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Warrior Protection and Readiness Coalition Commends Passage of the Homeland Procurement Reform (HOPR) Act by US House of Representatives

June 25th, 2019

The WPRC has been serving for years as an advocate for the manufacturers which support America’s warfighters with the best clothing and individual equipment in the world. For much of that time, they have worked behind the scenes, to help introduce legislation to expand the use of American made products to the Department of Homeland Security.

It’s a travesty really. Most don’t know that DHS currently gets the vast majority of their products from offshore, including footwear from China, helmets from Asia, and CBP uniforms ironically made in Mexico.  This last part is most concerning. It’s a facility that makes soccer jerseys, lacking security measures to ensure those uniforms do not fall into the wrong hands.  

Bringing this work back to the US helps strengthen the domestic industrial base (the same one that supports DOD), employs Americans in manufacturing jobs, increases the security of the supply chain and allows DHS personnel to proudly wear American-made uniforms and equipment much like their colleagues in the DOD.  

WPRC’s efforts have met with recent success with the passage of the HOPR Act, a bipartisan bill designed to bring it home.  This is a very significant milestone in the effort to support our domestic supply chain and of note it passed unanimously in Congress – with robust support from both Republicans and Democrats, a rare thing in these times.  Can you imagine?

Next up is the Senate, where a very similar bill is under consideration. Let’s hope it gets just as strong support.

Please let others know about their fine work.


Bill to Provide Domestically Manufactured Equipment to Department of Homeland SecurityOperational Personnel Unanimously Approved

MARBLEHEAD, MA (June 25, 2019) – The Warrior Protection and Readiness Coalition (WPRC) today announced its robust support for the actions taken by the U.S. House of Representatives, who have unanimously approved H.R. 2083, the Homeland Procurement Reform (HOPR) Act. This important bipartisan legislation is designed to ensure that the operational units within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) including Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), U.S. Secret Service, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) purchase uniforms and equipment manufactured in the United States.

This bill establishes specific criteria that increases the ability of DHS to obtain high-quality, American-made personal protective equipment (PPE) and organizational clothing and individual equipment (OCIE). The HOPR Act builds upon earlier procurement provisions such as the Berry Amendment and the Kissell Amendment.

The Berry Amendment sustains an essential industrial base, as well as tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs. It ensures Department of Defense personnel receive high quality, advanced American-made equipment and clothing. No warfighter can be sustained in the field without advanced fabrics, armor, footwear, protective safety gear and many other critical tools.

The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) of 2009 contained a provision known as the Kissell Amendment. As enacted, it attached a very narrow requirement for domestic clothing and textile procurement by DHS. The Kissell Amendment has not had its intended effect. DHS continues to procure uniforms and equipment manufactured in foreign countries, including CBP uniforms which are currently produced in Mexico, in a low security environment.

Introduced by Rep. Lou Correa (D-CA, 46th District) and co-sponsored by House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS, 2nd District), Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL, 18th District), Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA, 2nd District), Rep Chris Pappas (D-NH,1st District), the HOPR Act ensures that American tax dollars are not improperly spent on low quality items made overseas when American businesses produce the same items at a better value here in the United States. A companion bill has been introduced in the Senate (S. 1055) by Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and co-sponsored by Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) and Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL).

Original Sponsor Rep. Lou Correa said, ““I want to thank my colleagues for their support in bringing this legislation to the House Floor. It is a necessary step to ensure our DHS frontline personnel have access to domestically sourced, high-quality uniforms and equipment while allowing domestic small businesses to better compete for Federal government contracts. This is a critical step in helping our men and women in the field get the tools and equipment they need to do their jobs. I am proud of this legislation and proud to say this bill protects our national security and helps small businesses.”

Rep. Brian Mast said, ““The men and women who serve on the border are willing to put their lives on the line to protect our nation’s security,” Rep. Mast said. “Providing Homeland Security with the highest quality, American-made uniforms and protective gear is critical for ensuring their safety and the success of the mission.”

