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Bravo Concealment Introduces NEW Torsion 3.0 IWB Holster

December 8th, 2018

Bravo Concealment, holster manufacturer known for their popular holster models has just announced their NEW Torsion 3.0 model.

The new Torsion 3.0 has the same features that makes their iconic Torsion model so comfortable and concealable. This 3.0, however kicks up the design to a new level.

Switching design material from kydex to a diversified Polymer plastic, allows for a more rigid, strong and capable holster that will protect your firearm at all times. In addition to this new material, they have added an adjustable retention screw, allowing for the end user to find their desired retention. They have also eliminated material by reducing their overall original footprint of the design, allowing for a more minimalist design.

The Torsion 3.0 still has their integrated 10-degree inward cant allowing for greater concealment.  The holster does come standard with threaded barrel clearance, RMR cut-out, and tall sights clearance up to .355 inches.

Statement from Bravo Concealment: “The NEW Torsion 3.0 Gun Holster is just as good as its predecessor while inheriting a little flair to it.

Go check them out at They offer an unlimited lifetime warranty, 30-day money day back guarantee, and free shipping!

The new Torsion 3.0 IWB Holster is shipping out now with a MSRP of $49.99


December 8th, 2018

There are loads of monthly subscription services out there, and we’ve tried a few. Most have been long ago cancelled, but so far, our favorite has been SCOUTbox. We’ve continued to subscribe for years.

Let’s face it, Scouting is hardly a cheap endeavor but many with young families don’t have gear lying around unless they are Outdoor oriented or this isn’t their first encounter with Scouting. SCOUTbox helps out with those small items like a new headlamp or some biodegradable soap for camp or a snack for the next hike.

For example, here’s the box from September 2017. It’s very demonstrative of what you’ll receive on a monthly basis.

At our house we share SCOUTbox across three boys and dad and each month everyone got something new for our outdoor pursuits. Usually, once we opened the box, everyone knew what he wanted but a couple of times we had to devise contests in order to dole out the prizes.

Sorry, But We Can’t Help You

December 8th, 2018

We regularly receive emails from various people asking for information we are incapable of providing, like this one from this morning. We’ve left Justin’s name visible so that, or someone he knows, will realize that he’s not going to get the answer he seeks.

Just a note, we don’t sell anything so we can’t tell you anything about whatever it is you’re waiting on.

21st Annual Randy Oler Memorial Operation Toy Drop Wrap Up

December 8th, 2018

The annual Randy Oler Memorial Operation Toy Drop was held last weekend at Fort Bragg. It combines an international parachute operation with an opportunity to give back to the local community.

FORT BRAGG, N.C. — About 260 jump masters from 14 partner nations landed on Fort Bragg’s Drop Zone Sicily, officially commencing the 21st annual Randy Oler Memorial Operation Toy Drop, Wednesday. These jump masters will lead the anticipated 3,000 paratroopers who will jump Friday and Saturday.

The annual Fort Bragg international event, hosted by the U.S. Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command, has collected more than 100,000 toys for children since then-Staff Sgt. Randy Oler established the combined training event in 1998.

Upon establishment of the first jump with 1,200 participating Soldiers, Oler included toy collection and distribution as a charitable component of the collective training that strengthens bonds among partner nation paratroopers. Toys have remained a voluntary component since that first event, yet the number collected has steadily increased since those first 500 toys. Each year, volunteers distribute the donated toys to participating regional charities.

In 2017, almost 4,000 Soldiers participated in Operation Toy Drop, and about 4,500 toys were donated for children in need throughout the region. Planners anticipate similar participation in 2018, with continued support from U.S. Army Reserve medical, administrative, logistics, transportation, quartermaster, combat camera and others.


– Cote d’Ivoire
– Italy
– Poland
– Canada
– Germany
– The Netherlands
– Latvia
– Sweden
– Colombia
– Singapore
– Brazil


– Chile
– United Kingdom
– Denmark


– C17 Globemaster
– C130H Hercules
– C27 Spartan


– 910th
– 179th
– 934th
– 97th
– 437th
– U.S. Army Special Operations Command Flight Company


-T11 and MC6 for standard paratroopers (without combat equipment load)
-RA-1 for military free fall


– U.S. Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command
– XVIII Airborne Corps
– 82nd Airborne Division
– U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center & School (SWCS)
– 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne)
– 528th Sustainment Brigade (Airborne)(Special Operations)
– 95th Civil Affairs Brigade (Airborne)
– Joint Special Operations Command
– U.S. Army Special Operations Command
– 824th Quartermaster


The organizations below requested categories of toys in 2017 to accommodate the interests and abilities of each gender by age group. The numbers by each non-profit represent the aggregate number of toys provided.

– Cumberland County DSS – 1,000
– Cumberland County Family Violence Care Center – 50
– Lee County DSS – 250
– Hoke County DSS – 150
– Hoke County H.E.L.P. – 280
– Fayetteville Urban Ministries – 300
– Falcon Children’s Home (Falcon, NC) – 35
– Moore County DSS – 300
– Harnett Co. Kiwanis – 320
– Masonic Childrens Home (Oxford, NC) – 45 (this was one of the original recipients)
– Methodist Home for Children (Raleigh, NC) – 800
– Montgomery County DSS – 50

By MAJ Carter Langston, 352nd Civil Affairs Brigade Public Affairs Officer

You Never Know Where They’ll Show Up

December 8th, 2018

Daniel Horner Takes Top Prize in First Match for Team SIG at 2018 SIG SAUER Fort Benning Multi-Gun Challenge

December 7th, 2018

Newington, N.H. (December 3, 2018) – SIG SAUER, Inc. congratulates Team SIG member Daniel Horner for his impressive performance in his first competition representing Team SIG. At the 2018 SIG SAUER Fort Benning Multi-Gun Challenge held November 15th through November 18th at Krilling Range in Fort Benning, Georgia, Horner claimed the titles of “High Overall,” and “Tactical Optics Champion.”

