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The Panteao AR15 Rifle & Carbine DVD Available Exclusively From The NRA Store

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

Columbia, SC, November 25, 2014 – Panteao Productions is happy to announce the availability of the AR15 Rifle & Carbine DVD at the NRA Store. This ninety minute DVD produced exclusively for the NRA was done with the intent of presenting the AR15 rifle and carbine platform in a clear and straight forward manner.

With the help of Kyle Harth, the video brings the viewer up to speed on the design and more recent innovations in the platform. Kyle is a veteran of the US Army Special Forces and served multiple combat tours and deployed globally in operational, instructional and advisory capacities.

Kyle reviews the history of the AR15 platform, breaks down the overall function of the rifle, barrel lengths and twist rates, the differences between direct gas impingement and piston systems, choices in calibers, the many accessories on the market, and maintenance. If you are new to the AR15 and want to know more about the design and its features, this video is for you. If you already own an AR and want to see what other options are out there, look no further.

The DVD can be ordered online from the NRA Store at: 02328

SilencerCo – New ASR Quick-Detatch Mount For Harvester Big Bore

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

SilencerCo has added an ASR, quick-detach mount option for their Harvester Big Bore .338 suppressor. It utilizes the same attachment method used on SilencerCo’s Specwar series of suppressors. Check out the video below for more info:

Magpul’s New MBUS Pro Offset Sights – Yes, Please

Friday, November 21st, 2014

Just in case you needed a little more motivation.

Silencers Approved for Hunting Use in Florida

Friday, November 21st, 2014

We have received word from friends in Florida that the state has just approved use of silencers for hunting, immediately. The move was made by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission lifting a 57-year old ban.

Details to follow.

Scalarworks – BOR/RMR Benelli M4 Optic Rail

Friday, November 21st, 2014


Scalarworks has just released their BOR/RMR Benelli M4 Optic Rail for Trijicon RMR sights. The BOR/RMR is a lightweight, low-profile, 1913 rail which replaces the factory Benelli M4 rail, in addition to adding a Trijicon RMR mounting platform. When mounted to the platform, the RMR which sits in a position which allows it to co-witness with the M4 iron sights. Compatible with all Trijicon RMR sights (RM01-RM08).

ZeroBravo – Reversible Hand Stop

Thursday, November 20th, 2014


ZeroBravo’s Reversible Hand Stop is a KeyMod-compatible hand stop which is designed for use with multiple mounting locations depending on the shooter’s need. Machined from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum with Mil-Spec Type III anodizing, the RHS features a low-profile size and shape, and weighs in at only .7 ounces. 3-way texturing helps the shooter to keep positive retention on the RHS during use.

As previously mentioned, the RHS is fully reversible and can be utilized in a variety of ways, depending on the shooter’s requirements. Some examples include:


As a hand stop, to prevent the shooter from moving their hand beyond their rail.


On the bottom rail, to properly position the hand and assist with recoil and control, akin to a traditional vertical grip.


On the side rail, to act as a reference so the shooter can maintain proper position every time they draw their weapon.

The RHS is being offered exclusively through RSR Group. Dealers can order the RHS here.

Magpul Announces MBUS Pro Offset Sights

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

MAG525 MBUS Offset Front

You’ve been asking for it and Magpul has come through by announcing a new addition to the MBUS line: the MBUS Pro Offset sights. True to their name, the PRO Offset sights are designed to supplement magnified optics on M1913 rail mounting surfaces, providing iron sights at a 45 degree offset in the event of primary optic failure, or a close range target. Like the MBUS Pro sights, the Pro Offset sights feature Melonited steel construction, positive detented lockup, and tool-less adjustments.

MAG526 MBUS Offset Rear

MagPod Production Models Are Nearly Here

Thursday, November 20th, 2014


Back in May, we offered a brief sneak peak of a production model MagPod. We’re happy to say that they’re now very close to being commercially available. Aside from frequent updates on the official MagPod Facebook page, with one comment hinting at a late November commercial release, they’ve also been sending out promotional MagPods taken from the production stock, a few of which we’ve received ourselves.


As a reminder, the MagPod is a replacement floor plate for Magpul MOE Gen2 Pmags which turns the magazine into an effective monopod, easily capable of balancing a fully-loaded carbine. It also functions quite well as a grip when grabbing a mag from its pouch.

Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.

Strike Industries – SLICK Handguard For HK MR556/416

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014


Strike Industries has begun taking pre-orders for the SLICK Handguard, an aftermarket forend for the HK 416/MR556 rifle. Manufactured from 6061 aluminum with Black Hard Coat Anodizing Type III, the SLICK Handguard features KeyMod sections at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions, three integrated 1913 rail sections at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions, a continuous 1913 top rail, and four QD sockets, giving shooters plenty of space and options to customize their rifle accessories to their preferred specifications.

The SLICK Forend comes in three lengths: 9″, 11″, and 13″. It has a width of 2″, and a height of 2.5″, giving it a slim profile. All SLICK Forend pre-orders receive a 15%-off discount and free shipping.

Magpul Releases New M-LOK Shotgun Forends And M-LOK AFG

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

Magpul has just announced the release of new MOE M-LOK forends for the Mossberg 590 and Remington 870 shotguns, as well as a newly-designed, M-LOK compatible Angled Fore Grip.

MAG494 MOE M-LOK Forend Mossberg 590Mossberg 590 MOE M-LOK Forend

The Mossberg 590 MOE M-LOK Forend is a drop-in replacement for 590/590A1 model 12-gauge shotguns. It features an extended length and front/rear handstops, and is fully compatible with all MOE rails, mounts, and accessories, adding modularity to the proven 590 platform. It’s worth noting that this forend is not compatible with the optional Mossberg heatshield.

MAG494 MOE M-LOK Forend Mossberg 590 2

MAG496 MOE M-LOK Forend Remington 870Remington 870 MOE M-LOK Forend

The Remington 870 MOE M-LOK Forend is a drop-in replacement for Remington 870 model 12-gauge shotguns. It features an extended length and front/rear handstops, and is fully compatible with all MOE rails, mounts, and accessories, adding modularity to the proven 870 platform. It’s worth noting that this forend is not compatible with the Remington 870 Super Mag.

MAG496 MOE M-LOK Forend Remington 870 2


The M-LOK AFG is an update on the popular Angled Fore Grip which incorporates elements from both the original AFG and AFG2 in a new design that is also compatible with Magpul’s M-LOK attachment system. Manufactured from reinforced polymer material, the M-LOK AFG features a new radiused curve grip area in a streamlined, minimalist design. It is 3/4″ shorter than the AFG2 while maintaining a similar gripping surface area, and has a forward finger index similar to the original AFG. The contoured rear surface allows placing the AFG in front of an M-LOK MVG for a more versatile grip combination.