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Soldier Equipment & Technology – Lucid LLC

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

First time exhibitor Lucid LLC offered their HD7 Red Dot Sight paired with the industry’s first 2x -5x variable accessory magnifier.

There are two versions of the HD7 RDS available. The commercial model with a zero POI shift between four operator selectable reticles and a military version with a single reticle and capped turrets. Both versions are powered by a single, readily available AAA battery providing 5000 hours of service. The red dot has multiple brightness settings and features an auto brightness sensor and auto shutoff after two hours. It comes with an integral 1913 mount that features thumbscrews. It has been tested for the past three years with numerous civilian and LE shooters. In fact, I have fired a carbine equipped with the HD7 and it was simple to use and maintained zero.


When coupled with a swing out ADM mount, the magnifier can quickly be placed in and out of action based on conditions.


Soldier Equipment & Technology – OP Tactical

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

In addition to the full line of Crye Precision products, OP Tactical displayed the HSGI Taco. It’s been getting rave reviews for its versatility. Available in three models, the rifle, pistol and double decker, the Taco will accommodate a wide variety of magazines. As you can see, the rifle Taco will accept, 5.56 magazines, 7.62 NATO, as well as 7.62 x 39 by adjusting the bungie. A molded plastic insert helps with rigidity.


Soldier Equipment & Technology – SORD USA

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Australian transplants SORD USA were on hand showing off their A-TACS wares.


Soldier Equipment & Technology – Winkler Knives II

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Winkler Knives II is well known within the community for their innovative designs. Combining traditional Native American designs with state of the art materials, Master Bladesmith Daniel Winkler crafts knives and tools for the modern warrior.


If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing a knife from Winkler Knives II but have been intimidated by the price then we’ve got just the thing for you. The recently introduced Neck Knife is the lowest priced knife from Winkler but is big on capability. Manufactured from 3/8″ thick 5160 steel, the 3-3/16″ blade is finished in KG guncoat with a skeletonized handle coated with a rubberized material to ensure a positive grip.

The Kydex sheath can be worn on a neck chain and also includes a clip that is compatible with both belt and MOLLE.

Soldier Equipment & Technology – Maglite XL50

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

The XL50 from Maglite offers 104 lumens for 8 hours on high setting and 18 on the low setting. Powered by 3 x AAA batteries, there three simple modes of operation. One click gives you high power, two clicks lowers the power to 25% and three clicks gives you an emergency strobe. All of this in a package that weighs a scant 3.68 ounces.


Intelligent Armour Now Official Distributor for Potomac Field Gear in UK

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Intelligent Armour Limited is now the official UK Distributor for Potomac Field Gear.

Regarding the move, Intelligent Armour Group CEO Mr Alex Bomberg said “Potomac Field Gear shows great innovation in product design and in research and development of its products, Intelligent Armour and its clients will welcome this innovation”. “What Potomac brings to the table will totally change what soldiers and close protection operatives wear in the field and will reduce blast and burn injuries.” We agree. With the Advanced Combat Shirt, Potomac makes an innovative product that not only addresses flame threats but also incorporates features to mitigate heat-induced injuries.

Intelligent Armour video

They are still in the stages of placing Potomac products on their website, but the gear they already have is all there:

Whiskey 5 with Kwikpoint

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Need to communicate with someone that doesn’t speak the same language you do? That product you’re using not working the way it should and you need to fix it? Can’t quite remember what comes next from the training you had a couple of months ago? You need Kwikpoint, the leader in visual translation, visual instruction, and visual reference publications.

Kwikpoints are used by our military in a variety of settings, particularly the combat theaters of Iraq and Afghanistan. Kwikpoint Visual Language Translators (VLTs) simplify communication between individuals who do not speak the same language. Kwikpoint Visual User Guides (VUGs) and Visual Reference Guides (VRGs) allow people to better understand products, systems or processes with visual language rather than complex text and illustrations. Kwikpoint’s visual language content increases the effectiveness and efficiency of how people understand and retain information. Kwikpoint VUGs and VRGs offer an alternative to wordy, confusing, and oftentimes ineffective tech manuals and reference material. They contain easy to follow visual instructions; accurate, colorful illustrations with brief, supplemental text; come in a handy pocket sized form factor which can be conveniently stored and used during combat operations. With over 7 million in the field, Kwikpoint supports not just the military but also law enforcement, homeland security, the medical community, and first responders

Kwikpoint, headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, is a world-leading publisher of innovative, inexpensive, powerful visual instructions, visual language translation and visual reference publications. We sell our products directly through our web site (, GSA, and through a select group of Prime Vendors and key distributors.

