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Juggernaut.Case Introduces the New SLEEV and BUMPR Products for 2016

August 25th, 2016

For years guys have been telling me that they wished Juggernaut’s handheld device cases were more affordable.  Now, they’ve leveraged everything they learned building the program-level cases in order to introduce streamlined variants that you can afford to buy out of your pocket. Check these out.

With more waterproof smartphones on the market, Juggernaut.Case™ introduces two new levels of protective cases evolved from our field-proven rugged hard case. The new cases are an affordable solution for users that don’t need all of the protection of the original Juggernaut.Case™ but still seek impact/drop protection in addition to full compatibility with all existing Juggernaut.Case™ mounts. The new cases are called the “SLEEV” and the “BUMPR”. Both are available with or without cables for connecting to Tactical Radios/Hubs.

While the SLEEV retains the capability to utilize the new QDD (quick disconnect DOOR) and the QD Cable assemblies via the two thumbscrews, the BUMPR is either Cabled or Non-Cabled with sealed access ports to the micro-USB connector and 3.5 mm audio jack. A new low-cost cable assembly for these cases that terminates in a standard USB-A connector allows unshielded data transfer and 5V power to the device from any portable external battery or car charger, etc.

For more information on these new cases visit: www.JuggernautCase.com or download the PDF file at: www.juggernautcase.com/PDF_Files/SLEEV_BUMPR_Release

New SureFire Brand Video

August 25th, 2016

We thought you might enjoy this.


VZ Grips – New Palm Swell Grips

August 25th, 2016

VZ Grips has announced a new line of “Palm Swell” grips. As the product name would imply, the “Palm Swell” grips offer increased grip surface area for shooters with larger hands who need more grip volume. The full release can be read below:

VZ Grips fills in the gap with new “Palm Swell” grips.

File Aug 24, 11 08 18 AM

August 23rd, 2016: VZ Grips the original innovator (and authority) of custom gun grips is proud to announce its newest artistically crafted product; The VZ “Palm Swell” grips. The “Palm Swell” grip panels are a new product line extension offered for the same grips that you have come to trust.

The new panels will accommodate a shooter with a larger hand, and need for more volume on their grip. The “Palm Swell” grips are designed to offer the hand more surface area, this will allow the shooter to achieve a stronger grip.



“One thing that we will never do is overlook the consumer.”, “Every time we design a new product, it is with the shooters needs in mind.” -John VanZyck (VZ Grips President/ Owner).

The new “Palm Swell” grips are currently available for the CZ 75, and Browning Hi-Power pistol platforms. The future options will include the 1911, and Beretta designs. MSRP for the new “Palm Swell” grips will be $79.00.

Learn more at: www.VZGrips.com

Welcome to the Layer Cake

August 25th, 2016

This is how NATO planned to hold back the Soviet horde circa 1980s. Dubbed the “Layer Cake” defense, it relied upon full NATO commitment with the Americans doing some heavy lifting in the Central Army Group which expected to see the heaviest Warsaw Pact thrusts. You’ll also notice the lack of a French commitment.

Tacteris Redefines Military Planning with Release of Maestro Software

August 24th, 2016

Cost effective, commercial-off-the-shelf 3D planning software for military planners available online

CALGARY, Aug. 23, 2016 — Tacteris has announced the release of Maestro, its flagship 3D operational planning software for military planners. Maestro delivers purpose=built tools and workflows for composing complex tactical operations with unprecedented speed, accuracy, and agility. Licensing options are available for enterprise users as well as affordable pricing for individual planners and students. Maestro is available for download and purchase at: www.tacteris.com.

Maestro is a unique fusion of project planning, 3D mapping, organizational resource management and collaboration in a single, unified platform. Planners can create tactical overlays, orders of battle, and timelines in minutes. “Up until now, technology has been the limiting factor,” said Tacteris co=founder Sundeep Kharey. “Current approaches are partial at best and are inefficient and costly over the long run.” Tacteris has developed proprietary visualization, scheduling, and resource management algorithms offering unparalleled performance, flexibility, and cost=effectiveness in a commercial off=the=shelf package. “Operational planning is a core competency practiced by all the world’s militaries, and how well you do it means the difference between life and death on the battlefield,” said Kharey. “With today’s release, we’re making the essential planning capabilities demanded by professional planners around the world available out of the box.”

