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TacApps – US Army’s PS Magazine Gets An App

March 29th, 2017

The Army has relied on PS, The Preventive Maintenance Monthly (known as PS Magazine) since 1951 to publish a monthly technical bulletin small enough for Soldiers to carry in their uniform pockets. The magazine delivers concise maintenance information, reports on changes in national stock numbers for repair parts, and sometimes preventive maintenance information that is not yet available in other technical publications.

MSG Half-Mast McCanick shares some PS Magazine facts.

PS Magazine has printed 767 issues in 65 years. But today, the magazine’s readers prefer mobile media over printed publications. That is why PS Magazine has created a mobile app to connect with readers.

The app was demonstrated during the Spring Association of the United States Army symposium in Huntsville, Alabama, where readers were able to access PDFs of January 2014 through March 2016 issues through Apple and Android mobile apps. In June, interactive issues from March through June were added, and issues continue to be added to the app as they are published. The PDF issues within the app load to digital devices much faster than the PDFs from the magazine’s website. Links to URLs and email addresses for points of contact are active, and some articles link to videos.

Information that needs to get to the field fast will be in the app’s hot topics within days of its availability. Other resources that contain long-lasting, useful information, such as ground and aviation guide signals, will be available in app resources.

During the Army’s numerous deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, maintenance was often a task performed by civilian contractors. This freed up mechanics and maintainers to increase unit combat power. Now units are spending more time at their home stations, and maintenance is once again the task of the Soldiers who are trained as mechanics, armorers, and communication repairers.

Mid-grade Soldiers may not have much experience in their maintenance specialties. Their company and battalion commanders may not have held weekly battalion maintenance meetings. The Army is pushing to bring maintenance back as a fundamental task for operators, unit maintainers, senior noncommissioned officers, warrant officers, lieutenants, and commanders.

The goal of unit maintenance and sustainment actions is operational readiness, equipment availability, Soldier safety, and maintenance cost reductions. Company and battalion commanders must wrestle with maintenance daily and report on it monthly. Maintenance occurs despite the unit training, formations, taskers from higher headquarters, and the awards, promotions, and disciplinary actions that enhance esprit de corps and unit cohesion. The Army helps maintainers by providing technical manuals (TMs) and bulletins, lubrication orders, modification work orders, and safety of use messages.

However, commanders cannot read all of the TMs for their units’ weapons, vehicles, gear, and equipment. For many maintainers, the length of an operator-level TM is daunting. Further exasperating the efforts of Soldiers returning to a maintenance environment are out-of-date technical publications for which print funding is unavailable.

Worse, some publications have incorrect or missing information. Additionally, Army equipment TMs can be complex. Besides electrical, drive train, and engine components of a vehicle chassis, a separate TM may be required for the main weapon system.

While the magazine is reducing the number of copies it prints, there are no immediate plans to cease printing the publication.

Anecdotal comments by general officers tell us that PS Magazine played an essential role in helping them when they served as platoon leaders and company commanders. Some would read the magazine and then use the information to inspect unit equipment, leaving mechanics to wonder how their leaders knew so much. Others have insisted that operators and maintainers read the magazine not only to help them in their current work but also as a continuing education opportunity.

Experienced maintainers know preventive maintenance cannot be done by memory. Hidden lube points are often overlooked, and there are things that look like lube points but are not supposed to be lubed. There are also drain plugs that should be open sometimes, but not other times. Getting the right tension for tracks on combat vehicles requires specific procedures so that the track is not too loose or too tight.

TMs have more specific information in them than PS Magazine could publish in a year. Nevertheless, the magazine is a tool that can help keep your maintenance know-how current, your equipment running, and your passengers and cargo safe. And Soldiers will find PS to be an easy read; it is direct, concise, and often humorous.

PS Magazine is a tool that belongs in your toolkit. Its information is official and has been approved by equipment proponents. In print or in the mobile app, PS Magazine can go with you wherever you go. The mobile app is available in the Apple App Store and through Google Play.

