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MATBOCK Monday – OsteoFX Casting System

December 18th, 2017

The OsteoFX Casting System from MATBOCK is now fully in stock and has been added to the DAPA schedule. We introduced this a few months back, but MATBOCK now has the system fully available in different diameters from 2 inches (pediatric) up to 5 inches, all in various lengths for arms and legs. The cast system is easier to use than current systems, available at the same cost, and reduces some of the risks involved with current technologies. With the roll on method, there is reduced pain to the patient during application as well as the elimination of the risk of over tightening compared to wrapping methods. Additionally, because the system can breathe and dry, there is no reason for recasting in the event of exposure to water such as showering or swimming and these activities are encouraged with the OsteoFX. The material is also radiolucent for an X-rays that may be needed after application.

“We are very excited to bring this product to market, not only for the hospital systems in the rear, but also for the operators in the field. The casting system makes a great splint or brace in the event of a turned ankle and can be made removable in cases with risks of compartmentalization.”

FDA Approved
Easy to apply with less mess
Lightweight and breathable
Water resistant for swimming and showering
Little to no skin issues
Superior radiolucency
Cost effective with reduced application times and reduced waste


SureFire Mega Lumens Monday – XH35

December 18th, 2017


Fountain Valley, CA–SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of the world’s finest–and most innovative–illumination tools and tactical products, is proud to announce the launch of the all-new 1,000 lumen XH35 weaponlight. The XH35 features a recoil-proof LED, paired with a precision, undulated reflector to produce our proprietary MaxVision Beam™, a wide, useful wall of light that’s perfect for close to mid-range engagements. The XH35 includes two mode selector switches. One switch toggles between 1,000 lumens and 300 lumens, for when less light is desired by the user. The second switch toggles between continuous light operation and a strobe mode. Activating the XH35 is achieved via ambidextrous switching located at the rear of body, consistent with our X300U & X400U switching. Optional DG grip switches, which allow for ease of one-handed activation without altering your grip, are also available. This powerful and versatile weaponlight was not only created to interface with SureFire’s revolutionary MASTERFIRE™ Rapid Deploy Holster, but can also be attached to any handgun or long gun equipped with a Universal or Picatinny rail.

Learn more at: www.surefire.com/xh35

Black Lion Gear – Glass Coated Shell Carrier

December 18th, 2017

This “glass coated shell carrier” by Black Lion Gear accepts 8 Bottles up to a 0,5 litre caliber.

And, so no one will run off with your Soldiers, they’ve added a 8cm x 8 cm Velcro field for identification.
Available in MultiCam (1000D Cordura), 5 color Flecktarn or 3 color Flecktarn (560D Cordura).
Manufactured in Germany.

Get yours at www.tripleaction.de

h/t to my friend JP Weisswange.

Bionic Power Lands Third Military Field Trial for Wearable Battery-charging Product

December 17th, 2017

VANCOUVER, BC. December 11, 2017 – Bionic Power has received a contract valued at CDN$1.16 million, under the Government of Canada’s Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP), to supply low-volume production units of its PowerWalk® Kinetic Energy Harvester to the Director of Land Requirements (DLR) and Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) for field testing with the Canadian Armed Forces. The Honourable Carla Qualtrough, Minister of Public Services and Procurement, announced the BCIP contracts on December 8 at the BC Tech Association Hub, in Vancouver.

Bionic Power will supply the units in early December, immediately following delivery of previously announced units entering field trials with the US Marine Corps and US Army. The Canadian Armed Forces will share trial results with Bionic Power as soon as field testing is finished, and this information will be available to other militaries looking to purchase harvesters.

“Having PowerWalk units in field tests with multiple military customers supports ongoing product refinement and prepares us for volume production. It also sends a clear signal that our target military customers have confidence in our product and its potential to reduce risks and costs and improve mission effectiveness,” says Yad Garcha, Bionic Power’s Chief Executive Officer. “Every customer has different requirements, from technical specs for batteries to the look of the camouflage. While we know we can deliver the product our customers ask for, they need to see and prove for themselves that our technology delivers.”

The PowerWalk is a light-weight, leg-mounted exoskeleton designed to accommodate a soldier’s full range of motion and harvest energy from the natural action of walking, in much the same way regenerative braking works in hybrid cars.

Military organizations around the world are looking for ways to improve soldier safety while lowering mission costs and risks. Wearing a PowerWalk harvester mitigates the need for extra batteries, reducing the weight a soldier carries while providing continuous life-saving power in the field. The PowerWalk also reduces or eliminates logistical tail challenges, results in a smaller environmental footprint, and can increase mission duration and effectiveness. All these features provide a compelling value proposition for military decision makers.

Canadian Armed Forces testing of Bionic Power’s PowerWalk device will take place in early 2018.

