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SOFIC 19 – ZERO Motorcycles MMX

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

The ZERO MMX features a 100% electric power train, allowing nearly silent movement over complex terrain.

The MMX offers a top sport of 85 mph and 78 ft lb of peak torque. It uses a swappable lithium ion intelligence modular battery and features a clutchless direct drive.

It features a range of 79 miles in the city or 65 to 175 minutes of recon riding or 45 to 155 minutes of aggressive Tactical riding.

SOFIC 19 – Revision Individual Power Manager

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

Revision recently bought Protonex and based on the success of the Squad Power Manager, they’ve introduced the new Individual Power Manager. It’s got half the ports, weighs half as much, and is half the cost of the SPM, but still uses Nett Warrior connectors and provides power scavenging and battery management.

SOFIC 19 – D-Day 75th Anniversary Fuel Cell from Oakley SI

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

To honor the 75th Anniversary Of D-Day, Oakley is offering a special version of the popular Fuel Cell sunglass.

The stems are decorated with laser etched depictions of the beach invasion maps along with a Trident logo to represent Operation Neptune.

Additionally, they’ve engraved the PRIZM with the Trident logo.

The bag is also adorned with the invasion map.

Portions of the proceeds will benefit the Best Defense Foundation*. Additionally, Oakley is supporting the travel of 17 D-Day Veterans as well as a female nurse who served in World War Two, who have been identified by Best Defense Foundation. None have been back since the war, until now.

Only 300 of these limited edition sets will be offered for sale, on D-Day (time to be announced), and only on

The Veterans will also each receive a set along with some specialized clothing for their trip.

*The Best Defense Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on helping our military veterans and their families.

Don’t Miss Quantico Tactical At SOFIC

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

Geissele Offering SOF Pro-Deal On Vortex SVPS Submission Optic

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

Geissele Automatics is offering a pro-deal to SOF Personnel for the Vortex submission to USSOCOM’s Squad Variable Power Scope program. Although it was not selected, it has been in use by SOF for many years and remains extremely popular.

The Vortex Razor 1-6 is combined with a Geissele Super Precision Scope Mount. The throw lever seen is NOT included in the package. Still, this is a phenomenal price for a working optic which both Geissele and Vortex hope will be put to use on working carbines.

Fill out the form and follow instructions for submitted. The form is available here for download.

SVPS Submission Bundle

You have to submit via a valid email address. Other emails will be deleted. If you are SOF but assigned to a non-SOF organization such as a service school, contact [email protected] to verify credentials.

SOFIC 19 – 300 PRC Gas Gun Proof Of Concept by CMC Triggers

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

With DoD interest in 300 PRC for use as a Precision fire cartridge, CMC Triggers wondered if it could be used in a gas operated rifle. So far, all of the weapons to fire this cartridge have been bolt guns.

This is a sneak peek of the proof of concept CMC put together. Based on an AR design, they wanted to see if it could be done and how it would impact the accessories they make, like triggers and bolt carrier groups. They have no plans to place this into production.

Check Out The Latest From SureFire At SOFIC

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

See Spiritus Systems At BE Meyers SOFIC Ball Room

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

Spiritus Systems will be displaying their OTB “Over the Beach” plate carrier and pouch suite at the SOFIC across the bridge, inside the B.E. Meyers SOFIC Ball Room.