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Pipe Hitters Union – 10-Year Anniversary Gun Giveaway

October 21st, 2014


In celebration of their 10-Year Anniversary, Pipe Hitters Union is having a giveaway. One lucky winner will receive a variety of prizes, including apparel, load carrying gear, and a knife, from the following companies:

- Pipe Hitters Union
- Grey Ghost Gear
- Tactical Tailor

Additionally, the prize pack includes a Bretheren Armament BAP 9mm pistol, styled with custom PHU cerakoting and engraving.

For more details, and to enter, visit

EOTech Is Discontinuing The Integrated Fore-End Lights (IFL) Product Line

October 21st, 2014

EOTech has announced to all distributors that they are discontinuing the Integrated Fore-End Lights (IFL) product line, citing an inconsistent supply of materials from their vendors. The full release can be read below:

October 20, 2014

Dear EOTech Distributors:

This letter is to inform your company that EOTech is discontinuing the distribution of its line of Integrated Fore-End Lights (IFL). The discontinuation will include all models and sku’s, for both the Mossberg 500 and Remington 870 firearms. Effective immediately, all existing purchase orders in EOTech’s system will unfortunately be canceled. We are giving notice of these product changes in order for your company to adjust its product purchasing records and close any orders that are pending.

We request that you carefully review these changes and notify your buyers so no future orders are placed. Additionally, effective immediately, MAP restrictions will be lifted to assist you in the movement of current inventory.

Warranty and customer service inquiries regarding the product line will continue unchanged per the L-3 Warrior Systems/EOTech contact information provided in the product literature.

If you have questions and would like to discuss the changes noted above or if you need information about adding new products to your program, please contact your EOTech sales representative directly and they will provide additional information and options.

The decision to exit this business was due to the inconsistent supply of materials from our vendors. We appreciate your understanding and assistance in helping us, help you, minimize the impact of this product discontinuation on your company. We would also like to thank you for your continued support and success of the EOTech product line.

Limitless Gear – OPFOR Magazine Carrier

October 21st, 2014


Limitless Gear has announced that the OPFOR 5.56 AR-15 Magazine Carrier is currently in production and is available to order. The OPFOR is a high strength polymer magazine carrier system which features two exclusive technologies:


Rapidly Scalable Equipment Ensemble (RSEE \R-C\), which is a new MOLLE/PALS compatible attachment system. RSEE enables users to quickly and effortlessly adjust or transfer their loadout to adjust to changing mission requirements.


Positive Magazine Retention (PMR), which is a magazine retention technology that automatically locks magazines in place. To remove a magazine all the user has to do is apply a natural twist and pull. PMR is designed to eliminate the need for flaps or bungee cords which can obstruct access to magazines.

OPFOR is made in the USA. Available in Coyote Brown.

Combat Boots, They’re Made For Combat

October 20th, 2014

From our friends at Do You Even Airborne Bro?

Hodge Defense AU Mod 2 Details Emerge

October 20th, 2014

Hodge Defense has been kind enough to pass along some details on the upcoming AU Mod 2. It’s a great machine that got a lot of behind-closed-doors exposure last week at AUSA.

Hodge Defense AU Mod 2

The material story is quite interesting. Although we can’t say too much right now, the idea came to Jim Hodge a little more than a year ago, from a trusted agent in the small arms that alerted him to the info that ALCOA Defense was working on a new material. Jim ran with the information and it turns out that this new material, that’s never been used in small arms production until now, is Aluminum Lithium (AlLi). It’s lighter than 7000 series aluminum, exhibiting just 7% less strength than the characteristics we associate with Ti. Naturally, this means it’s expensive.

Hodge is working with ALCOA Defense to finish the details on the custom enhanced forgings that will get these guns rolling out. The forged upper receiver features a newer geometry, slightly thicker walls, and some proprietary tweaks. The forged lower has an integrated trigger guard and ambi controls. Both are reverse compatible with all mil-spec receivers. All aluminum will be type 3 hard coat anodized in black initially, and later DE, although truth be told, the AlLi is so corrosion resistant you don’t need it except to reduce shine. Additionally, Hodge Defense will offer 7075 receiver sets as an aftermarket product for those who are looking for the upgrades in design but at the lower price of the 7075.

The AU Mod 2 also features a proprietary handguard, with a patent pending lock-up for the Ti barrel nut. I’ve seen it and it is very slick and very strong. Although you can see KeyMod in the photo, the carbine will initially come with MLok and the KeyMod variant will follow shortly after. Additionally, a version of the handguard in 7075 will be available for sale separately and they are considering offering the AlLi model that comes with the rifle as well for aftermarket sale. If you’re wondering why Hodge is going with 7075 Al for the aftermarket handguard, it offers 40% more strength than the 6061 used in many handguards.

The barrel is cold hammer forged, 1/7 twist, mid gas, and Chrome Lined.

Finally, the AU Mod 2 will incorporate an ambi-charging handle, bar stock controls, tuned GI trigger, Magpul SL stock and MOE+ grip, impact extruded buffer tube, H buffer, and enhanced BCG.

These will continue to be hand built guns in San Antonio, Texas at the Hodge Defense shop and I expect to see them available before the end of the year. Hodge is also in negotiation with an industry partner to offer production versions of the AU Mod 2.

