Combat Flip Flops – The Lady Floperator

October 23rd, 2017


She asked. We delivered. Tacticool, not tactical. Floperator–for women. Built to the Combat Flip Flops standard, the land, sea, and air compatible flips ensure you follow the SOF mantra, “Slow is Smooth. Smooth is Fast.” Standard, “Bad for Running. Worse for Fighting” patches. But we know you’re going to do what you want with them anyway. You’re a Lady Floperator.


-Funds 1 Day of Secondary School For An Afghan Girl Women’s Sizes 5 through 11
-Combat Boot Rubber Out sole?-EVA Mid-layer and Deck
-Genuine Multicam Nylon Strap?-1/2″ x 2 3/4″ Hook and Loop Insignia Made in Bogota, Colombia

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Ambitec – USAF High-Value Plate Carrier

October 23rd, 2017

Constructed of 500D Cordura, this vest was designed specifically for use by USAF Security Forces. The manufacturer commented that it is a lightweight platform stable enough to increase load carriage performance, reduce wearer fatigue, also to stabilize and enhance soft armor inserts.

• Pockets for applicable sized SAPI, ESAPI, XSAPI plates
• PALS webbing for MOLLE Attachments
• Hydration/Communication Tabs for Routing
• Removable MOLLE Kangaroo Front Flap, holds three 5.56 30rd magazines
• Shoulder pads that cover the entire strap connecting the front and back panels
• Reinforced personnel drag handle on the back panel
• Plate carriers have hook and loop fasteners for name tapes/ranks on the front panel
• Front and Back panels should incorporate padding so plates will not rest directly on individuals in the absence of soft armor.
• Available in ABU pattern (Air Force tiger stripe), Coyote Tan, and Multicam

Lancer-Systems Announces GSA Vendors

October 23rd, 2017

Lancer-Systems announced today that they have two Officially Authorized GSA Vendors ready to serve the procurement needs of our Local, State and Federal Government customers.

The Officially Authorized GSA Vendors are US Tactical Supply, Inc and Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc.

Lancer-Systems products, such as their excellent L5AWM Hybrid Magazines, are listed by these vendors on GSA Advantage under “Law Enforcement, Fire & Security”.

Said Ross Botha, Director of Government & International Sales for Lancer-Systems: “We are absolutely proud of our relationship with these two vendors and know that they stand ready to provide our customers with Lancer-Systems products and top-notch support.”

Mega Lumens Monday: SureFire Launches the ALL NEW G2X-MV & G2Z-MV!

October 23rd, 2017


Fountain Valley, CA—SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of the world’s finest—and most innovative—illumination tools and tactical products, is excited to announce Mega Lumens Monday! SureFire set the bar, and now they’re raising it. Each Monday SureFire will be releasing a new product that sets the standard in the illumination industry. Check in Mondays to see what’s new… Because the best is yet to come. To kick it off, today SureFire is launching the all new G2X-MV and G2Z-MV with 800 lumens!


SureFire’s new dual-output G2X with MaxVision™ flashlight features a proprietary reflector that shapes the high-output LED’s light into a wide, useful MaxVision Beam™, which is optimized for your field of view. With a high output of 800 blinding lumens and a low output of 15 useful lumens, the versatile G2X-MV is ready for most any task at hand.


The new single-output G2Z CombatLight® is a no-nonsense workhorse designed and built specifically for tactical use. A single push or click of its tailcap switch provides foolproof activation under even the most stressful conditions, unleashing 800 blinding lumens of light shaped by a proprietary reflector into our wide, useful MaxVision Beam™.

Forces Focus – 1st Security Forces Assistance Brigade

October 23rd, 2017

Nicknamed “The Legion”, the 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade is one of the US Army’s newest units. Although it’s the first unit of its kind, the Army envisions standing up six of these Brigades. The 1sts SFAB’s subordinate units include TF 1-28, 1-38 CAV, 6-51 IN, 3-52 IN, 1-76 FA, 815 EN and 92 BSB. Unit members have been very busy conducting training for their new mission which is outlined below.

Mission Statement

On order, 1SFAB deploys in support of a Combatant Commander, integrates with foreign partner forces, assists and advises local security operations to build partner security capacity and capability and achieve regional security in support of US National Interests.


