
• Narrow, minimalistic forefinger for easy access and better control of your firearm’s trigger and selector
• Lightweight, durable glove that won’t compromise dexterity
• Ambidextrous three-finger touchscreen capability
• Compression-molded neoprene cuff for secure fit
• Corded nylon construction for back-of-hand stretch and enhanced durability
• Reinforced suede pull tab 

S, M, L, XL, 2XL


Patrol Glove 2.0

• Wrap-up finger pattern and articulated palm pattern for added dexterity and protection
• Goatskin palm for maximum durability
• Touchscreen capability in the thumbs
• Closed cell foam padded knuckle protection
• Corded nylon for back-of-hand protection
• Flexible knuckle panel on the back of the fingers for easier articulation



The Flight Glove remains in the line due to government contracts. The popular Ranch Glove will make a comeback in the future.


Agilite and Mechanix Wear Join Forces with the M-PACT Agilite Edition

Monday, November 25th, 2019

Previously only available to Government Clients, the Multicam only, M-Pact Agilite Edition is now available commercially. 

The M-Pact Agilite Edition was the result of a collaboration between Agilite Systems Inc. and Mechanix Wear, the world leader in tactical hand protection.  They teamed up to develop a unique glove for Tier 1 SOF who wanted the best of all worlds, the protection of a Mechanix M-Pact Covert glove but the tactile capabilities of a fingerless glove.

The semi-fingerless design conforms to your hand like a full glove and yet gives you the dexterity and control of bare hands for your trigger finger, finding a pulse, changing ammunition belts, using smart devices comfortably, or other mission-critical tasks.

Combat-proven downrange, The M-PACT Agilite Edition protects military and law enforcement professionals with EN 13594 rated impact protection. D3O® palm padding dissipates high-impact energy to reduce hand fatigue.

See more here.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – All New Cold Climate Gloves

Friday, November 15th, 2019

Today we are getting the first look at the all new fatigue green on the Cold Climate Glove from FS. The CCG provides a comfortable fit featuring a keratin leather palm patch, Primaloft Gold insulation matched with a breathable waterproof insert as we all as a super soft brushed axe suede on the backside of the thumb.

Overall the glove is incredibly light weight compared to how warm it will keep your hands. Impressive dexterity including reduced insulation in the trigger finger to increase basic fire control manipulation. Touch screen capable index fingers and adjustable cuff with a perfect amount of stretch. Available and shipping now in fatigue green and black.


SKD Tactical’s New Ultimate Tactical Warminess: FDT Cold Weather Gloves!

Tuesday, October 29th, 2019

SKD Tactical has released a new cold-weather version of their FDT (Full Dexterity Tactical) gloves for chillier climes and/or decreasing temperatures. They’re currently (as of this writing) in stock and available now in white and black, with additional colors to come.

28 1015S OCT 2019
Coldsville, USA

It’s a cold day at the local range, but not cold enough to dissuade the hardest among your crew. Everyone knows that you wear PIG FDT Alpha Gloves to shoot, but this time you pull the ALL-NEW PIG FDT Cold Weather Gloves out of your range bag! You beam with pride, saying “Check these out guys… insulated with touch screen compatibility on all five digits.” Shivering figures with numb fingers lean in with jealous eyes. Jaws fall slack in disbelief. As you pull on the fleece-lined wind-resistant gloves, you feel a wave of warmth settle on your hands, partly from the burning hot jealousy from your friends.

For gloves that will keep you warm while offering you unsurpassed tactile dexterity and touchscreen sensitivity, reach for the PIG FDT Cold Weather Gloves when the temperatures drop!

International customers in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Hong Kong, and South Korea will need to contact international dealers.

PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Cold Weather Glove

The PIG FDT Cold Weather Glove (CWG) finally brings PIG’s unsurpassed dexterity to a wind-resistant insulated glove. Maintaining the PIG-FDT line-up’s short cuff design, the ALL-NEW CWG includes features such as Touch Screen Compatibility (all 5 digits), grippy Silicon-print palm and a Terry cloth nose-wipe. When the temperatures drop, transition from your current FDT Gloves to the ALL-NEW WARMNESS that is the PIG FDT Cold Weather Glove!

Currently available in colors Black & White.
Carbon Grey available DEC 2019.

Coyote available MAR 2020.

