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Celerant Technology Partners with Chattanooga Shooting Supplies for Catalog Imports, Auto Order, In Store Kiosks and Drop Shipping

July 21st, 2019

Celerant’s ATF-compliant retail software integrates with Chattanooga, enabling firearm dealers to better manage and grow their business in store and online
Staten Island, NY (July 16, 2019) – Celerant Technology, a leading provider of innovative retail solutions for the firearms industry, and Chattanooga Shooting Supplies, a leading distributor of firearms and outdoor hunting equipment, jointly announce a strategic partnership to help firearms dealers streamline inventory, improve fulfillment and offer an ‘endless aisle’. Through Celerant’s integration with Chattanooga, firearms dealers can import products, automatically reorder inventory, access in store kiosks, display products online and drop ship orders.
In Store: Ensure shelves are stocked without overspending
Celerant’s ATF-compliant retail software- Cumulus Retail™, an affordable and powerful point of sale and eCommerce solution for small business; and Stratus Enterprise™; a comprehensive retail commerce software with high-end capabilities- both integrate with Chattanooga Shooting Supplies. The integration offers firearm dealers a point of sale, pre-populated with Chattanooga’s products, including firearms, gun cases, ammunition, crossbows, knives, military gear, apparel and much more. Dealers can also browse and import additional products from Chattanooga’s catalog, and reorder inventory with automated purchases orders based on predefined min/max levels, ensuring the right amount of stock throughout the year without overspending. Dealers can also access in store kiosks, leveraging Chattanooga’s live inventory, to offer products to customers that they might not carry in their store.
Online: Display a wide-variety of products online with drop shipping
Celerant’s integrated eCommerce allows firearm dealers to manage their store and website as one. With online ‘data feeds’, Chattanooga’s products, along with product descriptions, images and stock levels, can be displayed directly on the dealer’s website in, virtually, real-time. When an order is placed, Chattanooga is automatically alerted and drop ships the order from their warehouse directly to the dealer’s customer. That way, dealers can display and sell Chattanooga’s merchandise online, without investing in, or stocking, the inventory.

“As our business continues to grow, Celerant is a logical step for us to provide dealers more tools to ensure their success,” said Ron Staffieri, President and CEO of Marketing of Chattanooga Shooting Supplies. “This partnership will provide CSSI dealers of any size, the technology to help them grow their business. We are excited to introduce Celerant to our dealers as part of the CSSI Family.”

“We are excited to partner with Chattanooga Shooting Supplies, and offer retail technology that seamlessly integrates with their products and services,” said Ian Goldman, CEO of Celerant Technology. “Chattanooga Shooting Supplies and Celerant have always supported the outdoor hunting industry; and together we make it easier for both large and smaller dealers to manage and expand their business in store and online, compete, and remain compliant with the ATF.”

Learn more about Celerant’s partnership with Chattanooga: https://www.celerant.com/partner/chattanooga-shooting-supplies/.

Corps Strength -Transitional Disconnect, Road Blocks and Magical Thinking

July 20th, 2019

This past weekend I spent some time on the road with our Anti-Terrorism/Anti-Piracy class. During all our courses we build time into the schedule to make trips outside of Pensacola to attend training from other bases/agencies and to enjoy some liberty together. I often learn more about my students and their countries on these trips than I do in the classroom, as things are always different (and more open), when you get away from the flag pole. In any case, during this recent trip I was accompanied by an active duty U.S. Navy Senior Chief. He’s currently dealing with some foot injuries and from that, weight gain. During the trip we discussed diet and PT quite a bit. He told me while his foot injury has made maintaining weight standards extra tough, he admitted that he’s struggled with weight for his entire Navy career. However, while speaking to him it was obvious that he had a lot of knowledge about diet and exercise. While it may seem counter-intuitive that a person who is overweight and out of shape would have good knowledge on this, but I’ve found this to be a very common thing.

