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PTR Industries Launches New Pistol Line

November 21st, 2023

PTR™ Industries is excited to announce that the Archon Firearms™ semi-automatic pistols are now available in the U.S. market! The Archon Firearms™ semi-automatic pistols are innovative compact, high?performance handguns that utilize a low bore axis and patented breech locking system, known as AF-Speedlock®. This inventive design eliminates the need for a tilting barrel allowing for the entire slide of the firearm to be dropped lower into the grip. These two innovative features act together to significantly reduce muzzle rise, allowing for less felt recoil and much faster target re-acquisition.

PTR™ is now offering two models of the Archon Firearms™ semi-automatic pistols the Archon Gen 1 Type B by PTR™ and the Archon Gen 2 Type B by PTR™, with additional models to follow. The Gen 2 Type B has all the cutting-edge features of the Gen 1 Type B with an added innovative grip system. The new grip system features interchangeable grip textures, and a modular design that allows the pistol to be tailored not only to each shooters grip, but also to change from a full size to a compact or sub-compact.

Visit the PTR™ website to learn more about the Archon Gen 1 Type B by PTR™ and the Archon Gen 2 Type B by PTR™.

PTR™ is a South Carolina based manufacturer of one of the most globally recognized and iconic platforms ever produced, roller-delayed blowback firearms. Over the last two decades PTR™ has built a high-performance manufacturing facility and a team of experts that takes pride in developing dependable firearms.

Contact: [email protected] for additional information

Or see more at: https://www.ptr-us.com

Adept Armor NovaSteel Breastplate; Advanced Multi-Threat Riot Armor

November 21st, 2023

Designed as a revolutionary advance in riot armor, the NovaSteel Breastplate is an up-armorable plate carrier capable of stopping a full spectrum of threats.

Tulsa, Okla. (October 2023) – Adept Armor, the most innovative company in leading performance body armor, proudly introduces the NovaSteel Breastplate, an ultra-versatile torso shoulder armor system originally designed as the next generation of riot armor, but represents a paradigm shift in protection from the full spectrum of street threats with greatly improved ballistic and ergonomic properties. The NovaSteel Breastplate’s universal and multi-faceted amor system is capable of stopping multiple threats:

• Handgun threats up to Level IIIA
• Knives well beyond Knife-3
• Spikes well beyond Spike-3
• Blunt impacts well beyond 100J
• Rifle threats to Level III+ with integral up-armor plates

?Unlike standard riot armor, Adept Armor’s NovaSteel Breastplate is not only a riot armor torso and shoulder protector but a drop-in replacement for existing riot armor torso-shoulder parts with vastly improved ballistic and ergonomic properties. In itself, it’s the thinnest Level IIIA armor ever produced (less than 0.1” thick), while also being lightweight and easily concealable. By offering comparable coverage to most soft armor systems, the backface deformation against common handgun threats is extremely low, at less than 10mm on average (i.e., 9mm FMJ), and unlike existing concealable armor, it also offers stab and spike protection to the highest possible level.

Another feature that makes Adept Armor’s NovaSteel Breastplate unbeatable is its ability to be more than one thing; case in point, it is a first-in-class plate carrier that can be up-armored with specially-built UHMWPE plates (1.7 lbs. each) to improve protection to level RF1 (NIJ III plus 5.56x45mm M193 and 7.62x39mm MSC). For those who desire a higher level of protection, RF2 plates are forthcoming. Up-armoring the NovaSteel Breastplate is easy, requiring two included bolts, and can be done in minutes, on the spot.

Additionally, the breastplate can also be fitted with MOLLE placards for overt use as a structural plate carrier. It also features integral air channels to provide ventilation, and a raised crest to provide additional protection for the spine. Heavily padded shoulders help reduce the perceived weight. Made from Adept Armor’s proprietary NovaSteel alloy, the breastplate weighs 9.8 lbs. in size XL/L and 9 lbs. in Medium.

For more information on Adept Armor visit their website.