WPRC Executive Director David Costello said, “We are pleased to support the bipartisan effort to extend domestic-focused procurement to the Department of Homeland Security. DHS officials responsible for our national security should be provided with American-made, quality gear and equipment. The HOPR Act will not only provide high-quality, American made equipment for DHS personnel but also help create jobs and spur manufacturing within the United States. We look forward to working with Senator Shaheen and her colleagues to ensure that this critical legislation passes the Senate and becomes law.”

A summary of The Homeland Procurement Reform Act can be found here.

TacJobs – Transition to the Civilian Workforce with ADS, Inc

June 25th, 2019

ADS’ recruitment mission is to help veterans transition into the civilian workforce. They partner with the following organizations to recruit, hire, and professionally develop retiring military service men and women.

1.       The Honor Foundation
2.       USO
3.       VTAP (Virginia Transition Assistance Program)
4.       V3 (Virginia Values Veterans)
5.       VEC ( Virginia Employment Commission)
6.       Fleet and Family Services
7.       Virginia Career Works
8.       Hampton Roads Veterans Employment Center

At Warrior Expo EAST this year, ADS’ HR Department is inviting active-duty service members who are planning for retirement to come speak with their Sourcing Specialists about opportunities at ADS, Inc.

ADS most frequently hires for the following open positions:
1 Contracts
2 Inside Sales
3 Outside Sales
4 Business Development
5 Customer Loyalty

“While in the Navy, I maintained all of the weapon systems for F/A-18Cs. As a civilian, I apply my military experience and knowledge to serve the very community I came from. For me that is the most rewarding aspect of working at ADS, Inc.”

-Eric Case,

Inside Sales – Aerospace

Veteran, U.S. Navy

Attend Warrior Expo and learn about ADS, Inc’s career opportunities.
• July 10th & 11th
• Virginia Beach Convention Center
• Valid Government ID required for entry.
• FREE to attendees
• Booth #721

Arc’teryx LEAF Brand Update Q&A With Director Stephen Church

June 25th, 2019

Since its inception in 2004, Arc’teryx LEAF has earned a flood of recognition cementing it as the best gear in the world for the specialized military, government and law enforcement end-users. Recently, the program changed leadership.

To get an in-depth look into what the future holds for Arc’teryx LEAF, SSD spoke to Stephen Church, Arc’teryx LEAF’s new Business Unit Director.

SSD:   Stephen congratulations on your new role. I understand you’ve been with the LEAF for some time. Can you tell us a little bit about the journey?

SC:  Thank you. Yes, it’s been over six years now. I started on the operations side of the business in late 2012. Initially, I worked on developing capabilities to produce modified inline products for LEAF. A lot of effort was put into working with our partners and end-users to build our processes around their needs.

After some notable successes on larger complex contracts, I moved over to the commercial side of the business to work on developing capabilities that better support our global dealer network; especially on multiple-year contract opportunities. Now, as the Business Unit Director, I am excited to leverage this experience to build on our successes and grow our market even further.


SSD:   Tell us a little bit about your work before LEAF?

SC:  Early in my career, I was pretty focused on marketing technology with a special interest in operational development. I was privileged to have worked on some high-value projects for marquee brands like CIBC, Ford, GM, Xerox and Diageo. In about 2006, I decided to move to Vancouver, BC and took on a marketing and sale role with a firm that developed crime analysis software for law enforcement and military. For me, the market was a natural fit, so when a position opened up at Arc’teryx LEAF, that also included opportunities to build new operational capabilities, I was all-in.


SSD:   There’s been some press about the Mascot Bidco Oy investor consortium acquiring Amer Sports. Would you be able to provide some insight into the new ownership structure?

SC:  The Mascot Bidco investor consortium includes ANTA Sports, FountainVest PE, Tencent, and Anamered Investments. Anamered is owned by Chip Wilson, the founder of Lululemon.

Under the terms of the acquisition, Amer Sports remains an independent company based in Finland with a separate board of directors.

SSD:   Does this change anything for Arc’teryx LEAF?

SC:  There’s no change. LEAF continues to operate as an independent business unit with its own core leadership team, and we remain focused on the same markets and strategy. 


SSD:   Any changes in your sales and distribution?

SC:  On the commercial side of the business, we’re focused on developing stronger partnerships with our existing Accounts; to grow the brand in their communities.

