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Wednesday, June 5th, 2019

During last week’s Rampart Range Day I saw EWOOL’s product offerings.

They are based in Quebec and produce electrically heated wool clothing, like the gloves and socks you see here. Once turned on, they warm up within three seconds. They also produce a vest, which can be powered via an onboard battery, or via 12 V on a snowmachine or motorcycle.

EWOOL clothing is available in Canada from Rampart International.

Canadian Navy – Naval Enhanced Combat Uniform Update

Monday, June 3rd, 2019

The latest version of the Canadian Navy’s Naval Enhanced Combat Uniform goes on trial soon with a Operational Wear test aboard a vessel. The earliest version was quite baggy, based on the Canadian Forces Combat Uniform, but in Black. It proved to be too baggy for use aboard ship. Logistik Unicorp produced the test uniforms and created a more streamlined fit as well as integrating features, like pocket designs, from a proposed next generation combat uniform.

The Naval Enhanced Combat Uniform is the replacement for the current No 5 Naval Combat Dress. Like its predecessor, it is black in color. However, two fabrics are currently being looked at, Nomex and Kermel, both competing pyramid fabrics with FR properties.

The shirt features onboard facing zippered Napoleon pockets as well as zippered hand pockets at the waist.

Additionally, there are zippered bicep pockets on either arm as well as a pile field for insignia.

One interesting feature is the integrated knee padding. It’s fairly simple and straightforward, but there are accommodations to add additional padding if needed.

In addition to fabric selection, they also hope to determine whether the trouser will feature a zippered rear pocket.

If all goes well, a final version will soon become the new No 5 dress for Canadian Navy personnel. Perhaps, some of the features of this uniform will find also their way into the combat uniform worn by ground-based Canadian forces.

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Sunday, June 2nd, 2019

JB sends from the DR.

CANSEC 19 – Millbrook Tactical To Introduce Two New Winter Boots From Lowa

Friday, May 31st, 2019

Millbrook Tactical is Lowa Footwear’s number one Retailer in Canada and for good reason. Millbrook works with Lowa to provide special versions of their boots, specifically for the needs of Canada’s uniformed professionals.

This year, they are introducing two new Lowa Task Force models. Both are cold weather boots.

The first is the Elite Patrol GTX Thermo TF. This mountaineering-style boot features a full grain leather upper with a 4-layer Gore-Tex performance comfort liner and 400 gr Primaloft insulation. The sole is Single injection DURA PU monowrap (support frame) combined with the grippy-on-ice Vibram Arctic Grip sole.

The boots seen are prototypes, but the brown final boots will feature a brown rubber rand, rather than the black seen here. The final production boot will also incorporate closed hook lacing. I fully expect demand for these in the UK.

The second boot is the R-8 GTX Thermo TF. This is more of a duty boot with a full grain leather polishable toe.

Like the Elite Patrol, the R-8 features a 4-layer Gore-Tex performance comfort liner and 400 gr Primaloft insulation as well as the Vibram Mottarone Arctic Grip sole. The final boot will feature closed lacing hooks.

Lowa Task Force boots are available in Canada from Millbrook Tactical.

Rheinmetall and FRAEN Corporation Announce Joint Venture to Serve US Defense Market

Thursday, May 30th, 2019

By setting up a joint venture in the military fuze sector, the Rheinmetall Group continues to expand its presence in the growing US defense technology market.

Rheinmetall and the FRAEN Corporation have joined forces to establish a joint venture in the United States called Rheinmetall Fraen Fuzes LLC (RFF) which, headed by Rheinmetall, will develop and produce military fuzes. The Düsseldorf, Germany-based technology group will hold a 51 percent share in the new company, with the remaining 49 percent held by FRAEN Corporation. The joint venture will be collocated with FRAEN Corporation headquarters in Reading, Massachusetts.

The combined capabilities of the Rheinmetall Fraen Fuzes joint venture lay the groundwork for establishing a new benchmark in the world of military fuze technology, with intensive research and development poised to create new technical and tactical capabilities.

Rheinmetall brings to the joint venture state-of-the-art technology, innovative drive, unsurpassed quality, and nearly 130 years of experience in developing and producing defense technology systems and products, especially weapon systems, ammunition, and related components. FRAEN Corporation is synonymous with precision fabrication of mechanical and electrical elements, automated production sequences with integrated quality control, and comprehensive production expertise.