A Brigade of Professional Combat Advisors- Specially Selected, Specially Trained, and Specially Equipped – that represent the ultimate commitment by our Nation to our Security Partners; dedicated to making our Partners better in order to achieve regional security.

Above is their Shoulder Sleeve Insignia, although many unit members have been seen still wearing their former unit patches. The “Advise Assist” tab sums up this unit’s mssion. Seems like I’ve heard that somewhere before, though, along with that nickname. Not only are they seen as the day-to-day experts combatant commanders need to train, advise and assist our partners overseas, but they can serve also as a standing chain of command for rapidly expanding the Army.

Below, you can see SSG Justin Seeley, 3rd Battalion, 52nd Infantry Regiment, 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade, launching a RQ-11B Raven unmanned aircraft system, but they’ve also conducted Small Arms, Convoy and medical training.

(US Army photo by SPC Noelle E. Wiehe, 50th Public Affairs Detachment, 3rd Infantry Division public affairs)

Additionally, candidates for the unit must pass a selection and Advisor Academy as well as SERE training. SFAB candidates must also score an 85 of better on the Defense Language Aptitude Battery becuase the Army plans on offering language training for unit personnnel. However, unit members are eligible for a $5,000 Assignment Incentive Bonus.

Jack Daniel’s and the Armed Forces YMCA Kick Off Seventh Year of “Operation Ride Home”

October 23rd, 2017

Campaign Has Helped More Than 5,700 Junior-Enlisted Service and
Family Members Travel From Their Bases to Homes Across the Country

LYNCHBURG, Tenn. (Sept. 25, 2017) – For the seventh year, the Jack Daniel Distillery and the Armed Services YMCA (ASYMCA) have kicked off their “Operation Ride Home” campaign that provides financial assistance to active duty junior-enlisted military and their families to travel from their place of military service to “home” for the holidays.

Since Operation Ride Home began, 2,669 junior enlisted single service members and those with families – for a total of 5,767 people – have traveled from their bases to homes around the country for the holidays. Men and women from the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard have been assisted with travel to 47 of the 50 states.

The ASYMCA works with the various military commands in specific areas co-located with ASYMCA branches to identify and prioritize junior-enlisted service members and families most in financial need. Plane tickets and pre-paid debit cards are given to assist those traveling.

Jack Daniel’s has once again donated $100,000 to kick off the campaign that this year will exceed more than one million dollars in total donations over the life of ORH. The famed distillery is asking friends to visit to make a contribution to help more service members spend the holidays at home. All donations are 100 percent tax deductible.

“Words can’t describe what it means for us to be able to give back and help these heroes and their families make it home for the holidays,” said Jeff Arnett, Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller. “We can’t thank our friends enough for their support of Operation Ride Home over the years, and hope they will once again do what they can as we try to get as many families home as possible. The sacrifice shown daily by our men and women in uniform and their families is simply incredible. They are there for us, and we need to be there for them.”

“Our junior-enlisted service members are often young, new to the military and struggle to get home during the holidays,” said William French, ASYMCA President and CEO. “We are proud to work alongside Jack Daniel’s for Operation Ride Home and hope others will join us in sending these service members home to their loved ones this holiday season.”

Operation Ride Home is open to active duty E-4 and below, both single and married, who might not otherwise financially be able to travel home for the holidays. The option to drive or fly is an individual decision. Plane ticket vouchers are limited to $400 per person flying and for those choosing to drive, the pre-paid debit cards are $100 per family member for gas, lodging and food. For additional information on eligibility and to view participating installations that qualify for travel assistance, please visit

Ballistic Barware

October 22nd, 2017

The holiday season is upon us. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or a way to serve drinks at a party, Ballistic Barware has got you covered. Take for instance the Bullet Shot, seen below. Modeled on a 9mm round, it has been blown up in size to hold 2oz of your favorite liquid beverage.  

6061 Aluminum
Hardcoat Clear Anodized
Toss them in the freezer for 15 minutes prior to using, for the best shot experience. Watch it sweat as you keep using it.
Hand wash only! Do not put this chunky round in your dish washer.
Weight .5 oz
Size: 3×1.5″
Made in Texas, USA

SERE meets SPEAR: Specialists Convene for Unique Combative Course

October 22nd, 2017

Your transport aircraft has just crashed in a remote and hostile environment. You and only a handful of other troops have survived the crash. As you survey the surroundings, you notice a crowd of local inhabitants running toward the wreckage screaming wildly, with brows furrowed and fists clenched. The level of fear inside you begins to skyrocket. You’re now scanning the crowd for its weakest links, trying to formulate a progressive strategy with the little time you have before they make contact. Which combative system are you most confident to employ in order to save your own life?