Available in MENS SM-2XL, and WOMENS XS-XL!

Find all versions of the FDT glove line at: bit.ly/PIGglovesFDT

Find in-depth reviews of PIG and other gloves online at MM.

Warrior EAST – Mechanix Wear Covert M-PACT Gloves Now Have NSN

Wednesday, July 10th, 2019

You can now order five packs of Mechanix Wear’s most popular glove, the Covert M-PACT via National Stock Number. These are TAA Compliant.

X-small 8415-01-610-7322

Small 8415-01-610-7325

Medium 8415-01-610-7323

Large 8415-01-610-7324

X-large 8415-01-610-7326

XX-large 8415-01-610-7327

For more information, contact [email protected].

US Army Seeks New Cold Weather Glove System

Wednesday, June 12th, 2019

Earlier today, Product Manager for Soldier Clothing and Individual Equipment (PdM-SCIE), issued a pre-solicitation to Industry, announcing their intent to procure, on a full and open basis, a new modular and scalable hand wear protection system for extreme cold weather operating environments. Expect the actual Request for Proposal (RFP) for an Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Quantity Contract to be released on or about 1 July 2019, with proposals due 30 days after RFP release. The proposal solicitation number is W911QY-19-R-0026.

For the past few years, the US Army has issued an interim Army Glove System, manufactured by Outdoor Research and based on protective handwear used by Special Operations Forces. This new Cold Weather Glove System will replace it along with other legacy cold weather handwear.

The new CWGS must meet the following requirements:

1) Environmental Protection in the temperature ranges of 40oF to -40oF Threshold (T), 40oF to -60oF or below Objective (O).

2) The CWGS shall provide flame resistance and not melt or drip when exposed to heat or flame at the next to skin level (O).

3) Hand Dexterity to allow the Soldier to write clearly, easily adjust or use radios and other equipment (optics) with small knobs or levers in temperatures 40oF to 14oF (T), 40oF to -20oF (O). Gloves must not restrict the ability to place the trigger finger cleanly inside the trigger guard at 40oF to -20oF (T), 40oF to -60oF or below (O) of individual issued or crew served weapon systems.

4) Capacitive Touch that is compatible with capacitive touchscreens or resistive screens in temperatures 40oF to 14oF (T), 40oF to -40oF (O).

5) Made of materials that contain no health hazards or Toxic Industrial Chemicals/Toxic Industrial Materials (TICs/TIMs) Threshold=Objective (T=O).

6) Don & Doff of any component of the CWGS in less than 8 seconds.

7) A camouflage pattern or solid color “over-white” capability to potentially replace the current Army over-white mitten shells (NSN 8415-01-481-3434).

8) Back of the hand comfort fabric that is a flexible pile-like fabric, which remains soft in cold conditions and shall not generate electrical static charge when rubbed. The comfort fabric will not freeze with ice and readily shed frost when shaken, and will not ignite, melt or drip in proximity to open flame. The comfort fabric shall contribute to the insulation of the cold weather glove system to protect against cold conditions and be dimensionally stable to laundering.

9) System durability for a minimum of 270 (T), 365 (O) days of operational use, in the systems intended environments/conditions without weakening of inner and outer components or separation of any parts of the CWGS.

10) Suspension & adjustability feature at the wrist that is capable of being adjusted using the free hand wearing the other glove and the capability to secure the hand wear within close proximity to the hands after removal (T=O).

11) Constructed of quick-drying materials to allow for drying time within 4 hours (T), 1 hour (O) under standard lab conditions in a heated environment.

12) Provide a slip-free grip palm and fingers, while affording sensitivity during delicate tasks in the temperature range 40oF to 14oF (T), secure grip for tools and weapons during extreme weather conditions in the temperature range 14oF to -20oF (O).

13) Compatible with all equipment and items issued to the Soldier as individual equipment or PPE (T=O).

14) Accommodate unisex hand sizes XX-Small, X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large.

15) Resistance to water, wind, petroleum, oils, lubricants, and detergents at a level equal to existing cold weather gloves.

16) Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR) rate of greater than 7.0 grams/hour (T), greater than 10.0 grams/hour (O).

Based on drafts of these requirements, industry has developed quite a few new handwear concepts. Regardless of what the Army procured, we will all benefit from the development that has gone into this effort through new product offerings.