Kwikpoint opened the doors in 1991 after our Founder and CEO, Alan Stillman, returned to Virginia after a two and a half year, 15,000-mile bicycle trip through 28 countries. His bike bogged down with phrase books and language dictionaries so he began cutting pictures out of magazines to communicate his needs visually. It was a simple concept that was the genesis of Kwikpoint over 20 years ago.

Kwikpoint is committed to improving the quality of life for all by using visual language as a fast, clear, effective way to learn, understand and communicate. We are passionate about Increasing safety for our troops – whether collecting intelligence from civilians that don’t speak English, or making sure the protective vest is properly assembled and worn. Having a conversation with people that don’t speak your language is essential. Most instructions are frustrating. Training and understanding have a shelf life and quick recall can be critical in the field. Kwikpoints are easy to use and get the job done. Let us develop a custom publication that meets your needs. Call us and we’ll get to the point, Kwikly!

CNO Issues Wear Guidance for NWU Type II / III

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

We’ve written a couple of articles about the development and fielding of the Navy Working Uniform Type II and III designed to replace the Woodland and Desert Combat Utility Uniforms for Sailors who require them. The big hiccup in full implementation has been wear guidance from the Chief of Naval Operations and he issued it yesterday in NAVADMIN 259/11.

Here are a couple of highlights:

-The NWU Type II is DIGITAL DESERT and the NWU Type III is a DIGITAL WOODLAND pattern. These were developed for Naval Special Warfare by USSOCOM and have been referred to as AOR 1 and 2 respectively but will incorporate the Navy’s unique Anchor, Constitution, and Eagle (ACE) into the design in a similar fashion to how the Marine Corps has included the EGA in MARPAT.

-The only difference between Type II and III is pattern and not the style of uniform. The uniform style is a compromise between a combat and garrison style.
(Click on photos to enlarge)

-Sizing is NOT the same as the CUU.

-NWU Type II and II are organizational clothing. The basis of issue will be 3 blouses, 3 trousers, 2 eight point covers, 1 Goretex Parka, 1 fleece, 1 helmet cover, 1 sun hat, brown fleece watch cap, and brown belt.

-Yes, there will reportedly be a “waterproof, breathable” parka offered in the new patterns. At one point in the message it is referred to as a “Goretex Parka.” It will likely be in the current APECS cut but we have not seen any examples yet in either camo pattern.

-The Type III will replace the current Woodland CUU for everyone and serve as the standard garrison uniform. Only those assigned to NSW or working in direct support if them will be authorized the NWU Type II. This includes Coast Guard personnel assigned or attached to NSW.

-The wearout date for both the Woodland and Desert CUUs will be 1 June, 2012. Non-NSW units with an operational requirement for Desert uniforms after June of next year will have to ask the CNO permission. What is unclear is whether they will use the NWU Type II, continue wear of the Desert CUU, or get an entirely new hybrid uniform in the cut of the NWU but with the 3-color desert camo pattern. I think the NAVADMIN is vague for a reason. It gives them almost a year to decide what to do.

-Naval personnel performing duties outside the wire in deployed environments will continue to wear a mish-mash of FR clothing articles from a variety of sources.

-Sorry JB, but security forces will continue to wear the NWU Type I unless assigned to NSW.

-Some traditions never die. SEABEEs will still be allowed to embroider their logo on the pocket.

-The Navy is really worked up over which way the eagle faces. They mention it six separate times.

-Finally, one change implemented by this NAVADMIN that will affect all Sailors is that the blue fleece liner in the APECS parka can now be worn as a stand alone outer garment.

For the full message (more…)