Jonathan W. Pierce is the supervisory editor of PS Magazine. He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Maryland and a master’s of fine arts degree in creative writing from Wilkes University. He is a retired Army master sergeant and a graduate of the Defense Information School Basic Journalism Course, Newspaper Editors Course, and Intermediate Photojournalism Course.

This article was published in the November-December 2016 issue of Army Sustainment magazine.

Whiskey 5 – Nelson & Co

March 29th, 2017

Who – Introducing Nelson & Co. This is probably the oldest ‘new’ company you’ve never heard of, but the roots go very deep in the tactical equipment community. Though the company was only just started at the end of 2014, it is founded by Brad and Rebecca Nelson, the original owners of Those who know Brad know he is well regarded for his passion and relationships. Those who remember Rebecca know she is one of the nicest humans on the planet.

What – The lessons learned (and there were many) about operating a retail supplier of tactical equipment were long discarded, placed on the back burner right away once Lightfighter was merged into ATS those many years ago. Brad and Rebecca moved on, first going back to school after a lifetime in the Army and growing the Lightfighter business. Then occupying themselves with their family and working in corporate America, including years spent at, 5.11 Tactical, and Wal-Mart Stores. The lessons weren’t forgotten, however; they were welded to all that was learned working for these other retail giants. Because of this, Nelson & Co is already light years ahead of where left off.

When – After nearly a decade of dormancy, along comes at last the inspiration to try building a brand again. It sparked in 2014 for a simple reason, and one that echoes with the origin story for Lightfighter (with Lightfighter, Brad wanted a Becker Patrol Pack for duty use, but in the late 90s, it wasn’t easy to find vendors that reliably sold gear of that quality, so he started a company just to buy this pack – sshhhhh, don’t tell Rebecca). Nelson & Co was started similarly; Brad became a sheriff’s deputy and found that buying uniforms and equipment was a very unpleasant experience in his part of Indiana. So instead of only complaining, Brad and Rebecca resolved to do something about it. It started with a small local store operated from their home in Greencastle, Indiana – sound familiar?

Where – Greencastle, Indiana is uniquely located to make it easier to buy uniforms and equipment. For the customers who visit the new retail store, it is very easy to get to between Indianapolis and Terre Haute. Nelson & Co also happens to be the only store of its type within hours – most customers travel more than an hour, even into Illinois, to shop. For online customers, Central Indiana is an e-commerce fulfillment wonder – it is the crossroads of America. A good majority of American consumers are within only 2 days shipment even with standard ground service in all directions. There is a reason that Amazon made Indiana one of its early shipping hubs with 4 warehouses here.

Why – Nelson & Co aims to make it easy. The company steals a word learned in those years after Lightfighter when Brad was working with – that word is “customercentric”. It means that everything the business does is with the customer in mind, not just what is easy for the store. It does not mean that everything is always perfect – no honest merchant would suggest such a thing. It does mean that if it makes sense and is in favor of the customer, even if it is hard on the business, the customer gets it they way they want it. Sounds simple, but its rare. Just ask yourself how often you have heard a business tell you, “Sorry, but our policy says…” Nelson & Co is Customercentric.

Visit Nelson & Co in Greencastle, Indiana or shop online at

Eagle Industries – Jungle Body Armor Vest in Grey

March 29th, 2017

I spied this Grey variant of Eagle Industries’ Jungle Body Armor Vest at Enforce Tac earlier this month in Germany.


It’s made from a laser cut, hydrophobic material and fits SAPi, ESAPI, SPEAR/BALCS and Swimmer Cut front and rear plates along with MBAV cut sift armor inserts as well as positive Bouyancy flotation inserts, all in sizes Small – XLarge.


