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ADS C4ISR Vehicle Concept Demonstrator – Part I – Overview

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

During Warrior Expo, ADS Inc exhibited a new concept demonstrator that integrates C4ISR technologies directly into a lightly armored vehicle based on the legacy uparmored HMMWV. For those unfamiliar, C4ISR includes Command, Control, Communications, Computers as well as Intelligence, Surveillance and and Reconnaissance capabilities. It’s not that this is a dedicated command and control vehicle or even a scout vehicle but rather, ADS recognizes that over the last 10 years, there has been a boom in the deployment of new C4ISR technologies. The real hurdle is delivering this disparate information to the end user and then, making sense of all of it.

ADS teamed with Granite Tactical Vehicles, FLIR, Harris and SYNEXXUS. Everything here is Commercial-Off-The-Shelf. It’s just been configured in such a way that the whole is greater than the sum of its individual components.

If you were at Warrior East, I hope you had a chance to check out this vehicle. If not, ADStv created three video segments that we will use to show what it’s all about. Below, John Fristachi from ADS of ADS discusses the project.

To learn more contact ADS Inc.

The A9-OG Pant from Beyond

Monday, July 14th, 2014

The A9-OG Pant from Beyond

With a name like that, you’d think that these new pants from Beyond Clothing were the title of a classic science fiction movie. After checking the A9-OG out, I’d say that they were made to give you that same comfortable, groupies in feeling as watching a movie you first saw as a kid.

I first noticed them on Beyond Frontman Rick Elder who was wearing a pair. He said, “You’ve got to check these out. We’ve created the mullet of tactical pants. Business up front, and a party in back.” Then, he turned around to show me what he meant.


The A9-OG (yes, that’s original gangster) was designed as a more streamlined take on their mission pant. Up front your looking at anatomical fit, articulated knees, gussetted crotch, and a single external pocket along with two slash pockets. In back, you’ve got two simple patch pockets like you’d find on a pair of jeans or your favorite outdoor pants.


Don’t let the MultiCam camo wrapper fool you. These can be made in virtually any color. I could definitely see myself wearing these for a variety of uses.


Ops-Core HGU-56/P ABH

Monday, July 14th, 2014


The HGU-56/P long ago replaced the SPH-5 as the standard rotary wing aircrew helmet in the US Army and US Air Force. At last week’s Warrior Expo, Ops-Core displayed a new variant of the Gentex HGU-56/P called the Aircrew Ballistic Helmet (ABH) which they’ve been developing along with the Air Force. It retains all of the features you are used to with the 56/P, but adds ballistic protection (110% of current levels).

ABH Ballistic Specs

The ABH now meets the F1 Fragmentation Resistance Standard and Gentex says that they’ve been able to do this without adding weight. Gentex is also offering a new ballistically enhanced version of the maxillofacial shield (MFS) with the ABH. The helmet geometry remains the same so you can continue to use the same accessories as you do with the current model.

www.gentexcorp.com (page is currently loading slowly)

Warrior Expo ADStv | INI Power

Sunday, July 13th, 2014

When we first wrote about the INI Power System it caused quite a stir, particularly among the prepper community. Considering it a true Multi-fuel generator that allows you to scavenge a wide variety of sources for fuel, it offers a great deal of potential.

For more info, check out adsinc.com/ini-power-multi-fuel-and-hybrid-energy-solutions.

Warrior Expo ADStv | Halo Rx

Sunday, July 13th, 2014

ADStv produced an into to the HALO Rx Integrated Mobile Hospital Patient Monitoring System. To learn more visit adsinc.com/halo-rx-mobile-hospital-patient-montiroing-system

Warrior East – TYR Tactical Dip Can Pouch

Friday, July 11th, 2014


The Tactical Dip Can Pouch fits almost every popular brand, even Kodiak.


Warrior East – Juggernaut Defense Introduces Case for Galaxy Tab

Friday, July 11th, 2014

The Juggernaut.Case for the Galaxy Tab is here!


It features a new one-piece housing, a new depot level replaceable common connector module so you don’t have to trash the case of you break the cable and a new two-piece door design for audio ports. The point of these upgrades is to comply with IP-68 which offers 2 meter immersion.



Warrior Expo ADStv | ADS Turnkey UN Level 2 Mobile Hospital Solution

Friday, July 11th, 2014

To learn more, visit adsinc.com/ads-hdt-un-level-2-mobile-hospital.