We see our accounts as an extension of our LEAF family, so we’re investing in new systems and capabilities that will help deliver the right products to their consumers on time and in full.


SSDWill there be any changes in terms of manufacturing and sourcing?

SC:  LEAF remains committed to developing our products in Vancouver and manufacturing in Trade Act Compliant countries; with a heavy reliance on our factory here in Canada. We also remain focused on sourcing materials that are Berry compliant.

SSD:   Are there any changes to LEAF’s guiding principles?

SC:  Our mission and values are unwavering. We’re committed to providing best-in-class apparel and equipment solutions to specialized military, law enforcement, and government end-users. Our entire value chain has to be aligned with our consumer’s needs.

This mindset has developed into a strong sense of purpose within our team. Everyone in the program is committed to delivering solutions that enable mission success.

Our designer said it best the other week: “We don’t know how to build cheap shit.” I think it says a lot about the culture we have. We demand the best from each other, in everything we do, and there is no chance of lowering that bar.


SSD:   Can you share any news on product?

SC:  In the immediate future, we’re expanding our Combat Uniform category and making some updates to our Cold Weather styles.

We also have a couple limited of edition projects in the works. We’ll be sure to keep you posted. 😉


Patrolling Is Better When You’re…

June 25th, 2019

According to 75th Ranger Regiment Recruiting, patrolling is better when you’re…

1. Wearing a Patagonia uniform

2. Carrying a Mystery Ranch pack

3. Wearing an Ops-Core helmet

4. Communicating via Peltor

5. Shooting thru a Daniel Defense upper

6. Seeing thru Oakley SI eye pro

7. Walking in Nonstandard boots

8. Wearing Outdoor Research gloves

9. Wearing a Crye Precision plate carrier

Wanna join? If you’re in the Army, send your SRB to from your .mil email.

Not in the Army? Go tell your local Active Duty Army Recruiter that you want to serve in the 75th Ranger Regiment.

Ask SSD – What’s This Antenna?

June 25th, 2019

A friend sent me this photo and asked me to identify the two X shaped antennas in the rear. I am unfamiliar with them. But perhaps an SSD reader will know what they are.

If they turn out to be sensitive, go ahead and shoot me an email. The requester is legit.

SIG SAUER Takes Home Pistol Caliber Carbine and Optic of the Year at 2019 Industry Choice Awards

June 24th, 2019

NEWINGTON, N.H., (June 21, 2019) –SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has been recognized with two 2019 Industry Choice Awards. The Industry Choice Awards are awarded to manufacturers based upon a comprehensive independent evaluation by industry experts including competitive shooters, trainers, enthusiasts, law enforcement personnel, and retail associates for fit, form, finish, and functionality.

SIG SAUER was the recipient of the following 2019 Industry Choice Awards:

2019 Industry Choice Award – Pistol Caliber Carbine of the Year: SIG SAUER MPX PCC: The SIG SAUER MPX PCC is a 9mm pistol caliber carbine with a 30-round magazine capacity that’s competition ready right out of the box. The rifle features a Timney MPX trigger, slim M-LOK™ handguard, folding telescoping stock, 3-chamber recoil reducing compensator, ambidextrous controls, and comes optics ready.  Throughout testing the MPX PCC was recognized for its “innovative” features, the reliability to “work flawlessly with all ammo tested,” the ability to “run it very fast at a close range,” and living up to the expectation that it comes, “match ready.”     

 “Recently we redesigned and enhanced the SIG SAUER MPX PCC reducing the overall weight by a pound, along with upgrading the features for performance shooting sports with the input of Team SIG professional shooter Lena Miculek, while maintaining the price point,” began Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc.  “We are especially honored to have the MPX PCC recognized with the 2019 Industry Choice Award Pistol Caliber Carbine of the year and have the quality and value of this rifle recognized by our peers.” 

