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SHOT Show 2021 Cancelled by NSSF

Friday, October 30th, 2020

National Shooting Sports Foundation just sent out the following announcement:

Statement from NSSF President & CEO Joe Bartozzi:

Due to the recent rise in COVID-19 cases throughout the world, NSSF, the firearm industry trade association, today makes the difficult announcement that the 2021 SHOT Show has been cancelled.

NSSF has remained in constant communication with Nevada officials throughout the year in our planning for the 2021 show. While there has been a concerted effort to expand the allowable levels for large gatherings by the county and state, with positivity rates peaking during our key planning period we have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 show. Sadly, these spikes are currently transpiring worldwide. Given the sheer complexities, diminishing timeline and immense logistical planning required to conduct a trade show as large as SHOT, NSSF simply could not move forward at this point with so many unknowns and variables. We truly appreciate the guidance of Nevada and Las Vegas officials in allowing us to communicate this news to our exhibitors and attendees well in advance of the show. We would also like to thank the Sands directly for their help and efforts to navigate this unprecedented situation.

The planning and work that has gone into the 2021 SHOT Show has been nothing short of remarkable. Since the pandemic began in early 2020, the NSSF staff and our show partners have been working around the clock to plan our largest show in history while keeping the health and safety of all involved as paramount.

The support of our show exhibitors this year has also been nothing short of remarkable. With three months to go until the show, floor space for both the Sands Expo Center and our expansion to the new Caesars Forum was nearly sold out, with more companies than ever before represented at the SHOT Show.

All of this positions us for a 2022 SHOT Show that will be undoubtably the best in our industry’s history, and we look forward to bringing our entire community together again at a show that will be one to remember.


During the coming year, NSSF asks for our industry’s unwavering support as we continue our fight to promote, protect and preserve our industry in these unsettling times.

Throughout this year, NSSF has remained at the forefront for our industry. As thousands of businesses across the country were shuttered as being “non-essential” during the pandemic, NSSF worked nonstop to have firearm retailers, ranges, manufacturers and distributors listed as “essential” which allowed them to remain open for business.

NSSF is your trade association. Everything we do—from education, safety initiatives, compliance and security resources, import/export guidance, consumer activation initiatives, government relations, and the SHOT Show—is aimed at helping businesses in our industry succeed. Now, more than ever, we need your continued support.

CRO Medical – Medic Case

Friday, October 30th, 2020

CRO Medical’s Medic Case is great for custom configuration of surgical, airwar, or other items thanks ti the adjustable bungee retention panel. its the same dimensions as their NARC case, but without the carbon fiber backer.

FirstSpear Friday Focus—Centurion Pants

Friday, October 30th, 2020

Completely made in America with U.S. sourced materials, the FirstSpear Centurion pants are made to be a workhorse. The Centurion pants are made from nylon ripstop comb cotton material, these pants will withstand long hours on the range, but are casual enough to wear out on the town. Additionally, they feature nano-glide stretch mesh pockets with breathable materials, these pockets are extra deep, the mesh material is smooth and comfortable against your leg.

The integrated low-profile belt system uses a customized BioThane webbing and jam lock buckle, for a secure fit. Diamond pattern crotch for extreme mobility and all day long comfort with enhanced patterning through the thighs and calves. Standard with every Centurion pant is a removable padded insert for each hip to provide comfort when wearing a gun belt and molded holster. These inserts are held in place with the same low volume Nano-Glide stretch mesh as the front pockets.

“No complaints about these whatsoever. Fit is spot on, the relaxed cut allows for freedom of movement. Although other reviewers felt there is too much material around the ankle, I actually appreciate that these pants do not taper, which seems to be the fad currently. If you wear a 14 like I do, you’ll appreciate that the cuff can fit over a good-sized boot. Material feels quality, stitching is perfect–I’d put it up against anything the other top manufacturers are putting out.”
— CMB online review

The belt loops have been spaced to accommodate outside-the-waistband holsters. The side bridge pockets are constructed of 520 stretch fabric that will easily fit folding knives, common pistol magazines and other small tools or a flashlight.