As we all know, many people struggle with their weight and in our present age of 24/7 cable TV, social media and the internet the world is awash with diet and weight loss information (good and bad). There is also no doubt that people who struggle with their weight spend a lot of time and money trying all kinds of different plans. It’s a multi-billion dollar business and I personally know a lot of people who’ve attempted dozens of different diets and workout plans over the years. Sadly, the vast majority yielded very poor long term results. Why is this? You would think that with more information out there, the more success people would have. However, in most cases the opposite is true. The sad fact is, as more information and options have become available, obesity rates have skyrocketed?

The reasons for the rise in obesity rates are many: People are less physically active in both their jobs and recreation is one reason. The greater availability of processed/fast food is another. There are many more. However, putting aside the causes for now, I want to focus in on why with all the good info out their, most people (despite their obvious knowledge) can’t get a handle on this? Based on my own experience and observation, I have a simple theory.

This problem is what I call; “Transitional Disconnect”. Now, don’t get mental, this isn’t just some high brow physco babble. I’ve actually seen this occurrence in many areas of training. What it simply means (Master Gunny speak here), is an in ability to transition what you know, into successful action.

In this case the knowledge of diet and exercise into successful weight and fitness maintenance. Why do many people have this problem? It’s not a lack of will or motivation, nor is a lack of time or funds. I think the disconnect is much simpler and more practical; Road blocks. With the vast majority of these being self imposed.

When someone makes a decision to get in shape and lose some weight they normally seek out some advice. Which like we said before, isn’t hard to find. Yes, they could get some poor advice, true. But most of the time it’s easy enough to find enough of the tried and true basic stuff, at least enough to get them started. After that it’s time to transition that knowledge into action, this is obviously the hard part and to be successful you need a clear path going forward. But this is exactly where people will unknowingly insert roadblocks that will in short order derail their plan. There are many of these roadblocks, but there are three are the most common and biggest.

1. Attempting a too strict and/or complicated program: Any eating plan that requires a lot of special foods, restrictions and supplements is doomed from the start. I could give you dozens of examples and reasons why this is true. Just trust me, it’s true for 99.9% of the real world. Real foods, in the right amounts, is the only thing that works long term. The same goes for a PT program, try to get too fancy, too intense or just too much and you will injure yourself, or burn out.

2. Losing the balance: Success in anything is really a balancing act. Work vs. Play, Family vs. Career, etc, etc. Eating and working out is no different. To work long term, eating and PT must be a part of your life, support for your life, not your life. People who are trying to lose weight and get in shape very often get this out of balance. They spend way too much time and effort (which is mostly mental) on it. It just becomes too much and then, like trying to balance on a slack line with a 50lb kettlebell in one hand, they will surely fall. Not being negative here, just realistic.

3. Expecting instant results: This a big one. The overall world of today is about instant gratification. Cell phones and the internet allow us to stay connected anywhere and almost instantly obtain the information we want. We have become spoiled in that expectation and think that it should apply to everything, including physical conditioning and weight loss. The sad fact is the human body has not kept up (nor will it ever keep up) with technology. You can’t hit a button and lose 20lbs, or download the conditioning needed to run a marathon. Sorry, the human body doesn’t work in WiFi. But, people tend to give up pretty quick if they don’t see quick improvements.


The bottom line here is that you have to change your thinking first and from that remove the roadblocks to make this work. To expect success without these changes is what I call Magical Thinking; Meaning I’ll just go into this half ass, with a half ass plan and Shazam, it will work great, like magic? Yeah, ok let me know how that works out. Then again you don’t have to tell me, I already know. Getting and keeping your self in good shape isn’t magic, it’s a combination of basic knowledge, sound planning and consistent action. Look at your lifestyle, your routine, the way you eat. From that come up with a eating and PT program that fits into your life. The most successful plans start with small improvements around the edges, not drastic changes. For example, just replacing regular soda with diet (water is better), can make losing weight a lot easier. Consistently going for a walk after dinner is another. These things may seem way too easy, but it’s the small things that you consistently do long term, that always beat out the huge changes that you do for the short term. Now, before you say it, your life is no busier than the rest of us. Mine is balls out, with family, work, travel and play going 24/7. Ask any of my exhausted family and friends that hang out with me. But that’s my life style and while everyone is different, just about anyone can make this work. In my book Corps Strength I lay out in detail how to make good eating and exercise part of your life, not your life. These things aren’t really that hard. Certainly not as hard as people make them. The key here is to remove the roadblocks to your success and that starts (like everything), with the right thinking. Think about it. Till next month.