SilencerCo Launches Aftermarket Threaded Pistol Barrels

October 20th, 2014

Today, SilencerCo announced a line of pre-threaded aftermarket pistol barrels for most common Glock models, and the Sig P226. The full release can be read below:


WEST VALLEY CITY, UTAH – October 20, 2014 | Silencer industry leader SilencerCo launched a line of threaded aftermarket pistol barrels today.

This step towards diversification is the first of several planned accessories expansions from the Utah-based company, who has garnered a loyal customer base by offering innovative products and best-in-the-business customer service. While rifle barrels can easily be threaded to accept a suppressor, most pistols require the purchase of a threaded aftermarket barrel to take advantage of the benefits a silencer can offer.

“The only thing better than a normal pistol barrel is a threaded pistol barrel,” stated SilencerCo CEO Joshua Waldron. “All pistol silencers require one. We noticed a market need for high quality pistol barrels and we stepped in to offer them.”

SilencerCo will begin sales with most common Glock models this year, adding select Sig Sauer, Springfield XD and Smith & Wesson M&P models in the first quarter of 2015. Barrels for Glock 17 and 21 can be purchased now on the company’s website and will ship in late October.

Gear History – The Becker Patrol Pack

October 20th, 2014

In this video, knife designer Ethan Becker describes another piece of kit he came up with, the Backer Patrol Pack.

Back in the day, the Becker Patrol Pack was the pack to have for short duration missions. Designed originally to be compatible with ALICE Slide Fasteners, it features strips of webbing to attach pouches. Additionally, there are six fixed external pouches closed via 1″ SR buckles.


The design also incorporates Coolmax padding in the back and shoulders for comfort in hot weather. You’ve got to remember, folks weren’t wearing armor all of the time. The shoulder straps also feature suede patches to offer purchase when shouldering a weapon. Like the ALICE pack, the top flap incorporates an internal pocket for maps or other items. Finally, the waist belt is removable and can be worn as a stand alone war belt.


Eventually, Eagle Industries would introduce a Large version of the BPP (above) with increased volume up around the Large ALICE as well as a MOLLE variant (below) that replaces the outer, fixed pockets and ALICE webbing with PALS.


Introducing 757 Performance Denim by S&S Precision – Pre-Order Now

October 20th, 2014

Last week I got a text from S&S Precision asking me to stop by the shop to check out something new. What I saw when I dropped in on Friday afternoon, blew my mind. I fully expected to see some new machined widget, but instead, they caught me by surprise. In the middle of a bare table lay a pair of jeans and a holster. I said, “Oh, new holster?” And they answered, “Sort of. Meet 757 Performance Denim.” At first it looked just like an ordinary pair blue jeans until I picked them up and started checking them out.


Turns out, they’ve been planning this since January. For the past several months the guys at S&S Precision have been wearing these jeans and I never noticed. The worst part is, looking back, they’ve been taunting me while wearing them, trying to get me to realize there was something up with the pants. I never even suspected. But I’ve got to say, after having spent a moment to look at a pair on the table, these are the best discrete carry jeans I have ever seen.

Several companies have made other discreet wear versions over the years but they always “brand” by adding some feature that makes the jeans “tactical”, like a pocket or a zipper where something you’d buy at the mall wouldn’t normally have them. Not so with these. You look at them and they could be any mild mannered pair of jeans; all blue denim and gold stitching. The only overt feature that even belies their pedigree is the 757 Denim rivet button, but even that is hidden behind a belt.


Like any covert operation, the real magic is on the inside. In this case, the secret sauce is the patented Internal Belt Retention. It allows their removable, Inside the Waist Band holster, to be integrated directly into the pants via the internal belt retention strap. this belt retention strap is designed to reverse hook on the internal belt openings. It’s threaded through the holster which is designed for standard and canted carry and will fit many popular pistol models such as GLOCK and SIG.


Additionally, there are two low profile rear pockets. They will accommodate a single 30 rd 5.56 mm magazine or a pistol for expedient carry. Finally, there are internal pockets set into each of the two front slash pockets. These will keep pistol magazines, cell phone or a clip-style pocket knife handy. This way, your knife won’t show like with an external pocket clip and neither it nor a pistol mag will fall down into the bottom of the front pocket.

This part is awesome. 757′s are individually hand crafted in the U.S.A. from 12oz custom milled 100% cotton denim in a design finalized with a senior stylist from the fashion industry. It’s a classic American blue jean style with a straight, relaxed leg to accommodate wear with a boot or tennis shoes. While there isn’t much mechanical stretch in the denim they selected, 757 jeans are cut to move with your body for comfort as well as mobility.

This slide gives you an idea of the draw from the 757s. I see a lot of folks wearing these for a variety of purposes: concealed carry wear, undercover work, or just a good looking pair of jeans.


757′s are prewashed. Shrinkage on the raw fabric is about 4%. But S&S cautions to never wash jeans in hot water. Wash by hand if possible to retain the best color. Also, do not machine tumble dry; air dry is best.

Before, you even ask, Women’s 757′s are in the works and coming soon. Surprise, 757 shorts are on the way too! Waist sizes 30-38in x 32 and 34in inseam. Look for expanded sizing in the future.

Pre-order special: $128.97 for one pair of 757s with Holster. That’s a great price for Made in USA pants that include a holster.

Defoor Proformance Shooting Offers 2015 Schedule

October 20th, 2014


For details on training with Kyle Defoor, visit:

TRU-SPEC Launching A-TACS AU & FG Uniforms In One Month

October 19th, 2014