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PALS Universal Platform

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Bawidamann Blades has developed an innovative solution for attaching equipment to PALS compatible platforms. As you can see from the graphic it is versatile in that it allows you to assemble your sheaths and pouches to the PUP at virtually any angle.

Thanks to Thad for the heads up!

Diamondback Tactical Acquires Assets of First Choice Armor & Equipment

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

D-Back Acquisition Co., parent company of Diamondback Tactical, announced yesterday that it has acquired the assets of First Choice Armor & Equipment, Inc. This transaction unites the quality and exceptional delivery capabilities of Diamondback with the technology and broad product portfolio of First Choice, creating a market-leader in personal and tactical protection products for the domestic and international law enforcement and military markets.

“The addition of First Choice brands and capabilities sets the stage for Diamondback’s growth strategy,” said Lt Gen Greg Newbold, USMC (Ret) of Torch Hill Investment Partners, an investor of Diamondback. “The existing technology and manufacturing know-how acquired from First Choice provides Diamondback with state-of-the-art soft and hard ballistic armor technology development and manufacturing capability allowing Diamondback to offer its strong customer base with new and expanded product lines.”

Diamondback has also announced the appointment of Dan Walsh, former President of First Choice, as Chief Executive Officer of Diamondback Tactical, overseeing all company operations. In addition, Paul Larkin assumes the role of Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing, Brad Ditchfield continues as Executive Vice President Operations and Dale Taylor as Executive Vice President Product Development.

“The First Choice team is delighted to join forces with Diamondback,” said Dan Walsh. ”Diamondback’s reputation for high-quality tactical gear and its vision and commitment to the domestic and international personal protection markets, creates a potent combination for future company growth.”

With the acquisition of First Choice’s assets, Diamondback now manufactures a complete range of personal protection products from concealable and tactical body armor, to hard armor plates, ballistic/riot shields and vehicle armor. Diamondback is an ISO 9001:2008 and ANAB accredited certified company that has pioneered the development of innovative NIJ 0101.06 certified concealable and tactical armor and is a global leader in ballistic technology and design.

Extended Comfort Footwear

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

We have a little more information on the new boots mentioned in’s Kit Up!. These boots are actually manufactured by STC, a Canadian company with the tan model being called the ‘Zulu’, and a black full grain leather version being marketed to military and law enforcement agencies who still require black boots.

This new Gore construction technique that STC has utilized doesn’t have the bulky lining found on all other military/tactical type waterproof/breathable boots, and is more like the inside of a Gore-Tex jacket, so it means that the perspiration moisture escapes faster and more efficiently and will retain less heat. This also means that if the inside of your boot gets wet (from ops like river crossings, stepping in puddles/holes deeper than the boot, etc.) they can simply be drained and toweled out, and will be dry within a couple hours, as opposed to the few days it seems to take to dry with other waterproof/breathable boots in the field. Additionally, according to WL Gore reps at Modern Day Marine, a new DWR finish similar to that used on Gore-Tex outerwear has been applied to the boot to help bead water up on the exterior of the boot.

These boots are more like a pair of USGI Panama Sole Desert or Jungle Boots (without the drainage eyelets) in terms of breathability and heat retention. The Cordura nylon on Desert/Jungle boots is coated in a layer of polyurethane which provides water resistance and impedes breathability to a point, but both these models of boots are far more breathable and cool than the traditional Gore-Tex lined boot.

Another benefit to having a Gore-Tex lined boot for ops in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, and most other areas where public sanitation consists of living upstream from the canal which your raw sewage drains into is that a Gore-Tex membrane can provide increased protection to your feet when exposed bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens in the local water.

It’s nice to see some real innovation being done in a boot which should pass the Command Sergeant Major’s interpretation of AR-670 approved footwear, but no word from STC yet as to whether they will be doing versions in Mojave Olive for Marines, or Sage for Air Force personnel. However, we do know that both Danner and Bates will be introducing boots with this new technology later this year.