Developing the Next Generation of Air Force Special Warfare Cadet Programs

November 21st, 2023

By Headquarters Air Force A3 Air Force Special Warfare Directorate

Air Force Special Warfare (AFSPECWAR) continues to refine its academic year and summer programs to help AFROTC and USAFA cadets prepare to be Special Tactics Officers (STOs), Tactical Air Control Party Officers (TACPOs), and Combat Rescue Officers (CROs).

Now in year three, USAFA’s formalized “Special Warfare Club” (SWC) academic year materials benefit two areas — first, they are available for AFROTC Detachments to download and develop or refine their own SWC; second, they are used in the 2, two-week Special Warfare Orientation Courses (SWOC) official summer programs.

The information and exposure will help cadets prepare physically and mentally prior to attending a selection for Special Warfare, called Phase II.  The 19Z Special Warfare Officers (STO/TACPO/CRO) are the only officer specialties which require successful selection at a pre-commissioning screener to begin their respective training pipelines, according to Col. John M. Graver, individual mobilization augmentee to the director of AF/A3S Air Force Special Warfare.

“With no previous experience, many cadets do poorly, negatively impacting unit readiness. Now, we provide them a safe introduction to the events and evaluation criteria,” said Graver. “Without a formalized method to prepare, cadets have proven to develop unsafe habits.”

Currently, filling commissioning slots for the 19Z AFSC is a challenge shared by both AFROTC and USAFA.

“We want cadets to be successful. Our program includes over 30 academic and physical lesson plans, risk management, and templates to organize their SWCs, along with opportunities to learn from contracted coaches, thereby mitigating risk for Detachment commanders,” added Graver.

The last SWOC was held in June and July 2023 at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo. where 80 AFROTC and USAFA cadets participated; with more than 20 cadets-in-charge and over 20 uniformed and civilian staff from USAFA, AFROTC, MAJCOMs, and Air Force and Army flying units assisting with the training.

SWOC involves over 40 events to prepare cadets for the “Phase II” pre-commissioning screener. These included land and water fitness sessions, troop leading procedures, small unit tactics, decision making, as well as planning and executing global access, precision strike, and personnel recovery missions.

Additionally, AFROTC cadets can participate in AFRS-led Special Warfare AFROTC Weekend (SWAW) events, which are conducted 8-10 times throughout the academic year at various detachments hosting these weekend events around the country.

“We want to provide interested cadets as many opportunities as possible to prepare,” said Maj. Eric Atchison, Air Force Recruiting Service. “Between these SWAW events, the 2-week SWOC opportunities in the summer, and an increased number of Special Warfare Clubs at Detachments, we can prepare as many cadets as possible to succeed as leaders in the Special Warfare community. It’s an extremely challenging and rewarding career like no other, and we are looking for the right young men and women who have what it takes to succeed, no matter the odds.”

AFROTC detachments with interest in developing or refining their cadet Special Warfare Club should expect to receive another message this fall on these opportunities, and may reach out to Maj. Atchison for additional information at [email protected]

Tyrant CNC Sig Sauer P365 Intellifire Trigger Presale

November 20th, 2023

Tyrant CNC will commence presale of their Sig Sauer P365 Intellifire Trigger today at 8PM EST.

It features a patent-pending safety blade system. Perfect 90-degree break, 30% less pre-take travel, and 15% less distance to reset.

Griffin Armament Announces NEW Optics Lineup

November 20th, 2023

Watertown WI, Nov. 16th, 2023 –  

For 18 years, Griffin Armament has aimed to provide our customers with the highest quality silencers, rifles, parts, and accessories at affordable prices for the majority of gun owners. With the release of the first two products in their new optics lineup, Griffin is meeting this objective by bringing quality, duty-ready optics to consumers at extremely competitive prices.

Developed, and tested by former army snipers in Watertown, WI, the Griffin lineup of optics currently has two offerings, with more coming soon: the 1-8x ICO™/MIL FFP LPVO and the Griffin Micro Sight™ Red Dot.


