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CrossFire and Mystery Ranch at the 2012 Land Warfare Conference

Sunday, November 4th, 2012


Mystery Ranch was on hand at last week’s Land Warfare Conference in Melbourne, Australia to support their Australian partner CrossFire. They also displayed their entries for the SCE tender as well as the OZ-NICE in DPCU.




thanks TL

Platatac at the 2012 Land Warfare Conference

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Platatac posted some great photos of their booth at this year’s Land Warfare Conference in Melbourne.


There’s some cool stuff in here.


Especially these giveaway hats.



How To Know If It’s Genuine Australian MultiCam Pattern

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

How can you tell if it’s genuine Australian MultiCam Pattern? Why by branding of course! In these photos taken during this week’s Land Warfare Conference currently being held in Melbourne, Australia, you can see the ADF Tri-Service Crest on AMP.

AMP was developed by Crye Precision specifically for the Australian Defence Force to provide a distinct version of MultiCam in similar fashion to the Multi Terrain Pattern for the UK MoD.

AUSA – Blueye Eyewear

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Blueye Eyewear brings over 16 years of eye protection experience to the market. Based in Australia, they focus on individual market segments. Their latest thrust is in defense.


The SOS Super Cell answers the problem Soldiers have with moving quickly in and out of the sun. This goggle is built to US Mil Spec and in addition to an anti-fog coating features a removable photochromatic lens. This allows the wearer to strip away the darkened lens when they go into darkened areas. It also serves as a sacrificial lens to prevent scratching of the SOS Super Cell’s primary lens.

Additionally, there is a silicon nonslip head strap with integrated goggle sleeve.

Visit www.blueyetactical.com to download the entire catalog.

Australians to Deploy in New Camo Soon

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Australian troops have been wearing MultiCam uniforms for a couple of years now. Concurrently, they’ve worked with Crye Precision to develop a distinctive Australian version of the MultiCam pattern as they had with the British military’s Multi Terrain Pattern.

According to a report on News.com.au, this new pattern is ready and will be fielded soon to Australian troops. Troops from the 7th Battalion (7RAR) along with members of the RAAF’s airfield Defence Guards will deploy in the next few weeks.

Defence Materiel Minister Jason Clare related that they have ordered an initial run of 3600 Operational Combat Uniforms worth $780,000. Additionally, they plan to order 5500 more next year from producer Pacific Brands WorkWear Group in West Footscray, Victoria from fabric milled by Bruck Textiles in Wangaratta.

Unfortunately, still no photos of the Australian MultiCam Pattern which I am told is all but indistinguishable from standard MultiCam.


As reader Phillip pointed out, this is the new AMP. When I first saw it awhile back I discounted it as I had expected the Australian version to be more distinguishable from its MultiCam base. But I checked with someone who would know and they said this looks correct as AMP.

Sneak Peek – Hardcore Hardware Australia Tactical Writing Instrument

Friday, August 17th, 2012


The HHA TWI01 Tactical Writing Instrument features a dome shaped crown constructed from high grade stainless steel that can be used as a striking point in an emergency situation or o break glass. At the other end they incorporated a pointed tip for investigative type work or for use as a PDA stylus. The entire shaft of the pen is constructed from 6000 series, non-reflective, Black anodized aluminium for extreme longevity and wearability. The TWI01 incorporates a series of O-rings making it completely waterproof when the pen cap is screwed down over the writing tip. It will accept standard Parker and Fisher Space Pen refills.


Badger Ordnance Update

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

We haven’t written about Badger Ordnance in quite some time so we have some news to fill you in on.

The spotting scope night vision integrator mount is starting to get a lot of traction and is currently in use by almost every Army Special Forces Group. It allows you to mount night vision equipment to the M151 spotting scope (Leupold Mk IV 12-40x60mm). You can also mount other Picatinny compatible devices such as laser designators. They are currently working on NSN assignment and these are also available through ADS Inc for agency and unit purchase.

Two more items that have been doing very well are the Left Hand and Universal Charging Handles. Military demand has increased on these and Australian SOF just purchased nearly 1000 of the Universal models.

These couple of items are by no means the depth and breadth of Badger Ordnance’s offerings. Check them out at badgerordnance.com

Source Hydration Announces New Australian Distributor

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Source Hydration has announced that Sport Outdoor Leisure Australia (SOLA) has been appointed the distributor of the Source range of products in Australia and New Zealand. SOLA will be distributing Source’s Tactical line to retailers in addition to its outdoor recreation hydration and footwear lines. CrossFire Australia will continue working in close cooperation with SOLA to represent Source to Australian MOD clients.

SOLA’s press release reads:

“SOLA will, with effect from 1 September 2012, become the Australian and New Zealand Distributor of the Source range of products. Source is a world leader in Hydration Systems, Hiking Sandals, Socks and Travel accessories supplying the outdoor recreational market, and industrial and military markets in over 25 countries on all continents. Founded in 1989, Source has been a ground breaker in its categories worldwide for over 20 years.

Source has a significant research and manufacturing capability and is committed to the ongoing development of innovative outdoor products for world markets. Both SOLA and Source share a passion and commitment to the environment and social responsibility programs.

SOLA, has over the past decade, established a high level of expertise and intellectual property in the hydration space. It is confident that by partnering with Source it will bring competitive, new and exciting products to its various market segments.”

SOLA, in addition to Source is the Australian distributor for Bianchi, Netti, Fox, Fizik, Selle Royal, Brooks, ESS and Allen.

Great news for ANZACs looking for hydration options.