“Be Safe Always, be Good When you Can”

Semper Fi

Flying Cross Honors Army Astronaut on Apollo 11 Anniversary

July 20th, 2019

Three officers from three different countries (USA, Russia, Italy) united by a mission to space and a duty to serve humanity will launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Saturday July 20 at 12:25 p.m. EDT. Unlike the Apollo 11 astronauts who were heading to the moon for the first manned landing on the lunar surface, the crew of Expedition 60 will be heading to the International Space Station.

NASA Astronaut Andrew Morgan of the U.S. Army has been teamed with Alexander Skvortsov of the Russian space agency Roscosmos and Luca Parmitano, an Italian astronaut from the European Space Agency.

Of all the uniforms we’ve ever made, we can’t help but feel especially proud of the one we made for Col. Morgan. It has been a distinct pleasure to have seen Col. Morgan wearing his Army Green Service Uniform in numerous photos leading up to the big launch – when he will swap his AGSU for something a bit more suitable for space travel.

We wish Col. Morgan and his fellow crew-mates a safe launch, a successful mission, and happy landings upon their return to Earth.


Where will you go in your Army Green Service Uniform? www.GoAGSU.com

563d RQG Airmen Rescue Injured Mexican Fishermen

July 20th, 2019


Airmen from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base’s 563d Rescue Group traveled more than 1700 miles, to save two critically injured Mexican fishermen onboard the Mazatun fishing vessel, July 10, 2019.

 The fishermen were injured when their vessel’s crane collapsed more than 1300 miles southwest of San Diego in international waters at approximately 8 p.m., July 9. Fishing nets obstructed Mazatun’s propellers during the incident making the boat unable to transit under its own power. The two severely injured fishermen were transferred to Mazatun’s sister ship, Tamara, who began making the three day journey to the nearest land, a Mexican naval outpost on Socorro Island located more than approximately 840 miles away.

 Due to the severity of the injuries and the ship’s isolated location, an urgent request was made for the specialized skills of U.S. Air Force Rescue. In response, the 563d RQG deployed multiple HC-130J Combat King II aircraft from the 79th Rescue Squadron to Tamara as it sailed to Socorro Island, July 10. Pararescuemen from the 48th Rescue Squadron parachuted from the HC-130J into the ocean. They intercepted and boarded the Tamara, and provided trauma care for the injured fishermen. They quickly stabilized the patients and offered continued care for the rest of the voyage to Socorro Island.

 “The relationship that was built with the captain of the ship allowed a seamless integration of our PJs medical capabilities to be able to provide the best treatment for the two injured fishermen,” said Capt John Conner, 48th RQS flight commander of flight 3. “It also allowed us the opportunity to work how we were going to transfer the patient on the ship to Socorro Island. That relationship was key.”

 Tamara reached Socorro harbor Friday evening, July 12. The pararescuemen transferred the fishermen to the Mexican naval medical clinic on the island where they would stay overnight. The next day an air ambulance transported them to Mazatlan, Mexico for further treatment.

 “The unsaid skill Air Force Rescue offers is the ability to solve difficult problems in a timely fashion. This mission highlights rescue professionals’ ability to network within the 563d RQG, 355th Wing and a greater Tucson medical community to solve an incredibly difficult problem, and continue solving problems throughout the mission’s execution which can be seen by the infil methods, follow-on aerial resupply, and transfer of care/exfil conditions,” said Captain Michael Erickson, 48th RQS director of operations. “Air Force Rescue’s successful execution of the mission demonstrates one of the ways Davis-Monthan’s culture of readiness and problem solving skills can support the greater joint force and our mission partners.”

 “This is the longest domestic rescue the 563d RQG has accomplished,” said Lt. Col. Scott Williams, 79th RQS commander. “The unique nature and location of the accident required specialized care, and I’m proud of the job our entire team did to ensure these men returned home to their families.”

