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I Didn’t Politicize It, They Did

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

I’ve received several messages recently from readers concerned that we have politicized SSD by our coverage of Second Amendment issues. To that I have this to say. Just over a month ago now I was fat, dumb and happy, legally enjoying my right to bear arms when a madman used a firearm to kill innocent children with a gun. He was a criminal and as far as I am concerned, insane. Not even a day passed before anti-Second Amendment forces used this tragedy to begin to say that I shouldn’t have a right to own the type of a gun that was used in that heinous act. Never mind that I, along with millions of my fellow gun owners, have never committed a crime with a firearm. Never mind that the maniac who killed 26 victims on December 14th violated numerous standing firearms laws. Never mind that the American cities with the toughest firearms laws are the most dangerous. No, instead of using reason, the anti-gun movement chose to politicize this tragedy as a means to take away our constitutional rights. As long as there are those that wish to strip our country of our right to bear arms, I will discuss it on SSD.

I’m not going to take this laying down. I’m going to be vocal. I’m going to say, “No!” I’m going to counter their lies with truth. I’m going to ask you to join me. And through it all, I’m not going to apologize for it.

New from Panteao – The Battle of The Black Sea: MSG Paul Howe’s Untold Story of Black Hawk Down

Thursday, January 31st, 2013


Panteao Productions introduces a new documentary video about the Battle of the Black Sea, based on an exclusive interview with MSG Paul Howe.

On October 3, 1993 a group of US Rangers and Special Operations soldiers set out on a mission into the heart of the Bakara market in Mogadishu. What started as a mission that should have lasted 30 minutes turned into a battle for their lives. Known by these men as the Battle of the Black Sea and later portrayed in the motion picture Black Hawk Down, here is the untold story of that battle as told by Delta Force member MSG Paul R. Howe, retired.

Paul served 20 years in the US Army, ten of those in Special Operations where he served as a Tactical Team Leader and Senior Instructor while assigned to Army Special Operations. During his tour in special operations he was involved in several combat actions including the battle in Mogadishu. Today Paul is a high-risk training instructor and owner of the CSAT (Combat Shooting and Tactics) training facility in Nacogdoches, TX. He authored two books: “Leadership and Training For The Fight” and “Tactical Trainer” and has numerous instructional videos.

The video will be available in a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack and will begin shipping the third week of February as well as available streaming for Panteao subscribers.

Kayrank Helmet Rank System

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013


Created by an Army Combat Veteran stationed at Ft Hood, the Kayrank Helmet Rank System is being crowdfunded by Indiegogo. By its own description, it is a military grade, durable, tactical device used to identify the rank of the individual wearing the Kevlar Helmet. The patented design is a rank device that snaps into the Night Vision Device (NVD) bracket on the Army Combat Helmet (ACH). The device can be easily removed when the NVD’s require reattachment.

So far, only Army ranks are available.

Buy in now at

ATS Antidote Hydration Carrier

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013


The Antidote reservoir from Camelbak is a 103 ounce (3 liter) tactical bladder designed specifically to fit the smaller footprint of the armor- or plate carrier. They achieved this by widening and flattening the reservoir. That makes the reservoir fit the carrier far better than a traditional design. A brand new reservoir requires a brand new carrier to fit its unique shape.

To keep the weight to a minimum, ATS Tactical developed the Antidote Hydration Carrier in 500D and Multicam Litelok. In 500D, the carrier weighs just 5 ounces, and the Litelok version (pictured) weighs about 3 ½ ounces without the reservoir. The face of the carrier features elastic shock cord to secure lightweight items like jackets and gloves. There is also a drain grommet in the bottom of the carrier and the face of the flap has a soft side (female) Velcro panel for placards or morale patches. The lid is held closed by 1 ½ inch Velcro, and there is a hanger tab in the top center to suspend the reservoir from.

The AHC is about 14 ½ inches long and 10 ¼ inches wide, and uses 6 channels and 6 rows of MOLLE space.

They offer the AHC in Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, and Multicam. Black and UCP are available as special order colors. As with all ATS brand gear, it’s made in the USA from Berry Compliant, top quality American materials with American labor and is covered by the ATS lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects in materials and workmanship.


Wednesday, January 30th, 2013


The TNVC TM-EO is a low-profile mount that adapts the EOTech 3X Magnifier to the Aimpoint Twist Mount Base, allowing operators to add magnification to their red dot optic. It attaches to the EOTech 3X Magnifier via two included bolts and places it at a “tall mount” height (lower 1/3 cowitness). The Aimpoint Twist Mount System is a highly versatile QD mount for affixing various optics to a weapon through its spring-loaded base that stays semi-permanently attached to the weapon’s receiver while the mount interface stays attached to the optic accessory. When the user requires the optic, he can quickly to add it to the gun, and remove it when not needed. This lowers the profile of the overall weapon platform while reducing weight. The TNVC TM-EO marries products from the two top red dot manufacturers in the market, providing a very versatile option to the operator.


