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Gore-tex Extended Comfort Range Footwear Technology Now Available

Sunday, January 13th, 2013


W L Gore & Associates, Inc has announced that its most advanced comfort technology is now available in tactical military and law enforcement footwear. Available in desert tan and black from the Belleville Boot Company, Propper International, Reebok, and Shoe Technology Company (STC), GORE-TEX Extended Comfort Footwear provides protection outside in challenging conditions and comfort inside the station, vehicle, or garrison. GORE-TEX Extended Comfort Footwear enables military and law enforcement professionals to have a single pair of boots for the widest range of climates. Like all GORE-TEX products, this new technology delivers durable protection from exposure to rain and inclement weather while allowing moisture vapor to escape from the boot, which helps keep feet dry and more comfortable. The unique single-wall construction of GORE-TEX Extended Comfort Footwear eliminates the need for extra lining, making the footwear a more lightweight alternative.

More of the New Propper Tactical Clothing Line

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Propper has released photos of a few additional items from their new tactical clothing line. Thanks to Predator BDU for sharing these photos.

Propper Unleashes a Full Tactical Clothing Line

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

At SHOT Show Propper International unveiled an ambitious tactical clothing lineup signalling their intent to go full-on into a market long dominated by 5.11 and more recently joined by Blackhawk! and TRU-SPEC. They have just released these three new apparel collections. The PROPPER CCMF, Sweep, and LS1 collections total 23 new products in several colors including OD, Charcoal, LAPD Navy and Black. Additionally, there plaid options for several products. To see an overview of the line make the jump below.

Propper Adds Army Combat Pant to Online Catalog

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Propper has added their version of the Army Combat Pant to their ecommerce site. We covered the pant in-depth during last year’s Modern Day Marine, showing the various features. The ACP is manufactured from TenCate Defender M and integrates the Crye Precision knee pad.

This indicates that it may soon be for sale, at least to Government clients. Their description –

The PROPPER ACP based on the Crye design is a specialized garment incorporating feedback from field trials and tests conducted in Afghanistan. The ACP, while resembling the appearance of the current Fire Resistant Army Combat Uniform (FRACU), includes unique features, capabilities and characteristics necessary for improved performance on the modern battlefield.

The ACP offered by PROPPER is available in the Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern (OCP or MultiCam).


Propper Announces Partnership With Sheep Dog Impact Assistance

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Propper International will donate a portion of proceeds from its Summer 2012 apparel collection to support the Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) organization.

Founded in 2009 by 1st Sgt Lance Nutt (USMC), Sheep Dog Impact Assistance works to serve the needs of the men and women serving in our military, law enforcement, fire & rescue and EMS services – a community of people they call “Sheep Dogs.” In addition to its financial support, Propper will work to increase awareness of SDIA, specifically its direct assistance programs, disaster response teams and survival preparedness education.

“PROPPER feels fortunate to have the opportunity to give back to the communities we serve through this new partnership,” said Bryan Griggs, President of PROPPER INTERNATIONAL SALES. “We have seen the amazing impact they [SDIA] have had on the communities they assisted with disaster relief or local families of service men and women. We hope that others in the industry will join us in our mission to support SDIA.”

“For our organization, ‘helping others is a way of life,’ and with PROPPER’s support, our ability to help others will greatly improve,” said 1stSgt Nutt, Founder and President of SDIA. “What makes this partnership so perfect is that we are both working towards a mission serving the needs of our nation’s military and public safety personnel.”

Sheep Dog Impact Assistance operates through independent, local chapters across the country. Complete information on the organization can be found at www.sheepdogia.org.

Fuel Handler Coverall Contract Explained

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

We recently wrote about the contracts awarded to Propper International and Tennessee Apparel for the new Fuel Handlers Coveralls. Unfortunately, we didn’t explain what was going on which caused readers to make some back of the envelope calculations which resulted in the perception that the taxpayer is paying a lot more for these than is actually the case.

In fact, the contracts awarded to Propper International and Tennessee Apparel are five-year, firm-fixed price, indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contracts worth a maximum of $45,000,000. These contracts include options to procure a maximum of 75,000 Fuel Handler Coveralls. The maximum contract value ($45M, based on an early Government estimate of $600 per coverall) would only be reached if the Army purchased all 75K coveralls.

Almost all contracts are written this way these days. The maximum value of the contract is the award amount announced. This amount is generally only reached is all contract options are used. Generally this number is a little higher than what is required to give the Government a little bit of breathing room in the event demand is increased over the life of the contract. It also serves to lock in a price over the course of the contract. These contracts don’t require the Government to purchase the maximum amount but rather set a limit on the amount that can be purchased on that contract. Essentially, it serves as a blanket purchase agreement for that particular commodity. The Government can purchase as much as it needs (up to set limit) at a set price over the life of the contract without going through the contracting process over and over. Conversely, if it turns out the Government doesn’t need the gear, it doesn’t order or pay for it. This helps keep the Government from purchasing and stockpiling unneeded gear.

In the case of the Fuel Handler Coverall, the first delivery order for each of the awardees is for only 1,670 coveralls making actual contract cost per coverall came in between $400-$522, depending on size and vendor. Any future purchases will be determined based on fielding requirements set by the Army.

These coveralls offer a tremendous increase in protection when compared to their predecessors in the areas of flame resistance, environmental and electrostatic protection, and liquid-penetration resistance for fuel and water. PEO Soldier is committed to Soldier survivability, and this contract award is yet another example of their continuing efforts to provide the absolute best uniforms and gear to our Soldiers.

This is actually a joint effort. PEO Soldier specified that the coveralls be made in Coyote Brown so that their Marine brothers could order and use them too.

Thanks to those who reminded us to follow up on this. We hope this clears up any misconceptions that surround the Fuel Handler Coverall procurement.

Fuel Handler Coverall Contract Awarded

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Propper International, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico (W911QY-12-D-0006), and Tennessee Apparel Corp, Tullahoma, Tenn. (W911QY-12-D-0007), were awarded a $45,000,000 firm-fixed-price contract. The award will provide for the procurement of 1,670 fuel handler coveralls from each contractor. Work location will be determined with each task order, with an estimated completion date of Jan. 16, 2017. The bid was solicited through the Internet, with three bids received. The U.S. Army Contracting Command, Natick, Mass., is the contracting activity.

New A-TACS Products from Propper

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Predator BDU has just added several new products from Propper International in the popular A-TACS camouflage pattern. Shipping in November, the new items include a patrol cap, shorts, and the traditional BDU design – a 4 Pocket Coat and 6 pocket Pants.

Available for pre-order now from www.predatorbdu.com.