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SPECOPS.PL Reveals New Uniform

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

SPECOPS.PL shared some photos of their new MBS-2 uniform with us. Currently manufactured for Polish SF troops in Afghanistan, it features a stronger construction and modified cargo pockets with special mounting for the wz.93 assault knife, issued to most Polish soldiers. Additionally, the field dressing pouch has been moved forward, and the calf zippers are simplified. According to SPECOPS.PL, the uniform is made from NYCO in MULTICAM, PENCOTT, OLIVE, BLACK and KHAKI.

They also included their ZMKT-2 integrated Quick Release vest. It features two soft ballistic inserts, standard is BALCS, but since in Poland there is no one set soft-armor shape, they can modify the vest to suit the customer’s soft armor inserts. The ZMKT-2 vest can carry two large SAPI front-back plates as well as two side SAPI plates.

SPECOPS.PL BS-1 Combat Shirt in Pencott Badlands Camo

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

Here are some photos of the SPECOPS.PL BS-1 Combat Shirt in Pencott Badlands Camo. The sleeves are made from NYCO, torso from Polartec FR PowerDry material. The last 4 pictures are with their new PRM-1 pack in Coyote Brown.

Novatiq Scorp Available From SPECOPS.PL

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Swiss firm Navatiq has developed a new compact Unmanned Ground Vehicle called the Scorp which can pull double duty as a recce as well as EOD asset. It is a lightweight (~2.5 kg), throwable bot that boasts day/night 360° omnidirectional panoramic vision via 4 cameras mounted 1 per side. As you can see from the photo below, it also incorporates a built in microphone as well as Picatinny rails to mount additional accessories or sensors. Planned enhancements include biochemical detector, disruptor, encryption, manipulator with pincer, autonomous navigation, firing explosive charges, thermal imaging, etc.

The tracked Scorp also features articulating flipper arms to right itself in the event of a tumble or to aid in climbing. The control unit offers full recording capability as well as a range of 500 meters outdoors (line of sight) and 100 meters indoors (line of sight). Additionally, by utilizing alternative frequencies you can operate up to four robots within the same zone.

The Scorp is now available from the Polish form SPECOPS.

New Medical Bags

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

It seems as if we got hit with a quadruple whammy this week on medic bags (five if you count Mayflower’s Back Panel). We already covered the Low Profile Medical Kit from Phokus Research Group but there are a few other new models as well.

First up is the new ETA Trauma Kit Pouch from ITS Tactical. Developed in conjunction with ZULU Nylon Gear, the ETA Trauma Kit Pouch was designed to carry their Vacuum Sealed ETA Trauma Kit (designed to TCCC standards) as well as any other items the user needs to get at quickly. It is a compartmented design that is rapidly opened with the pull of a single loop connected to dual zippers. In addition to the main, rearmost pocket, there are two rear wing pockets large enough to store Decompression Needles and NPAs or other Airway devices. Additionally, the main flap panel design features the ITS Med Insert design. Finally, there is a channel between the pouch and MALICE clip webbing that will accommodate trauma shears, tourniquet pouch, or rescue hook.

Learn more at

Next is the SPECOPS IPMED or Indywidualny Pakiet Medyczny or Individual Medical Packet. As you may recall, SPECOPS.PL is a Polish company. As you can see, the IPMED is a multi-component pouch designed to be worn drop leg style and consists of four parts including a removable, tethered envelope for medical supplies. Interestingly, it made from 770D Cordura (common in Europe) in Coyote Brown. It comes filled with a medical kit built to TCCC standards. Read the whole review at

Finally, many of us are outdoorsmen but unfortunately, we don’t have the same level of medical gear for our outdoor pursuits that troops carry on the battlefield. Let’s face it, accidents happen in the woods. And if you’re hunting, trapping, or fishing, the results of an injury can be life threatening. That’s why our friends at Blackheart International developed the Sportsman Trauma Kit. Designed to fit in a cargo pocket, the was assembled by a former SF 18D and will feel very familiar to military personnel.

The kit Includes:
1 Custom bag, BDU Pocket Size
2 Krinkle Guaze
1 Emergency Bandage, 4″
1 Cravats
1 Casualty Cards (Triage Tags)
1 Asherman Chest Seal
1 Tourniquet, CAT one handed

There’s lots of great kit out there, and this is just the newest stuff. Make sure you take care of yourself and get the medical gear you need to keep yourself in the fight.

Some Hyde Definition Sneak Peaks

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

The Badlands and GreenZone images are actual photographs of the SPECOPS MBS-1 Combat BDU being field tested in Poland. The Sandstorm image is a simulation of the SOD Gear Spectre Shirt, Para Pants and Boonie Hat featured in a typical desert / arid environment. The Badlands and GreenZone images are courtesy of Michal Olszyca, the Sandstorm simulation was done on a photograph supplied by Military Morons.

SPECOPS.PL Introduces Branded Zipper Pulls

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Polish manufacturer SPECOPS has introduced zipper pulls in Black, Coyote and Olive which will not only blend with most any base color or pattern, but will also help to make the product even more distinct by incorporating their logo.