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Have You Seen B5 Systems’ New Website?

Sunday, June 5th, 2016

Ok, it’s not exactly brand spanking new, but it’s newish.

Woodland Is Back!

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Woodland is making a massive comeback thanks to HSGI, B5 Systems and Tactical Distributors who have teamed up to introduce several new products to the market. Although woodland camouflage has been all but abandoned by the US military it continues to remain popular due to its effectiveness in the environments it was designed for. Even the US Army Jungle School continues to issue woodland hot weather BDUs to its students and MARSOC CSOs use it for certain applications.

MARSOC Advanced Sniper Training Course

Below is a short press release from High Speed Gear who have introduced several of their most popular items in woodland camouflage complete with woodland pattern webbing.

photo 1

B5 Systems has also introduced exclusive, woodland dipped versions of their popular firearms accessories, including stocks, grips, and forends.

Additionally, Tactical Distributors has an entire category for woodland items on their site.

HSG Woodland

SWANSBORO, NC – 17NOV2014 – We’ve settled the camouflage debate!!!!! A large portion of our product line is now available in M81 Woodland Camo, based on military and shooting sport customers demand. However, instead of just producing in the vintage fashion, High Speed Gear® commissioned our webbing provider to produce, jacquard M81 Woodland webbing to match the Cordura®. No more olive drab PALS covering the pattern, everything matches, and High Speed Gear has this exclusively.

The Woodland pattern was the default camouflage pattern issued to United States military personal from most branches of the armed forces starting in 1981 with the issuance of the BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) until its replacement in 2006.

High Speed Gear® is dedicated to building the best 100% Made in the USA, Battle Proven Tactical Nylon Gear™. Our products are designed for the highest level of comfort, functionality, and versatility. Satisfaction is guaranteed for all of our customers, whether military, law enforcement, or responsibly armed citizens. Our products are user driven and have been designed based the operational experiences from a wide variety of end users.

For more information, please visit

To order these woodland camo products visit Tactical Distributors.

2 Vets Arms Bravo Carbine First To Feature B5 Systems Bravo Keymod Handguards

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Bravo 5

2 Vets Arms has just released its 5.56 Bravo Rifle, the first rifle to feature the B5 Systems Bravo Keymod handguard.


· 2 Vets Arms 7075T6 billet side charged upper receiver

· 16” 4140CMOV barrel 1/7 twist with A2 Front Sight Base

· 2 Vets 7075 Forged lower receiver

· GI fire controls

· Phase 5 Enhanced Side Charged compatible BAD Lever

· B5 Bravo Stock

· B5 Bravo Forend

· Umbrella Corp grip

Available with Black, OD Green, and Flat Dark Earth furniture.

Photos of the new Bravo Keymod Handguard from B5 Systems

image 3

B5 Systems’ Bravo Keymod Handguard is currently in production and shipping soon. The hand guard features a built in hand stop and heat shield, with slim profile ergonomics. This is only the second drop-in Keymod handguard to come to market and the first done in polymer.

The B5 Bravo is designed to be an end user upgrade over standard M4 furniture, and is being picked up by several OEMs. Initial production will be carbine length followed by midlength and rifle. Polymer Keymod accessories are also on the way.

The Talos LT Halfshell In Action – Courtesy of Haley Strategic

Sunday, June 9th, 2013

Arc'teryx LEAF Talos LT Halfshell

We recently recommended the Arc’teryx LEAF Talos LT Halfshell and we just got these photos from Haley Strategic Partners that give you some good all around shots of the Talos LT to help you get a better feel for it. As it turns out there are a whole lot of other great products in these photos like carbines from Bravo Company USA featuring parts from B5 Systems as well as armor carriers and pouches from Mayflower Research and Consulting along with holsters from G-Code. You may also notice a lot of Kryptek camouflage in these photos including some cool custom combat pants from Australia’s Platatac, not to mention some interesting gloves from Outdoor Research.

Buy American

Sunday, April 7th, 2013


Check out the copyright date on this license plate.

photo courtesy of

Darley GRF Expo – B5 Systems

Thursday, March 21st, 2013


B5 Systems has their line of SOPMOD Bravo stocks and accessories on hand. If you aren’t familiar with B5 Systems you need to check them out.

B5 Systems New Product Overview

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

BCM Carbine

B5 End Plate QD is manufactured from 1117 Steel.



B5 Enhanced Trigger Guard is manufactured from Mil-spec Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum.



B5 SOPMOD and SOPMOD Bravo stocks are available now in Black, FDE and Coyote. Shortly, B5 will offer their stocks coated in AOR1, AOR2, ATACs, MutliCam, and other patterns.

See the B5 Systems products at SHOT Show and all will be available through Bravo Company USA in the very near future.

B5 Systems SOPMOD Bravo Stock in AOR

Thursday, December 13th, 2012


Here we see one of B5 Systems’ new SOPMOD Bravo stocks in dipped in AOR 1 (bottom). There is also a SOPMOD stock in AOR 2 (top). They tell us that production models will feature dipped adjustment levers as well. The SOPMOD Bravo is featured on The Jack carbine, just unveiled by HSP and Bravo Company USA.

Bravo Company Joins Forces with Haley Strategic Partners to Introduce The Jack Carbine

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Bravo Company has joined forces with Haley Strategic Partners to produce The Jack, as in “Jack of all Trades.” The technologies integrated into this carbine build are impressive, to say the least.

Built on a Bravo Company lower and upper, the 5.56mm carbine relies on BCM’s 14.5″ Government Profile Barrel (and mid-length gas system) with a permanent mounting of the brand new BCMGUNFIGHTER Compensator making it a 16″ Civilian Legal Barrel. This is paired with the excellent Geissele Super Modular Rail mounted with a BCM Diopter Front Folding Battle Sight and Rear Folding Battle Sight.

HSP also specified the ALG Defense ACT Trigger which gives you a Geissele quality trigger in a US GI package as well as the newly debuted B5 Systems SOPMOD Bravo Stock mounted to a Bravo Company receiver extension. The Jack also includes a BCM GUNFIGHTER Charging Handle and Mod I Pistol Grip. Weighing in at 6 lbs 11 oz (with light, mount and irons), The Jack incorporates the Inforce WML-HSP (Momentary Only White Light Black Body) mounted to a Haley Strategic Thorntail Offset Light Mount built by Impact Weapons Components right out of the box. All of this topped off with a custom Disruptive Grey tone Cerakote finish by Joint Force Enterprises. This gun is ready to go as soon as you pick it up from the FFL. The only thing you will want to do to upgrade The Jack is to add an optic of your choice.

For more info about the component technologies checkout this document.

I am continually impressed at the quality of BCM guns and the number of products that are debuting on The Jack is a testament to the hard work that Haley Strategic Partners put into working with their industry affiliates to make this a reality.

Dipped Stock Ideas from B5

Thursday, November 1st, 2012


Folks have been giving their weapon accessories camouflage hydrographic treatments for some time but recently we’ve seen some interesting graphics showing up.

For example, this enhanced SOPMOD stock from B5 Systems sports a Halloween themed graphic. We’ve also seen others with American flag motifs. Considering Gun Culture 2.0 and that not all small arms are being used as working as working guns, we expect to see a lot more of this in the future. I can tell you that Tactical Mama saw this and got to thinking about doing some upgrades to her new .300 carbine. Pink’s just not her thing.