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GM Defense and NP Aerospace Announce Collaboration at DSEI

Thursday, September 14th, 2023

Steve duMont, GM Defense president, and James Kempston, CEO, NP Aerospace, signed a Memorandum of Understanding at the 2023 Defense and Security Equipment International tradeshow.

The MOU will allow our companies to develop cooperative research and development, post-production support, and in areas such as global logistics and sustainment for integrated vehicles, fuel cell, power generation, system integration, platform integration, and beyond. Read more about this important collaboration at the link below, and if you’re at DSEI, come see the Infantry Squad Vehicle in the NP Aerospace booth, Booth 5.

DSEI 23 – Gentex Updates FAST Bump Helmet

Wednesday, September 13th, 2023

Gentex has updated the FAST Bump Helmet. The biggest thing you’ll notice is that it no longer has a molded shroud to accommodate those conducting airborne operations. It has been replaced with the same Lightweight Modular Bungee Shroud as other helmets in the range. It also now features PowerPath ARC Rails which allow the user to route cables behind the rail to keep them out of the way.

DSEI 23 – Thales Lithgow Arms F90D

Wednesday, September 13th, 2023

Thales Lithgow Arms has unveiled their new F90D which is also available for their Australian Combat Assault Rifle as the D Model. The D designation is for digital.

The heart of this new capability is a network sighting system which uses the Thales Squad Net radio for communications.

It uses a laser to designate an item of interest on the battlespace. Because the rifle knows where it is, and what direction the weapon is pointed, it triangulates the “target” and allows the user to characterize it as friendly, enemy, or target of interest. The system is Laser agnostic and will work with most on the market.

The information collected by the system is then shared with the squad (and others if desired). This includes friendly information so that if you sight on a target, you will know if it is friendly or not. The information is shown on the sight as you can see here. I’ve looked at it and it’s clear to the eye.

The battery is contained in the buttstock. Here you can see the version for the ACAR.

Here you can see the hub used on the ACAR for power and data. It is Picatinny compatible.

The team is continuing to work on integrating additional sensor inputs.


Wednesday, September 13th, 2023

GHOST is a new clothing line from THRUDARK.

GHOST is a full line with everything from base layers to combat clothing, to insulation, to hard shells.

Colors include MultiCam, Black, Coyote, Grey, and Ranger Green.

Feel free to download the catalog here.

Currently, the line is restricted to operational users to ensure a steady stream of supply. Available for qualified customers through Edgar Brothers.

2023 Defence and Security Equipment International

Wednesday, September 13th, 2023

With a slight delay in the commencement of coverage due to travel issues, we bring our coverage of DSEI 2023.

Drone Evolution Launches Sentinel TetheredUAV at DSEI 2023

Tuesday, September 12th, 2023

London, 12 September, 2023: Drone Evolution launches SENTINEL, its new, tethered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) system at DSEI 2023. Designed and built in the UK, SENTINEL has been teamed with Steatite’s MPU5 MESH radio, creating an airborne rebroadcasting node which provides a persistent surveillance capability for situational awareness. The SENTINEL tether system is quicker to deploy and lighter to carry than a mast option. The combination of a tethered UAV system and radio/camera/thermal imaging system is ideal for applications such as:

• Intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance

• Force protection

• Event security

SENTINEL can be powered by Drone Evolution’s patented Freedom Power Supply Unit (PSU). This PSU can output 100V-500V from a 12V or 24V vehicle power supply, allowing SENTINEL to be mobilised and remain airborne for extended periods of time, reaching heights of 50m for 6 hours and potentially beyond. SENTINEL is the only system capable of running directly from a 12v or 24v power supply such as a vehicle or batteries (with no inverter or generator required) as well as mains power. Additionally, SENTINEL’s weatherproofing and high wind resistance allows for long endurance in challenging environments.

With both SENTINEL and Dis1 radios operating at ground level, it is possible to establish a baseline range to determine the range and throughput of a Wave Relay point-to-point network in an urban environment.

Toby Townrow, Communications Director at Drone Evolution, said: “Tethering a drone to a ground power source allows the system to be in the air for periods far beyond conventional battery life. SENTINEL really is a game changer, it can be deployed without advanced pilot skills and has the potential for secure communications and overcoming blackspots. Additionally, SENTINEL can take your sensors to greater heights than a standard temporary mast system can ever achieve.”

Steatite’s Business Development Manager, Seb Leaver, added “The combination of Drone Evolution’s SENTINEL system and the MPU5 Radio System provides a solution to a challenge that our clients have had for a long time – namely how to get a comms rebroadcast system to a height quickly and easily for a range of deployment types at a price that doesn’t make to prohibitive.”

See Drone Evolution’s SENTINEL on Steatite’s stand H2-417.

TYR Tactical Launches New Special Mission Series Line of Products at DSEI 2023

Tuesday, September 12th, 2023

TYR Tactical®, a company based out of Peoria, Arizona is excited to showcase its newest product line at the 2023 DSEI event held in London this September.

The Special Mission Series line of products integrates TYR Tactical’s expert knowledge with world class engineering to develop innovative and advanced solutions designed to enhance user performance and survivability. One of the products being featured is the TYR Tactical® Patent Pending Shield Load Carriage System (SLCS). With its articulating arms and sling attachment, this innovative system enables the weight of a ballistic shield to be distributed to the hips of the user, reducing the stress on one’s back and shoulders. This ground-breaking design allows for effortless movement and swift maneuvering while maintaining optimal levels of protection and efficiency.

The Special Mission Series also features new Level III+ Ballistic Shields and Hard Armor Plates. These Patent Pending SMU Hard Armor Plates and Ballistic Shields have been designed to maximize the performance of its materials to a level that no other company is able to do. TYR Tactical® demonstrated this by inviting champion shooter Daniel Horner to come and test the shield this summer, where he shot 100 Green Tip 5.56 x 45mm rounds into one of the new ballistic shields without penetration.

You can lean more about the TYR Tactical® Special Mission Series of Products at

Rheinmetall at DSEI in London: Drop in on our Virtual Booth!

Tuesday, September 12th, 2023

DSEI 2023 takes place in London from 12 to 15 September. Under the motto Move – Sense – Strike, Rheinmetall will be on hand to present part of its extensive range of products, systems and activities for the digitalized battlefields of tomorrow. 

At DSEI the Group will be displaying its innovative products from the following disciplines:
•    Vehicle Systems 
•    Weapons and Ammunition
•    Protection Systems 
•    Air Defence Systems
•    Electronic Solutions  
•    Unmanned Systems

Thanks to the Group’s multifaceted online presence, those who are unable to be in London in person can still access in-depth information about the Rheinmetall products on show. Multiple brochures are ready to download. The Group’s new image video can be requested as well at