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Milipol 17 – Hagor Industries

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

Israel’s Hagor Industries displayed examples of their ballistic protective clothing during Milipol, integrating armor into the unlikeliest of garments.



How Would You Carry An HK G11?

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

During the 1980s, German weapons manufacturer Heckler & Koch developed the G11, a weapon which fired a 4.7mm caseless cartridge. It was big, black, and bulky. But even then, those crafty Germans developed a means to carry it. In fact, they came up with several ways to carry it.


The G11 was evaluated by the US Army during the Advanced Combat Rifle Program, but was not adopted. The ammunition proved to be too much of a challenge.

For more information on the HK G11 ceaseless gun, visit armourersbench.com/2017/11/19/an-introduction-to-the-heckler-koch-g11.

UF PRO Launches The AcE Combat Shirt

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

UF PRO® AcE Winter Combat Shirt Coming Soon; Optimal Warmth Lets Wearer Focus on Mission, Not on How Cold the Weather Is

The AcE Winter Combat Shirt uses high-tech materials in a special hybrid design
structure to supply the right amount of warmth for the upper half of the body in
low-temperature environments.

TRZIN, SLOVENIA (29 Nov. 2017) – UF PRO®, maker of innovative clothing for military and law enforcement personnel, today announced it will begin selling a frigid-weather combat shirt offering optimal upper body warmth and dryness.


Called the AcE Winter Combat Shirt, the new product is meant to supply comfort enough to allow wearers to stay focused on the mission and not be distracted by the cold climate, UF PRO said.

The AcE Winter Combat Shirt soon will be available at the UF PRO online shop and at its brick-and-mortar retail counterpart in Trzin, the company revealed.

UF PRO added that it will send via email to subscribers of its e-newsletter an alert announcing the exact date of initial availability.

“Our newsletter subscribers will be the first to know,” UF PRO head of product development Armin Wagner assured.

Ideal Cold-Weather Wear Wagner hailed the AcE Winter Combat Shirt as the ideal piece of tactical wear for cold weather.


“It eliminates the problem of layering up to keep out the cold, only to then overheat, start sweating, and cause the shirt to become frozen,” Wagner explained.

Constructed with a windproof and water-repellent outer layer, the AcE Winter Combat Shirt achieves ideal interior temperatures with the help of a special high-performance, lightweight, and breathable thermal lining, he said.

“Importantly, the AcE Winter Combat Shirt is designed to expel sweat so the wearer feels dry at all times,” Wagner added.

The shirt’s superior comfort is due in part to air/pac® inserts fabricated into the shoulder and upper back. The air/pac inserts serve another purpose – according to Wagner, closing the supplied ventilation openings will cause air to become trapped, which then provides an extra source of insulation.

Wear It Alone or with Other Items
The AcE Winter Combat Shirt can be worn alone or with other gear, such as a hard-shell jacket, an additional thermal jacket, body armour, or a backpack, Wagner indicated.

“An angled front zipper improves its compatibility with additional layers,” said Wagner. “You can also add 8mm-thick air/pac mesh inserts to help distribute the weight of body armour or a heavy backpack.”

Meanwhile, front and side zippers control the flow of air between insulation layers and regulate how much of that flow directly traverses the wearer’s abdomen and back, he said.


Another valuable feature is openings in the shirt’s wrist-warmers. “They let you easily check your watch,” he relayed. “Also, there’s a collar adjuster to prevent blowing snow from finding its way down the shirt.”

Because elbows invariably are subjected to the harshest abuse in the field, UF PRO crafted that area of the shirt with Cordura® reinforcement.”This makes the elbows exceptionally durable,”Wagner said.


As for colour choices, Wagner reported that the AcE Winter Combat Shirt will be available in Frost-Grey, Black, Brown-Grey, and MultiCam.

For more information about the AcE Winter Combat Shirt and other outstanding UF PRO
products, or to subscribe to the UF PRO e-newsletter and be on the list to receive first word of the AcE Winter Combat Shirt’s initial availability, please visit the company’s website.