When you get up close to the Vest, the material looks like suede. At the front and rear are Velcro strips for attachment of ID. Inside, there are removable ventilation pads. The skeletal cummerbund is PALS compatible, both inside and out. The cummerbund retention flap is removable, incorporates mag pouches and is also PALs compatible at the front. Additionally, there are quick attachment points for chest rigs. At the shoulders are hydration/comms loops. At the rear, an integral drag handle.


Below, you can see some of the family of pouches available for use with the JBAV.


The JBAV is also offered in Black and Coyote.

You Never Know Where They’ll Show Up

March 29th, 2017

Thanks to Juggernaut.Case for this photo from the Special Operations Forces Innovation Network Seminar.

TrackingPoint, Inc Announces Appointment of New CEO

March 29th, 2017

PFLUGERVILLE, TX (March 29, 2017) TrackingPoint, Inc. announced that effective immediately it has appointed Mr. Ken D’Arcy to serve as the company’s Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of the Board. Mr. D’Arcy comes to TrackingPoint, Inc. with more than 25 years of extremely successful management experience in the outdoor sports industry. D’Arcy is best known as the catalyst that changed Crosman Corporation from a moribund company to the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of airguns and ammunition. Under his leadership, the company brought more new products to market in 12 years than in the previous 78 years combined.

“TrackingPoint is a game changing technology which I’m excited to be a part of it,” D’Arcy says. “There is remarkable energy and intelligence within TrackingPoint and I look forward to working with the team and with our friends throughout the firearm industry to continue to bring true advancements in firearm technology to the shooting sports industry.”

An avid shooter and hunter, D’Arcy’s background involves all aspects of business development, from operations to sales and marketing. D’Arcy’s track record of successfully growing outdoor products and sporting goods companies coupled with his wealth of industry knowledge, extensive network of industry professionals and knowledge of working with retail channels and direct to consumer will play an important role in taking TrackingPoint, Inc. to its next stage of growth and development.

Mr. D’Arcy begins his tenure with TrackingPoint, Inc. on Monday, 27 March and will relocate to Central Texas. He can be reached at 512-222-0500 x 101, or by email at

TrackingPoint, based in Austin, Texas, created the first Precision-Guided Firearm, a revolutionary shooting system that puts fighter jet lock-and-launch technology in small arms, enabling shooters to make shots previously considered beyond human ability.

To learn more, visit

Stealth Cam unveils a Dual Card reader for IOS and Android Devices

March 28th, 2017


Stealth Cam is always reinventing products to help consumers make the most of every hunt, with the introduction of the Dual Card Reader, DDMCR, the SD card viewing process just became that much easier! The new and improved Dual Card Reader, DDMCR, is now universal and can be used with both IOS and Android devices. With the included adapters, users can view photos or videos without removing the phones’ protective cases.

To view images on your IOS device, simply download the free I-Easy Drive App and go! For first time users, your device will prompt you to download this app when first inserted into your iPhone or iPad. Once downloaded, the app allows the user to instantly turn their smart device into a viewing device, showcasing the photos or videos captured on your game camera(s). For an Android users, it’s simply plug and play or just access your file manager. The days of hauling an SD card all the way back to a home or office computer, then emailing the photo to obtain it on a phone are a thing of the past! Now, simply remove the SD card from the camera while in the woods, plug it into the card reader and view, download, or share the photos directly from your phone or tablet. Quick and convenient! Stealth Cams Dual Card Reader is compact and lightweight, and can fit into even the smallest hunting packs. The Dual Card Reader, DDMCR, has edged out the competition and delivers an experience that simplifies the lives of those using a game camera. Stealth Cam understands that most sportsman are using protective cases on their smart phones that more often than not are a big hassle to remove, thus the addition of the extension/adapters to bypass your smartphones protective case. The best part about this device is it doesn’t break the bank, coming in at $29.99 MSRP.

