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Textron Systems Leads Experienced Team Selected by U.S. Army to Participate in the Next Generation Squad Weapons Prototype Program

Friday, August 30th, 2019

Hunt Valley, Maryland. August 30, 2019 – Textron Systems, a business of Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT), announced today its selection by the U.S. Army’s Project Manager Soldier Weapons as one of three organizations to deliver Next Generation Squad Weapons (NGSW) based on the company’s mature, high-performance cased telescoped (CT) technology. Under this award, Textron Systems will deliver 43 6.8mm CT NGSW-Automatic Rifles and 53 NGSW-Rifles, as well as 845,000 rounds of CT ammunition during a 27-month period of performance.


To support the NGSW prototype program, Textron Systems leads a world-class team that offers decades of trusted small arms experience and includes Heckler & Koch, as well as Olin Winchester. Heckler & Koch provides renowned small arms design, research and development, and manufacturing capabilities, while Olin Winchester brings renowned small caliber ammunition production capabilities.


“We have assembled a team that understands and can deliver on the rigorous requirements for this U.S. Army program with mature and capable technology, reliable program execution and dedicated user support,” says Wayne Prender, Textron Systems’ Senior Vice President, Applied Technologies and Advanced Programs. “Together, we are honored to support America’s soldiers with the next-generation capabilities they need in their most dangerous missions.”


Textron Systems has successfully demonstrated its high capability and low-risk 6.8mm CT system that provides significant performance enhancements over current Army systems. The design features improved accuracy and greater muzzle velocity for increased performance, as well as weight savings of both weapon and ammunition over current Army systems. It also incorporates advanced suppressor technology to reduce the firing signature and improve controllability.


Under earlier development programs, Textron Systems successfully scaled its lightweight CT technology into numerous calibers and configurations, demonstrating its technical maturity, as well as scalability for future growth to support U.S. close combat forces against current and future adversaries.

3-Gun Nation Nationals

Friday, August 30th, 2019

This year 3-Gun Nation nationals will be held in the 7th Special Forces Group’s area (Panhandle of Florida).  3GN, Grizzly Targets and RPGi have teamed up to put on 3GN nationals at Southern Tactical Range located in Holt, Florida just about 30 minutes from our compound at 7th. Southern Tactical Range will also host an outdoor expo of sorts with numerous local companies and vendors.  This combined event is templated to bring up to 500-600 people to Southern Tactical’s property.  

This event will mark the seventh iteration of 3-Gun Nation’s championship match since 2009 and feature two days of competitive 3-Gun, vendors, side demos and more. 3-Gun Nation has provided a $100 discount on the match fee for any Military or Law enforcement personnel.  This is extremely important to attract the military shooters from Fort Benning, Fort Rucker, Eglin AFB, Hurlburt Field, NAS Panama City, NAS Pensacola and more. 

The venue (Southern Tactical Range) features many of the attributes that makes a facility perfect for a major 3-Gun match. Home to the Green Beret Foundation’s 2019 Fallen Heroes 3-Gun Shooting Competition (designed and ran by RPGi).  Southern Tactical has 15 range bays at various sizes, natural terrain and long range options up to 1000 yards – all within a 30 minute drive to the beach town of Destin, Florida. 

Additionally, RPGi training group will be hosting 3-Gun training classes for anyone interested in learning the sport. Training topics include shotgun loading techniques, transitions and gun abandonment, speed reloads and rules of the game. 


– 2 days of competition featuring 8 Courses of fire

– 200 rifle; 250 pistol; 150 birdshot ; 20 slug shots

– 125 – 175 competitors

– Vendor areas and demo areas available

– $100 match fee discount for any Military or LE personel

– Free 3GN membership ($45)

To register visit www.3GunNation.com/nationals  or https://practiscore.com/3-gun-nation-2019-nationals/register 

To learn more about RPGi visit rpg-international.us  or email [email protected]


Friday, August 30th, 2019


This Labor Day weekend Samson Manufacturing is offering their popular bolt-on Aimpoint T-1 and Trijicon MRO optic mounts at 20% off! These mounts provide a streamlined, bomb-proof solution to your optic mounting needs. Both mounts are designed to co-witness with your BUIS. Constructed of 6061 alloy, these mounts are available in Black, Tactical Gray, and Coyote Tan.

