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The Tactical .22 1911 from US PALM

Friday, April 30th, 2010

A .22 1911…sacrilege, you say? Well they’ve been around awhile, just no one has done one quite like this. The Tactical 22 is available in two flavors. Shown is the version with a Picatinny rail along the top of the slide and there is also a model with adjustable sights.

US PALM Tactical 22

The Tactical 22 is built on a Caspian frame with an integral tactical light rail and flared magazine well. The upper crafted by Marvel Custom, features a match grade barrel threaded ½-28 with cap. The grips are Mil-Tac G10 laminate and each pistol comes with two 10-round magazines.

Available from www.SGCUSA.com in very limited quanities. Pistol is only available to qualified buyers and must be transferred through a licensed FFL holder.

NEMO Sleeping Pad and Pillow

Friday, April 30th, 2010

It turns out that NEMO is about more than just cool shelters with AirSupported Technology. They are all about the entire sleeping experience. In fact, their Fillo pillow and Cosmo sleeping pad are simply awesome.

The Fillo stuffs smaller than a 1 liter water bottle yet relies on a combination of a 3″ thick inflatable cell with engineered baffles and 1″ of memory foam to provide adjustable height and comfort. What’s more, the Fillo features an elastic cord laced along the back to attach an extra piece of clothing for additional height. The cover is made of a velvety-soft (literally) washable microfiber fabric with an integrated stuff sack. It’s light enough to at least take to the ISB at about 5 oz without the memory foam and just over 10 oz with it inserted.

The Cosmo is a horizontally baffled sleeping pad that is 3″ thick when inflated and 76″ long x 25″ wide. Take a look at the photo and notice that Gray bit at the bottom of the pad? That is a built-in foot pump to make setting up that much easier. The Cosmo can be combined with a Pillowtop to create the combo. The Pillowtop is a memory foam cover with a comfy microfiber outer that makes the whole she-bang 4″ thick!

NEMO Equipment - Pillow and Pad

On both products the microfiber covers feel like chamois and come in earth tones as you can see in the photo. I was able to give them a whirl at OR Winter market and I can say that they are certainly comfy. It’s like laying on a bed. You can see all of NEMO Equipment’s products online or visit the ADS Warrior Expo next week to see them in person.

Recon Chest Rigs from 215 Gear

Friday, April 30th, 2010

215 Gear has spent the week updating their site so if you haven’t been there in a while this is a great time to check it out and order one of their new Recon Chest Rigs. However, in case you aren’t yet familiar with 215 Gear, all of their products are designed with the Operator in mind and concentrate on being both lightweight and functional. The Recon series are built on a common platform with a unique adjustment system based on the tried and true H-harness that allows the Operator to self-adjust the rig snug-tight. Available in two flavors, one is a PALS variant that offers the most versatility and the other features two fixed GP pockets and two pistol mag pouches with protective flap and elastic retention as well as PALS webbing on the sides for additional items.

215 Gear RECON Chest Rig - MOLLE215 Gear RECON Chest Rig - Pockets

Regardless of style, the Recon Chest Rig integrates three internal pouches for a single 5.56 magazine held securely in place with an adjustable bungee system. Additionally, both designs come with a 215 Gear Tourniquet Holder mounted below the magazines. They also feature elastic loops for the stowing of communications cables and hydration tube routing and are Made in the USA from 500D Cordura and ITW Ghillie-tex buckles.

Available in Coyote and MultiCam now from 215 Gear and fine retail outlets.

One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

No, it's not the BAMs
MTP has been showing up in the craziest places.

Thanks Matt for the heads up and the USMC for the photo!

Pimps n Mercs

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Pimps n Mercs is helmed by two ex-Australian Soldiers who pulled some PSD duty in Afghanistan where they ran afoul of a US officer who was a might bit critical of their style of dress. I think you can figure out the rest of the story. Take a look at their wares. They have some interesting offerings, even for us Yanks and offer custom services as well.

Pimps n Mercs


Thanks Damien for the heads up!

Ultra Light Bipod

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

At SSD we are huge fans of those things ultralightweight and the new Ultra Light Swiveling Bipod from Demon Tactical certainly fits the bill. Norfolk, Virginia based Demon Tactical is an up and coming manufacturer of accessories for the AR-15 family of weapons as well as being a distributor for FailZero. Right up front we will tall you that the bipod probably isn’t for you if you are constantly using one, as the legs are not adjustable. However, it does swivel side to side and it is great if you only need a bipod once in awhile and want something that is lightweight and stays out of the way. It is compatible with mil std 1913 rail and takes up little room. In fact, you can still mount a vertical foregrip with it in the stowed position. At 4.5 ounces you barely know it’s there. The carbon fiber legs are very strong but the bipod is not meant to stand on. But then again, do you really need to stand on your carbine? While the legs come out of the box with a fixed length of 7″, they can be cut to suit particular needs. A word of caution, since they are crafted of carbon fiber it is best to take particular care when cutting due to the hazards involved in carbon fiber dust.

Overall, we like it and think you will as well so long as you understand that there is a trade off for the low weight; you can’t stand on it and the legs are not adjustable for length. However, if you find yourself setting your weapon down all of the time then this is a great solution.