We were able to try them out at the Modern Day Marine expo at Quantico, Virginia today in a special simulator developed to demonstrate the versatility of the boots across a wider range of climatic conditions than traditional boots. The whole point of the Extended Comfort Footwear is to combine the capabilities of both Hot Weather and Temperate footwear into a single boot. While the experience was far too short to really form an opinion, we get the concept and we like it.

CM901 Magazine?

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

There has been quite a bit of discussion on the magazine depicted in the Colt patent drawings for a Modular Firearm. Many have noted that it is an AR10 magazine and based on the date of the patent this was probably the case. However, in the ensuing four years since the patent was issued, a great product called the Magpul PMAG 20LR came along and is rapidly becoming THE industry standard for a 7.62 magazine for Stoner-style weapons. We won’t know for sure until AUSA when Colt has promised to unveil the CM901, but our money’s on the PMAG 20LR.

The Ultimate First Aid Guide

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Backpacker has included a series of First Aid articles written by Wilderness Medicine Institute cofounder Buck Tilton in their online edition. The articles cover a variety of subjects from blisters to brain injuries. Illustrations are straight forward and the info is simple to comprehend. They are well worth checking out before you head out of doors.

Magpul Dynamics Presents – Art of the Dynamic Shotgun

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Coming Soon

Army Updating Anthropometric Data

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Officially known as the U.S. Army Anthropometric Models to Optimize the Human Systems Interface (ANSUR II), the Army is taking steps to update its Anthropometric Data. First off, we need to explain the term “Anthropometric Data”. Anthropometry is the study of physical dimensions in people, including the measurement of human body characteristics such as heights, breadths, girths, and reaches. In all, Natick’s ANSUR II program will measure 13,000 Soldiers to determine this information and update its models of human sizing.

The data currently used by the Army to size clothing and individual equipment as well as in workstation such as cockpit design is from 1988 and it’s about time it was updated. Nowadays, the Total Army force includes not only Active Duty but also Guard and Reserve troops, not to mention that the American is larger than 20-odd years ago. Consequently, current sizing tariffs are incorrect causing the Army to experience shortages of select sizes of CIE. Size tariffs are predictive tables that guide the Army when they purchase, stock and issue clothing and other sized equipment. For example, for every 1000 Soldiers, a size tariff might tell a Program Manager to purchase 5 X-Small Short trousers, 5 X-Small Reg, 3 X-Small Long, etc. until each size had been specified. The information is based on the anthropometric data of the force and is critical to procuring the correct amount of gear in the proper sizes.

One of the biggest changes to how the information will be collected and used is that it is now 3D in nature. In addition to the 95 traditional body measurements taken, 3D whole body, head/face and foot scans will be collected. When data on an entire body is collected, it can be correlated in new ways to further show how the entire body is shaped and how clothing and equipment interact with a Soldier’s body. This improved shape data will result in improved designs for body armor and other close fitting protective equipment such as headgear, footwear, and handwear.

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Countdown to End of the Fiscal Year

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

ADS has included a countdown clock for the impending end of the fiscal year. This is a great reminder to get your ducks in order and figure out what you want to obligate your end of year funds for. Don’t waste it all on 10,000 rolls of toilet paper, or 500 paddle locks because that is all they have left at SSSC. Many vendors are open late and will help make sure you get what you need instead of what is left on the shelf.

In fact, Tactical Tailor will have staff on hand to fill phone orders until Midnight on 30 September. Don’t think that they are only accepting military orders either. Federal agencies as well as state and local folks finish the year on the 30th. Individuals are welcome to order as well. Just call them at (253) 984-7854.

Last but not least, if you are in the market for quality MultiCam (or Coyote and OD for that matter) clothing systems as well as shelters and poncho liners then make sure you contact our friends at Wild Things. They are open late this week to accommodate your last minute shopping requirements.