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Enforce Tac 18 – Heckler & Koch Introduce Gen3 Polymer Magazine

Thursday, March 8th, 2018

Heckler & Kock debuted their new GEN3 Polyner Magazine at Enforce Tac. It is a 5.56mm, 30 round STANAG magazine which is now standard with the HK416 and 433 rifles.


They put quite a bit into the design aesthetic. For instance, the round count window conjures a projectile, moving toward the target.


Speaking of round count windows, there is also a window at the backstrap. The spring has an orange indicator letting you know you are empty.


Grooves for a positive grip extend completely around the magazine’s body, as you can see in this photo of the front aspect.


Here is a view of the feed lips and follower.


It has a removable floor plate.


Made in Germany, the Gen3 PM is available in this RAL8000 shade as well as Black.

Design features will eventually find their way into a 7.62 version as well.

SHOT Show 2018 – HK433 Modular Assault Rifle

Thursday, January 25th, 2018

Stay tuned for coverage from SHOT Show 2028, when HK formally announces a semi-auto civilian variant for the US market.

The HK433 is a modular assault rifle in development by H&K, which is currently undergoing evaluation with the Bundeswehr to replace the G36 as Germany’s new service rifle. This particular model shown at the show was revealed by a rep to be a 4th iteration prototype, and we were told that it’s expected that several more prototype iterations will be made before the design is finalized.

Getting to the details of the rifle, the HK433 is a lightweight, gas operated rifle chambered for the NATO standard 5.56x45mm cartridge. It features a flat, non-reciprocating charging handle, with toolless conversion for left and right-handed shooters. The standard handguard has HKey attachment interfaces at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions, with a Picatinny rail at the 6 o’clock position, although HK notes there’s an M-LOK interface handguard that will also be offered. A monolithic sight rail along the top of the weapon allows for the attachment of red dot sights, scopes, and other optics.

The lower receiver is ambidextrous and exchangeable for either a G36 or HK416 style magazine release; the model at the show was set up with the G36 paddle release. The HK433 is capable of semi-auto and full-auto fire, with a 45 degree safety lever that can be engaged in either cocked or storage condition. The HK433 features a foldable buttstock with height-adjustable cheek rest that is also retractable to 5 different positions. The entire weapon is designed for tool-free disassembly with the major assemblies held together with captive pins. Interestingly, the receiver features a maintenance-free round counter, which also stores info on the serial number, weapon type, year of manufacture, and more, which can be read with RFID technology.

Multiple barrel lengths will be offered for the HK433, from 11″ to 20″, and the gas port will be fully adjustable without the use of tools.

The HK433 will be offered in Black and Flat Dark Earth.

H&K Lays It Down

Sunday, January 21st, 2018

This may very well be the best pre-SHOT post on Facebook this year.

How Would You Carry An HK G11?

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

During the 1980s, German weapons manufacturer Heckler & Koch developed the G11, a weapon which fired a 4.7mm caseless cartridge. It was big, black, and bulky. But even then, those crafty Germans developed a means to carry it. In fact, they came up with several ways to carry it.


The G11 was evaluated by the US Army during the Advanced Combat Rifle Program, but was not adopted. The ammunition proved to be too much of a challenge.

For more information on the HK G11 ceaseless gun, visit

Milipol 17 – H&K 416F

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Earlier this year, the French Army selected the 5.56mm Heckler & Koch 416 to replace the FAMAS, issued since the 1970s.

Offered in Standard (14.5” barrel) and Carbine (11” barrel) models, the HK416 F features the latest ambidextrous controls.

However, there are also a few differences on the French version.  First, the barrel allows the use of rifle grenades.  

Additionally, the French model eliminates the selective gas regulator.  The standard 416 is above and the 416 F below.

The French have also chosen the original collapsible but stock rather than the Slimline model used on newer versions of the HK416.

Finally, you may notice that there is an Aimpont Comp M5 mounted to this rifle.  The French Army is currently in source selection for a rifle optic and this is only one of the options they are considering.

AUSA 17 – H&K Exhibits M110A1 CSASS

Monday, October 9th, 2017


Heckler & Koch exhibited a production correct sample, based on the latest configuration of the M110A1, Compact Semi Auto Sniper System. Earlier examples on display used different parts.

Based on the G28 (417) weapon is in Flat Dark Earth color and includes a Geissele slimline M-LOK handguard, Ambi Controls, Geissele two-stage Trigger, Harris Bipod, G28 Stock and Pistol Grip, and a Barrel with 1:8 Twist. Additionally, it is equipped with a 3-20×50 PMII Ultra Short Schmidt & Bender with a modified reticle and an OSS Suppressor.


Friday, September 22nd, 2017

Naturally, if word gets out that the Interim Combat Service Rifle effort has stopped midstream, folks are going to wonder about other 7.62mm programs, especially CSASS.

Despite a contract award in early 2016 to H&K for a G28 variant, the US Army has yet to field any M110A1 Compact Semi Auto Sniper Systems. So far, the program has no funding. It’s not dead; it just doesn’t have money to buy anything.

However, a directed requirement for 6069 G28 rifles, which are essentially M110A1s minus the optic, is still rumored to be moving forward, albeit rather slowly. These rifles will be fitted with a different optic and used in the Squad Designated Marksman role. While the Army will not have a widespread capacity to bring 7.62 hate, the DMR guns and existing M110s, built by Knight’s Armament Co, offer a limited capability.

However, CSASS is still alive and well with the US Navy and US Air Force, who are reportedly still on track to field several thousand of the rifle system.

Within an hour of this post being published, The Army Contracting Command published an award on FedBizOpps entitled, “Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System Engineering Change Proposal”.

The U.S. Army Contracting Command – New Jersey (ACC-NJ), on behalf of the Project Manager Soldier Weapons (PM-SW), awarded a modification to incorporate Engineering Change Proposals to the Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System.

If I were a betting man, that ECP turns the CSASS into a DMR by eliminating the Optic and Suppressor as well as lengthening the Barrel, which results aggregately in lowering the price and producing the desired variant of the G28 specified in the Directed Requirement. If it includes a full-auto function, ICSR could still happen as an ECPed CSASS and offer the Army the 7.62 H&K G28, it wants.

We will update you as we learn the details of this ECP.

DSEI 17 – H&K Upgrades to British L85A3

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

H&K displayed a production version of the new L85A3 Mid Life Improvement project upgrades for the British MoD. Operationally, the weapon still works the same. The upgrades involve integrating a full length Picatinny rail along the top of the handguard and receiver. You’ll also note the HKey Mod on the hand guard which features a new receiver attaching system to offer a free float barrel.

Additionally, the weapon is now Flat Dark Earth.