Their TM-14 Twist Mount Adapter for the AN/PVS-14 night vision goggle has been a huge success. It allows two very useful optics to be swapped on the rifle: the Aimpoint 3X Magnifier and the AN/PVS-14 goggle. But, many users of EOTech products (a significant portion of the market) have not been able to embrace the TM14 because they would have to give up their magnifiers. But fear not, EOTech users; TNVC has you covered. Simply use the TNVC TM-EO and you can have the best of both worlds!


Corps Strength – Making a Comeback

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013


About a month ago I got a phone call from a old Marine buddy of mine. Way back in the good old days (early 80’s) we were in 3rd platoon together as a part of a Marine Security Forces attachment. This guy was a PT stud back in the day, a 300 PFTer and one tough bastard in a scrap, even at a lean 5ft11/170lbs. Unlike myself he ended his active duty career after four years and settled into comfortable civilian life in Houston. I had lost touch with him until, through the magic of Facebook, we reconnected. After we had caught up on the last 30 years, he related to me that he was very worried about his health. Since our “3rd Herd” days his weight had ballooned to over 280lbs, his blood pressure was sky high, and he hadn’t really done any regular exercise since he left the Corps. He had heard about my book Corps Strength and wanted some advice. My advice? First I sent him a copy of my book and I advised him to try the eating plan I outline in there. It’s a simple, easy to follow plan that’s helped many hundreds lose weight, and maintain strength. As far as exercise goes, I told him that for the first 30 days, I wanted him to do only two things; walk and stretch. These two are the best way to start after a long layoff, and much more beneficial than people think. He was doubtful, and wanted to jump right into a Marine Corps style PT program. That I advised, would be the worst possible thing for him to try at this point, and was sure would fail and may be even dangerous. The further you are from being in shape, the slower you have to go on your way back. That’s if your serious about losing weight and getting in better shape, and not just making a show. This is a very common situation, people go for long periods without regular exercise, or watching what they eat and after a period of time find themselves overweight and out of shape. Then their first impulse is to jump into a exercise routine that is way too advanced for their present condition. This ALWAYS leads to failure (and probably injury) within a few weeks. Former military people and athletes are the worst offenders of this foolishniess. “Long term results, not short term fixes” has to be your guidance if you want to make a serious and lasting physical “comeback.” My advice is to go slow and you’ll get there. My friend? He sent me a email today, he’s lost 12lbs in his first three weeks and feels better already. A couple more weeks and we’ll add some calisthenics, no rush. We’re focused on the long game.

Good luck, be safe.
Semper Fi

TacJobs – Bates Military Sales Manager

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Bates, a division of Wolverine Worldwide Inc. and a global leader in military and public safety footwear, seeks a Military Sales Manager with the defined leadership skills and a measurable track record of success to lead our military sales team. The qualified candidate must have a thorough understanding of the US military market in terms of product procurement, logistics, and government contracting across all armed service categories.

•Will be a key member of the Bates team contributing to the development of military sales strategy, forecasts, and growth plans
•Will expand and/or develop strong relationships with key US military decision makers
•Create revenue growth with US military units via troop level product procurement
•Identify military footwear product trends and proactively create product solutions for all military branches
•Effectively work in conjunction with Natick Labs, NEXCOM, and MARCOSYSCOM and establish Bates proprietary footwear technology as spec
•Supports US DOD contract administration team to efficiently execute contract solicitations
•Manage and grow Bates commercial military business at the exchange level for AAFES, NEXCOM, and USMC
•Direct and lead the Bates military sales force (15 employees and agents) to develop strong relationships with key influencers, end users, supply officers, and KO’s
•Will enhance and diversify the Bates revenue stream to encompass all TLS suppliers via marketing , product development, and sales force alignment
•Performs duties consistent with the company’s AAP/EEO goals and policies.
•Performs other duties as required/assigned by manager.

•Demonstrable understanding of the sales process (prospecting, qualifying, demonstrating, influencing, closing) and military management experience
• 5-7 years direct Business-to-Business sales or contract-based sales experience
•Strong customer-centric, relationship, and retention ability
•Proficient in use of computers and software (Excel, Word, Microsoft Office, CRM Software, etc.)
•Applicable Bachelors degree plus seven-ten (7-10) years successful sales experience; or equivalent combination of education and experience
•Requires strong verbal and written communication skills

Apply to Link below:

Henson Ong Testifies at Gun Violence Prevention Public Hearing in Hartford, Conn

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013