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Reebok introduces ZigKick Tactical line of footwear

October 13th, 2015


St. Louis, MO (October 12, 2015) – Warson Brands, official licensee of Reebok tactical footwear, introduces the new Reebok ZigKick Tactical line of 8-inch and 6-inch boots. Built to meet the extreme demands of law enforcement professionals, the new Reebok ZigKick Tactical line is engineered for performance, comfort, and durability. Reebok’s ZigTech, an elite fitness technology developed by Reebok fitness experts, is a unique zigzag foam midsole designed to flex like an athletic shoe, absorb heel shock, and provide energy return under the most punishing conditions.

For more information on the Reebok ZigKick Tactical line, visit

For more information on Warson Brands, visit

Blue Force Gear At AUSA 2015

October 13th, 2015


Blue Force Gear will be attending the 2015 AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition. Email to make an appointment to meet with a member of Blue Force Gear for assistance with your requirements for lightening soldiers’ load, and to discuss OEM and Military opportunities.

AUSA – SIG SAUER MCX in 7.62×39

October 12th, 2015


This is a 7.62×39 variant of the MCX. Interestingly, it’s fitted with a new folding stock that has been developed for European security forces who wear helmets with ballistic visors. This pairing generally won’t be seen operationally.

AUSA – Team Wendy Unveils X2 Scalable Helmet Prototype

October 12th, 2015

I have to say that I was astounded at what I found in the Team Wendy booth.  When you first see their X2 Scalable Helmet Prototype it looks pretty much like their Exfil Ballistic but without rails.  Turns out, they’ve integrated a whole bunch of new tech into the design.


Once they removed the shell, you could start to see some serious differences. While this version was a 3D printed prototype, they are capable of making different shells for different threat levels. Beneath the shell is a carbon fiber bump helmet, that can be used alone.  If you’re following the logic, you can buy one helmet for both ballistic and bump applications.  What’s more, new shells can be crafted as threats arise and material technology improves.  Instead of purchasing new helmets, you could be purchasing new components. 


You can see the honeycomb lining with forward canted vents to help keep the air cool.


This honeycomb construction not only aids in structural strength and ventilation but also serves as a crumple zone during impacts in order to absorb impact. They are constructed of a flexible polymer using additive manufacturing technology and features a gradient in durometer. They are soft against the head and stiffer the further out they go. 


Below, you can see the bolt less retention system.  


Below is a closeup of the fixed front shroud.  


Finally, you can see their new accessory attachment system called Gear Utilization Tactical Rail (GUTR) along both sides and the rear of the helmets. It is also used to secure the ballistic shell.


While the TW-X2 is still a tech development effort, it certainly changes the realm of the possible in helmets.


October 12th, 2015


Many thought the AK compatibility requirement for the SOF Combat Assault Rifle had fallen off the table. Not true. Rather, USSOCOM initially concentrated in the impending need for 5.56 and 7.62 NATO variants. Now, FN has built a 7.62×39 version of the Combat Assault Rifle to fulfil a requirement. with the CAR contract entering its second five years, you’ll start to see these models hitting the field as a reliable alternative to battlefiled pickup AKs.


Naturally, it features a different barrel, bolt, lower and AK-style magazine catch, but it also has a different gas regulator seen below.


As it utilizes AK magazines, there is no bolt hold open on the last round.

SilencerCo And Travis Pastrana Fight the Noise

October 12th, 2015

SilencerCo and Travis Pastrana Fight the Noise

Leading Firearm Silencer Company Teams Up with Travis Pastrana and Nitro Circus Crew at Pastranaland for a Weekend of Guns, Bikes, and Explosions.

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah – October 6, 2015 – SilencerCo, the leading firearm silencer manufacturer, has released the newest installment of their popular Fight the Noise series of videos.  This episode features legendary rally and dirt bike rider, Travis Pastrana.  Pastrana is accompanied by other Nitro Circus stars such as Street Bike Tommy and Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham as they share stories about growing up with guns, perform their notorious stunts, and give a behind the scenes look at their lives.

The purpose of SilencerCo’s Fight the Noise series is to not only spread awareness of the benefits of silencers and support grassroots advocacy, but also to show that gun owners come from all walks of life.  In this episode with Travis Pastrana and fellow Nitro Circus crew, the focus is on their adventurous spirits and the steps they take to protect themselves from harm – whether that means wearing appropriate safety gear while riding or using a suppressor on their firearms.

Check out the video below to see Pastrana, Tommy, Wheelz, and their band of misfits do what they do best and shoot suppressed out at Pastranaland.

To learn more about the Fight the Noise movement and see other video installments, visit

AUSA – H&K MP-5A5 Mid-Life Improvement

October 12th, 2015

This is the MP-5 Mid-Life Improvement. While they haven’t changed the weapon mechanically, they’ve upgrade to a new three position collapsible stock, the Modular Slim Line Handguard and Mounting Rail with STANAG 4694 Profile. All three of these items can be retrofitted to existing MP-5s.