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Eagles Nest Outfitters Hammocks

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Eagles Nest Outfitters

Founded by Peter and Paul Pinholster in their garage, Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) offers SingleNest and DoubleNest hammocks as well as other accessories.

ENO SingleNest
The Hammocks come in a variety of color combinations to suit use both on and off duty. Seen above is a Khaki and Olive SingleNest which has found favor with SOF elements.

Both hammock styles measure 9’10” in length, support up to 400 pounds, and set up in less than 3 minutes by means of SlapStraps. The DoubleNest is a bit wider at 6’ 8”. The SingleNest weighs in at 18oz, and DoubleNest at 22oz. Both hammocks are stuff into a softball size sack for transport.

ENO Dry Fly Rain Tarp
ENO also offers accessories such as rain flies and insect nets.

Insect Shield
ENO hammocks are now also available with Insect Shield.

For more information contact Eagles Nest Outfitters.

Getting Your Products on Soldier Systems Blog

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Drop us a line at [email protected]. We promise to follow up right away.

Eagle Industries’ New Travel Products

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Eagle Industries

Luggage Mat
Eagle has come up with a great inexpensive way to protect tables and bedding from dirt and scuff marks caused by luggage, boots, and other equipment.

Eagle Luggage Mat

Universal Travel Hook
There are many times, particualrly when traveling that you don’t want to place your bags, clothes or other items on the floor. The UTH alleviates the need to find a hook to hang your items. The hook is designed to work with stall dividers, frame doors, and hinges.

Eagle Travel Hook

Eagle Travel Hook

Manufactured from chrome plated 10/18 mild steel, the UTH easily suspends 60 pounds and comes in Black.

To order contact Eagle Industries. The UTH is currently offered at a 5% discount.

Photos courtesy of Eagle Industries.

Evolution Armor Systems Evo-Tac SF 3-day Pack UPDATE

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Evolution Armor

Evolution Armor is owned by Allan D. Bain, inventor and originator of modern scalar armor. Evolution has been developing improved scalar systems but recently branched out into load carrying systems to complement their armor. Their latest offering is the Evo-Tac SF 3-day Pack. Evolution Armor spent several months looking at packs available on the market and considered ways to offer an improved product.

Manufactured from 1000D Cordura, the Evo-Tac 3-day pack a capacity of over 3200 cubic inches organized into a main compartment, bottom front pouch, top front pouch, and slip pocket. It features double stitch construction, mil-spec buckles, YKK zippers, and a hydration compartment. There are also four side pouches which run down most of the height of the pack. Finally, the interior is lined with PALS and there are two removable interior pockets as well as a removable wasitbelt.

Evo-Tac PackEvo-Tac Pack

Evolution Armor found Multicam to be the most effective pattern available. In order to preserve the IR suppression of the pack, they decided to manufacture all of their PALS webbing and edge binding from Multicam fabric. The graphic below from Evolution Armor shows their attention to detail. However, packs in any color scheme are available as well.

Evo-Tac Pack Details

Available in Multicam with other colors such as UCP available on request from Evolution Armor Systems.

Photos courtesy of Evolution Armor Systems.

Bradford Dyeing Association to Close

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Bradford Dyeing announced on 25 September that they would close in two months due to a dispute with the Defense Logistics Agency over shading issues on the Airman Battle Uniform. Ironically the Air Force relies Bradford for all of its Digital Tigerstripe material. Bradford also supplies a large percentage of the Berry compliant textiles used by the US military and its closure will be a blow to a American textile industry already over stressed with supporting the military. Bradford has endured a recent fire, union issues, as well as the same issues every small business is facing with overall state of the economy, but the DLA dispute was the final factor. Unfortunately, Bradford Dyeing representatives have been unavailable for comment.

There is an excellent article in the Westerly Sun with more information.

Cadex Defence NOD Mount

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Cadex Defence

Recently we began to introduce our readership to the Canadian firm, Cadex Defence. As we alluded to in that article, Cadex makes a wide variety of products. In fact, their “7-inch Hook” designed for climbing was featured on Defense News’ AUSA Blog. Although still somewhat rare, Cadex manufactures a NOD Mount that is in use by some of our country’s most elite forces.

CADEX Defence NOD Mount

Flexibility was the key when the mount was designed. Since it is a strap based design it will work with a variety of helmets. Additionally, it will accept both bayonet and dove tail brackets and is designed to accept external battery packs or counter weights on the rear of the mount.

Cadex NVG Mount

The mount allows the operator to adjust the tension of the flip up mount preventing the NODs from falling down when in the up position.

Go to Cadex Defence to check out their line of products. Most of their products aren’t on their site so if you have specialist requirements it is best to contact them directly.

MM & EMDOM’s New KitMat

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

When rolled the KitMat takes up no more space than an issue GI cleaning kit but offers so much more. When unfolded, the KitMat integrates two pouches for maintenance tools, a cleaning mat and an innovative feature to secure small parts during maintenance to ensure they won’t be misplaced. The mat measures 24″ x 19″ and the entire KitMat is manufactured from 1000D Cordura. At one end are two pouches for cleaning tools as well as the Velcro parts retention area. At the other end is an elastic cord used to secure the KitMat for storage.

E-MM KitMat
As you can see, when rolled up for stowage, the KitMat is just a little larger than a 30 round magazine.

E-MM KitMat
Unlike other cleaning kits, it has an integral cleaning mat. You don’t always have the advantage of a clean table or workbench to clean your weapon so this feature is much appreciated.

E-MM KitMat
The KitMat has an ingenious feature that secures small parts under strips of Velcro.

The KitMat is a well thought out addition to any shooters range bag and available in UCP, Foliage Green, Black, and Sewer Green. However, I personally would not recommend the Black as so many weapon parts are also Black and any advantage the cleaning mat offers in keeping track of your parts will be offset by the lack of contrast. To order contact EMDOM.

Pictures courtesy of Emdom.

Keen Boots

Monday, October 20th, 2008


Keen footwear is rising in popularity among military personnel. Not only are the sandals a favorite for off-duty wear both at home station as well as deployed to an FOB, but Keen’s new line of hikers have found favor in unit’s with more relaxed uniform standards. An informal survey among one deployed SOF unit showed more personnel wearing Keen than any other single brand.

Keen Voyager Mid

For a look at the entire Keen range check out their website.