Stealth Cam DDMCR Features:

• View trail cam images on your Apple iOS & Android smartphone or tablet with USB-OTG functionality.
• Connection: Micro USB, Lightning, and USB 2.0
• Compatible card types: SD / SDHC / SDXC/ MMC/MMC 4.0 / Micro SD / micro SDHC / micro SDXC
• CE / FCC / RoHS Standards
• Phone & SD card Sold Separately
• Includes Micro USB and Lightning Adapters for use with protective cases
• MSRP: $29.99

Iran Sanctions 15 US Companies for Supporting Israel

March 28th, 2017

According to a story published earlier this week by Iran Press TV, the Iranian government has imposed sanctions on 15 US firms which they claim support Israel. This move is in retaliation for US sanctions against companies and individuals in China, North Korea and the United Arab Emirates, which it claims have aided Iran’s Ballistic Missile program.

These Iranian sanctions mean that “any transactions with these companies and businesses shall be prohibited, their assets shall be subject to freezing, and no visas shall be issued for individuals holding positions in or associated with these corporations,” according to Iran Press TV’s report.

The companies under sanction are:
-Beni Tal security company
-United Technologies
-ITT Corporation
-Re/Max (yes, Re/Max)
-Oshkosh Corporation
-Magnum Research Inc.
-Kahr Arms
-M7 Aerospace LP
-Military Armament Corporation has
-Lewis Machine and Tool Company
-Daniel Defense
-Bushmaster Firearms International
-O.F. Mossberg & Sons
-H-S Precision, Inc.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry may expand the list.

War Sport Makes It Right, Updates NRAAM Entry

March 28th, 2017

Last night we reported on an apparent sabotage of War Sport’s entry on the NRA Annual Meeting exhibitor page.

Today, it has been fixed. Quick recovery.

It now states:

War Sport is dedicated to producing the highest quality weapons systems and components for the modern shooter leveraging the latest advancements in technology and innovation. Through a superior process of design and engineering, our products are built to a custom standard providing remarkable accuracy and a meticulous quality that remains unmatched across the industry. From raw materials to shooter ready, War Sport rifles, components and accessories are made in house with an attention to detail that enables our products to excel beyond expectation. For more info, go to

The link remains

MATBOCK Laser Cutting / Engraving Open for Business

March 28th, 2017

MATBOCK a veteran owned small business operating out of Virginia Beach, VA that has extra daily capacity to conduct your laser cutting or engraving operations.

Machine Specs:
Laser Cutting Material: Acrylic, Wood, Leather, Plastics, Fabric, MDF, Cardboard, Paper, Corian, Foam, Fiberglass, Rubber
Mark/Engrave: Acrylic, Wood, Leather, Plastics, Fabric, Rubber, Cork, Brick, Phenolic, Melamine, Glass, Granite, Marble, Tile, Aluminum, Steel, Titanium
Four material Tru-Pass-Thru options for virtually unlimited material flexibility
Cutting bed size: 55.1 x 35.4in. (1400 x 900mm)
Rotary objects are coming soon.

If you’re interested in using MATBOCK for your laser needs and need a quote, please contact them at

Quantico Tactical Offering SEAL 50th Anniversary SIG MK25 Pistols

March 28th, 2017

These highly customized Sig Sauer MK25 pistols commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the US Navy SEALs.

• Custom, High Luster Finished Sig MK25 Pistol
• Meticulously Cut Scroll Work
• Engraved with Gold Inlay:
o “The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday” on Right Side of Slide
o “1962 – 50th Anniversary – 2012” on Left Side of Slide
• SEAL Emblem in Custom Hogue Grips
• Available Exclusively from Quantico Tactical while supplies last

Price: $975

These commemorative pistols are only available to active, reserve and retired SEALs and UDT Members who preceded the SEALs. Please note there is a eligibility verification process. Available via their website or in their stores.

Quantico Tactical manages the Commemorative Weapon Program for Sig Sauer and Smith and Wesson. Quantico is also the leading Military/LE Program weapon reseller for SIG, Smith & Wesson, FN, Beretta and IWI. To design a commemorative weapon or to organize a group buy for your unit, contact Quantico Tactical at