In particular, America stands to benefit from the synergy effects arising from the new joint venture, coupled with access to cutting-edge fuze technology – a key component in the production of ammunition – together with an assured source of supply and excellent quality. Based on advanced Rheinmetall technologies and know-how, the creation of research and development capacity in America will be a boon for the US defense industry.

The new company constitutes a key element in the ongoing expansion of Rheinmetall’s Weapon and Ammunition division in the United States, and is an integral part of its strategy of securing existing and future US procurement orders in the weapon and ammunition domain.

As Werner Kraemer, managing director of Rheinmetall Waffe Munition GmbH, put it, “We’re very upbeat about the potential the new company opens up for our customers as well for ourselves. The combined capabilities of FRAEN Corporation and Rheinmetall mean that we’ll be able to offer our American customers the latest fuze technology and highly innovative products: Made in USA.”

“Our goal is to tap into the market for ammunition and grow the company to meet the needs of our customers in the best way possible”, states Nic Scarfo, CEO of FRAEN Corporation. “Combining our capabilities with technologies from Rheinmetall in the United States takes our business to a whole new level. We’ll be able to offer technologies and products that help our armed forces perform their important tasks. We look forward to working together with Rheinmetall!”

Darren Klein, who will lead the joint venture as CEO, stresses that “Rheinmetall Fraen Fuzes is fortunate to be able to build on the robust capabilities, experience, and product portfolios of its parent companies. Thanks to this joint endeavor, we’ll be able to offer our customers the kind of innovative and effective high-quality products they need to carry out their vital mission.”

Rheinmetall Defence is a leading maker of military vehicles and systems. In the USA, the Group is represented by American Rheinmetall Munition and American Rheinmetall Systems. Both subsidiaries are experienced suppliers of the US Department of Defense.

FRAEN Corporation is an innovative, large-volume producer of high-quality, precision metal components and assemblies, specializing in injection casting, punching, and turning.

Netherlands Fractal Pattern Update

Thursday, May 30th, 2019

The Dutch military has committed to fielding their new Netherlands Fractal Pattern camouflage.

Through extensive testing, they are planning on these colorways for uniforms:

NFP-Green for wooded and urban areas in Western and Eastern Europe;
NFP-Tan for arid areas such as desert, steppes and savannas;
NFP-Navy for shipboard personnel is still under development.
NFP Arctic is still being considered for winter (mountain) conditions.

However, they’ve also developed NFP-Multitone with fewer colors and slightly more contrast which contains colors from NFP-Green and NFP-Tan, making it suitable for use in both green and dry areas. This variant will be used for PPE and other field equipment.

We are told that gear is starting to roll off the line in NFP-Multi, such as tarps (seen here) and the Berghaus packs we showcased during Enforce Tac.

Source: magazines.defensie.nl/defensiekrant/2019/11/04_camouflage_10

Rampart Range Day 19 – Royal Marines Pyrad Rain Suit by Carinthia

Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

Austria-based Carinthia makes some fantastic gear for some of Europe’s most elite military units. For instance, they developed this rain suit for the British Royal Marines.

Made from WL Gore’s Pyrad material, it is a waterproof/breathable Gore-Tex shell which is also FR. It is also printed in the British military’s Multi Terrain Pattern camouflage.

The suit is based on Carinthia’s PRG rain suit which incorporates large zippered chest pockets as well as zippered bicep pockets and zippered underarm ventilation.

Carinthia products are available in Canada from Rampart International.

Rampart Range Day 19 – Xion Protective Gear

Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

While there were several great new products at Rampart Range Day, none surprised nor impressed me more than Xion (pronounced zion) Protective Gear. Their garments have been worn for years in sports and by stuntmen, protecting from blunt trauma injuries. But now, they’ve been discovered by LE for use as a low viz crowd control suit for use in scenarios where the appearance of full riot gear might increase tensions. Naturally, the gear can be worn in any scenario where blunt force trauma is a threat.

The suits can be worn under outer garments.
Some of the garments are also FR, adding another facet of personal protection.

The secret is in their use of D3O pads which works as a non-Newtonian fluid, absorbing high energy impact, yet remaining malleable when not under force. In fact, the founders of Xion came from the stunt industry and have been working with D3O for many years on pad designs.

Xion Protective Gear products are available in North America from Rampart International.