Revision’s Laser Eyepro Available for Immediate Shipment

January 18th, 2021

Revision’s LazrBloc FT-2 advanced laser protective eyewear is in stock and available for immediate shipping for anyone seeking laser protection against green, blue and violet laser hazards. To learn more about Revision’s LazrBloc product offering, visit

Revision has extended the 45% discount on select laser kits – visit this link and use promo code BLUELINE45until January 31, 2021.

US Army Micro-Atomizer Contributes to COVID-19 Research

January 18th, 2021

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD – A device patented by researchers at the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Chemical Biological Center (DEVCOM CBC) is being commercialized as a tool in the study of COVID-19.

The micro-atomizer, U.S. Patent 8,882,085, is a device that produces an aerosol spray on a very small scale for studying aerosolized particles inhaled by humans. The micro-atomizer has a .005 in diameter sample pass through — slightly larger than a human hair. This invention allows scientists to scale things down into a much smaller space to model what would happen on a larger scale.

DEVCOM CBC biologist Michael Horsmon, senior engineering technician Richard Kreis, and retired Army scientist Charles Crouse are the inventors behind the micro-atomizer. This product was developed to enable detection, protection and decontamination technology development geared toward protecting the warfighter from toxic chemical agents by simulating those agents on a micro level using aerosol spray.

While the micro-atomizer was developed as a research tool in chemical agent protection, it can also be used to simulate human sneezing, hacking or coughing. This will enable researchers to model the COVID-19 flow that would be expelled by someone who already has it. According to Kreis, “by allowing the molecules to get down to the same size as you would with COVID-19, it is easy to replicate continuously, repeatedly and accurately.”

Techlink, the DoD’s national partnership intermediary for technology transfer typically reviews all government patents and publicizes technologies that are ripe for commercialization. “We were notified by our partner, Techlink who’s in Montana, that there was interest in this patent. Our office investigates the status of patents and if there are existing prototypes. When we investigated, we learned that there were no more prototypes, so we went to the Research and Technology Directorate and asked them if they were willing to fund a few more prototypes because of the commercial interest and they agreed,” said Matt Jones of the Center’s Technology Transfer Office.

The test was a success and the company signed a patent license agreement this year. The inventors are currently focusing on reproducing the micro-atomizer and building the product consistently. The goal is to commercialize it so that it is available worldwide. “Universities, industry and other government agencies can use the micro-atomizer and it can be used in fields ranging from aerobiology, toxicology, and maybe even generating aerosols of coding materials for protection of surfaces. It has a wide range of uses,” Horsmon said.

By Richard M Arndt

1503TAC Offering 5% Discount to SSD Readers for Multicam Tropic JPC 2.0 and Other Items

January 17th, 2021

1503TAC is excited to be able to offer Multicam Tropic JPC 2.0’s , both with and without flap M4 front flaps, to US and International Customers. This is the first commercial release of tropic JPC 2.0’s in the US.

This is something we have had in the works for a few months now, and our goal is to consistently offer difficult to find equipment from brands such as Crye Precision.

Other items in the work include M81 Gen 3 Combat sets, Multicam Black JPCs, Back Panels in various Multicam variants, and more.

Available now at

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Strike Industries Strike Iron Sights – Suppressor Height for SIG P320

January 17th, 2021

Strike Industries has added a SIG P320 compatible version of their Strike Iron Sights – Suppressor Height. These sights are also available for Standard Frame Glocks.

They offer an elevated sight picture for red dot or suppressor pistol setups and incorporate steps at the rear to help reduce unwanted glares or reflections. Made from SUS630 hardened stainless steel. The rear sight has a U shaped aperture and the front sight can be painted.

Package Contents:
-x1 Front sight
-x1 Rear sight
-x1 Front sight set screw (GLOCK™ Standard Frames)
-x1 Rear sight set screw (GLOCK™ Standard Frames,SIG SAUER P320 Slides with Rear Dovetail)
-x1 Hex key
-x1 Loctite Threadlocker Blue 242

Standard height sights are also available.


January 17th, 2021

Having the right pair of gloves will make your life so much better when working in the water, whether you are doing a two-hour dive in Norway or driving a zodiac for a long-range OTB. The right pair of gloves will depend on what you are doing and how long you are doing it. One of the other factors is the water temperature/ weather. Suppose you need to use your hands a lot during a dive, like pushing a button on a Navigation board, or be able to use your hand right after the dive, like climbing a ladder, shooting a gun. Lastly, how is your tolerance to the cold?  

These will be the main factors to take into account when choosing the thickness of the gloves. The colder the water, the thicker you might need to go.

1-3mm: water between 60- 75 ° F (16-24 ° C)

5-7mm: water between 45-60° F (8-16 ° C)

Here are the two main things you might want to think about when choosing a pair of gloves for military use. 

• Freedom of movement with a minimum amount of thickness that allows you the thermal comfort and protection you will need.

• What is material is on the palm and fingers? Can the gloves be used to grab and hold metal or plastic?

Make sure when you are trying them out to grab different things to make sure they will work. If I am in a store, I will always grab the medal racks to see how they work. They need to be suitable for everything for climbing, shooting, and holding onto different things.

Dive gloves come in a variety of thickness levels between 0.5mm to 7mm. A pair of 1.5mm Tropical gloves that have a leather palm is an excellent place to start. Gloves are like booties because even in warm water, you can have a thicker bootie on, and your feed will not get hot. Always have a warmer glove on without is being that much of a pain. Some tactical gear companies are making gloves designed for being in a wet environment that are also good for diving. The WETWORX gloves from S&S Precision come in two styles. One is thinner for warmer water, and one is a little thinker (2mm) for colder. I know they have put a lot of work into them, and they are nice gloves as more units get back into the water.

