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ORWM 18 – KOTA Longboards

Monday, January 29th, 2018

KOTA Longboards was founded by skateboarder and former Navy Fighter Pilot Mike Maloney. In fact, KOTA stands for Knights Of The Air.


For years, they’ve offered patriotic and military themed decks, even using them to raise money for military charities.


At Outdoor Retailer, they showed us their latest innovation, electric drive. If you’re concerned that you might go so fast you’ll fall off, don’t worry. Their proprietary KOTA Grip finish offers lots of traction.


SHOT Show 18 – Stratus Support Systems

Monday, January 29th, 2018

The patented Stratus Tactical Plate is a weapon retention device for AR patten weapons. It replaces the standard lower receiver extension plate and integrates a low profile knuckle. It’s machined from billet T6 6061 aluminum and available anodized in Flat Black  & OD Green.  Cerakoted in Olive Green, Earth/Tan & No Finish Aluminum.

The STP’s knuckle slips into the MOLLE Adaptive Plate which integrates a PALS compatible attachment at the rear. The MAP is offered in Black, OD and Tan.

The STP also integrates a slot for a QD sling adapter.


SHOT Show 18 – Vapour SD Jacket from Sitka Gear

Monday, January 29th, 2018

Sitka Gear has introduced a new featherweight jacket called the Vapour SD, made from WL Gore’s SHAKEDRY fabric.


SHAKEDRY is a waterproof breathable fabric featuring a durable water repellant surface. It’s very thin so these garments are intended for training, rather than field use. I use a SHAKEDRY jacket from a different manufacturer as an emergency rain jacket in my daypack because it packs up into a ball the size of my fist. Water literally beads on the surface. When you take it off shake it and the water flies off. It’s dry, just like the name says.


While the jacket isn’t intended for heavy use as an outer garment, the jacket can be worn under other clothing and will still keep you dry.

Due to the material, the only color available is Black.

SHOT Show 2018 – American Defense Innovations Stinger

Monday, January 29th, 2018


This is the American Defense Innovations Stinger. One of the more unique products to be found at this year’s SHOT Show, the Stinger is a ‘Rapid Deployment Bayonet’. It is designed to mount to the underside of a forend via Picatinny rail, and features an aluminum housing which deploys a large pseudo spike-style bayonet. The mechanism works by depressing a recessed button on the underside of the housing and dragging it forward so the unit locks into place.

The Stinger is expected to start shipping around April-May 2018, and is being distributed by Paper City Firearms.

MATBOCK Monday || ARD Sight

Monday, January 29th, 2018


The MATBOCK ARD (Aquire Read Deploy) is a new 40mm weapon sight designed and manufactured in the USA.  Made from anodized aluminum and mountable on either side or top rails, the sight has a digital LCD screen that outputs the range of 40mm projectiles given the angle of the weapon, the weapon system and the round used.  Currently, the sight is configured for m203, 320, PGL6 weapon platforms as well as multiple rounds to include HE and non-lethal rounds.  More weapons and rounds are to be brought online and each weapon sight can be updated with the new software.  The simplicity of the sight is what makes it so adaptable in a firefight.  Simply estimate the range of the enemy and raise the weapon to achieve that desired distance.  After the first round impact is visualized, the operator can adjust fire to bring him/her on target very quickly.


The images below are a preproduction version and the production model is half the size and weight of those pictured.  The unit runs off of a 123 battery and has 2 buttons to turn the unit on and off, cycle through the menus, and select the line desired.  MATBOCK currently has multiple Gen 1 models available for testing with the Gen 2 models expected to come off the manufacturing line in just 8 weeks.  Please contact [email protected] to request a testing model.

ORWM 18 – Dana Gleason Discovers The Wheel

Monday, January 29th, 2018

For years, customers have been asking Dana Gleason to introduce a wheeled bag. They’ve listened and answered the call. At OR, Mystery Ranch exhibited their new Mission Wheelies.

Offered in three sizes (42, 81, and 130 liters), they feature a tub design made from a laminate of EVA foam exterior and polycarbonate interior in order to withstand the stresses of airline travel. The fabric is 1000D Cordura with 915D HP Cordura at the base.

The Mission Wheelie incorporates an expandable dirty laundry bag at the top and a footwear bag at the bottom. In the interior, you’ll find four zippered mesh pockets for organization. Finally, there are four handles (one each side) to make handling easier.

Just a heads up. As part of the MR commercial line, these are made in the Philippines.

Offered in Black and Coyote.

ORWM 17 – Saxx Introduces Tigerstripe

Sunday, January 28th, 2018

I am very pleased to announce that two of my favorite things have combined. I’ve been wearing Saxx underwear for about a year. They feature a mesh cradle, called the BallPark Pouch, for your boys. Additionally, they are made from moisture-wicking 95% viscose/5% spandex fabric. Those two factors combine to make them extremely comfortable.

How could they make them better? By offering them in a Tigerstripe camouflage print.

Get yours at

ORWM 18 – The Unbreakable Shovel From DMOS Collective

Sunday, January 28th, 2018

Although DMOS Collective offers several versions of their Unbreakable Shovel, I’m going to talk about the Stealth model. Manufactured from T6 6061 aluminum, it 3.3lbs.

Above is what it looks like in storage configuration (18″ x 9″ x 2.5″). Below, you see it fully deployed.

The handle telescopes for storage as well as allowing the user to select the proper length (up to 56″) for the job. Additionally, although this image shows a T handle, they also offer a D handle.

They designed it as a snow Shovel but I think it will handle lots of jobs.