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SilencerCo Weapons Research Radius Now Available

Monday, February 29th, 2016

After a delay, the SilencerCo Weapons Research Radius is now available.


The Radius was unveiled last September. It is a Picatinny rail compatible rangefinder capable of ranging out to a mile on a reflective target.  The Radius offers a user configurable display and continuous ranging for 12 hours with two CR123 batteries.  What’s more, it comes in at just under $1000.



Copper Basin Announces The Release of the Ruger 10/22 Takedown Backpack

Monday, February 29th, 2016

Copper Basin Takedown PackA discrete, lightweight backpack designed specifically to transport the Ruger 10/22 Takedown or Charger Pistol.

Nampa, Idaho (February 2016) – Copper Basin, LLC, manufacturers of innovative, lightweight bags and packs for hunting, hiking, and low profile firearm storage, is pleased to announce that its Ruger 10/22 Takedown Backpack is now available for purchase. The pack, available in discrete, low profile colors with non-military, non-law enforcement looking materials, allows the user to move confidently through urban and outdoor environments. It is purposely built to blend into the surroundings for non-descript use while hiking, biking or simply walking from the car to the house. The rifle’s signature contours are obscured by layers of integrated structural foam.

The Ruger 10/22 Takedown Backpack is built with correctly dimensioned pockets to carry the Ruger 10/22 Takedown or Charger Pistol (with installed optics and bipods) securely. The hook and loop closures with cinch straps and fleece lined interiors aid in noise reduction and prevent wear. The quick access top flap allows for rapid removal and deployment of all firearm components, while the complete fold open design feature allows for easy access to components and gear.

takedown bag 2

This stylish alternative for transporting the Ruger 10/22 Takedown or Charger Pistol comes fully loaded with comfort details, including adjustable padded straps with carabiner loops, a padded, breathable mesh back featuring a lumbar support pad and plenty of additional accessory pockets, including storage for water bottles. There is also an adjustable sternum strap with a whistle buckle along with a vehicle head rest strap. The shoulder straps tuck into the back for snag free storage or to simplify the carry bag configuration.

Watch Copper Basin’s Gary Cauble discuss the new Ruger 10/22 Takedown Backpack at the 2016 SHOT Show:

Copper Basin Ruger 10/22 Takedown Backpack Specifications:

takedown bag 3

Inner pockets
Rear Stock: 18” L x 9.5” W x 2” D
Forend/Barrel: 18” L x 5” W x 2.5” D
Accessory (x2): 9” L x 3.5” W x 1.5” D
Pack Dimensions: 23” L x 13” W x 5” D

Total Weight: 2.6 lbs. (1.2 kg.)

Material: Durable 420D Nylon

MSRP: $99.99

For more information on Copper Basin, visit www.copperbasingear.com.

Corps Strength – Mindless and Mislead

Monday, February 29th, 2016


Here on NAS Pensacola, the International Training Center where I work, is located in the same building as Navy API. Which is the Aviation PREFLIGHT Indoctrination for new Navy and Marine aviation officer students. Every once in awhile we have a new Ensign assigned to us that is on Med hold for an injury. They’re assigned to help our staff with admin stuff while they heal up. To me they’re just kids, right out of OCS, or the Naval Academy. They’re always very bright, motivated and to me; fun to be around as I always like to hear their fresh (if not sometimes naive) perspective on things. Plus of course as the old Master Gunny, I feel responsible to help them out with what ever advice and guidance I think may help them going forward.

This last month we had a young Ensign who was with us because of an ankle injury. So he was sent to me to PT with. I told him he could PT with me, but PT goes at 0545 and he had to follow my routine. He was game and surprisingly (unlike most) he showed up on time and ready to go the next morning. We started off easy, as the point was to help him get back in shape, not break him again. He was in ok shape, but a little chunky, so over the next few weeks we slowly ramped it up. He made good progress, his ankle was fine and he could pass the PRT with no trouble. However, I told him that he needed to get his diet in order so he could drop the excess 10-15 lbs he was carrying.

