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SEALS Action Gear Team Briefing

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

This is a release from SEALS Action Gear regarding their offering of UF PRO tactical apparel.

SEALS Action Gear is pleased to announce that we are now stocking the full range of UF PRO Tactical apparel. This European made, high quality clothing is second-to-none in construction, functionality and striking design; and includes the following key products:

Striker XT Combat Pants diagram

Striker XT Combat Pants

The flagship of the range – the XT pants are setting new industry standards for operational uniforms.
Giving specialists a significant increase in usefulness and efficiency was the highest priority during the development of the Striker XT Combat Pants.

The stretch areas have been expanded and new and ergonomically perfected knee protection has been introduced. This is made using an intelligent combination of technologies that enable highly efficient protection of the knee and tibia areas without fitting the protection system with a Velcro strap.

The width-adjustable lower leg area enables the effective fixing of objects in the lower leg pocket, including during rapid movement.

The large side pocket with inner compartments can be accessed in two ways.

The stretch areas in the hip/buttocks area and above and below the knee protection are made of an extremely resilient Schoeller-dynamic stretch material.

Strike XT Combat Shirt

Striker XT Combat Shirt

Based on the previous Striker Combat Shirt, some important components have been changed in the new XT model that considerably improves the wearing comfort and functionality.

In the torso area, the mix of polyester and merino wool offers extraordinary durability, wearing comfort and odor-inhibition.

The cut of the sleeve and the slide-in pockets have been ergonomically improved so that you will always land on the inserted elbow pads. Furthermore, this optimized cut allows users to pull up their sleeves comfortably for medical access.

An additional elastic ribbon in the underarm pocket offers better fixing for inserted equipment.

Delta Ace Jacket 1

Delta Ace Jacket

This is THE jacket for extreme physical activities at very cold and windy climatic conditions.

For the worst possible outdoor conditions, the Delta AcE Plus jacket provides excellent comfort properties, maximum wind protection and water repellent thermal insulation.

Protection against cold wind is provided with a two layer nylon ripstop-PU membrane laminate lined with the 37.5™ micro fleece.

A significantly increased wear comfort is achieved by air/pac inserts in the shoulder and upper back areas.

UF PRO tactical clothing is available in a variety of colors and camouflage colors and can be viewed and purchased through SEALS Action Gear’s totally new website (note – all prices in CANADIAN dollars):

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Wednesday, March 30th, 2016


SPECOPS.PL Update For March 2016

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

ULPC-3 Plate Carrier


SPECOPS.PL’s latest plate carrier, the ULPC-3, has now been publicly revealed, after a major delivery to a premiere Polish SF unit in December 2015. The ULPC-3 is SPECOPS’ ‘ultralight’ tactical plate carrier, which builds upon the basic ULPC-1 design.


-Integrated, load-bearing system, capable of attaching to abseiling harnesses or safety ropes.
-Integrated, removable, comfort-pad system for better thermal comfort
-Integrated IFF ID system available in visible and IR markings
-all 2X500D DuPont Cordura laminate construction, laser-cut.
-full MOLLE / PALS compatibility
-detachable SAPI side pouches
-Integrated extraction handle

MBS-3 Uniform


The MBS-3 uniform has now been delivered to a series of Army and Police units in Poland since its original reveal in August 2015. The MBS-3 uniform is also available in fire-retardant DEFENDER-M version.

The MBS-3 uniform is being offered in the full A-TACS family of camo patterns (MBS-3 is available in most patterns on request). A-TACS LE remains a popular choice for PL law-enforcement, while A-TACS AU and FG variants are gaining popularity. One prototype of the MBS-3 was made in A-TACS IX transitional pattern, and has generated much interest from various parties. wrote up an extensive overview of the MBS-3 uniform, which can be read at the following link:

Individual customers can purchase the MBS-3 uniform at:

Also, for our Polish readers, there’s an article in the latest edition of FRAG OUT! tactical online magazine – soon in English – of SPECOPS.PL’s company history:

Musket-Fowler Training at Colonial Williamsburg

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

One of the greatest advantages to living in America’s first region is the proximity to such historic sights as Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown. Why, just down the street from our home is the site of the Revolutionary War’s Battle of Great Bridge.