By A1C Kristine Legate, 355th Wing Public Affairs

Magpul Releases Hunter X-22 Takedown and X-22 Backpacker Forends for the Ruger 10/22 Takedown Rifle

July 19th, 2019

Magpul has released two new forends for the Ruger 10/22 Takedown Rifle.

Hunter X-22 Takedown Forend

• Compatible with the Hunter X-22 Takedown Stock
• Easy exchange of different barrels for the same rifle
• Reversible barrel tray accepts factory and aftermarket barrels up to 0.92” OD
• Adjustable barrel-tensioning shim in the forend for setting barrel preload (the barrel may also be free-floated)
• M-LOK® slots on forend sides and bottom for a variety of accessory and sling mounting options
• Dimpled drill point to install optional sling swivel studs such as the Sling Swivel Stud, MAG819
• Reinforced polymer construction for strength and durability
• Made in the U.S.A.

Black, FDE, ODG, GRY

X-22 Backpacker Forend

• Compatible with the X-22 Backpacker Stock, MAG808
• Unique locking interface to attach the barrel assembly to the stock body when being transported
• Reinforced polymer construction for strength and durability
• Ergonomic hand guard
• Compatible with factory and aftermarket barrels, up to 0.92” OD
• Made in the U.S.A.

Black, FDE, ODG, GRY

DroneShield Releases DroneGun MKIII

July 19th, 2019

DroneShield Ltd (ASX:DRO) (“DroneShield” or the “Company”) is pleased to release a breakthrough new product, DroneGun MKIIITM, following extensive development in response to end-user feedback. The product is available for purchase from today to qualified end-users, where lawful (refer to note below).

DroneGun MKIIITM is a portable pistol-shape drone jammer, weighting under 2kg. The Company believes this product is peerless globally, for its combination of size and effectiveness.


Image: DroneShield’s DroneGun MKIIITM

DroneGun MKIIITM is designed to be an alternate rather than a replacing product for its highly successful DroneGun TacticalTM unit, having a shorter effective range of 500m versus 1-2km for DroneGun TacticalTM.


DroneGun MKIIITM can also be used in combination with other DroneShield products, including the RfPatrolTM body-worn detection device and the DroneSentinelTM stationary multi-sensor detection system.


Product overview can be found here.

Combat Flip Flops MK-19 LTs — Tigerstriped

July 19th, 2019

Charlie Sheen made “Tiger Blood” a thing, but this is where the tiger rubber meets the road.  The engineers at Combat Flip Flops developed a proprietary process to press the stealth, agility, and good looks of tiger, blend it with tactical black magic–and turned it into the sexiest footwear since a tiger claw.   BAM-The MK-19 LT’s in Tigerstripe.  Winning.


Grey Ghost Precision Releases a SIGnificant new offering: GGP320 Slides

July 19th, 2019

Wallace, ID – Grey Ghost Precision is excited to announce the release of their newest product line: aftermarket slides for the SIG P320 platform.

Grey Ghost Precision GGP320 Slides

These new slides share the same precision engineering as the GLOCK aftermarket slides that GGP has been manufacturing for the past two years: the GGP17, GGP19 and SPG43. These new slides, dubbed the ‘GGP320’, are an aftermarket upgrade for your SIG P320 series pistol and will available in both compact and full-size lengths.

Grey Ghost Precision GGP320 Slides

Why branch out to support the P320 platform, as opposed to any one of the other striker-fire handgun platforms that have flooded the industry to date? As an end-user focused company, GGP consistently chooses to adapt when equipment requirements shift in the military and law enforcement realms. As the winning handgun of the United States Military Modular Handgun System trials, the M17 and M18 (P320 MHS variants) brought a new level of modularity to the U.S. professional lead farmer, and many Law Enforcement agencies are following suit by adopting it as well. The P320’s ability to be custom tailored to the individual user’s preferences in grip length, grip size, as well as slide length and sight radius are highly desirable options. By offering GGP320 aftermarket slides with a special twist, GGP is giving P320 users another level of customization with measurable results.

