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Colt Adds .38 Super Model to its Competition Pistol Line

Friday, October 28th, 2016

WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (October 28, 2016) – Fueling anticipation for what Colt considers to be a very exciting upcoming year, the legendary firearms manufacturer announces the release of a new model in it’s extremely well received Colt Competition Pistol™ line by adding the .38 Super cambering to the roster.

“Competitors are very selective about the caliber they rely on to win matches,” said Mark Redl, Pro Shooter and Product Manager for Colt. “The .38 Super round has a lot of advantages in competition when considering power factor and capacity, and the 1911 platform offers many advantages as well. By offering our excellent Colt Competition Pistol™ in .38 Super, we allow match shooters who love that round to take advantage our well thought out, race-ready platform. It’s a winning combination.”

The Colt Competition Pistol™ (also available in .45 ACP and 9mm) offers several features that competitive shooters will appreciate, including Colt’s innovative Dual Spring Recoil System™ which reduces felt recoil and helps keep shots on target at critical moments. Other features include Novak’s new patent pending adjustable rear sight and fiber optic front sight, competition ergonomics including an undercut trigger guard and upswept beavertail safety, and a National Match® barrel. The Colt Competition Pistol™ in .38 Super with blued finish is SKU: O1983CCP and carries an MSRP of $999.

CORVUS DEFENSIO: Bringing the Steyr AUG to the 21st Century

Friday, October 28th, 2016

The Steyr AUG is a great rifle, but it somehow got stuck in the 70s’ when the select fire StG77 (StG is short for Sturmgewehr; German for assault rifle) was introduced with the Austrian Bundesheer (Army). There are licensed copies and clones, but the US-made MSAR did not differ significantly from the original design. The Steyr AUG A2 introduced a top rail and the A3 a bolt stop, but external as well as internal mods to the gun are rare and in between (CQC kit, Ratworx & Suarez parts). Thales did a complete rework of the Australian made F88 and introduced the modified F90 in the process. Mods from Steyr itself? Enjoy the silence…

Therefore a new company got in the game. Based in Vienna, Austria, its mission is to bring 21st century accessories to the end-users of the Steyr AUG. CORVUS DEFENSIO is tackling the deficiencies of the rifle with intelligent solutions designed by practical experience with the AUG in different environments.


One of the biggest problems of the AUG is ejecting the case into your face – which is a bullpup problem. The CORVUS DEFENSIO Case Deflector ejects cases forward or to the side and thus makes it ideal to shoot in every combat stance, from either shoulder, without any additional modifications or adaptations. Installation requires no drilling or modification to the stock as the two piece Case Deflector is simply plugged into the ejection port and tightened with two screws, the plastic stock is also protected against damage when an empty case is not completely ejected.


But CORVUS DEFENSIO is changing the whole rifle: The CORVUS DEFENSIO 35-Slot Receiver Rail offers a long, solid mounting solution for the attachment of optical aiming devices, iron sights, laser designators and other accessories.  The total length of the rail is the same as the rail length of an AR15 receiver and attached 9” (midlength gas system) railed handguard.  Unlike the AR15 receiver and handguard rails, the Corvus Defensio 35-Slot Receiver Rail is solid (monolithic) from front to rear.  Unlike the original Steyr AUG A3 rail, the Corvus Defensio Receiver Rail reaches almost to the ejection port, making it easier to use short eye-relief optics. It is equipped with two QD-Sling Swivel attachment points and an interface to directly mount ACOG rifle scopes. Integral limited rotation QD Sling swivel attachment points (also suitable for snap hooks, paracord, etc.). With much space for what the shooter needs: Keymod installation option in the front rail for mounting accessories on the sides.


Keymod is the choice of CORVUS DEFENSIO also when changing the traditional AUG grip to a rail with much more options. The CORVUS DEFENSIO Forward Accessory Rail revolutionizes the Steyr Aug’s mounting options.  Very simply, it replaces the original folding front grip and enables the mounting of a variety of accessories directly to the Keymod interface (e.g. front grips, bipods, etc.).  Direct mounting reduces weight and bulk, but if you want to use common Picatinny mounts, you can attach the Corvus Defensio 15-Slot or 4-Slot Keymod-Picatinny accessory rail sections to the Corvus Defensio Accessory Rail.


The AUG is also getting better with a new mag release: The CORVUS DEFENSIO Enhanced Magazine Release Button makes reloading faster and more reliable. When you go for limit (stress caused by competition or combat, wetness, numb or cold fingers, darkness, etc.) faulty operations with the original magazine release button may happen. Your thumb could slip aside because of the original releases’ outwardly curved form or you even might not be able to push the button far enough inside the housing because your thumb was not right in the center of it an gets caught at the stock. The issue of the original part is that the release of the magazine happens just when the button is already recessed in its port. The design of the CORVUS DEFENSIO replacement part prevents those situations reliably, thus ensuring a faster and more reliable magazine change.