2019 Industry Choice Award – Optic of the Year: SIG SAUER Electro-Optics KILO3000BDX Rangefinding Binoculars: The SIG SAUER Electro-Optics KILO3000BDX is the world’s most advanced laser rangefinder binocular, they can be used on their own or be paired with a Ballistic Data Xchange (BDX) Riflescope and SIG BDX app.  The BDX system allows input of ballistics data and environmental conditions to calculate the exact holdover solution to target.  This information is displayed in the KILO3000BDX and can be transmitted to any BDX riflescope to display the exact holdover dot.  The KILO3000BDX Features the revolutionary LightWave DSP™ rangefinder engine for extreme speed and distance capabilities, HyperScan™ technology providing 4 range updates per second, and the  Lumatic™ display that automatically calibrates display brightness to ambient light conditions..  Industry experts noted in their testing the features of the KILO3000BDX Rangefinding Binoculars including, “the glass is clear and performs well in multiple lighting conditions,” and “the technology to pair with the rangefinder makes this optic phenomenal.”

“At SIG SAUER Electro-Optics we strive to combine the latest innovations in technology with traditional equipment that sportsmen are accustomed to.  The KILO3000BDX Rangefinder Binoculars achieve this balance and we are excited to have this innovation recognized by experts across multiple disciplines in the industry,” concluded Andy York, President, SIG SAUER Electro-Optics.

The 2019 Industry Choice Awards was hosted by Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, KY, June 14-15, 2019. 

Tactical Products Group Executives Sentenced for Selling Faulty Armor To US Government

June 24th, 2019

In February of this year, Tactical Products Group, LLC (TPG) CEO Dan Thomas Lounsbury, Jr and Vice President for Sales and Federal Contracting Andres Lopez-Munoz we’re found guilty in the Eastern District of Virginia on charges of conspiracy, making false claims on the United States government, and wire fraud.

In 2012 the two relabeled hard armor plates certified for a different threat or were out of their service life in order to fulfill a contract.

The supplied plates were provided to Triple Canopy to fulfill a contract. Reportedly, the plates supplied were known to delaminate. Furthermore, four of the 10 plates supplied were six years out of warranty. Amazingly, the value of the contract is said to be just $3,500.

Last week they were sentenced. Although they both were facing a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and federal prosecutors requested three year sentences, the judge sentenced Lounsbury, aged 50, to 10 months in prison and Lopez-Munoz, aged 35, to four months.

They have also agreed to repay the government for the faulty plates.

TacJobs – Sr Manager, Sales – Military/Tactical at Under Armour

June 24th, 2019

This is a fantastic opportunity with Under Armour. The position offers a pivotal role in the brand and supervises three Regional Account Managers and five Independent Sales Agencies.

Under Armour is looking for a qualified, driven Senior Manager to lead our tactical sales team.This is an opportunity to be part of a great success story, as Under Armour continues to impact the business like no other company has.

What does this opportunity give me?
• Chance to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment
• Ownership. Own your job and be accountable to a direct team of Regional Managers and outside Sales Agencies.
• Exposure.  The ability to partner with business units across the organization.
• Growth. Potential for career growth is a company initiative.
• Pride. Work for a brand that delivers a consistent message every day.

What will I do at UA?
• Responsible for managing teams of (3) Regional Account Managers and (5) Independent Sales Agencies who sell to our Tactical channel and driving profitable revenue growth.
• Evaluate and build Sales Plans, Go-to-Market strategy, winning seasonal assortments and forecasts to drive sell through at retail with wholesale partners.
• Develop, maintain, and manage account relationships at all levels.
• Partner with Director – Outdoor Sales to manage P&L for the area and revise business models as necessary to drive contribution margin.
• Partner cross-functionally to drive the authenticity and connecting of Under Armour to consumer “athletes” across the US. (Planning, Merchandising, Marketing, Finance)
• Lead sales team to optimize performance through training, coaching, feedback and development.

What does UA need from me?
• Bachelor’s Degree and 10-15 years sales experience in the tactical/military field.
• Highly skilled in Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint.
• Excellent communication, negotiation, and presentation skills.
• High-level skills with database/spreadsheet programs, SAP and MS Office.
• Proficiency in Retail Math.
• Passion and Energy to manage a team and own your business to push the brand beyond sales plans.
• Prior experience leading and influencing a team in sales within Tactical channels and with national/key accounts preferred.

What else do I get?
• Comprehensive benefits program
• Amazing company culture and team environment
• Guard rails to work between, not a box
• Ownership in the brand with our Employee Stock Purchase Program

For full details, and to apply, visit