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Visit Nightforce At The USASOC Sniper Competition

March 16th, 2018

Members of the MIL-GOV-LE team will be in attendance to exhibit products and provide support to customers and end-users. Products on display will include MIL-SPEC riflescopes and accessories, which are designed and built for today’s warfighter, and currently in-use around the globe.

This annual competition takes place during the week of March 19, 2018 at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Teams from the United States and other allied special operations units will be tested in real-world based events designed by instructors of the Special Forces Sniper Course. Exhibitors will be located in a vendor tent on Range 37.

Nightforce is a leading manufacturer and marketer of premium sport optics and related products, including riflescopes, spotting scopes and accessories. We are known for our rugged, high-precision engineered designs that are capable of holding up to punishing conditions. Based in Orofino, Idaho, Nightforce has established a benchmark for high-quality, high- performance products that have accompanied soldiers into battle, world champion shooters to the winner’s podium, and helped hunters take the trophy of a lifetime.

RE-FACTOR X TD Apparel Jedburgh 2.0 Cover Shirt

March 16th, 2018


You talked, we listened. We set out to create the perfect cover shirt for shooters, by shooters. We started by creating a general design from the feedback of current special operations personnel that we sold at a steep discounted rate in order to get it in the hands of reviewers. We then sent out feedback forms and had those who had a chance to wear the shirt provide what they did or didn’t like about the shirt. From that feedback we created our version 2.0 and a design that we believe is truly designed for you.


The Jedburgh Cover Shirt is the ideal shirt for anyone carrying a concealed firearm during plain clothes operations or for simple every day carry. Designed to have a non-tactical appearance, this athletic form-fitting shirt easily blends in with your environment, without presenting yourself as armed. Built with lightweight, air-wicking stretch fabric, you can easily maneuver, draw, and present your weapon when needed. Special pearl button snaps and reinforced lining allow you to quickly open and clear your shirt when drawing, while minimizing your weapon profile when concealed. Three hidden pockets lined within inside of the shirt let you carry sensitive items, such as CAC cards, ID’s and money separately from your wallet.

-Athletic fit w/ air-wicking material
stretch fabric for maneuverability
-Quick-release plastic button snaps
Passport/ID sized breast pocket w/ button
-Three hidden interior pockets
-Reinforced lining for easy draws and reduced weapon “printing”
-Stretch fabric offers the ability to present the pistol with or without concealed body armor

From Tactical Distributors

From Re-Factor Tactical
Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HqauKteQhc

SureFire Advanced Rifle Operating Core (AROC)

March 16th, 2018

We’ve mentioned SureFire’s Advanced Rifle Operating Core (AROC) in the past but now it’s in production and has been demonstrated to several customers. There is a great deal of excitement surrounding this new weapon concept. It consists of a new Upper Receiver, including Bolt Carrier Group, as well as Action Spring and Buffer, all of which can be used with existing Lower Receivers.

The AROC bolt lugs are 1/3 longer, making them twice as strong as a standard mil-spec bolt. Naturally, this requires a matching barrel extension. The longer barrel extension reduces the steep feed ramp angle as found on a standard M4, for smoother and more reliable feeding of ammunition.

The AROC Bolt Carrier has an additional .400” of travel into the receiver extension requiring a shorter buffer. Along with the additional bolt carrier travel, there is a spring loaded weight in the rear of the carrier that acts as a counter weight to increase dwell time, reducing the cyclic rate to 590-610 rpm depending on ammunition. This makes the weapon easy to control on full automatic fire, increasing accuracy and effectiveness of the weapon. The AROC’s Bolt also has a set of interlocking Inconel gas rings that never wear out. Known in stand-alone mode as the Optimized Bolt Carrier, it is available as a drop-in accessory for existing AR pattern weapons, but you won’t get all of the advantages of the full AROC.

The AROC also has a heavy duty gas tube to handle full automatic fire. The delayed unlocking of the bolt reduces carbon fouling allowing the AROC to fire thousands of rounds without cleaning or lubrication. That’s right, no lube necessary. All the testing for the AROC was done with no lubrication.

The AROC is available as a Carbine, Designated Marksman Rifle, or a box fed lightweight squad machine gun. It’s a super reliable, very controllable, upper receiver that can be added to an M4 or HK416 lower receiver. The AROC pictured has a 14.5” machine gun, chrome lined barrel. Weight is 7.9 pounds with M4 lower receiver. However, shorter and longer barrel lengths will be available as well. Shown with the SOCOM556-RC-TN contract suppressor.

The AROC will be at The USASOC Sniper Competition held at Range 37, March 22-23. For more info contact SureFire VP of Military Sales, Jamie Wiedeman, jwiedeman@surefire.com.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Wind Cheater returns in MultiCam

March 16th, 2018

All new for 2018 the Wind Cheater returns in Multicam! Constructed from 330D ambush the Wind Cheater is a unique garment very light in weight, breathes like a t-shirt yet still sheds wind and light precipitation thanks to a DWR coating.

The Wind Cheater features a long tail great for colder days with just the right height on the front for easy access to belt mounted accessories. Oversized hood works well with hats or helmets with a wide range of bungee adjustment for user defined fit. Two large bicep pockets, pit zips and torso pockets allow for exceptional ventilation when required.

Available in Multicam while supplies last! Black, Ranger Green, Coyote, and Manatee Grey also available. Made in the USA!


