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Schrade MOE Multi-Purpose Demolition Tool

February 15th, 2019

Somehow, the Schrade MOE Multi-Purpose Demolition Tool escaped me when it came out in 2016.

MOE is a 14.75″ multi-purpose demolition tool, forged from heat treated, 1055 high carbon steel with a bending strength of 1843 lbs.

It features a five function head that includes:
-A fire axe
-A spine side hammer
-A beveled pry bar end
-An angled nail pull
-A 1-1/4″ spanner wrench / demolition claw

On the shaft there’s a main gas valve wrench.

The handle is wrapped with 550 paracord and there’s a flat pry bar with nail pull.

Limited Edition Emdom Master Wallet – Digital Camo

February 15th, 2019

It’s a nice tri-fold wallet made from 500D Cordura and has loads of features:
Multiple internal organizing slots and cardholders.
Internal zippered coin pocket.
Internal extend document slot.
Hypalon pen holder.
Dual paper money slots.
Paper money retention tab.
1″ wide Lanyard attachment loop.
Internal spring loaded clasp key holder.
Internal retention tie-down grommets.
Slots for business cards, flash drives, small tools.
External see-through zippered ID pocket.

New US Army Electronic Warfare Vehicle Tested At Ft Irwin

February 15th, 2019

FORT IRWIN, Calif. — The Army’s newest electronic warfare vehicle was tested at the Army’s toughest training ground, the National Training Center in Fort Irwin California in January.

Electronic Warfare Soldiers from 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team “Greywolf,” 1st Cavalry Division conducted electronic attack and electronic support operations during the month-long exercise using the Electronic Warfare Tactical Vehicle (EWTV).

“Our main purpose was to provide support by denying communications to the enemy, jamming comms,” said Sgt. First Class Cristian Holguin, the EWTV team leader. “In addition we were able to listen in on FM communications from the enemy and detect enemy electronic signatures to use for call for fire missions.”

The brigade received the Army’s first dedicated electronic warfare vehicle in September of 2018 in time to test it out during the Brigade’s external evaluation, Pegasus Forge III, at Fort Hood, Texas. The team then provided feedback to the team at the Rapid Equipping Force, which had developed the vehicle.

“It’s like version one of the system. And for being version one it is a very good system,” said Holguin. “The folks at REF listened to our feedback following Pegasus Forge and actually were making upgrades to the vehicle as we were on ground at NTC.”

According to Staff Sgt. Darron McCracken, a EWTV operator, the shortened timetable between Pegasus Forge and NTC presented a challenge to the team, but they were able to overcome them and help integrate the system fully at the brigade and battalion-levels.

“Initially the battalions were a little skeptical of the system. Not only was it an asset they had to provide forces to help protect, but it’s a pretty big vehicle as well,” he said. “But once they saw what it could do and they benefited from its effects, they recognized the benefits of the system.”

The near-peer enemy along with the terrain and elements that the Brigade faced at NTC made it an ideal environment to test the EWTV. Once the force-on-force fight was completed, the team conducted situational training that helped further test the capabilities of the vehicle.

“We worked on finding ways to better improve our jamming and detection capabilities,” said Staff Sgt. Francisco Becerra, a EWTV Operator. “For instance, we learned by raising the antenna two more inches we were able to getter better lines of bearing. These are things that you can’t necessarily test out in the middle of a fight.”

Measuring the performance of the vehicle at NTC was sometimes difficult to do since there was no immediate feedback through real time measures and sensors. According to Holguin it is something that NTC is working to improve, however they were able to validate and measure effects in other ways.

“There are two aspects of performance. Performance of the equipment and performance of the teams themselves,” Holguin said. “And I think we’ve accomplished more than we expected for integration and employment; having and using the EWTV validated our position as an effective asset on the battlefield.”

Greywolf was the first to test the vehicle in an austere environment against a near-peer foe, but they won’t be the last. The EWTVs belong to III Corps and are being moved to other units so that their teams can test them and add their inputs to improve the system.

“The intent is to take all of the lessons learned and build on it,” said McCracken. “Towards the end of the process we will have an SOP, something that is predictable and can be translated across the Army.”

When asked if, after testing it out at NTC, they felt it was an effective system, McCracken answered, “Absolutely. Absolutely.”

The new vehicle was developed to provide Army Electronic Warfare Teams with the ability to detect and attack in the electromagnetic spectrum from an operationally relevant range at the brigade combat team level. It was developed by the Rapid Equipping Force to give the Army’s Brigade Combat Team a dedicated electronic warfare vehicle.

By CPT Scott Kuhn

Liberty Dynamic – Enhanced Diversionary Device

February 15th, 2019

One of the coolest things at SHOT Show was something I didn’t even get to see because I attended several private Range days and it was exhibited by Liberty Dynamic at the Official Industry Range Day. The Enhanced Diversionary Device is much more than a “Stun Grenade,” it is actually a reloadable, digitally fused fuel air explosive device.

Little work has been done over the years to modernize Noise and Flash Diversionary Devices. Traditional devices are flammable and produce smoke as well as secondary frag from loose items being propelled during detonation. Over a decade ago, Sandia National Lab produced a developmental fuel air device, but it was never commercialized.

Liberty Dynamic was co-founded by former Recon Marine John Chapman.

Liberty Dynamic developed their own technology, the Enhanced Diversionary Device, a digital fuse FAE device which produces a thermobaric event using a binary energetic material. This means that it is not BATFE controlled. Update: Liberty Dynamic updated us with a clarification regarding BATFE oversight of the EDD. The energetic is not regulated in its binary form. However, once it is combined and attached to a fuse, it is, in fact, regulated.