When Colonial Williamsburg recently announced that they’d begin offering livefire of flintlocks, it was something I was determined to experience. This week, I had my chance. Although it is Spring Break and quite crowded, I was able to get spots for me and one of my sons. There are four hour-long sessions and we turned up at the appointed time. A van took us to the nearby covered 25 yard range which was manned by four role-player instructors. They went over range safety, some basics about the operations of the weapons we would fire and then split us off into three two-man groups.


First, we fired the .75 Brown Bess Musket which would have been used by British troops throughout the latter half of the 18th century as well as by the Continental Army when available. However, these were supplemented later in the Revolutionary War with French arms. Although a .75 smoothbore, Soldiers fired .69 balls from it as they were quicker to load. The goal was high rates of volley fire followed by infantry advances with fixed bayonets to drive one’s enemy from the field. Naturally, that .69 ball in a .75 tube is going to bounce around as it goes down the barrel. With only a bayonet lug at the end of the barrel to use as a front sight, it was more point in the general direction of your foe and squeeze the trigger than a concerted aim.

Next up was the Fowling piece or “Fowler” which was the common hunting shotgun of the time. This 20 ga (.64) smoothbore was used to hunt birds, hence the name, and was most often loaded with shot. But when used for war by the Minute Men at Lexington and Concord, they fired a .64 ball. This was the common weapon of the militia.

We fire three rounds with each weapon as familiarization and then got to pick which type we wanted to use to fire an additional three rounds. I chose the Fowler as it seemed more accurate and actually incorprated a front sight (although no rear sight).

Of the nine shots total, I had a couple of misfires which were remedied by swapping out the flint, as well as a hangfire with a very slight delay between flash in the pan and firing of the projectile in the barrel. But don’t let that mislead you. The weapons were very well maintained. It’s just an example of the technology of the time and it certainly made me appreciate our modern arms.

While the experience wasn’t cheap, it was a blast and in addition to memories, you receive a certificate, your target and a pewter version of the .69 musket balls you use. It’s definitely worth doing, if you find yourself in Colonial Williamsburg.

You Never Know Where They’ll Show Up

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016


El Rey Zona Arqueológica Cancun, Mexico

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Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

LIMA5 is an interesting concept from SIG SAUER Optics. Powered by a Lithium 1/3n battery, this Laser Grip Module is a replacement polymer frame for the P320 and P250 pistols which integrates either a red (Oclaro) or direct green (Osram) laser and switch.

Banshee QD Plate Carrier – Selected by the Long Beach Police Department

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016


Shellback Tactical is proud to announce that through a bid and selection process the Banshee QD (Quick Deployment) plate carrier has been selected by the Long Beach Police Department. The Banshee QD Plate Carrier will be apart of a kit that they are distributing to their patrol division. They will be issuing approx 600 Banshee QD’s and Kits that include a med kit and armor.

Shellback Tactical is proud to have been selected to be apart of this life saving equipment. We applaud the Long Beach Police Department for investing in their personnel.

If your agency is also interested in outfitting your agency with Plate Carriers, Hard Armor, med kits and commonly referred to as active shooter kits. Please contact [email protected] for info, quotes (RFQS). We would be happy to help.

Shellback Tactical was founded in 2003 by a Police Officer. We have over 18 years of Law Enforcement experience and we have been designing gear and other life saving equipment for over 12 years. Trust in us and our experience to get your agency and officers protected.

WarriorWool from WeatherWool

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

Not long ago we told you about Al’s Anorak from WeatherWool which was worn on the season premiere of “Dual Survival” by primitive survival expert Bill McConnel. WeatherWool has also been working on a garment specifically for military use, called WarriorWool which is made from their fullweight fabric which is made from Rambouillet sheep fibers. That’s a material you’ll hear referred to as Merino wool.


As the story goes, one of WeatherWool’s founders is a SEAL and he wore their clothing during deployments to Afghanistan and that’s how WarriorWool was born. As you can see, it’s in their LYNX camo pattern which kind of resembles AOR 1 pattern.

To learn more about WarriorWool, visit