For more information, check out To discover more about FirstSpear’s technology, check out

Timmy Hat Gets an Upgrade & a New Friend!

Friday, October 30th, 2020

The original Timmy Hat from TRC Outdoors has had an overhaul…

Introducing the MK3 Timmy Hat!

Due to the popularity of the Timmy Hat, and the hard use it is being put to TRC Outdoors has upgraded the design.

The Mesh on the crown has been upgraded to a more heavy-duty fabric, but maintains the same soft hand and high ventilation.

The fabric on the peak has also been upgraded to a robust rip-stop fabric, to make sure the hat stays looking good no matter how it is abused.

Popular demand has also lead to the introduction of a new colourway. This camouflage pattern is compatible with the wide array of multiple-terrain camouflage patterns on duty clothing.

Our Night Camo colourway has also had the same upgrade to the MK3 pattern, with the Day Camo version to follow next year.

The new Timmy Hat joins our already popular Day and Night Camo hats.

The hats are currently being manufactured and are available for pre-order now for a 10% discount at:

They will be dispatched mid to late November.

You can still order the original Timmy Hats…

If you order both, they will be dispatched with the new hats to save postage.

Federal Premium Force X2 Wins the Best Ammunition Caliber Award for 2020 by NASGW-POMA

Thursday, October 29th, 2020

ANOKA, Minnesota – October 27, 2020 – Federal Premium Force X2 Personal Defense Shotgun Loads has been presented with the Caliber Award in the Best Ammunition New Product category by the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASGW), in partnership with the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA).

“We are thrilled to have won Best Ammunition for our Premium Force X2 at the 4th Annual NASGW-POMA Caliber Awards,” said Federal’s Vice President of Sales Jim Bruno. “The Caliber Awards are chosen by a dedicated group of wholesalers and media members who stay on top of product trends and innovations year after year. We know these individuals truly saw the value of all the features and benefits Force X2 delivers to any customer looking for the most innovative and effective personal defense load for shotguns. We are incredibly proud of this award.”

Force X2 utilizes nine copper-plated 00 buckshot pellets—specially engineered to split into two equal-size pieces on impact—to create up to 18 wound channels which improves the transfer of energy from the payload to the target and minimizes the potential for over-penetration, reducing the risk to bystanders. Force X2 is also loaded for more manageable recoil, allowing the shooter to stay on target for faster follow-up shots and better accuracy in a self-defense situation.

Federal Premium Hydra-Shok Deep 380 Auto was also a finalist for the NASGW-POMA Caliber Award in the Best Ammunition New Product category. This new Hydra-Shok Deep offering for 2020 is the first expanding 380 Auto load to consistently penetrate beyond the FBI-recommended 12-inch minimum. Like all Hydra-Shok Deep loads, its bullet’s more robust center post and core design ensure it penetrates to critical depths through common self-defense barriers, without over-penetrating.

Federal ammunition can be found at dealers nationwide or purchased online direct from Federal. For more information on all products from Federal or to shop online, visit

Eighth Order Updates Website

Thursday, October 29th, 2020

Eighth Order has redesigned their website with the help of fellow Veterans from Two14 Media.

10% of everything they do goes towards Camp Southern Ground to support the Warrior Week and Warrior PATHH programs.

Terrain 365 Invictus-AT G10

Thursday, October 29th, 2020

Technical, Rustproof, Non-Magnetic, Edge Holding Folder for All Terrains

Thursday October 29, 2020 Terrain 365™ will release their latest collaboration folder with Prometheus Design Werx, the Invictus-AT with a G10 handle on the presentation side. This version is lighter weight and offers a different tactile feel in the hand. It is engineered for use in any environment on land, in and even under water, without ever rusting, pitting or staining. All the materials use in the making of this folder are 100% non-ferrous, non-magnetic, and rustproof. “AT” (A.ll T.errain) designated folders are required meet the trifecta of apex folding knife performance criteria; rustproof, non-magnetic and edge holding. The dendritic cobalt composition and annealing process of their Terravantium™ blades achieves all three.