At that, he proudly stated that he had just purchased a delivered meal plan (over $500, including supplements) that says he could lose that much weight in 30 days. I asked him, “Huh, don’t you have a degree in Systems Engineering from the Naval Academy? “Yes”, So you must be educated enough to realize that plans food is just over priced, processed crap? Don’t you think you can figure this out better yourself.” “Well” he said, “Your’re probably right, but I want some fast easy results, without having to think about it.” “Ok, so using that mindset, later if your squadron CO asks you to provide him with a 30 day training plan for his pilots, your go to answer is to provide him with the plan that requires the least amount of thought? The thought process here being that something mindless works best?” Blank stare, “Well I never thought about it that way? Not thinking at all was your mistake, as you were looking for something easy first, sorry to say life doesn’t work that way pal” The right answer to any problem is rarely the easiest. Now that doesn’t mean some effective can’t be simple, many times simple is the best answer, but in any case only the right thinking will get you there.” Mindless as a plan, isn’t a plan, it’s a disaster in the making.” From this I got the “Buy in” look I wanted and we went from there. As we say in the Marine Corps: “Never miss an opportunity to train.”

However, this was really no surprise as there is a whole industry built around this fantasy that you can get real lasting results from something mindless. These 30-60-90 day plans are very popular, they all tout great results without meal preparation, thought or much effort. You just send us money, follow our plan (eat the cardboard we deliver) and you’ll wake up 30 days later and be awesome. To bad it’s almost all just marketing Bullshit. You wouldn’t think that smart people would fall for this stuff, but they do to the tune of many millions of dollars a year. Does it work? For some it does, but I’m pretty sure for most it doesn’t for the simple reason is that its not sustainable for the long term. Like I always ask people, are you going to eat (take) that stuff for the rest of your life? The overwhelming majority of people can’t and because they didn’t learn anything from that “mindless” process, will soon be overweight and out of shape again.

The fact is maintaining an effective long term exercise and eating plan does require some thought and planning. Relatively speaking it’s not that much, but some. Certainly much less than to takes to work a job, serve in the military or raise a family. In my book “Corps Strength” I not only lay out a simple and effective plan, but I go into all the necessary detail on developing the right thought process and planning that you need to make this work long term. You don’t have to be a new Ensign to learn something from the old Master Gunz; Mindless never works.

Be safe always, be good when you can.

Semper Fi



Kevin Brittingham To Launch Q, A New Brand, On 1 March

Monday, February 29th, 2016

Right before SHOT Show, we told you Kevin Brittingham planned to form a new company after recently leaving SIG SAUER. Now it’s happening, and quickly.

Kevin Brittingham doesn’t mess around, announcing a 1 March launch of his new brand. Named simply Q, they’ll start out with just 10 employees, but it’s quite the lineup. If you’ve known Brittingham for any length of time, these names will come as no surprise. There’s Robby Johnson as overall VP, Ethan Lessard to VP of Engineering, Lindsay Bunch VP of Operations, and Jessica Gauvin as VP of Business Development.

Brittingham sees his own role at Q as recruiting, steering the boat, funding and to a certain degree, marketing. But even then, his concept of marketing isn’t traditional. It’s really more of keeping the brand true to his vision and making sure people are aware of that fact.

Another interesting thing is the ages of the company’s members. At 42 years, Kevin Brittingham is the second oldest in the company. One of his goals is to give young people a shot and he’ll be looking for promising talent. He said, “You don’t have to be somewhere for 20 years to show everyone you are deserving.”  

While it’s a small company and people are going to be wearing a lot of hats, ambitions are high. The goal is Silencers, Accessories and Firearms by SHOT Show 2017. He said he plans to conduct live fire demos of three preproduction firearms at SHOT, although he wouldn’t get into specifics.

As part of Q’s 12 and 36 month plans, Brittingham has built in incremental growth and team building as crucial to success. He sees it as “knowing what we’re doing and giving people the right opportunities.” Although he doesn’t want to grow too fast, he knows exactly where he wants to be. Envisioning an “AAC 2.0” he’s determined to apply lessons learned (both good and bad) from previous companies. His business inspirations aren’t gun companies but rather business giants like Amazon and Red Bull who have changed the rules. However, one thing he won’t change is focus. To generate sales, the concept is initially to concentrate on government customers and then work toward commercial sales of those products.


Q is primarily self-funded by proceeds from Brittingham’s sale of AAC to Remington, but he has also brought in some investors who are reportedly participating solely for the returns. In fact, he was amazed at the confidence, not only from investors, but also from those who’ve joined him as employees at Q.

The company is located in New Hampshire. Brittingham loves the area and has put down roots. In addition to a new personal home, the Q factory is just a mile from his former office at SIG. He told me that it’s where talent is located and he didn’t want his employees to have to move.

If I could describe Q in one word it would be ambitious, but it’s not as if he’s starting from scratch. This isn’t Kevin Brittingham’s first trip to the rodeo and he’s already started to assemble a team of rock stars. Q definitely has a leg up. 

It’s going to be an exciting ride, so hold on.