That said, S&S makes all their stuff to be used in the water as the owners come from a water background. I like gloves that can hold onto something medal, like if you have to climb a caving ladder or hold onto a gun—also holding plastic like a navigation board or working plastic buckles. Many dive gloves have small plastic beads on them that are not the best for working in the water. It is hard to find a good pair of thick dive gloves that meet the above requirements. If you have to be on a boat or mostly about the water, you can get a pair of dive gloves that are a couple sizes bigger than you usually would wear and put wool gloves on as a base layer. Even when wet, Wool will still hold heat in, and the dive gloves will help keep your hands warm and dry. The same trick works with gloves you will see fisherman use. You can also bring a thinner set of gloves like 1.5mm with you and change them out a couple of minutes before hitting the target. You can try with a thinker pair of gloves to put a set of work gloves on over them. That way, you always have the right grip.

When choosing the right glove, they should fit well enough to avoid water circulation inside as much as possible this will help keep the heat. They should not be so tight because that will cut off circulation to your hands. The thicker the gloves, the more insulated you have, but the tradeoff is this might give you less mobility. So, it will be difficult to manipulate the equipment and also to done and doff them. Choose the gloves that you think will protect you enough for the type of water you will perform most dives. You will want gloves to fit your wrist close to reducing the bulge that can happen if there is too much material between your sleeves and gloves. If you don’t do this right, just moving your hands will let water in, and it will make your hands and you cold.

Dive Gloves Maintenance Tips

Treat dive gloves like you treat anything you want to last. It would help if you cared for gloves like you treat your wetsuit. They should be soaked in freshwater after each dive and not just rinsed. You want to force the salt out. Please do not put them in the washing machine or use detergents to clean your wetsuits or gloves. Allow them to dry in a ventilated place until completely dry. Textile gloves take longer to dry. Do not dry them in the sun, as with all neoprene, it will cause them to age faster.

Images by Paul Wildman (@builtbywildman) ©Paul Wildman

Silynx Fortis

January 17th, 2021

The new Fortis serves as a ultra-smart hub for up to three tactical radios, connects with many headsets, its housing can be quickly changed out (for aesthetics or necessity), and it’s submersible up to 20 meters.

Introducing Savage Arms’ IMPULSE Big Game

January 17th, 2021

WESTFIELD, Massachusetts – January 012, 2021– Savage Arms is pleased to announce the new IMPULSE Big Game rifles. When accuracy is the name of the game, IMPULSE Big Game delivers. And the straight-pull action at the heart of IMPULSE lets you stay on target like no conventional bolt-action can. The new American made Savage rifle is instinctive and fast—and every inch of the rifle encompasses breakthrough technology for speed and precision.

“Big Game hunters rely on their rifles for performance and accuracy at any range and Savage has built a loyal fan base with our mastery of accuracy,” Jessica Treglia, Sr. Brand Manager at Savage Arms, said. “Now we’re adding speed into the mix. These new IMPULSE straight-pull rifles allow a shooter to maintain proper cheek weld after a shot and keep their target in their sights. We’re revolutionizing the traditional hunting rifle and these IMPULSE rifles are perfect for those looking to take on big game.”

The new straight pull action is housed in a KUIU® Verde 2.0 Camo stock, featuring AccuStock® and comes equipped with Savage’s AccuFit® which allows for easy adjustments to length-of-pull and comb height to provide even the biggest big-game hunters with a tailored fit. The user-adjustable AccuTrigger® can be set as low as 1.5 pounds.


• Straight-pull rifle

• Hazel Green Cerakote® aluminum receiver and steel barrel

• KUIU® Verde 2.0 Camo stock

• AccuStock® and AccuFit® adjustable length-of-pull and comb height

• User-adjustable AccuTrigger®

• Medium contour, carbon steel, fluted barrel, threaded (5/8-24”)

• Round knob bolt handle

• Flush-fit detachable box magazine

• Integral 1-Piece 20 MOA Rail

Part No. / Description / MSRP

57647 / IMPULSE Big Game 6.5 Creedmoor. 22-inch barrel / $1,449

57648 / IMPULSE Big Game 243 WIN. 22-inch barrel / $1,449

57649 / IMPULSE Big Game 308 WIN 22-inch barrel / $1,449

57652 / IMPULSE Big Game 300 WSM 24-inch barrel / $1,449

57650 / IMPULSE Big Game 30-06 Spfld. 22-inch barrel / $1,449

57651 / IMPULSE Big Game 300 WIN. MAG 24-inch barrel / $1,499

Learn more at

SOFWERX – Department of Energy Laboratory Technology Transfer Awareness Day

January 16th, 2021

SOFWERX, in concert with USSOCOM’s Directorate of Science and Technology (S&T) and the United States Department of Energy (DOE), will conduct an event to connect DOE Laboratories, U.S. Government (USG), and potential collaborators to facilitate licensing and further development of Laboratory technologies to Industry, to accelerate development of End User capabilities.

The goal is to improve awareness and information sharing to identify future opportunities for collaboration as well as identify existing capability gaps, specifically related to Cybersecurity.

Request to attend NLT 15 February 11:59 PM ET for this event 09-10 March 2021.

Visit for full details.