The Invictus-AT G10 is a collaboration between Terrain 365 and Prometheus Design Werx.

Creative Director and Co-Founder Patrick Ma of Terrain 365 states,

“This variant of the Invictus-AT uses G10 on the presentation side for a reduction in overall weight and a different tactile feel when in the hand. It is another option for fans of this Invictus folder. We’re offering 3 colors in the G10 which adds another layer of options for users’ personal tastes and preferences. In keeping with our primary objectives, we set out to make purpose driven edged tools that are field expedient, possess lasting cutting performance and operate in just about any environment with little to no maintenance. While there is an undeniable industrial appeal to an all titanium handle, I find that G10 and even micarta as handle materials are my personal preference when carrying in the field. IMO, they tend to offer a better grip feel in wet conditions and when backpacking, the less weight the better. Our ‘AT’ designated folders are 100% rustproof and are at home clipped in the pocket of your jeans to IWB in a pair of boardshorts. As a company we did not set out to replace steel blade alloys, rather offer our Terravantium as a high-performance alternative for those who adventure anywhere on land or in the water.”

The Invictus-AT G10 is available for $379.00 on their website.

IWA OutdoorClassics Goes Consumer: Re-Start in Summer with New Name

Thursday, October 29th, 2020

Following this year’s cancellation due to the coronavirus pandemic, the consumer event will take now place under the new name “HUBANA 2021 – Jagderlebnistage Schloss Lembeck” from 25 to 27 July 2021 at Lembeck Castle in North-Rhine Westphalia. The event will be organised by the IWA OutdoorClassics team to the customary high standard of quality and will allow visitors to test and buy a wide range of products in a unique open-air setting. The event is supported by hunting associations KJS Hubertus Recklinghausen e. V. and Hegering Herrlichkeit Lembeck und Dorsten e. V.

The “HUBANA – Jagderlebnistage Schloss Lembeck” will take place in in North-Rhine Westphalia in the summer of 2021 and is aimed at consumers. With its regional European atmosphere and open-air product tests, the event will offer a special experience. It has been initiated by the IWA OutdoorClassics as a response to the increasing importance of the consumer in the hunting sector and will bring together traditions and customs with trends and innovation. It will also be the launchpad for a series of events, with partner events set to follow within Germany and in other European countries.

Local hunters endorse the event

Petra Bauernfeind-Beckmann, President of KJS Hubertus Recklinghausen e. V. and Chair of the Hunting Customs Preservation Committee, welcomes the event: “As a regional hunting community we support events that help nurture and protect our customs and traditions, so we are pleased to give our backing to ‘HUBANA – Jagderlebnistage Schloss Lembeck’.” The 2,000- member association has nine hunting groups, making it one of the largest members of the North-Rhine Westphalian Hunting Federation.

Hermann Wolff, President of the hunting association Herrlichkeit Lembeck und Dorsten e. V., is also aware of the resulting opportunities to enhance the reputation of hunting: “An event of this kind helps us with our PR activities as it allows us to inform and educate visitors and help create a lasting positive image of the hunting community among the general population. Because hunting continues to be an important factor in species and nature conservation.”

Experience hunting with all your senses

The baroque-style castle is surrounded by medieval-looking moats and is a unique event location. The 300-year-old castle is in the border region to France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The expansive grounds mean that there is plenty of room for visitors to move around comfortably. In addition, a nearby shooting range will allow numerous tests to be carried out under realistic conditions. As well as hunting sights and accessories, holders of the German ‘grüne/gelbe Waffenbesitzkarte’ (hunters/sport shooters permit) can test out rifles and ammunition at the HUBANA. Manufacturers and dealers of off-road vehicles suitable for hunting will also be on site to present their products. The prestigious location and an exciting supporting programme add to the calibre of the event. “We are bringing the innovations in the sector to the place where they belong: to the great outdoors among like-minded people,” says Rebecca Schönfelder, Exhibition Director IWA OutdoorClassics and HUBANA. “If a product passes their personal test, visitors can pay for it and take it with them or place an order,” Schönfelder continues.