CORVUS DEFENSIO also opts for a new sling mount: The CORVUS DEFENSIO Anti-Rotation Stock Cap Retainer Bolt Kit solves two problems that often occur when using the AUG professionally.  Because the original stock cap retainer bolt can be rotated around its axis, the sling can become twisted after repeated slinging and unslinging of the rifle.  This creates unpleasant pressure points on the shoulder and quick adjustable slings might also lose that function.  While the CORVUS DEFENSIO Anti-Rotation feature completely prevents twisting of the sling, the QD function allows for fast sling detachment, e.g. for disassembly and cleaning of the rifle.


All that is good already. But one of the biggest concerns shooters have with the Steyr AUG (and Bullpups in general) is the trigger system and how it performs. The original plastic trigger feels a bit like a single stage trigger with a hard pull and a creeping reset. CORVUS DEFENSIO was inspired by the idea of Ratworx and 2020 Precision to implant a standard AR15 trigger into the Steyr AUG. As it was not possible to obtain one of these triggers in Europe CORVUS DEFENSIO started to design their own Enhanced Trigger System. It´s rather tricky to accomplish a proper technical solution with a reliable trigger system that fulfills the expectations. But CORVUS DEFENSIO is on a good way to get a solution using in their opinion one of the best AR trigger systems that can be found. Namely ALG and Geissele Triggers. The fine tuning and the quality checks are still going on and the prototypes are very promising.

To draw the balance: Each item by CORVUS DEFENSIO is improving the Steyr AUG in a specific area, and as a package they revolutionize the rifle’s handling, modularity and capability. Starting October 26th, the first batch of accessories is becoming available, with more under development.


G96 – Rapid Fire Gun Grease

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016


For Rapid Fire Weapons, G96 Delivers New Grease that Won’t Leave You in a Jam

PATERSON, N.J., Oct. 24, 2016 — G96 Products Inc., a leading supplier of gun lubricants and cleaning products, has introduced a new grease for rapid-fire weapons where smooth, glitch free operation can mean the difference between life and death. The new RFG (Rapid Fire Gun) Grease uses nano-synthetics to increase lubricity, even in extreme temperatures.

RFG Grease, available in .42 fluid ounce (13cc) syringes, will maintain its integrity from –80 up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike some brands’ gun grease, RFG Grease won’t “bleed out” oil during long-term storage.

While RFG Grease delivers superior performance for all types of firearms, it earns its stripes in rapid-firing weapons. Reduced friction is essential for efficient, reliable operation. Along with its ability to protect against corrosion, RFG Grease will extend the life of any firearm. It is also safe for use on polymer weapons.

“We’re confident that this is the best grease for automatic and semi-automatic weapons on the market,” says Alan Goldman, president and CEO of G96 Products.

RFG Grease is 85 percent biodegradable.

G96 Products Inc. is one of the most trusted names in gun lubricants and cleaning products. Used by shooters around the world, including many law enforcement agencies, G96 continually strives to live up to its reputation for providing world-class products for firearms. For more information, call 973-684-4050 or visit

Shadow Tech, LLC – Kestrel ATI Wind Wrap

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016


Click to view Kestrel ATI Wind Wrap spec sheet

Shadow Tech, LLC, best known for the Hog Saddle, has released a brand new product, The Kestrel ATI Wind Wrap. A good wind meter is an invaluable tool when precision shooting. In that regard, the Kestrel ATI Wind Wrap is an extremely useful accessory, as it serves as a retention device that allows the user to mount their Kestrel wind meter to a rifle sling, tri/bipod leg, or MALICE clip for immediate usage. The ATI Wind Wrap utilizes a soft mount which eliminates the effect rifle recoil has on a Kestrel’s internal electronics. Additionally, the Wind Wrap is made of Hypalon fabric, lined internally with a “special grippy material” which maintains grip in oily or wet conditions.


The Kestrel ATI Wind Wrap is 100% American made and Berry Compliant. Best of all, it’s officially approved by Kestrel themselves.


The ATI Wind Wrap is being produced in two models: Kestrel 4500 – available at the time of writing, and Kestrel 5700 – available November 7th, both in Coyote Brown.

ZeroBravo S.M.A.R.T. Card (Simple Marksman Adjustment Reference Table)

Monday, October 24th, 2016


ZeroBravo’s S.M.A.R.T. Card or Simple Marksman Adjustment Reference Table card was developed to provide a simple method for calculating how many clicks are required to properly adjust a variety of popular electronic sights. The S.M.A.R.T. Card is made of waterproof die cut PVC, is sized for easy carry in a pocket, and features distance adjustments from 7m to 400m.