The Griffin 1-8x Ideal Carbine Optic™ (ICO™)/MIL LPVO provides users with a practical, advanced target engagement optic for use in all light conditions, at a variety of ranges, at a competitive price point. This optic features Griffin’s proprietary Ideal Carbine Optic™ MIL/BDC reticle that allows ranging of 19” targets out to 700m. Windage and bullet drop compensation marks allow accurate shot placement for a variety of common centerfire cartridges, including 5.56mm, 7.62x51mm, and 6.5 Creedmoor. The Griffin 1-8x ICO™ LPVO is a first focal plane optic that utilizes 1/10th MIL adjustment increments for precise optical adjustments and has 11 brightness settings for use in low light conditions.

Griffin Micro Sight™

The Griffin Micro Sight™ (GMS™) leads the compact lineup by supplying 50,000 hours of battery life, 1 MOA adjustments, 10 brightness settings, and 90MOA elevation & windage adjustments. The GMS™ comes equipped with a clear, non-distorted sight picture for an ideal viewing experience, parallax-free @25yds. Additional features include IPX7 water resistance, a 3MOA dot size in red or green illumination, and auto-off/shake-to-wake functionality. These sights are ideal for use on short-range carbines, handguns, and as backups for magnified optics enabling rapid transition to close-range targets, and improved ability to rapidly acquire distant targets at higher levels of magnification.

“Filling a void in the LPVO category for a functional rapid engagement reticle in an FFP optic, is what brought Griffin into optics. Having used a variety of optics in combat environments, I sought to deliver practicality, features, and value.  The goal of this optics lineup was to incorporate custom reticles with increased functionality into popular product segments that have a lot of versatility.  Optical technology has progressed significantly in the past decade, so the timing is right for us to deliver. I’m excited to put our real world experience into the development of the Griffin optics line into the future.  Look for more from us on this, we are excited to offer 18 years of brand equity and great customer service behind this optic program.”

– Austin, Product Development Manager, Griffin Armament 

1-8x ICO™/MIL FFP Key points :

• Aircraft aluminum grade body

• Illuminated (11 Brightness Levels)

• First Focal Plane (FFP) MIL/BDC Reticle (Ideal Carbine Optic™)

• Parallax fixed @ 150 yds

• 1/10th MIL Adjustment Increment

• 24mm Objective Diameter

• 1-8x Magnification

• Perpetual Lifetime Warranty (Mechanical) 2-Year Warranty (Electronics)

1-8x ICO™/MIL FFP LPVO Specs:

• DIMS: 11.0”L x 30mm tube diam.

• Weight: 19.0 oz

• Eye Relief: 100mm (3.94”)

• MSRP: $599.95

Griffin Micro Sight™ Key points :

• Acro® mounting footprint (ACRO® is a federally registered trademark of Aimpoint® Inc.)

• Fully-housed aluminum body

• Shockproof (1200Gs) and Fog proof

• 50,000 hours of battery life

• Auto-off & Shake Awake functionality

• IPX7 Water Resistance

• Parallax-free @25yds

• Perpetual Lifetime Warranty (Mechanical) 2-Year Warranty (Electronics)

Griffin Micro Sight™ Specs:

• DIMS: 1.85”L x 1.38”W x 1.27”H

• Weight: 2.5 oz

• Dot Size/Color: 3MOA (Choice Red or Green)

• Brightness: 10 Levels

• MSRP: $269.95

To find out more on Griffin Armament’s entire product line, please visit their website at www.GriffinArmament.com. For attendees of the 2024 SHOT Show, Griffin Armament will be exhibiting the Optimus, along with the rest of their product line.  Booth #20458.

USSOCOM’s Wishlist of Advancement of Technologies Focuses on Hyper Enabled Operator

November 20th, 2023

USSOCOM has updated the Broad Agency Announcement for the exquisite capabilities it is interested in.

To set the stage for why SOF needs new capabilities they’ve explained the world they operate in.