Order your mounts here: www.samson-mfg.com/bolt-on-mounts, and be sure to enter the PROMO CODE SSDTWTY when you check out to get the 20% discount.

See our entire line of products at www.samson-mfg.com.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – All American Performance Briefs

Friday, August 30th, 2019

Today we are getting the first look at FirstSpear’s All American Performance Briefs. I’ve been wearing them for a few weeks and I love them. They are super comfortable.

They are Berry Compliant, 100% American made with American materials. Modern features including anti-roll comfort waist band, flat seam technology, and a flex grid polyester/ spandex blend for maximum comfort. Four-way stretch design with no stink quick drying properties with extra room built into the front panel for enhanced support.

Sold as a two-pack in graphite and black. Available exclusively in the FS Web Store. Now Shipping.


US Army Selects Three Companies To Vie For Next Generation Squad Weapons to Replace M249 and M4

Friday, August 30th, 2019

Last night, the Army announced the three companies which will proceed to Phase 2 of the Next Generation Squad Weapons Program. This solicitation is a Prototype Project Opportunity Notice (PPON), a Other Transaction Agreement under Section 804 Authority.

The PPON called for each vendor to develop two weapon variants under the NGSW program and 6.8 millimeter ammunition common to both weapons. This is NOT the 6.8 SPC cartridge evaluated by USSOCOM in the early 00s, but rather more akin to 270 WSM.

The three companies selected are:
W15QKN-19-9-1024 – General Dynamics-OTS Inc. – Williston, VT
W15QKN-19-9-1025 – AAI Corporation Textron Systems – Hunt Valley, MD
W15QKN-19-9-1022 – Sig Sauer Inc. – Newington, NH

Although the Army has tried over the years to find a replacement for the M-16 family of weapons, which the M4A1 Carbine is the latest iteration of, none have been successful. Each and every time, the Army has found that the candidate weapons did not result in a great enough improvement in lethality to replace the status quo. This time, the Army called a new effect on target, driving the development of both cartridge and weapon.

Specifically, the Army is seeking a Next Generation Squad Weapon-Rifle (NGSW-R) and Next Generation Squad Weapon-Automatic Rifle (NGSW-AR). The NGSW-R is the planned replacement for the M4/M4A1 Carbine and the NGSW-AR is the planned replacement for the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) in the Automatic Rifleman Role in the Close Combat Force.

According to the solicitation, the duration for each prototype OTA is estimated to be up to eight years. The first 27 months will be for prototyping the NGSW-R, NGSW-AR, and ammunition. Following this prototyping effort, there may be additional iterative prototyping efforts for the NGSW-R, NGSW-AR, and ammunition. These iterative prototyping efforts will each have separate durations and will occur within the eight year duration.
Furthermore, in accordance with 10 U.S.C. 2371b(f), and upon a determination that the prototype project (or any subsequent iterative prototyping efforts) was successfully completed under the competitively awarded OTA(s), a follow-on production contract(s) or OTA(s) may be awarded without the use of competitive procedures.

Because of the duration of the OTA, and that prototype OTA will undergo two prototype test events including Soldier Touch Points, they are asking for a lot more weapons and ammunition than in the current NGSAR PON. Deliverables for each prototype OTA include 53 NGSW-R weapons, 43 NGSW-AR weapons, 845,000 rounds of ammunition, spare parts, test barrels, tools/gauges/accessories, engineering support, and iterative prototyping efforts as defined in the Statement of Work.
The follow-on production award(s) is planned to be an Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Quantity Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) based contract with Firm Fixed Price Delivery Orders up to ten years or a fixed amount OTA up to ten years. The production award(s) may include 250,000 total weapons system(s) (NGSW-R, NGSW-AR, or both), 150,000,000 rounds of ammunition, spare parts, tools/gauges/accessories, and engineering support. The value of this follow-on production award(s) is estimated to be $10M in the first year and estimated $150M per year at the higher production rates.

