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National Molding J Hook

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

National Molding has developed a new product called the J Hook designed to attach shock cord or paracord to MOLLE. The J Hook engages a standard bar tack and will maintain it’s position regardless of any tension on the cord. It can be removed or repositioned easily and under extreme load will snap free without breaking. They are available in black as well as any of National Molding’s standard military colors.


Black Bag Designs LLC NVG Head HarnessADS Tactical

Thursday, January 19th, 2012


We saw a really cool NVG Head Harness in the Adams Industries booth (SHOT Show booth #5008) that is made by Black Bag Designs LLC and is 100% Berry compliant. It is crafted from Jaquard weave Multicam Webbing from Murdock webbing, printed MultiCam loop from Velcro USA and hardware from ITW and National Molding. It’s unique in that it is able to mount ANY US issue ground troop Night Vision Device. It is fully adjustable at 10 different points for user comfort. Additionally, the harness is lightweight and so compact it can be stowed in a cargo pocket. Guaranteed for life and currently in use by US SOF, the Head Harness is available from Adams Industries, ADS, and Black Bag Designs, LLC. It’s Patent Pending and available in Black, Khaki, MultiCam and Coyote Brown.


Black Bag Designs LLC
Ph 815-252-8766

The Idea Isn’t Necassarily New, But The Implementation Is – Molly Stix

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

When National Molding sent us info on the Molly Stix earlier this week, my first thought was, “Yes, I see what you’ve done here.”

According to National Molding:
Molly Stixs are easily woven between the webbing and with a simple flip of the top latch they are locked in place. Molly Stixs secure and stabilize the accessory onto the pack or armor and when in comes time to remove the item a quick flip of the locking tab or tug on the optional lanyard and the item if few in seconds. Two or more can be linked together with para-cord and released in unison

The idea is simple, it’s just that nobody has done it yet, at least specifically for PALS. The first time I saw something like this on a tactical product was in the early 80s. The Lowe Alpine Systems LOCO pack had a removable rappelling harness waist belt. It was held in place on the pack with a tethered, rubber-coated aluminum bar that was inserted between webbing. Two pieces were on the pack and the third piece was the weight bearing portion of the waist belt strap. It worked and this will too.

TacHacker – New Buckles from National Molding

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Techno Grab
National Molding Techno Grab

The Snap On Series

National Molding Snap on Series

Marine Corps Family of Packs Hip Belt

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

The new Marine Corps Family of Packs features a molded hip belt which incorporates hardwear from National Molding. The 2” Techno Grab Tensionlock is combined with the Lock Monster Single bar Male and Female to create a simple, adjust hip belt.

As you can see, the belt is adjusted by pulling forward on the straps. You grab a side in each hand and pull forward with equal pressure.

TacHacker – National Molding New Products

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

National Molding 2011 New Products

National Molding has added several new buckles to their Duraflex line. Additionally, they have added a feature on their website to allow individuals to purchase the Duraflex line.

James Rittenhouse Joins National Molding

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

National Molding has announced the appointment of James Rittenhouse as the Manager in charge of the Duraflex® Product Line. James brings over 25 years of product design experience across a wide range of industries which includes body armor systems, luggage, backpacks and small appliances.

National Molding Announces New Sales Manager

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

National Molding would like to announce Ian C. Stout as their new National Sales Manager for Military and Commercial products. Ian is a former United States Marine with an Infantry background, so he has end user experience using their products and he understands firsthand how tactical equipment works. Since leaving the Marine Corps, Ian has held positions in several defense sector companies as an independent Security Contractor as well as Applications Specialist, Product Manager and National Sales Manager. He can be reached via email [email protected].