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Decal Grip

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

MOE GripA lot of folks are crafty enough to apply skate tape or other grip material to their weapons and equipment and make it look good. On the other hand, some of us can’t and for those of us who can’t there is Decal Grip. Their solution is pretty simple. They provide die cut panels made from Sand Granule (grit type), and Synthetic Rubber (resilient type) for a variety of firearms. You simply peel and stick. In addition to most popular handguns they now make decals for Magpul MOE grips. To order visit

Oilfield Camo

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

In our constant quest of different camo patterns we ran across “Oilfield Camo”. I thought I had seen it all with the kama sutra pattern but this is definitely different.

Oilfield Camo

Envisioned to give oil workers a sense of identity, the pattern is made up of “different oilfield tools and other recognizable symbols in the oilfield industry”. I guess this gave way to their motto, “It’s not just a pattern…It’s a way of life.” At any rate, it’s kind of cool to see camo as fashion. Check out the entire line at

And So It Begins…

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

The Army dropped a rather large sources sought notice today for Fire Resistant Army Combat Uniforms (FR-ACUs) in MultiCam. Up to 40,000 sets per month for six to eight months are to be delivered pre-treated in Permethrin. The short notice to answer (10 days) is indicative of the dedication to quick fielding that PEO-Soldier is paying to this issue. Expect to see numerous other solicitations hit the street soon.

It is very important to note that, based on information already released by PEO-Soldier, they are only planning on fielding clothing and equipment that would be used on a combat patrol. This includes FR-ACUs as well as Army Combat Shirts. The new ACS will feature MultiCam sleeves and Coyote torso. For those Soldiers leaning forward in the foxhole, this does NOT include the 50/50 NYCO ACU that you currently wear in garrison and on the FOB. I would not suggest that you run out and purchase a basic load of ACUs in MultiCam just yet. I am still awaiting additional information on this subject but as of now, based on what has already been said, Soldiers deployed to Afghanistan will find themselves in the standard ACU in UCP while on an FOB or other deployed base and wearing MultiCam FR ACUs while outside the wire.

Spec Ops Pen from TOPS Knives

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

TOPS Knives recently introduced the their take on the tactical writing instrument, the Spec Ops Pen (SOP). Not only is it a unique design it is also uses the commonly available fisher Space pen refill, which writes anywhere; literally. There are two versions, the standard model (shown) and the elite model. Both are available in Black or Coyote Tan.

Spec Ops Pen from TOPS Knives

In addition to a great introductory price of $19.95, 10% of sales proceeds will go to the WOUNDED WARRIOR
PROJECT.ORG. Check it out at

Submitted Without Comment

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Wiggy's Newsletter

“In connection with Snugpak Limited Company’s defamation lawsuit against Wiggy’s Inc. and Jerry Wigutow, in Broward County Circuit Court, we are informing you that the matter has been amicably settled and we have withdrawn all references to Snugpak. Wiggy’s apologizes to Snugpak for any inaccurate information which appeared on the website or for any harm any such inaccurate information may have caused.”
Wiggy’s Newsletter Nov 2009

SOCOM is Looking for a New Helmet

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Program Manager, Special Operations Forces Survival, Support and Equipment Systems (PM SOF-SSES) has released a pre-solicitation for a “non-commercial, non-developmental Modular Integrated Communication Helmet (MICH) Product Improved Helmet, Type I Ballistic System”.

Requirements include “The Type I MICH-BALLISTIC meets or exceeds all of the current MICH helmet requirements with the added benefit of lighter weight and flexible configuration.” Please note the term “flexible”. This is a level of modularity not available on the legacy MICH and screams FAST helmet from Ops-Core or AIRFRAME helmet from Crye Precision although I am sure BAE will have something to throw at this based on their recent work on the Enhanced Combat Helmet combined with Corona.

Ops-Core Ballistic FAST Helmet

Crye Precision AIRFRAME with Chops

BAE's Corona

The pre-solicitation closes 16 March, 2010 with a full and open solicitation to follow later this year.

No-Contact – The Stun Gun You Wear

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Recently, my friends at Protect The Force told me that they wanted to show me an extraordinary technology that was initially designed to protect women from sexual assaults but that could be used for a variety of personal protection tasks. I must admit that in my mind’s eye I formed a picture of some sort of chastity belt-like contraption. Fortunately, my imagination run wild was nowhere near the truth of the matter. Instead, I was shown the video below and it brought everything into focus.

I immediately “got it” and began running scenarios in my head where I could apply the technology. I mean who couldn’t see the potential here? It’s phenomenal. No-Contact’s technology was developed by Adam Whiton, a researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Yolita Nugent, an apparel designer. Named Conducted Energy Clothing, the concept is simple; bad guy grabs you, much to his chagrin he gets shocked, he unhands you, you fight or flight.

Now I can imagine that some of you are skeptical but they’ve been working on this for awhile. No, it won’t shock you. The wearer is insulated from the effects of the charged outer layer. Additionally, the garment features a Teflon coated waterproof layer to protect the wearer in the rain. Concerned about power requirements? Currently, the system is powered by a single 9v battery.

Remember, the system was initially designed to protect women from sexual assault. It had to be simple to use, so you wear it. Unlike firearms or blade weapons, it requires no training. Once armed, the system is passive. In fact, they are working on a variant that will allow security personnel to remotely activate someone’s CEC in the event they are unable to themselves. This would be great for VIPs and others who risk kidnapping or assault. Even in its current configuration the CEC technology is well suited for Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Security officers.

Some statistics to consider:

“Close-quarters assault from aggressors using fists and hands account for more than 80% of all total assaults faced by law enforcement officers.”
Federal Bureau of Investigation 2008 Uniform Crime Report

No Weapons were used in 74% of all violent crime incidents on civilian victims, just fists and hands. In addition offenders used a weapon in only 1% of all rapes/sexual assaults. Most often fists and hands are used to overpower and restrain the victim.”
U.S. Department of Justice – Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2008

They are still about six months out from full production. For more information visit or

No-Contact, for when “No” really means “No.”

Gecko Tape

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

“Get in on this.” If I could only say one thing about this material that would be it. The so-called gecko tape is amazing. Made from hard microfibers, and act similar to the hairs on tips of a Gecko’s toes called satae. In fact, they act on weak forces of attraction called van der Waals forces. While the electric charges are minuscule when joined in the millions the two items stay attached, even when wet.

I saw some gloves with the fingers and palm covered in this material at the 2008 SHOT Show. The manufacturer had placed corresponding tape on a knife handle and a pistol grip. When I picked the items up they stayed fast yet I could handle items without tape normally. He wouldn’t tell me what it was and I didn’t figure out until I started researching this article but in my limited interaction, it works.

Much of the work is pie-in-the-sky work hoping to create a real-life Spider Man. But I see more practical things on the horizon. While still in the developmental stage, this technology may one day lead to such items as the pouchless magazine pouch or those gloves I tried out.