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Private Bloggins Asks, “What Color is Your Rack?”

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about the TRACE Systems Green Kit from Canada’s CTOMS. We were impressed that someone had produced a great rack setup for military mountaineers but some readers complained about the tactical color of the gear.


On CTOMS’ Private Bloggins site, they addressed some of the issues raised on SSD in a post entitled, “What Color is Your Rack?” What we love about their piece is that they went out and demonstrated the reason they developed the green kit in the first place by sharing photos of climbers with commercial climbing gear. It’s definitely worth a read whether you are a military mountaineer or just interested in camouflage.

Whiskey 5 – Rampart International Corp.

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

Rampart International Corp.
Rampart Intl Corp
Rampart International Corp. is Canada’s leading supplier of Operational Equipment to military, Special Forces, Law Enforcement, and first responder operators. We select only the industries best equipment in each category to offer to our operators. Some of our exclusive brands include Mystery Ranch, Source Hydration, INFORCE, Laser Devices, S&S Precision, Wild Things Tactical, Browe, High Ground Gear, NFM, Defenshield and M-Tek. Our equipment offering covers the spectrum from small arms systems and components to combat clothing, PPE, electro-optics, medical/survival and tactical equipment.

Rampart currently sells via three channels 1) Direct to agency 2) Dealers 3) Online sales. We have over twenty dealers across Canada and our online store allows the public direct access to over 200 items stocked and shipped quickly from Ottawa.

Furthermore, we have some very exciting news for 2013; Rampart will be manufacturing its own line of products; designed, developed, engineered, manufactured and tested in Canada. More details in March 2013!

Rampart Products

We are strategically located in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, Ontario. This allows us to be in close proximity to the military, Special Forces and Federal Police.

Rampart was born in the summer of 2010.

Frustrated with the status quo and myopic attitude that was present in the market; it was time to do it better. Rampart’s motto is “advancing the operator” – we take this task very seriously. This means offering the finest equipment available matched with unparalleled service and support. We know who we are working for, and do everything possible to expedite for our customers.

Cadex Offering Dealer Specials at SHOT Show

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Visit Us_shot show 2013.jpg

This year at Shot Show 2013, Cadex will be located at booth 13167 with new products to show including:

Cadex 870 Modular Fore-End Rail System


Cadex C6/ M240 DUAL RAIL

Cadex C6 BUTT

Cadex RED DOT MOUNT for SIG P226
New colors for the Cadex Strike Dual Chassis
Cadex Strike Dual Dual Candy.jpg

New model of Cadex Strike Dual Chassis
Cadex Strike Dual Bio-Z.jpg

Also, dealers, look for a Super Discount for the entire period of the Shot Show 2013. Up to 30 % off of the MSRP for the Cadex Strike Dual Chassis.

Pub Cadex Store Online Shot Show.jpg

DS Tactical to Offer Velocity Systems and Mayflower Lines in Kryptek Patterns This Month

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Velocity Systems and Mayflower have leaked a photo or two of their current and future products in the Kryptek family of patterns which are currently finalists in the US Army’s Camouflage Improvement Effort. They had planned on debuting everything at SHOT Show and following the normal flow of things. Take orders at SHOT and then release product based on those orders in mid-spring. But now, we don’t have to wait. Velocity Systems FNG David Walsh related to SSD, “We planned to launch the sale of our existing product line (in Kryptek) at the upcoming SHOT show. DS Tactical was ready to invest immediately and who are we to argue?”

VS in Kryptek

What happened to speed things up is that Canada’s DS Tactical has already placed an order that includes Mayflower LPAAC’s, APC’s, several pouches and each of the Chest rig styles in the Kryptek Highlander, Mandrake and Typhon patterns. “Working direct with end users, we believe that Kryptek offers the best range of use in every environment. Velocity/Mayflower was the easy choice when it came to providing innovative products because of their high quality and knowledge of end user needs,“ said DS Tactical’s Colin Noppers.

VS in Kryptek

This stocking order means that these patterns of all Plate Carriers and Chest Rigs from Velocity and Mayflower will be available later this month. Nomad will be available in March. While pricing isn’t completely settled, they should remain in line with those of existing printed products from Velocity and Mayflower. In addition to the current line, both brands will be introducing new products at next week’s SHOT Show.

Happy Holidays from Our Friends at CTOMS

Friday, December 21st, 2012


CTOMS and Kili-Climbing Collaborating to Provide Unique Training Opportunities

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

It was inevitable. Canadian companies CTOMS and Kili-Climbing are collaborating. When Chris Kopp of CTOMS started developing the TRACE Systems (micro rope systems) unveiled last year, he realized it could be used in more and more diverse applications. Then, he and his business partner used it as an ultra-light weight system climbing in Uganda for glacier travel and rappelling. This past summer they did their first lead climbs on it. Along with CTOMS’ Tactical Assault Climbers Course (TAC-C) that they’ve been running for two years now, the natural evolution was to take the CTOMS rope access and complex terrain programs to the next level. Kili-Climbing has been that enabler.

CTOMS is now partnering with Kili-Climbing, which provides logistical planning and support in Africa to their Complex-terrain & High Altitude Seminars (CHAOS, as in their slogan, “Control the Chaos”), it enables them to provide experience based training at high altitude and in foreign countries. The diversity of location options provides a broad spectrum of terrain, latitude and altitude options, beyond what is available in the continental US. The client’s specific capability requirements/desires will determine the venue. Current venues include Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Mt. Stanley and Speke in Uganda, Mt. Kenya in Kenya and Mt. Logan in Canada. While the African locations provide milder equatorial high altitude options with very diverse terrain and foreign travel experience, Mt. Logan in Canada provides a significantly lower traffic option than Mt. McKinley in Alaska, and provides a great Arctic, high latitude, high altitude, extreme cold weather training environment.

The difference between training with the CTOMS/Kili-Climbing team and hiring another African tour provider or civilian guide company is that the CTOMS/Kili-Climbing team understands and caters specifically to the military, and in particular SOF applications. They speak your language. These aren’t tourist vacations and they aren’t going to put their clients on busy, standard tourist routes, and most of all, they aren’t going to teach them civilian practices that contradict or conflict with tactical requirements. Instead, they cater the instruction, routes, objectives and activities specifically to the tactical training objectives. These are customized training programs built specifically to military SOF personnel and taught by instructors with military backgrounds and certified guides with experience instructing SOF.

For US units that require a contract with a US company, they work with The Peak out of Butte, Montana. CTOMS can also be contracted directly. For personal trips in Africa, contact Kili-Climbing directly.

Merchant of War Patch

Thursday, November 1st, 2012


One Shot Tactical explains the Merchant of War patch.

When we got put on a protest list with Lockhead Martin, General Dynamics, Thales and other defense contractors, we were a little shocked, and exited.

They called the list “Merchants of War” and “War Profiteers”.

As word has spread, the catch phrase “Official Merchant of War” stuck.

What makes this even better is that they are a Canadian company. The folks at One Shot Tactical are our kind of people.

Drop Zone Tactical Corset Radio Pouch

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Designed to call small radios such as the PRR, the Corset Radio Pouch from Canada’s Drop Zone Tactical uses a bungee retention system as well as their MOLLE compatible attachment system.