UF Pro Presents : The Pro’s Guide To Tactical Shooting

March 16th, 2018

This video covers DRILL No. 1: Protect VIP in a Vehicle.

In this scenario, a car carrying a VIP and 3 bodyguards is frontally attacked. The driver is KIA and the car rolls along uncontrolled until it comes to a stop, leaving the 2 surviving bodyguards no choice but to evacuate the VIP and protect him until support arrives. Learn how to shoot behind cover while protecting a VIP.


Morgan Helps Veterans Challenge for Paralympian Dream

March 15th, 2018

World leading composites and defence systems manufacturer designs and builds two bespoke sit skis, in time for Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Paralympics.

When Steve Arnold and Scott Meenagh joined the Armed Forces, it is probably fair to say that they would not have thought that they’d be competing in the 2018 Winter Paralympics being hosted in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Both Steve and Scott are double amputees, caused by injuries in the line of duty. They are being supported in their pursuit for Paralympic selection by a partnership between Help for Heroes and the Armed Force Para-Snowsport Team. If successful for selection, Steve and Scott will be the first Para-Nordic skiers to represent GB at the Paralympics for 20 years.

Scott was part of the recovery operation in Afghanistan when he stepped on a roadside IED (Improvised Explosive Device). Steve Arnold was serving as a Staff Sergeant that was leading a search team in Afghanistan when he also lost both of his legs in an IED explosion.

Even though both members have suffered life-changing injuries, they now find themselves on the verge of qualification for the Paralympic Para Nordic Skiing event, thanks to some help from the Composites and Defence Systems business of Morgan Advanced Materials.

Morgan was approached by Elizabeth Winfield, Chief Operating Officer for Armed Forces Para-Snow Sport, and Jayne Kavanagh, Performance Pathway Manager at Help for Heroes, in September 2017 to design and manufacture bespoke sit skis for Scott and Steve. Morgan’s relationship with the Armed Forces follows on from its recent win of the £4.49m contract to supply body armour to the Ministry of Defence.

Qualification for the games started in December 2017. This gave the manufacturer just six weeks to produce the sit skis in time for training and qualification.

“We were incredibly honoured to have been able to help Scott and Steve on their extraordinary Paralympic journey”, said Greg Aratoon, Principal Engineer at Morgan Composites and Defence Systems.

“Before we got involved, they were using off the shelf ice hockey seats that were ill-fitting and heavy. We knew that we’d be able to help create bespoke, lightweight sit skis which would give them the best chance of reaching Pyeongchang”.

Nordic Para Skiing tests athletes on varying inclines, while they also must roll the sit skis over to shoot at targets and then sprint to the finish.

To design the new seats, Morgan started by 3D scanning the team members. This helped get Scott and Steve’s unique measurements for the seat moulds and tailor the designs where waist strapping would be situated.

The sit skis were then manufactured out of mainly carbon fibre. The seats weighed less than 1kg each when finished, not including the metallic frames.

“Not only does the seat look good and make us look professional on the racing circuit, but it is also very robust and has held up to me putting it through its paces”, said Steve Arnold.

“I feel very secure in the seat and all the strapping was designed to keep me in when in the prone shooting position, making it feel like part of my body while skiing. I believe the seat has helped me with the marginal gains you need when competing in high level sport”.

Special thanks go out to companies involved in the project, including Morgan Advanced Materials Base Group, Pattern & Moulds, SHD Composites and ADV Metal Craft.

For more about Morgan’s Composites and Defence Systems Business, visit http://www.morganadvancedmaterials.com/en-gb/our-product-groups/composites-and-defence-systems/

Magpul Releases New T-Shirt Designs

March 15th, 2018

Based on their recent Overland: Wyoming trip theme, there are three new designs. My favorite is the Jerry Can shirt.


Redback One – Active Shooter Awareness Seminar

March 15th, 2018

Redback One Active Shooter Awareness Seminar
Presented by Jason Falla
When: March 24, 2018
Time: 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Where: Aloft Hotel, Crossways Blvd. Chesapeake (may change to Colonial Shooting Academy)
Cost: $85

Registration: www.redbackone.com or email info@redbackone.com

What To Do During An In Progress Active Shooter Crisis

As active shooter situations are generally over within 5-15 minutes and often before the arrival of law enforcement officers, individuals must be prepared both physically and mentally to deal with an in progress active shooter situation.

Active shooter incidents are unpredictable and generally evolve quickly: Typically, the immediate deployment of law enforcement is required to stop the shooting and

mitigate the threat. However, many active shooter situations have been stopped by armed citizens or those that are prepared to intervene to stop the threat.


• Response procedures following our ESCAPE methodology.

• Mindset and mental toughness.

• Profile of an active shooter.

• Fear response and dealing with combat stress.

• Human combative behaviors and rapid threat recognition.

• Responsibilities of managers and staff during an active

shooter crisis.

• What to do when the shooter is in your vicinity.

• Room hardening procedures and how to barricade.

• Procedures to disrupt or incapacitate the shooter.

• How to respond when Law Enforcement and first responders arrive.

• Evacuation procedures and what you can do to assist.

• Casualty care and life saving techniques.


The National Tactical Officer’s Association (NTOA) defines active shooter as… “one or more subjects who participate in a random or systematic shooting spree, demonstrating their intent to continuously harm others. An active shooter’s overriding objective appears to be that of mass murder, rather than criminal conduct such as robbery kidnapping, etc.”


This seminar explains in detail the appropriate response protocol that should be used during an in progress active shooter crisis in the workplace.