TD Carlos Ray 2.1 FLASH SALE!! Buy One Get One Half Off. Nov 29th-30th

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017



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Wednesday, November 29th, 2017


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USSOCOM Seeks MultiCaliber, Advanced Sniper Rifle

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) has released a pre-solicitation for the Advanced Sniper Rifle, a replacment for their currently issued Precision Sniper Rifle. Additionally, SOCOM’s Directorate of Procurement, on behalf of USSOCOM PEO-SW, will be conducting a one-on-one industry day for the ASR on 5-7 December, at NSWC Crane.

The most significant requirement for this bolt action rifle requirment is that the weapon must be capable of firing 7.62 NATO, 300 Norma Mag (seen below) and 338 NM, with calibers swapped by the user.

The government has a Technical Data Package for the two NM cartridges. However, in order to provide a cost efficient option that is more conducive to industry development, the 338NM cartridge will be available with a surrogate OTM (non-AP) projectile by Black Hills Ammunition. While different than the USG’s selected projectile in construction and geometry, this surrogate configuration has been shown to closely replicate the interior and exterior ballistic performance of the USG AP 338NM configuration with the exception of barrel life. The anti-materiel configuration with the actual AP projectile will also be available to eligible parties albeit at significantly longer lead-times and costs.

Another important aspect is that the solicitation is 100% set aside for small business, as ASR has been determined to be a Commercial Off The Shelf item. Interestingly, the government reserves the right to issue more than ome award.

Interested parties should visit www.fbo.gov for additional details.

SureFire Field Notes Ep. 16, Positional Shooting with Barry Dueck

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

In this episode, Barry Dueck discusses methods for supported and unsupported positional shooting.

Barry Dueck is a former Marine, owner of Dueck Defense Inc, champion competitive shooter and VP of Suppressors and Weapons at SureFire LLC. Barry is also the architect of SureFire’s SOCOM suppressors, winner of the most rigorous and extensive suppressor evaluation in history. Barry’s knowledge comes from his military experience, expertise in the firearms industry as a designer, and also from being a 3-Gun Champion, IPSC Grandmaster and USA Team World Shoot gold medalist.


Supacat Exhibits at the NIDV Symposium and Exhibition in Rotterdam, 30 November 2017

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

Supacat, the acclaimed UK designer and manufacturer of special forces vehicles, is exhibiting at the Netherlands Industries for Defence and Security (NIDV) Symposium and Exhibition on Thursday 30 November 2017. Having recently been awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise (International Trade, for Outstanding Short-Term Growth), the NIDV event forms part of a global marketing effort aimed to capitalise on recent export successes.


Supacat will be exhibiting their Light Reconnaissance Vehicle 400 (LRV 400) at the event. The LRV 400 provides a highly versatile tactical capability for special forces; it can be transported centrally inside a CH-47 Chinook fully equipped and loaded, making it immediately and rapidly deployable. Also, it has the unique feature of being convertible from 4×4 to 6×6 to provide a flexible alternative configuration that increases payload, capacity and range to meet different operational requirements. Supacat intends to offer the LRV into a number of vehicle procurement programmes in the region and the NIDV show is seen as an ideal platform to showcase the capabilities on offer. Supacat has teamed with Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles Nederland B.V. to offer the LRV 400 into upcoming procurement programmes in the Netherlands. If an order is received, then RMMV will assemble Supacat vehicles in-country.

With over 1000 specialist, battle-proven vehicles in service across the globe, Supacat designed the LRV400 to fill the gap in the market for an agile off-road vehicle sized between its HMT 400 Series (GVW 7600kg) and quad bikes. It carries a crew of 3 or 4 supported by an operational payload of 1700kg with a GVW under 5000kg. It can achieve high speeds on or off road and can operate up to 800km from the point of insertion, offering special forces a true long-range capability.

Phil Applegarth, Head of Supacat said “we have been very successful in winning a number of major export orders for our special forces vehicles in recent years and we would like to capitalise on that success by offering our products more widely”. He added “there are a number of European procurement programmes emerging for vehicles in our capability space and we feel sure our battle-proven products will be highly attractive to the users. Supacat vehicles have already been sought out and purchased by some of the world’s finest units and we would like to add more nation’s armed forces to that list”.