Maestro features worldwide 3D map data, NATO symbology, and international language support. A streamlined user=interface makes users productive in minutes without training. A standalone application, Maestro runs on regular Windows PCs without the need for specialized hardware or network infrastructure. Tacteris offers command and control (C2) integration and customization services for enterprise customers. A product of Canada, Maestro is available for international export and is ITAR=free.

For more information, pricing, and free software trials, please visit: www.tacteris.com.

5.11 Tactical – Five-O Covert Shirt

August 24th, 2016

I got a kick out of the Five-O Covert Shirt the first time I saw it. The print looks like pineapples from a ways off but as you get closer, you realize they’re actually pineapple grenades.

Intended for CCW wear, it incorporates 5.11’s chest pockets as well as breakaway snaps and their RAPIDraw placket.

Offered in Black, White, Pearl (shown) and Spartan, sizes Small – XXLarge.


XTECH Tactical Introduces 5rd Magazine Extender and Complete 20rd Magazine for HK VP9

August 24th, 2016

Good news for those of you with H&K VP9s who feel the standard 15-round magazine doesn’t carry quite enough rounds for your liking: XTECH Tactical has announced both 5-round extension magazine plate for the VP9. Additionally, XTECH will also be offering their own 15 and 20-round complete magazines for the same pistol. The full release can be read below:

Mesa, AZ, August 23, 2016 – XTECH Tactical, manufacturer of the Advanced Tactical Grip is today introducing two new products for the HK VP9 pistol. First up is the new 5rd Magazine Extender for VP9 magazines. The XTECH Tactical mag extender adds an additional 5 round capacity to the VP9 magazine for a 20 round total. The mag extender is super simple to install with absolutely no tools needed.


Jeremy Deadman, Director of Sales and Marketing for XTECH Tactical explains how they have eliminated reliability concerns that plague many other mag extenders.

“The biggest thing for function is that we have a 100% consistent ID within the extender portion AND the ID within the extender is less than the ID of the magazine. The benefit here is that it is impossible for the extender to cause a Fail to Feed which is a known issue in extenders.”


The XTECH Tactical VP9 5rd Mag Extender is now shipping with an MSRP of $29.95 with FREE SHIPPING through the end of August. www.xtechtactical.com/mtx-vp9p30-5-magazine-extender-with-spring Not available for sale in NY, CA or MA.

Additionally, XTECH Tactical will be offering complete XTECH Tactical VP9 magazines with and without the Mag Extender. The XTECH Tactical VP9 magazine will feature a 310 Stainless Steel body vs H&K’s Spring Steel body. It will also feature an extra round indicator hole to show the 20th round as shown in the photo below.


The XTECH Tactical 20 and 15 Round VP9 magazines will start shipping early this fall. The 20 Round magazine MSRP is $59.95 and the 15 Round magazine is $34.95. Not available for sale in NY, CA or MA.


Rocky Elements Of Service Collection Now Available

August 24th, 2016

NELSONVILLE, Ohio — Rocky is adding to its line of duty footwear with the launch of Rocky Elements of Service, a new collection designed to deliver a versatile set of high-performance footwear options to those who serve our communities every day.

“Duty and military footwear is a part of Rocky’s DNA, and we’re proud of our latest launch, Rocky Elements of Service,” said Kate Robey, marketing manager for Rocky. “The Elements of Service collection has footwear perfect for the varied roles and responsibilities of our civil servants.”

The collection includes three new styles: an oxford, a six-inch lace-up and a lightweight, five-inch lace-up that each offers a variety of features and options.


The oxford, RKD0028, features an aggressive EVA/rubber outsole for durability, cement construction for flexibility, a polyurethane footbed for all-day comfort and a synthetic upper for a clean, stylish look. The oxford has a MAP of $79.99.


The six-inch lace-up, RKD0029, has a leather upper, flexible cement construction and an oil- and slip-resistant rubber outsole. The MAP for RKD0029 is $109.99.

Lightweight Five-Inch

RKD0032 is the lightest lace-up option with an abrasion-resistant toe and heel guards, interior mesh lining for comfort and an aggressive EVA/rubber outsole for traction. The MAP for RKD0032 is $89.99.

For more information on the Elements of Service collection or other Rocky products, visit www.RockyBoots.com.