Ultra Light Swiveling Bipod from Demon Tactical

With a name like Demon Tactical you gotta love them. For agency and contract sales contact www.tidewatertactical.com.

ADS Warrior Expo West ADS

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

We have attended the last three ADS Warrior Expos and they are always the place to meet old friends, make new ones, and learn about the latest in tactical products and services. This year ADS has added a West Coast event to their schedule to be held next week May 5 and 6 in San Diego, California. It’s not only a great opportunity to visit with over 100 vendors but they will also be hosting a kick-ass Cinqo de Mayo Customer Appreciation reception on the evening of the 5th at the Hard Rock Cafe. If you are on the west coast this is an event that you will not want to miss. There are only two days left to register for this free show so don’t miss out. See you there!


Switch – Modular Utility Device

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Yes it’s been done before, but I am digging this new knife from Quirky. A “modular utility device”, the Switch features 18 different attachments that you can configure to your heart’s desire. Swapping out accessories is as simple as choosing an inner axle of desired width, configuring the mix of tools, and then everything is tightened into place with the edge of a coin.

Switch from Quirky

Each Switch set comes with two exterior body covers; two slotted caps to hold the tool together; three interior axle assemblies; small (2-6 tools), medium (4-10 tools), and large (7-13 tools); and 18 tool attachments: Standard Knife, Pliers, Scissors, Nail File, Tweezers, Thin Flathead Screwdriver, Phillips-Head Screwdriver, Eyeglass Phillips-Head Screwdriver, Eyeglass Flathead Screwdriver, Wood Saw, Serrated Blade, Corkscrew, Combination Bottle Opener/Flathead Screwdriver, Combination Can Opener/Wire Stripper, Pen, Magnifying Glass, LED Flashlight, 1GB USB Memory Stick.

There is a lot of potential here. Let’s hope that they continue to develop the concept.

To pre-order visit www.quirky.com. Supplies are limited.

Night Vision for Everyone

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Night Vision for Everyone!According to an article in Advanced Materials, DARPA funded research at the U. of Florida has adapted technology regularly found in flat-screen OLED televisions to create a thin film that turns any infrared signal into visible light. This is exciting news for the consumer base is that such cheap night vision could be integrated into everything from car windshields to plate glass windows to cell phone cameras as well eyewear. For the warfighter, this could also be a boon, as eye pro could pull double duty as night vision and be even more widely available.

Traditional night vision systems rely on a vacuum but new thin-film night vision requires no vacuum but instead use several layers of energy-efficient OLEDs to convert infrared light to the visible spectrum. In this case it is seven separate layers of OLEDs that detect IR light as it enters, generating a charge of three to five volts then amplifies the signal as it passes through the additional layers. This process converts the light to the visible spectrum, producing a green-lit picture similar to that of existing night vision tech. What makes this new technology so special is that a night vision device might weigh less than a quarter of a pound, with the actual working bits being only a few microns thick.

The proof of concept for the technology is only about one square centimeter, but researchers think they could scale the concept to a usable device like a car windshield or cell phone camera within just 18 months.

ENVG Image Photo PEO-SoldierTruthfully, these are the things that keep me up at night. Sure, the technology can easily be applied to both mil and commercially items to improve night vision at a lower cost but ultimately that’s the problem isn’t it? If everyone can afford night vision and it is built-in to common everyday items then it isn’t special anymore and it chips away at that “Owning the Night” edge we have prided ourselves on for the last 30 years or so. We want technologies like this to be special. Our enemies purchase any technology from the open market that they can use to close the gap between them and us. Fortunately, our tech base is hard at work fielding and improving on new systems that fuse night vision and IR sensors (see photo). For example, the AN/PSQ-20 Enhanced Night Vision Goggle is a helmet-mounted passive Image Intensification (I2) and thermal device and it’s developments like this that are critical to ensuring the US military maintains its warfighting edge.

Stuff Football

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Ever resorted to field expedients in order to play a game of ball? On a deployment, I once suffered a separated rib during a game of American ball played with a lightweight Gore-tex jacket stuffed into it’s pocket. Ah, the memories. As one of my friends recently pointed out, these days with all of the MWR in country you don’t have to use broken up pallets and a ball of duct tape to play softball but something as simple as the Stuff Football from Granite Gear Tactical is a great addition to the pack. It’s football shape features a low profile zipper where the laces usually are, allowing it to pull double duty as a stuff sack. At 1.3 ounces it’s light enough to keep in the pack and while it isn’t a full-size ball, it is pliant, allowing a firm grip and is perfect for impromptu games at an Intermediate Staging Base or just out in the quad on the weekend.

Stuff Football from Granite Gear Tactical

I first saw this at the SpecOps Warfighter Expo East 2010 in Fayetteville, North Carolina earlier this month and was able to purchase one at Extreme Outfitters in Jacksonville a week later. The Stuff Football is Made in the USA from 500D Cordura and available in Coyote as well as UCP. Hands down, users prefer the UCP as it sticks out during play or when being retrieved after a fumble. It is also available in assorted non-tactical colors (yes they do actually exist) but specify the color you need (Coyote or UCP) in the comments at check out.

To order click here.