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M27 Accessories Evaluated

Saturday, April 21st, 2018

I’ve been sitting on this photo for awhile, but now that it has made it out into the wild, I figure it’s ok to share.


I’m told it was taken at Quantico Marine Corps Base at Weapons Training Bn, and I’ve had a copy of the photo for several months.

The three weapons were under evaluation, pursuant to the impending M27 fielding. You’ll also note a few BE Meyers’ MAWLs and Geissele accessories such as the Upper Receiver Group – Improved and High Speed Selector Switch as well as B5 Systems stocks. That’s not to mention the optics. The URG-I was looked at as an alternative to fielding additional M27s, but quickly dropped as the Marine Corps has laid a solid path forward.

However, let me be very clear about this. A lot of things have been looked at, but the M27 fielding is under such close scrutiny that no changes will be made to the additional weapons, expected to be fielded later this year. Any changes will come down the road.

Forgotten Weapons with Larry Vickers on the XM-8 Carbine

Friday, April 20th, 2018

Fogotten Weapons hosts Larry Vickers as he discusses the XM-8.

Danish Armed Forces Selects SIG P320 X-Carry

Thursday, April 12th, 2018

This is something we haven’t discussed. Late last year, the Danish Armed Forces adopted the SIG P320 X-Carry based on a tender overseen by the Ministry of Defense’s Food and Purchasing Board (FMI). The pistols are supplied by local vendor, CT Solution Aps.

According to the Danish Army, a total of four guns were tested and they were subjected to “all conceivable conditions” by users of the Special Operations, Military Police, Air Force and Army. The P320 was the best candidate in the four-week trial period. The test program was prepared by Hærens Kamp- og Ildstøttecenter (HKIC) in cooperation with FMI. of malfunction test, accuracy test, shooting in the dark and field field. The gun was also tested by experts from Direct Shooting Weapons (DSV) at HKIC. made drop test, penetration test and precision test.

The P320 will be supplied in two versions, a standard and a concealed carry version. These will replace all pistols in the Armed Forces, such as the M / 49 which would only carry 8 rounds compated to the 21 rounds of the P320.

Fielding has begun and the new pistol is expected to be full fielded to all units by the end of 2019 with new equipmemt training to be completed by the Commonwealth Defense Command (VFK).

This video from the Danish Defense’s YouTube Channel depicts the testing.

Thanks Keld!

Remington RP45 Full-Size Striker Fired Pistol Now Available at Retail

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018


Huntsville, AL – Remington is proud to announce its full-size polymer pistol, the RP45 and RP45 Night Sight, is now available at retail locations nationwide. The Remington RP45 – a striker-fired, polymer frame pistol features a 4.5” barrel chambered in 45 Auto.

MAXIMUM FIREPOWER. COMPLETE CONTROL. THIS IS SHOOTABILITY. Following the 2017 release of the RP9 Remington’s first polymer frame full size handgun, the 15+1 capacity RP45 is a great addition to the RP line. boasting all the same features as the RP9 with the added power of the 45 Auto cartridge, and available with 3-dot tritium night sights. Built with one of the smallest grip circumferences in its class, The RP45 delivers a reliable defensive gun at a great value to the consumer.

Features and Benefits:
• Two double stack magazines, one of the highest standard 45 Auto mag capacities
• Smallest full-size grip circumference, fits 95% of all shooters
• Ambidextrous Slide Release for improved control for left and right-handed shooters
• Smooth single action trigger with a crisp tactile reset
• 3 Dot tritium night sight (night sight model only)
• PVD coated stainless steel barrel for greater accuracy and durability
• Standard picatinny rail
• Interchangeable back straps (Small, medium, and large)
• Optimized grip angle for reduced felt recoil and points instinctively
• Rear sight fighting surface
• Tactile loaded chamber indicator

Durable, versatile and supremely consistent from shot-to-shot, the Remington RP45 allows you to Live Ready with the confidence you seek.


The RP45 pistol ships with two magazines along with small, medium, and large backstraps for custom fit and is offered at a manufacturer suggested retail price of $418.09, with the night sight model retailing at $504.00.

NTOA Adds The Ryker Grip To Its Member Tested And Recommended Program

Saturday, April 7th, 2018

Ryker Grip

The National Tactical Officers Association has recently added the Ryker Grip to its Member Tested and Recommended Program, which is intended to assist NTOA members in selecting functional products avaiable to the tactical community. Quotes from NTOA members about the Ryker Grip include:

“The [Ryker] Grip is hands down a game changer in the AR/Shotgun manipulation business. It may look a little silly, but it is violently effective. Most drills with the M4 were hostage rescue and the accuracy and quickness between multiple targets was phenomenal.”

“I have deployed my rifle on scene multiple times with the [Ryker] Grip and honestly; I never knew it was there because it just felt right.”

“The grip has an ergonomic feel to it and after several hundred rounds fired, I did notice less fatigue on my support hand and arm allowing for longer time on target and faster target acquisition.”


The Ryker Grip is a unique, side-mounted forward grip for long guns. Designed to be biomechanically optimized, the grip’s offset nature is reported to aid shooters in improving weapon accuracy and stability, as well as target acquisition and recoil management.


Frag Out! Presents – Sport MSBS / GROT

Thursday, April 5th, 2018

Our friends at Frag Out! Magazine have been gracious enough to allow us to share their exclusive look at the Sport variant of the Polish MSBS/GROT rifle.