WAR Pendant From Tyr Group LLC 

December 17th, 2017

The TYR Group WAR Pendant is a reproduction of WAR pendants during the Vietnam war. Some American Soldiers during the war would wear war pendants to counter those who wore peace pendants. The TYR Group WAR Pendant is made of AEB-L stainless steel and is approximately 3/16 inches thick. It is attached to a stainless steel loop finding and a length of 550 survival cord.

To get yours, visit tyrgroupllc.com/product-category/merchandise/pendants

Aurora Demonstrates Fully Autonomous Helicopter

December 17th, 2017

Autonomous UH-1H successfully demonstrates flight and operational capabilities at Marine Corps Base Quantico

MARINE CORPS BASE QUANTICO, VA, December 13, 2017 – Aurora Flight Sciences conducted a successful demonstration of the company’s autonomous helicopter system developed under the Office of Naval Research’s (ONR) Autonomous Aerial Cargo Utility System (AACUS) program. Held at Marine Corps Base Quantico’s Urban Training Center, the AACUS-Enabled UH-1H (AEH-1) conducted multiple flights, showcasing its ability to autonomously execute re-supply missions in relevant and austere settings.


AACUS is an aircraft-agnostic hardware and software suite which enables a Marine on the ground to request a supply delivery via helicopter from a handheld tablet, requiring no advanced training to operate the system. AEH-1 is fitted with onboard lidar and camera sensors that enable it to detect and avoid obstacles and evaluate the landing zone. The system processes this information to perform onboard mission, route, and path planning to enable autonomous mission execution.


While previous demonstrations have showcased the system’s autonomy capabilities and interactions with trained operators, this is the first demonstration in which the aircraft performed cargo and utility missions in an operationally-relevant training environment with Marine interaction. As part of the demonstration, Marines loaded supplies for the aircraft before clearing the autonomy system for autonomous takeoff.

“The Marines’ vision for the future of vertical lift operation and support is optionally-piloted aircraft,” said AACUS Program Manager Stephen Chisarik. “Aurora’s system enables any rotary-wing aircraft to detect and react to hazards in the flight path, and make appropriate adjustments to keep the aircraft safe.”

“We’ve developed this great capability ahead of requirements and it’s up to us to determine how to use it,” said Lt. Gen. Robert Walsh, commanding general, Marine Corps Combat Development Command. “The young marines today have grown up in a tech-savvy society, which is an advantage. We’ve got to keep pushing and moving this technology forward.”

Aurora has developed multiple technologies under the AACUS program: the digital flight control system which enables the UH-1 to fly autonomously; and the Tactical Autonomous aerial LOgistics System (TALOS) autonomy technology. The AEH-1 was granted a Special Airworthiness Certificate by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in October, allowing the aircraft to operate autonomous with only a safety pilot onboard to monitor the controls.

Today’s flights served as the final demonstration to ONR, Department of Defense representatives and other senior officials, the culmination of a highly successful five-year Innovative Naval Prototype (INP) program. Having completed the third and final phase of the program, AACUS will now transition to the Marine Corps for experimentation and potential acquisition.


You Never Know Where They’ll Show Up

December 17th, 2017

SSD reader KS sent us a couple pics taken in Spain last month.


This first one is at the Alhambra in Granada.


The second photo was taken at the Plaza de Espana in Sevilla.

New D.A. Hoodie From PDW

December 16th, 2017

Starting with Polartec Wind Pro fabric that sheds moisture and resist strong winds, the D.A. Hoodie is warm and lightweight. The fleece fabric is functional as either a high performance outer layer, or a comfortable insulating layer under a shell.


Beyond its thermal qualities the D.A. Hoodie has plenty of useful features:
6 pockets (2 with dummy cord points)
Shaped MLH hood with mini bill
Reinforced elbows,
Dummy cord keepers
One-handed bottom cinch,
Structured thumbhole cuffs
Laser cut pit vents
Dual loop patches on shoulders
YKK reverse coil zippers


The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

“The D.A. Hoodie is built from many years of experience from some of the world’s most demanding users. Perhaps most notably, our Chief Designer’s relationship with members of SOCOM who were the first very adopters of his technical apparel designs over 17 years ago. Professional wilderness guides, field researchers, explorers, overlanders to the outdoor weekender all have seen and benefitted from the design and quality virtues of his designs. This hoodie showcases a continuing evolution of a core, purpose driven design and quality ethos that drives everything we do. We created D.A. Hoodie as a goto, grab-n-go full zip technical style that performs in a wide variety conditions, use cases and features the extra functional details for the demanding user. Some of the smartly design features don’t reveal themselves until you’re actually in the field, but most importantly they are there when you need them. We’re honored and proud of the core users who have chosen to use our goods. Their lives are defined by authenticity, action, and accomplishments. That’s why were are here and who we design and create these goods for. ”

The PDW D.A. Hoodie will be available in 2 colors, Machine Mineral Gray and Syth Lord Black and available starting on Monday, December 18, 2017 at 12:00 noon PST via their website, prometheusdesignwerx.com.