IWI US Going Full-Auto (and Semi) at Third Annual Texas Firearms Festival

Saturday, October 8th, 2016

Test out the full arsenal of IWI firearms, including the Negev belt-fed machine gun, Galil, TAVOR X95, TAVOR SAR, UZI Pro and Jericho pistol at Best of the West Shooting Range in Liberty Hill, Texas, Oct. 15-16.

Harrisburg, Pa. (October 2016) – IWI US, Inc., a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd., invites all who love the smell of gunpowder, sight of hot steel and the thrill of firing full-auto to test out the full arsenal of IWI US firearms at the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival. The festival will be held at the Best of the West Shooting Range in Liberty Hill, Texas, Oct. 15-16 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“We’ll have an array of IWI firearms on site, including the belt-fed Negev machine gun, the Galil 5.56 machine gun, the TAVOR X95 in 5.56 and 9mm, the TAVOR SAR, the Galil in 7.62×39 and 7.62×51, UZI Pros with stabilizing brace and various models of the Jericho pistol. I think the only thing we left in Israel is the Iron Dome. Now’s your chance to get behind the trigger of your favorite IDF firearm, so do yourself a favor and drop by the booth, it’ll put a smile on your face,” said Michael Kassnar, VP of Sales & Marketing for IWI US.

IWI US will be located in shooting bay 4 and staffed by knowledgeable company personnel from their Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, headquarters.

In its third year, the unique Festival provides a welcoming environment for all experience levels in the world of firearms – from the proficient hunter, to the hesitant homeowner seeking more information and familiarity. All tickets can be purchased online.

The Texas State Rifle Association, one of the event sponsors, will host educational and learn-to-shoot classes for beginners on both days. Individuals have the opportunity to purchase tickets that allow them to try exhibitor guns at the event, under the close supervision of manufacturer representatives and training safety officers.

Those who wish to try guns at the festival should purchase “shooter tickets,” which will give them access to over 20 dedicated firearms demonstration “try and buy” bays. Both shooter and non-shooter tickets will be able to browse a retail village that showcases the best in ammo and accessories.

VIP ticket holders gain earlier access into the festival each day at 9 a.m., and can also attend a separate “Full Auto Friday” event on Oct. 14 that features automatic weapons. Individuals can purchase VIP tickets for either day or both days. In addition to earlier morning access and the features available to regular ticketholders, VIP attendees gain “Fast Pass” access to skip the line at each exhibitor bay by showing their VIP wristbands, and can access the VIP lounge to relax, utilize the complementary Wi-Fi and enjoy nonalcoholic beverages. VIP lounge guests also receive a complementary lunch from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. each day.

All attendees can purchase food from Austin’s finest food-truck cuisine and enjoy free parking, with preferred parking for VIP attendees on a first-come, first-serve basis. No alcoholic beverages will be served, available for purchase or allowed into the event for any ticketholders.

Festival CEO Michelle Felkins emphasized that Festival organizers take no shortcuts when it comes to safety.

“We have always placed safety first at this festival, not just during the event itself, but in the mandatory training we require of our on-site safety officers, vendors and exhibitors before the festival,” said Felkins, citing their impeccable safety record over the last two years of the festival’s history.

Felkins reminds prospective attendees that all licensed gun owners who bring their firearms must keep them holstered at all times.

“We have a zero tolerance policy for attendees who don’t keep their firearms holstered,” she said.

Email for additional registration, ticket purchase information or general questions about the Festival.

Tyrant Designs CNC Announces Its New Line Of Grips, The LWP (Lightweight Pro) Series

Thursday, October 6th, 2016


Tyrant Designs CNC, an industry leader in high end, aftermarket AR grips announced that they have released their new line of grips, the LWP Grip. Available in black, red, blue and grey the Lightweight Pro series is CNC machined from a single piece of aerospace grade aluminum. The grips weigh in at a surprisingly light 3.4 ounces, thanks to some weight savings by milling out the entire inside of the grip as well as addition holes on the top.

“The Lightweight Pro tips the scales at 3.4 ounces and is lighter than the majority of available grips currently on the market. ( Yes we mean polymers too) ! We set out to create the lightest, most ergonomic grip on the market without compromising the structural integrity and quality. It is CNC machined from a single piece of aerospace grade aluminum and has a knurled back strap for additional adhesion. It instantly gives the operator the confidence needed in any weather or scenario, all while maintaining the consistency needed for a light weight build. Despite its lightweight it is incredibly durable and does not feel flimsy in the hand. If you are looking for the perfect grip for your lightweight build, look no further than the LWP!”

How It Works – The M-60 GPMG

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

This is for you youngsters who’ve only heard about “The Pig” in bedtime stories.

h/t Matt H!