SOF operations will occur across all domains to include space and cyber and will be in the forefront of the United States efforts confronting an emerging reality where our opponent possesses potential for overmatching capabilities. The new “normal” for SOF will be to operate in communication contested environments, under threat of targeting by high?end military capabilities, including Weapons of Mass Destruction, and where ubiquitous surveillance is routine, and information is weaponized. The FOE is a world of “Convergence”: the point where the gap between non?state and state actor capabilities diminishes and the threat to force and mission success increases significantly.

The macro focus of SOF’s capability portfolio continues to remain on effect in all domains: terrestrial, maritime, air, space, human and cyber.

Ultimately, that means the human, individually or in small units. This reflects the first SOF Truth, “Humans are more important than hardware.” However, they are applying an unwritten corollary which seeks to find the technologies which make the human operator more effective. For example, mobility systems to get the operator where he needs to be, or surveillance systems to offer a more complete understanding of the operational environment.

Consequently, SOCOM Science & Technology refers in this document to the Hyper Enabled Operator (HEO) who is empowered by technologies and information systems that accelerate tactical decision making by increasing situational awareness, reducing cognitive workload, and simplifying mission? appropriate information sharing. Much of what they desire will be considered disruptive

S&T seeks white papers in the areas of Next Generation Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Networking and Data Management, Human Interface, Next Generation Effects, and Next Generation Mobility and Signature Management to build the HEO.

This BAA will sub-divide each technology focus area into two parts (disruptive technologies and SOF enhancements). This list is long and detailed and worth a look.

It’s important to note that this is a long-term process. Unless amended, this opportunity will remain as an open?ended announcement from the date of posting through 31 December 2025. White papers may be submitted at any time during this 5?year period subject to the submission process.

Due to SOCOM’s interest in unique capabilities and their smaller size compared to the military services, this is a great way for small companies to get a toehold into DoD and offer some great new capabilities to the pointy end of the spear.

The BAA with the list of technologies and how to submit is located at sam.gov.

Epoch Belts Now Available from 215 Gear

November 20th, 2023

As you may recall, 215 Gear bought Carbon Tactics awhile back and they’ve decided to bring the Epoch belt over to 215 Gear.

The Epoch has three trigger color choices (Black, FDE and Silver) and is available in single and double layer webbing in Black and Wolf Gey.


Beez Combat Systems SPECTRALFLAGE Helmet Cover

November 20th, 2023

The Predator Ghillie™ SPECTRALFLAGE Helmet Cover reduces the VIS (physical visual), UV, NIR and thermal signatures (6µm ~ 15µm, high end of MWIR, LWIR, FIR) of the individual to help avoid being observed and/or targeted by ground-based detection, sUAS, and UAS near-peer threats.

The Predator Ghillie™ SPECTRALFLAGE Helmet Cover uses complex, next-generation engineering to accomplish the unimaginable: multispectral signature reduction for the individual war fighter against real world thermal and night vision technology, while simultaneously providing a 3D visual breakup.

The Predator Ghillie™ SPECTRALFLAGE Helmet Cover is another piece of the SPECTRALFLAGE camouflage system designed to reduce thermal signature around the head, face, and neck.This is the next evolution in advanced thermal mitigation for the end user. New threats on the battlefield require new solutions as advanced thermal detection and aiming devices rapidly evolve.

Made with the most advanced military grade A-TACS camouflage patterns the Predator Ghillie™ SPECTRALFLAGE Helmet Cover provides physical 3D visual breakup, granting the end user the most advanced concealment solution primarily designed for urban, desert, and open environments.

Fitting on Mid/High/Fast cut helmets, the Predator Ghillie™ SPECTRALFLAGE Helmet Cover is easy and fast to deploy, as well as small enough to fit into a pocket or small pouch.

The Predator Ghillie™ SPECTRALFLAGE Helmet Cover is the next advancement in concealment technology. On the battlefield of today, tomorrow, and the future; multispectral concealment is the way.

For additional information and availability – Beez Combat Systems