EKA Expands And Established U.S. Facility

Monday, February 29th, 2016


South Florida ( February 2016) Swedish based EKA Knivar AB, has announced plans to expand its global footprint and brand exposure, by establishing an office and distribution center in the South Florida (Miami – Fort Lauderdale –Palm Beach) area. This new operation will allow EKA to better service, support and supply, the North & South American markets.

EKA has been manufacturing innovative and quality products since 1882. There are many events worth mentioning in EKA’s past. In 1968 the “Classic 6” was the first EKA knife to go into Space. In 1990 a Royal Warrant Certificate was awarded to EKA, by King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. After 133 years they still uphold the same values that have made EKA an established, successful and sought after brand. EKA looks forward to continuing its rich history and welcomes the future and all of the opportunities to come.

In the Knife Survey, conducted and published in the June 2015 edition of Gun Trade World, EKA was ranked as
the 5th Best-Selling Brand, placing them ahead of many well-known name brands. EKA continually strives to bring
to market, premium, cutting edge, best in class products at fair and competitive prices. EKA’s range is currently comprised of products for the avid outdoorsman, tactical & rescue services, culinary experts, collectors and industry professionals.

Promotional and personalized gifts have been a large part of EKA’s market and success, for over half a century. EKA has worked with thousands of global brands, such as Volvo, Electolux, Absolut Vodka, Daimler Benz, Mobil, Coca-Cola, Gulf, Wilkinson, IBM, McDonnell Aircraft, 3M, Nokia and 44,000 others. They have also produced custom knives for former US Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and Lyndon B. Johnson.

Johny Kanaan, the man behind EKA says, “We are looking forward with great anticipation to EKA’s new presence in the United States and the endless opportunities that this endeavor will provide for the Americas.”


Mission Volant – Robbie Hill Will Attempt To Break The Wingsuit Jump Altitude Record

Sunday, February 28th, 2016

This is a guest post provided to us by Blake Fowler of Freedom Hill Gear, regarding an upcoming attempt by Robbie Hill to break the Wingsuit altitude record for Mission Volant, a 5013C non-profit for veteran’s adventure therapy.


Months of preparation and costly training lie ahead for Robbie Hill while he prepares for a wingsuit jump from an unprecedented altitude of 40,000ft. As an Osprey crew chief in the U.S. Marine Corps and a nationally rated canopy pilot, Robbie is no stranger to the sky.

Despite all the time spent in the air, little can simulate the complexity of the mission at hand. As we work to redefine the paradigm of human flight, factors such as altitude, turbulence, lack of oxygen, sub-zero temperatures and physical strain are but a few of the obstacles that need to be overcome.

By leveraging dedication, collaboration, training, and technology, Mission Volant will pioneer new territory in science and data acquisition. We will test the maximum potential of fabrics, flight equipment, physiology, and performance. Our goal is not only to break 5 world records, but to share the knowledge gained from this endeavor towards the progression of human flight.


Mission Volant’s record breaking flights will serve as a public platform to aid as a foundation in earning credibility to establish itself as a 5013C non-profit for veteran’s adventure therapy. Mission Volant is a project born to inspire and influence young dreamers and seekers, serving as a vehicle of innovation, insight, and inspiration.

With the laser focus of the osprey’s namesake, Robbie zeroes in on the jump date later this year. When history is made, where will you be?

For more information visit Missonvolant.com

To donate visit www.gofundme.com/a66qkkrc
Mission Volant teaser video:

Mission Volant Teaser from Daivinci Pictures on Vimeo.

UF PRO Blog Post – The Breaking Point Of Schoeller Stretch Material

Sunday, February 28th, 2016

UF PRO recently made a post on their blog on the Schoeller dynamic stretch material utilized in the construction of their P-40 and Striker combat pants. An excerpt can be read below:


“Is this stretch material going to keep up over time?“ We get that a lot when people first encounter the Schoeller-dynamic stretch material, which we use in our P-40 and Striker combat pants.

And you always get that suspicious look when the answer is: “Well each material has a breaking point, but in most cases, for example your NyCo ripstop material will rip way earlier.”

But where is the real breaking point of this amazing stretch material?

To those of you, who do not know Schoeller yet, they are a Swiss manufacturer of highly technical textiles. While Switzerland in general already has a great reputation for quality (the best watches, great ski resorts, and the best chocolate ever), Schoeller is a picture perfect example as well.

You can read the full post at ufpro.si/news/blog/135/the_braking_point_of_schoeller_stretch_material.

Identify The Kit

Sunday, February 28th, 2016

Identify the gear used on this McKinley summit team from the U.S. Army’s NWTC.