Civilian MSBS/GROT S16 FB-M1 coming soon
Today we had an opportunity to pick up one of the first .223 Rem GROT S16 FB-M1, the long-awaited civilian-legal version of MSBS/GROT.


223 Rem GROT S16 FB-M1  is semi-automatic version 5.56×45 NATO Fabryka Broni ?ucznik-Radom MSBS/GROT C16 FB-M1 assault rifles, initially adopted by Polish Armed Forces in 2017. The Fabryka Broni ?ucznik-Radom announced that rifles will be available for sale next week.


The pictured GROT S16 FB-M1 comes from the first production run of 500 pieces. First 100 pieces will be limited, to commemorate Polish Independence (regained in 1918), edition which will have some special laser-engraved markings and certificate. Every rifle will come with engraved Polish White Eagle on the right side of the upper receiver.


Semi-automatic GROT S16 FB-M1 comes assembled with side-folded collapsible stock, Magpul M-LOK attachment system handguard (officially licensed by M-LOK) with three short MIL-STD-1913 rails, folded ironsights, Magpul MOE handguard, green translucent polymer 30 round magazine, cleaning kit, manual, warranty card, etc. The rifle comes factory wrapped in anti-corrosion foil (in the past, rifles were packed in paper…, future is here!) and packed in the hard case.


What are the differences between the  GROT S16 FB-M1 and GROT C16 FB-M1, except being a semi-only rifle? Of course, the standard fire control group was replaced with two-position (Safe & Single) selector lever (90 degree rotation). Icons are stamped, but not painted. FCG is ambidextrous. Next thing is the above mentioned M-LOK handguard with four mounting slots at the 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9 o’clock and three at 2 and 11 o’clock. The 16” MIL-SPEC quick-changeable fluted barrel with 1:9 twist has 1/2-28-UNEF-2A thread, so the users can easily change the muzzle device. The GROT version adopted by Polish Army has muzzle device which can be only removed by armorer. Rifle is compatible with .223 Rem and 5.56×45 rounds.


The civilian version of the rifle does not feature the bayonet lug. Since the bayonet in military rifle is attached to the lug and to the muzzle device itself, it is impossible to fix it to the S16 FB-M1. The QD sling attachment point location was changed accordingly to the feedback from military users.


There were also some changes in the internals of the rifle – except the lack of full-auto capability. The bolt carrier was modified and the six wolfram plunges were removed. The S16 FB-M1 trigger works different too, it’s not MIL-SPEC one either the Match. The trigger reset is quite long, so no quick double taps. Unfortunately, it is not modular and cannot be replaced without some serious modification of the rifle.


Driving home from the FB Radom, we decided to have a short trip to shooting range to check this piece out. Well, basically it shoots close to the military rifle. It is stable during shooting, fully ambidextrous and comes with the 90 degree rotation fire control group. The selector switch has quite strong resistance, but we hope it will soon go on. There was some wobbling in the collapsible stock. We were using cheap GGG rounds and there was no stoppages. According to the manual, the S16 FB-M1 is compatible with almost all STANAG magazines, except the Magpul PMAG M3… In upcoming days and months we will see how the rifle will perform when we will get it some serious use.


Some tech specs:

Caliber: 5.56×45 mm NATO/.223 Remington

Overall length: 681 mm (26.81”) with folded stock or 903 mm (35.55”) with stock fully extended

Barrel length: 406 mm (16”)

Barrel twist: 1:9

Weight: 3.7 kg (8.16 lbs)

Savage A22 Stainless Enhances 22 LR Performance

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

WESTFIELD, Massachusetts – April 02, 2018 – Accuracy, reliability and durability all come together in the enhanced A22 Stainless from Savage. Shipments of these firearms are currently being delivered to dealers.

The semiautomatic 22 LR upgrades the original A22 platform with a 22-inch stainless steel sporter barrel, as well as two-piece bases. It features a black synthetic stock, user-adjustable AccuTrigger and reliable straight blowback action.

Features & Benefits

• Straight-blowback semi-automatic rimfire in 22 LR

• 22-inch stainless steel sporter barrel

• User-adjustable AccuTrigger

• Two-piece bases

• 10-round rotary magazine

Part No. / Description / MSRP

47216 / 22 LR, 22-inch barrel / $414

Savage is a brand of Vista Outdoor Inc., an outdoor sports and recreation company. To learn more about Savage, visit www.savagearms.com.

SIG P320 Completes Government 10,000 Round First Article Testing With Zero Issues

Monday, April 2nd, 2018

Late last week, SIG SAUER posted a rather intriguing photo to their Instagram account.


It had this caption.

6 guns….60,000 rounds…zero failures…big shout out to the testing and engineering teams at SIG SAUER as they put the P320 through its paces for a new customer’s endurance testing protocol

I asked for more information from SIG, inquiring which government agency the test was conducted for. No one would say, neither on, nor off-the-record, but I did find out that this was First Article Testing and that it wasn’t DoD. Additionally, the testing was conducted at SIG with government observers. This leads me to believe it was for Department of Homeland Security. SIG technicians fired 10,000 rounds each through six P320 pistols. I understand the ammunition was Gold Dot 2.

The pistols also went through a full battery of testing including a six-axis drop test. Once again, there were no failures. Both of these tests are significant due to last year’s -30 Deg drop issue and the P320-derived Modular Handgun System exhibited issues with ammunition in DoD testing last year.

It’s very rare for a new piece of equipment to complete First Article Testing with zero deficiencies. It sounds like SIG has been learning from past issues and upping their game. Let’s see if they can keep this up.