Cartridges are reloadable. The combustible aluminum is atomized in free space, outside of the device, creating a dust cloud which when ignited produces a report of 175 dB and 9 million candela. However, unlike the output cap on current tech, the Enhanced Diversionary Device offers scalable output. As they increase the FAE event, it produces a more potent dB output.

Due to the combustion outside of the device, it remains cool and intact, ready to be reloaded.

The Smart Fuse enables a precise customizable detonation sequence. However, it is set at the factory, based upon user TTPs. Thanks to this digital fuse technology, you’ll get at least a hundred uses from the device. Additionally, tri-color LEDs indicate device condition. Finally, any deployment failure and the device renders safe in 60 seconds.

In addition to offering training systems, the Enhanced Diversionary Device can be configured for deployment from a sUAS.

S&S Precision OEM Services

February 15th, 2019

Did you know S&S Precision offers OEM services? They’ve built projects for multiple clients over the years. They offer a diverse and creative design/engineering team, in-house mold design & manufacturing, injection molding presses, CNC machines and a number of other processes to get the job done. 

Do you have a project in mind? Contact them. Every conversation is worth having.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – New Stalker Vest Color Options

February 15th, 2019

On this Friday Focus we are taking a look at two all new colors for the Stalker Vest.

Built from FirstSpear’s all American merino wool ACM Warm 600 package. The unique design allows the sides to open up for ventilation but more specifically so the garment can be removed while wearing outerwear, backpacks, or even plate carriers.

Features left and right side pockets and a stand up collar with a large hand warmer pocket in the front.

Available now in black, black/heather, commando, and sand. 100% Made in the USA.

Force Protection is our Mission: Rheinmetall at IDEX 2019

February 15th, 2019

IDEX 2019 takes place from 17 to 21 February in Abu Dhabi. True to the motto “Force Protection is our Mission”, Rheinmetall will be on hand with a representative selection of products from its extensive portfolio.

The Group is allocating considerable space to its force protection solutions, which range from hard ballistic inserts for bullet-resistant vests to state-of-the-art standoff active protection systems for armoured vehicles.

For the first time ever, Rheinmetall is showcasing its new Hybrid Protection Module. Combining active and passive protection technology, it can be retrofitted into vehicles or deployed in standalone mode. Furthermore, Rheinmetall is presenting two variants of its tried-and-tested Multi Ammunition Softkill System (MASS) decoy launcher system: MASS_OCR with Offboard Corner Reflector and the standalone MASS_ISS with Integrated Sensor Suite, intended for units lacking an organic reconnaissance system for countering e.g. laser and radar threats.

Rheinmetall’s comprehensive expertise in the air defence domain is also on show at IDEX 2019, embodied in its innovative Skynex system. The Skynex configuration on display at Abu Dhabi features the remotely operated, network-capable Oerlikon Revolver Gun Mk3 – mounted on an HX77 truck – bolstered by an X-TAR3D search radar, a Cheetah guided missile and a high-energy laser effector.

Rheinmetall also numbers among the world’s foremost suppliers in the field of training and simulation, where it makes a crucial contribution to enhancing the operational effectiveness of numerous armed forces and law enforcement agencies. At IDEX 2019 Rheinmetall is highlighting its new “Total Ship Training” system, an integrated simulation-based approach for training entire ships’ crews ashore. The aim of this concept is to increase the operational readiness and to reduce the training costs while taking into account modern demands for longer sea endurance of the fleet and multi-crew concepts.

As a leading supplier for soldier systems, sensors, effectors, networking and C4I systems, Rheinmetall sets extraordinary standards in the digitization of armed forces. The Du?sseldorf- based specialist for security and mobility continues to widen its lead in the soldier system market with solutions like Argus New Generation and Gladius 2.0. On view too at IDEX 2019 are the Group’s cutting-edge TacNet tactical management system and the Rheinmetall Command and Control Software (RC2S).

Furthermore, at IDEX 2019 Rheinmetall is presenting its comprehensive expertise in practically every capability category. Among other things, these include the Group’s tactical vehicles as well as the versatile, high-mobility trucks, the backbone of modern military logistics; weapon and ammunition systems that are a match for the latest threats, enabling a swift, scalable response; and innovative, network-capable sensors for applications on land, at sea and in the air. We look forward to seeing you at IDEX 2019 at our stand 09-A10!

American Defense Mfg Sponsors Competitive Shooter Chris Woomer

February 15th, 2019

Chris Woomer is the owner and lead instructor of Veil Solutions where he designs and produces custom holsters/equipment for responsibly armed citizens, competitive shooters, military, law enforcement and government entities. Aside from being a competitive shooter, Chris also holds a master class ranking in various pistol shooting disciplines, as well as a professional ranking in the 3 Gun Nation Factory Division. Notably, in 2018, Chris placed 2nd overall in the Inaugural Tactical Athlete Games. Chris is also an avid practitioner of several martial arts disciplines for the past 7 years and has recently started competing on this front.

“Given Woomer’s drive, determination, and willingness to achieve greatness no matter the odds, we feel that he is a good representation of what American Defense Mfg is about. His relentless ability to be Intentionally Superior is the core of our ethos.” Said William Phebus, Director of Sales.

Effective immediately, Chris will be implementing his American Defense Mfg. mounts and carbines outfitted with Rosco Mfg. Barrels into his training schedule and competition circuit for 2019. This equipment provides the perfect balance of accuracy and performance that will give Chris the support that he needs while he is out actively pursuing his next great achievement.

Chris Woomer #BarrelGang bio: Chris Woomer Bio

For more information on American Defense firearms, mounts and optics, please visit or call 262.780.9831.