(USAF photo by Senior Airman Chris Drzazgowski)

Self-defense is a major component of support provided by Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape specialists to troops who have a high risk of isolation in theater, such as downed-pilots and operators.

Late last month, SERE specialists across the 23d Wing, along with Pararescuemen from the 68th Formal Training Unit convened at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz., to attend a one-week personal defense course led by a special guest.

“The intent of this week’s instruction was to give these Air Force SERE specialists the qualifications required to teach the SPEAR System as subject matter experts,” said Tony Blauer, founder of Blauer Tactical Systems Inc., and SPEAR coach. “We augmented the system and customized it with specific capture avoidance and SERE-type nuances — specific scenarios you wouldn’t see in a regular fight.”

Tony Blauer, founder of Blauer Tactical Systems Inc., and SPEAR coach, instructed SERE specialists and other Guardian Angel counterparts in order to qualify them to teach the SPEAR System to personnel across the Air Force. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Chris Drzazgowski)

The Spontaneous Protection Enabling Accelerated Response System takes advantage of the human body’s startle/flinch mechanism to convert an aggressor’s attack into a tactical counter measure, according to Blauer.

“We weaponize the flinch,” Blauer said. “By combing the old brain’s most important function, to survive, with the new brain’s intelligence, to think and decide, we have reawakened a non-perishable personal defense system that can make every human being safer.”

To implement a strong foundation of Blauer’s system into future SERE training, a collaborative effort was necessary among the SERE specialists to maintain and distribute a uniform understanding of SPEAR.

“In the 23d Wing, we’ve got Nellis, D-M and Moody,” said Tech. Sgt. Nick, SERE specialist. “All the C-130 and HH-60 guys, and all the PJs within the 23d Wing — we all see the same people, so we’re all getting together to share the same information across the wing.”

Currently, Modern Army and Special Operations Combatives Programs are administered by SERE specialists.

“There are so many different combative programs in the military already,” Sergeant Nick said. “I did a lot of research and looked at what we were already teaching. In order to make this continuation training, I needed a system out there that builds upon what we already have. I saw his system and it directly translated into what we teach.”

The practical application and versatility of the SPEAR System has gained much popularity among police, first-responders, and the military. Blauer has spent three decades researching real violence and has reverse-engineered a system of close quarters entirely based on how fear and danger can afflict tactical performance.

“We teach them how people move,” Blauer said. “Everything from the extreme close quarter is built on a premise determining that the bad guy controls the fight, the location, the level of violence and the duration of the fight, so I need to figure out how to beat him. This is a new paradigm in strategic thinking. It’s brain-based and allows the defender to be much more responsive.”

When the specialists weren’t executing drills on the mats, they were engaged in analytical classroom discussions.

“Those real fights are completely different challenges, emotionally and psychologically, the duress is different, and then the movement patterns of the attacks are different,” Blauer said. “What we do is we use body cam, helmet cam, dashboard video and closed circuit TV to study how real violence looks and moves. As valuable as martial arts are, the real fight is different. Our approach is to study the enemy and move from there.”

Upon the training’s conclusion, SERE specialists and other Guardian Angel counterparts are now able to tailor a specific program for their customers across the Air Force.

“The most important lesson from this week is the realization that we’re all human weapon systems,” Blauer said. “Everybody knows how to fight, they just don’t know they know how to fight. Realize you don’t need a martial art belt, you don’t need a level, you don’t need to win tournaments, you need to have the ‘I don’t want to die, I’m gonna fight’ mentality.”

Just before Blauer departed Davis-Monthan AFB, the course attendees presented him with a gift signifying their gratitude for a week of exclusive and in-depth instruction.

“I really appreciated Tony Blauer coming out here himself,” Sergeant Nick said. “He’s the CEO of his company and he could have sent another trainer to come out here and train us — but the level of instruction, professionalism and customer service he provided was phenomenal — I consider Tony a friend now.”

Senior Airman Chris Drzazgowski, 355th Fighter Wing Public Affairs