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MATBOCK Monday – Skins

Monday, January 1st, 2018

The Patent Pending MATBOCK Skins are a multi-layer adhesive/fabric laminate designed to give the user the ability to camouflage any surface desired. The Skins are waterproof and oil resistant and can be reused multiple times. Due to the adhesive’s ability to bind to the MATBOCK Ghost Lite fabric very strongly, the adhesive will not come off on the opposite surface when removing and replacing. The Ghost Lite fabric is certified Near IR Compliant as well and will not tear, fray or stretch during application and removal. Currently, MATBOCK has Skins specifically laser cut for the Team Wendy Exfil Ballistic, LTP and Carbon Bump helmets (Size 1 and 2) as well as for 3M Peltor COMTAC III Headsets.

Team Wendy and Peltor COMTAC Hesdset skins are available for purchase now. By the end of Feb, you will also be able to order all 4 sizes of Ops Core SENTRY Low Cut, FAST High Cut, FAST Super High Cut, ACH Low Cut, ECH Low Cut, Carbon Super High.
They have also done specific skins for various units and are available upon request. Additionally, MATBOCK also sells the material by the yard in 27 inch widths for any individual’s custom work such as ATVs, bikes, or side by sides.


MATBOCK Monday – Reaper Hunting Vest

Monday, December 25th, 2017

Hunting Harness_2_600x600

MATBOCK and Reaper Outdoors are proud to announce the release of the Reaper Hunting Vest. Designed for the hunting enthusiast, it includes a Rhodesian style chest rig, main hunt pouch with integrated hand warmer, a large multi-purpose pouch, ideal for a small puffy layer, a small multi-purpose pouch for smaller items, a shear pouch, a thermacell pouch, and a dip can pouch. All of the pouches and chest rig are made with MATBOCK’s ghost and ghost lite materials and attach via their patent pending TAB system to make the system ultra lightweight, waterproof, and durable. The Hunt Vest Kit is available now in MultiCam and can be purchased as an entire kit or each part individually.

Kit Includes the following:
Rhodesian style chest rig
Main hunt pouch with integrated hand warmer
Large multi-purpose pouch
Small multi-purpose pouch
Shear pouch
Thermacell pouch
Dip can pouch


MATBOCK Monday – OsteoFX Casting System

Monday, December 18th, 2017

The OsteoFX Casting System from MATBOCK is now fully in stock and has been added to the DAPA schedule. We introduced this a few months back, but MATBOCK now has the system fully available in different diameters from 2 inches (pediatric) up to 5 inches, all in various lengths for arms and legs. The cast system is easier to use than current systems, available at the same cost, and reduces some of the risks involved with current technologies. With the roll on method, there is reduced pain to the patient during application as well as the elimination of the risk of over tightening compared to wrapping methods. Additionally, because the system can breathe and dry, there is no reason for recasting in the event of exposure to water such as showering or swimming and these activities are encouraged with the OsteoFX. The material is also radiolucent for an X-rays that may be needed after application.

“We are very excited to bring this product to market, not only for the hospital systems in the rear, but also for the operators in the field. The casting system makes a great splint or brace in the event of a turned ankle and can be made removable in cases with risks of compartmentalization.”

FDA Approved
Easy to apply with less mess
Lightweight and breathable
Water resistant for swimming and showering
Little to no skin issues
Superior radiolucency
Cost effective with reduced application times and reduced waste


MATBOCK Monday – Gunner Station Pouch and Panel

Monday, December 11th, 2017

The newest product in the MATBOCK collection comes directly from the operators. They needed a solution for a long standing problem that turret gunners have independently solved, but here is the MATBOCK solution. From helicopter door gunners, to SBT operators they have provided a great solution.


The Gunner Station Pouch and Panel are a great product for any mounted machine gun position. The panel easily secures to the platform frame or turret using 550 cord, allowing the gunner to customize their pouch with critical tools like pry-bar, lights, and CLP to name a few. Understanding that fixing a down machine gun on any platform is critical to a units survivability, we build in retractable lanyards giving the operator comfort in knowing their tools are safe to let go once the malfunction has been cleared.

Key Features:
Waterproof / durable Ghost Material construction
Quickly attach / detach the pouch from the panel with MATBOCK’s Tabs
Two saltwater resistant lanyards
Three options:

1) Gunner Station Pouch, includes 1 pouch
2) Gunner Station Pouch and 1 Panel
3) Gunner Station Pouch/Panel Kit, which includes 1 panel and 2 pouches





MATBOCK Monday – MATBOCK Berserker Quantum

Monday, December 4th, 2017


Over the next few months, MATBOCK will be showcasing 10 new products which will be released and ready for sale between now and SHOT Show. Let’s see what these guys have to offer.


We have seen this carrier in the past but MATBOCK was finishing their testing and evaluation for this amazing piece of kit. Here is a quick overview of the carrier, it is now available for purchase and they will be showing it off at Shot Show, 2018. 
Using the MATBOCK Ghost Material this carrier is not only tough, but it is also extremely lightweight. It’s also 100% waterproof, but the material will transfer heat quickly. This is a perfect kit when transition are critical to mission success and you’re tired of carrying extra weight or straps to make your transition kit work.


The MATBOCK Quantum was designed to seamlessly transition between needing armor protection and not.

Steps to transition:

1) Remove the pins in the shoulder release system

2) Unbuckle the right (or left) rear buckle  

3) Slightly lift the right (or left) and pull plates down while separating the Rhodesian


Warrior Expo 2017 – MATBOCK OsteoFX

Friday, July 14th, 2017

MATBOCK is now offering the OsteoFX cast system. It’s FDA approved and reimbursibke through Medicare and Medicaid.

Application is simple, offering a 40% reduction in application time over traditional cast systems. Also, OsteoFX can be used most anywhere, including austere areas. You roll the inner material unto the affected limb, wet the outer material, roll it into place, and you have five minutes to make any adjustments before it begins to harden. The material cures as it air dries, fully cured in 15 min. Even better, you can get it wet, like showering or even swimming and the cast won’t compromise while allowing the skin underneath to dry and breathe.


MATBOCK Laser Cutting / Engraving Open for Business

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

MATBOCK a veteran owned small business operating out of Virginia Beach, VA that has extra daily capacity to conduct your laser cutting or engraving operations.

Machine Specs:
Laser Cutting Material: Acrylic, Wood, Leather, Plastics, Fabric, MDF, Cardboard, Paper, Corian, Foam, Fiberglass, Rubber
Mark/Engrave: Acrylic, Wood, Leather, Plastics, Fabric, Rubber, Cork, Brick, Phenolic, Melamine, Glass, Granite, Marble, Tile, Aluminum, Steel, Titanium
Four material Tru-Pass-Thru options for virtually unlimited material flexibility
Cutting bed size: 55.1 x 35.4in. (1400 x 900mm)
Rotary objects are coming soon.

If you’re interested in using MATBOCK for your laser needs and need a quote, please contact them at [email protected].

Ft Bragg Warfighter Expo – MATBOCK MR Dry 6500

Thursday, March 16th, 2017

This is the latest variant of MATBOCK’s MR Dry pack system. Built in conjunction with Mystery Ranch, this massive 6500 cu in dry bag accepts the MR 6500 pack internally. As a Dry Bag, it incorporates an oral inflation tube and a 3/4 opening waterproof zipper which can be opened fully to expose the pack once on dry land.

The suspension is a Mystery Ranch NICE Frame to accommodate the increased weight of the contents of this larger pack.