GD comes in partnered with True Velocity ammunition and their polymer case design. However, the ammunition for this program features an entirely new case and is called the True Velocity Composite Munition.

Additionally, we hear that GD submitted a bullpup carbine, which several sources have claimed is what the Marine Corps hopes to get from NGSW. Considering the 6.8mm requirement, rumors that they are using the Desert Tech MDR seem like a good bet. Update: it’s not the MDR, but rather a new bullpup design.

AAI Textron is seen by many as the government solution as their weapon and Case Telescoping technology has been funded for years under the Lightweight Small Arms Technology program.

It is the most radical departure of the three from currently fielded weapons. This is a video of their technology demonstrator shown at a recent industry meeting.

During SOFIC, SIG SAUER exhibited their Next Gen solution. They are producing the weapons and ammunition themselves.

Despite the ammo case’s three component construction this looks to be the lowest risk design.

This program is moving along very quickly considering vendors just delivered prototypes to the government at the end of May.

For additional information on the actual requirements, check out this story we posted in January.


Friday, August 30th, 2019

If you’re looking for a comfortable, low -profile ball cap without all of the Velcro, check out the SPIE Cap from ITS Tactical. SPIE stands for Special Purpose Insertion Extraction and this cap will hide tools needed for E&E in plain sight. The SPIE dry moisture wicking sweatband will conceal a set of flat Ti Bogata Entry Tools.

• No Annoying Top Button!
• One Size Fits All
• Made with Pre-Shrunk 6.5 oz. Lightweight Cotton Ripstop
• Six-Panel Unstructured Design
• Uncurved Visor Ready for Shaping
• SPIE®dry Moisture Wicking Sweatband
• Sterile and Discreet Design
• Color Matched Visor
• Color Matched Adjustment Strap
• Made in the USA!

Offered in Black or Coyote.


Supacat Launches Latest HMT Extenda Variant at DSEi

Thursday, August 29th, 2019

29 August 2019, Supacat, the UK headquartered Special Forces vehicle developer, is showing the most advanced version of its world leading special forces vehicle, the HMT Extenda Mk2, for the first time at DSEi 2019.  This latest variant offers a step change in capability and payload capacity with an enhanced suspension system enabling gross vehicle weight to increase to 12,000kg from 10,500kg, and increase crew seating to six from four.  

The Extenda is a variant of Supacat’s successful HMT (High Mobility Transporter) platform, which is operated by Special Forces around the world.  The Norwegian Armed Forces are the first customer for the upgraded HMT Extenda Mk2.

Supacat has undertaken a rigorous and extensive programme of trials to Verify and Validate the performance of the system.  As well as reliability and durability trialling at the Supacat test facility, the vehicle has successfully completed a 12,500km tour of Australia in order to confirm reliability and performance over long distances.

“The innovations to the HMT platform on the latest Extenda deliver increased capability and superior payload and performance.  Our user feedback indicates that the vehicle has exceeded expectations, allowing them to do things they’d previously thought not possible”, said Phil Applegarth, Head of Supacat. 

The chassis is now STANAG compliant for recovery purposes and a 6.7 litre Cummins diesel engine comes as standard.   The blast and ballistic protection option can now be integrated at the factory build stage.

In line with Supacat’s modular design philosophy the latest Extenda provides for a range of configuration options from the factory in addition to the flexibility to re-role the base platform throughout the lifetime of the vehicle with a variety of mission modules and protection levels to meet changing demands.  HMT Extenda has the unique capability of being operated as a 4×4 or 6×6 wheel drive vehicle thanks to a removable 3rd axle.

G-Code Limited Edition K9 Collars and Leashes Available Now

Thursday, August 29th, 2019

G-Code’s K9 Handler Kit includes the following items:

-1 K9 Collar made of 1″ nylon tubular webbing.

-1 18″ K9 Training Lead

-1 5ft K9 Leash