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Reliance Arms – Blaze Ops Edition Custom Glock

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

This is number 1 of 25 custom Blaze Ops Edition Custom Glocks by Reliance Arms. This one belongs to Pat McNamara, but you can get one of the other 24 when they go on sale this Friday.


Slide Cerakote color is a custom color mixed for Mac: “Banshee Green”
The Blaze-Ops Edition has custom milled triangular windows on the top of slide, in addition to the DUTY ELITE Slide Cuts and Bevels. One side of the slide sports the Blaze-Ops Logo and the other side of the slide is engraved with the series number (1 of 25, etc.)
Mac’s favorite sights: Dawson Precision Charger. It comes with Red Fiber installed, and ships with extra Fibers in red and green
Upgraded Striker and Firing Pin Safety Springs for enhanced Trigger Performance; Stock Parts hand polished and tuned.
Stainless Steel Guide Rod
Match Grade Fluted Barrel with RA Logo

Frame Cerakote color is another custom mix for Mac: “Emerald Guard.” The frame is then stippled for a classic two-tone effect
Agency Flat Face Trigger, with Trigger Safety in Mac’s “Emerald Guard” color for a distinct, custom look
Vickers Magazine Floor Plates, also in Mac’s “Emerald Guard”
Vickers Magazine Release, along with an Extended Slide Stop Lever, and Agency Arms Magwell are all Cerakoted in Mac’s “Banshee Green” to tie all of the greens of the gun together in a very balanced color combination
Upgraded Trigger Spring, Polished OEM Glock Trigger Bar, and Polished OEM Glock 3.5 lb connector finish off the enhanced Trigger Performance, with a respective pull weight of approximately 4 lbs

KRISS USA Is Now Selling SPHINX SDP Magazines

Sunday, April 24th, 2016


All SPHINX SDP Magazines are now in stock at the KRISS USA web store. The SPHINX SDP Magazines are downward compatible, meaning the 17 round capacity magazine will fit into the SDP Standard, Compact Duty, Compact, and Subcompact. The 17 round magazine fits flush with the bottom of the SDP Standard and Compact Duty, however it will protrude past the pistol grip on the Compact and Subcompact. Browse the SPHINX Magazine section and find the right magazines for your SPHINX SDP.

The Follow On To PSR Is ASR

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

As USSOCOM refines the requirement for the follow on to the Precision Sniper Rifle, we have been told this new requirement will be called Advanced Sniper Rifle.  

SilencerCo Summit – Big Horn Armory Model 90

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

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SilencerCo has partnered up with premier lever-action rifle manufacturer Big Horn Armory to produce the latest in the Summit line, the Big Horn Armory Model 90 Summit package. The package consists of a BHA Model 90 chambered in .460 S&W/.45 LC/.454 Casull, which comes with a matte black SilencerCo Hybrid suppressor, and a custom leather scabbard made by Winding Wheel Supply Co.

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  • Big Horn Armory Model 90 Chambered in .460 Smith & Wesson [Alternate : .45 Long Colt, .454 Casull]
  • 9.5” Picatinny Scout Scope Mount in Matte Hunter Black Finish
  • Aperture Rear Sight & Blade Front Sight
  • 18” Barrel Threaded in 5/8×24
  • 17-4 Stainless Steel Action
  • American Walnut Stock
  • Matte Hunter Black Metal Finish
  • Summit Edition Matte Black Hybrid
  • Matching Summit Engraving on Model 90 & Hybrid
  • American-Made, Custom Leather Scabbard Accommodates Rifle with Attached Silencer
  • Horse-Ready Scabbard Can Be Shouldered or Used in Conjunction with Saddle (Horse Not Included)
  • Matching Summit Branding on Scabbard
  • Only (25) Limited-Edition Packages Available

    Hoptic USA – The Quiver Now Available In New Calibers And Mounting Options

    Monday, April 18th, 2016

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    Hoptic USA’s Quiver is a rail-mountable accessory for precision rifles, machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum and Type III hard anodized. The Quiver is designed as an efficient method to carry and access two additional cartridges; it been described by the creator as “…to the Precision Sniper Rifle what the Side Saddle is to the Shotgun…”

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    The Quiver is now available in three calibers: .300 Win Mag, .308, and .223/5.56/.300 BLK. The 5.56 version was made particularly due to requests from California shooters as a method to carry two loose rounds to manipulate the infamous “bullet button”.

    The Quiver will soon be available in FDE Cerakote and other colors.

    The Ghost Combative Application Trigger (CAT) Kit

    Sunday, April 17th, 2016


    The CAT trigger is a 4.5-pound “semi” drop-in trigger connector for the Glock family of pistols (42/43 excepted) that smooths the trigger action and reduces over-travel. Developed by Ghost Inc. at the insistence of retired law enforcement officer, author and trainer Dave Spaulding, the CAT is intended for the “combative application of the pistol” more commonly known as “self-defense.”

    Spaulding, the founder and chief instructor for Handgun Combatives LLC, wanted a Glock trigger that would offer the combative shooter a trigger action that would actually enhance performance. “The more a shooter moves the index finger the more likely the rest of the fingers will want to move sympathetically, taking the muzzle off target resulting in a missed shot. The CAT helps reduce the distance the trigger finger moves to fire the pistol which improves shooting ability.” Don’t let the “semi-drop “ label concern you, Spaulding stated. “The reason we call it “semi-drop in” is because we had one Glock 36 in which the trigger bar did not drop. Three strokes of a file across the end of trigger control tab fixed the problem. The connector is drop in in 99-plus percent of the guns we tried it in.”

    The kit comes with a 4.5-pound connector with a fixed trigger control tab to reduce over travel, a reduced power safety plunger spring (to smooth the rearward movement of the trigger bar), a six-pound trigger spring and a six-pound striker spring. This combination results in an over all trigger weight of 5.5 to 5.75 pounds that is smooth, easy to manage and will “keep up” with the trigger finger during rapid fire.

    It is recommended a Glock Armorer install the trigger kit, however, directions for self-installation can be found on the Ghost web site at The trigger kit is available exclusively from Handgun Combatives LLC and can be ordered from their web site. All Ghost Inc. components are made in the U.S.A.

    Because It Hasn’t Been Shared Enough

    Thursday, April 14th, 2016

    Photo via Precision Syndicate, LLC

    G-Code Bang Box

    Thursday, April 14th, 2016

    The Bang Box is a small multipurpose transportable storage device that was designed to allow the user to carry as much loose ammo as needed without taking an entire box/crate with them or having to generate a bunch of trash at the range. It’s also a handy way to carry your brass home.

    G-Code has this to say:

    For most range sessions 2-300 rounds is just about right. Prior to going out strip the rounds from their cardboard and paper packaging and loose pack them in the Bang Box. This eliminates any trash out on the range. The wide mouth of the Bang Box makes it easy to get your big meat hooks in on your ammo supply for an easy day reloading your mags. To keep track of your lots there is a pocket sewn on the inside of the lid and the Velcro strip on the top outside of the lid is perfect for placement of one of our PVC caliber patches.

    Additionally, there are no sharp corners on the bag’s Kydex base and they include an adjustable shoulder strap. As you can see there are several color combinations to choose from.

    Keep in mind that the Bang Box can also be used for cleaning gear, spare parts or anything else that you can think of.