“We are thrilled to see Daniel win his first match as a member of Team SIG, and to do it at Fort Benning where he spent his military career as the captain, and member, of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit is very fitting,” said Tom Taylor Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc. “Given that this was the first time Daniel had used his SIG equipment in competition it really demonstrates his impressive skill, and we look forward to watching his career as a professional shooter and member of Team SIG unfold.”

To claim his first match win at the 2018 SIG SAUER Fort Benning Multi-Gun Challenge Horner competed through 12 stages, against 247 competitors, shooting a total of 547 rounds in 553 seconds. The competition required at least three firearms (pistol, rifle, shotgun) to compete and targets throughout the stages ranged from 2 to 250 yards. For long-range competition Horner used his SIG SAUER M400 Competition rife with a SIG SAUER Electro-Optics TANGO6 riflescope, .223 REM SIG Elite Match Competition Ammunition, and a SIG KILO2400ABS Rangefinder. For pistol competition Horner used his P320 XFIVE pistol with iron sights and SIG 9mm Match Elite Competition Ammunition.

“It was very exciting to compete for the first time as a member of Team SIG, and to compete alongside my teammate Lena Miculek was a huge help in stage planning and gear preparation,” added Horner. “In rifle competition the combination of all my SIG equipment really gave me a massive advantage over the competition on any long range or low percentage targets. In pistol competition the handling and accuracy of my P320 XFIVE provided me the edge I needed to win the pistol stage against everyone in the competition including the open pistols that were allowed red dot sights and compensators.”

The SIG SAUER equipment used by Team SIG Pro Shooter Daniel Horner including the SIG SAUER Electro-Optics TANGO6 riflescope, KILO2400ABS Rangefinder, .223REM SIG Elite Match Competition Ammunition, and 9MM SIG Match Elite Competition Ammunition can be purchased online at or retailers everywhere.

Alamo Precision Rifles Release The APR G2 Action

December 7th, 2018

For Immediate Release – Hurst, TX – Alamo Precision Rifles, Leader in affordable high-quality custom precision rifles announces the release of their APR G2 action. Integrating several features previously reserved for high end custom actions, the APR Gen II is an affordable feature rich solution for any custom rifle build.

The APR G2 is released shortly after the successful release of the original APR action as a result of further collaboration between Alamo Precision Rifles and Thompson Leh.

When asked why they are launching another version so soon after the flagship model was introduced, Robert Waggoner, owner Alamo Precision Rifles said the following: “Because the shooting community spoke, and we listened. The original APR action came about as an attempt to create a higher quality, yet cost effective alternative to a trued factory action. It was really intended to fill a specific niche in our hunting build lineup, which it does very well.  However, we immediately began getting requests for a version geared more towards the long range/tactical and DIY market. We were completely on board with the idea, as this category represents a large part of our core business. We combined a list of features and changes that would make it excel in this role and worked closely with Thompson Leh to get them implemented.  We are excited with the results and very pleased that we were able to keep the costs down to a level that makes this version every bit the value that the original APR action represents.”

– Remington 700 Footprint
– Controlled Round Feed
– Mechanical Ejector
– One Piece bolt
– Double Pinned .250 Recoil Lug
– 8×40 Scope Base Holes
– Tool-less Fire Control Removal
– Accepts any Remington 700 Style Trigger
– Side Bolt-Stop Release
– Oversize Bolt Knob
– Spiral Fluted Bolt

– 1 1/16 x 20 TPI Threads (Now accepts Savage Style Pre-fit Bbls)
– Wire EDM Raceways for more uniform tolerances and smoother Cycling
– Pinned 20 MOA Rail for more secure scope mounting
– Smaller Ejection Port Cut-Out for a More Rigid Action Body
– .062 Firing Pin to accommodate SRP brass
– Full DLC Coating for More Corrosion Protection and Smoother Operation.

Available in standard and magnum short action, and standard and magnum long action configurations.

MSRP: $825.00

For more information please visit

Shield Sights Announces the RMS-W Red Dot Sight

December 7th, 2018

12/4/2018 – Dorset, England, U.K. – Shield Sights is pleased to announce the release and full production of the RMS-W.  The RMS-W is the water-resistant and ruggedized version of the existing Shield RMS line of sights.

The Shield RMS-W is designed to resist damage from water or other harsh environmental conditions.  The RMS-W is gasket sealed to create a watertight fit between the slide and the battery compartment without the need of a special mounting plate.  When the sight is properly mounted it will remain watertight at depths of up to 20 meters for 30 minutes.

The RMS-W also features a newly designed frame which adds thickness to the aluminum lens housing as well as a newly designed side profile.  The RMS-W will also be the first sight in the RMS line to benefit from the newly developed hard coated polymer lens.  These modifications have increased flex strength of the standard RMS sight by over 80% while maintaining the original viewing window and mounting footprint. The RMS-W will fit any slide that has already been cut for the RMS, RMS-C, SMS, or Jpoint.

– The RMS-W is machined from aerospace grade aluminum
– Gasket sealed to ensure consistent waterproofing
– Increased thickness of aluminum housing
– Hard coated polymer lens to resist scratching
– Very fast automatic brightness adjustment
– Very low profile to Co-Witness standard iron sights
– 2-3 year average battery life with standard CR2032 battery
– Weight: 17.6 grams / .62 ounces battery included

The RMS-W is available with the option of 4 MOA or 8 MOA dots with an MSRP of $499