Grey Ghost Precision GGP320 Slides

“We are getting more requests from LE officers, DOD agents and professional door kickers that have been issued the newly adopted P320 platform. Some were already using our slides on their issued Glocks, but are now being issued the P320. So, they came back to us and asked for an aftermarket solution that fills their individual needs and requirements for their new sidearm” says Jason Curns, VP of Firearms at Grey Ghost Precision. “Just like our GGP17/19 and SPG43 slides, these GGP320 slides will offer an affordable and attainable option for online shoppers as well as dealers. Forget sending your P320 OEM slide in for costly modification at lengthy lead times, not to mention possibly scrapping your slide if the job isn’t done right. We were able to lighten the slide with aesthetic features, increase grip serrations and improve the coating without compromising function…. its a drop-in install and comes with all the enhancements that professional handgun shooters have come to expect from us.”

Grey Ghost Precision GGP320 Slides

The first request that GGP received pertained to optics. Some users specifically wanted to use their preferred brand of MRDS optic on their P320, and not be limited to the SIG ROMEO1. Fortunately, GGP had already been down this road. You may recall that GGP engineered a hybrid MRDS optic footprint that simultaneously worked with both the Trijicon RMR or the slightly larger Leupold DeltaPoint Pro; two MRDS platforms that have a proven track record with firearms instructors and red dot users on the streets and on the sand. This dual compatibility optic cut is still featured in the GGP Combat Pistol line as well as the Version 3 and 4 of their GGP19/17 slides, all without the need for bulky adapter plates that raise the optic above the bore axis. GGP brought this same solution to the GGP320 design with the addition of a third box to check: the SIG ROMEO1. You read that right, the GGP320 slide works with the RMR, DPP, and ROMEO1 right out of the box.

Grey Ghost Precision GGP320 Slides

As for the aesthetic of GGP320 Version 1, the serrations have been cut with a gradual taper that gets deeper as it progresses up the slide. This machining technique was featured on the GGP17/19 Version 3 slide, and according to GGP, was a crowd pleaser as soon as it launched earlier this year at SHOT Show 2019. It provides the shooter with a more aggressive grip near the top of the slide for press checks and malfunction clearing drills, without interfering or compromising the material thickness of the slide’s rails. The top of the GGP320 features a window cut for weight balance, without allowing the ingress of large foreign debris to enter the slide. The Version 1 will be available in both compact and full length, as well as in either DLC or Cerakote finish.

Grey Ghost Precision GGP320 SlidesGrey Ghost Precision GGP320 slide

When asked about the differing finish options, Jason Curns said, “We’ve found that Diamond-Like Coating (DLC) is an ideal finish for pistol slides due to its inherent lubricity and resistance to wear over time. However, with the M17 and M18 issued pistols having a coyote tan grip module, we opted to offer a Cerakote option as well to better match the color and appearance of those frames.”

Grey Ghost Precision GGP320 SlideGrey Ghost Precision GGP320 Slide

As for availability, GGP320 slides are available now for preorder on GGP’s website. GGP320 Compact Slides have an MSRP of $418.95 while the Full-Size slides have a $429.99 MSRP. According to GGP, these slides will be shipping by the end of August. “It was vital that we hit the market with serious momentum” said Grey Ghost Precision CEO, Casey Ingels. “We knew the demand for P320 aftermarket slides was going to be high, so we took steps to be first on the block with plenty of stock.” Be sure to subscribe to the Grey Ghost Precision email list to be alerted as more intel becomes available. If you want to preorder a GGP320 slide for yourself, they are available at www.greyghostprecision.com/ggp320-slides


-Machined from 416 Stainless Steel for tighter-than-factory-tolerances

-Available is Black and Grey DLC (Diamond Like Coating) or FDE Cerakote

-Compatibility with Leupold DPP, Trijicon RMR and SIG Romeo1 with supplied screws and shim plates

-Version 1 Slide Pattern with tapered depth serrations for varying aggressiveness from top to bottom

-Compatible with SIG P320 Full-Size, Compact and Carry grip modules

-MSRP $418.95 GGP320 Compact and $429.99 GGP320 Full-Size

-Preorder: GGP320 slides will be released by end of August 2019.

Visit www.greyghostprecision.com for more details.

The GGP320 slides will be on hand at the Grey Ghost Precision booth (#123) during the 2019 Triggrcon Convention in Bellevue, WA, held July 26-27th.