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You Never Know Where They’ll Show Up

June 28th, 2016

Looks like Jon C is having a good time! Thanks.

Autonomous Alloys – Digital Steel Smart Target System

June 27th, 2016

New high Tech Shooting Target Inspired by Video Game Mechanics Brings the Virtual World to the Real World

Interactive High-Tech Steel Shooting Targets Use First-ever Magnetic Reset and Embedded LED Backlit Illumination to Reproduce Classic FPS Game Mechanics

Autonomous Alloys’ Digital Steel smart target system represents a huge leap forward in shooting target technology for the most common caliber ever made, the .22 LR.

Virtually all shooting targets become static and dull – paper can seen, but can’t be heard; steel can be heard, but can’t be seen. And even “reactive” targets tend to get monotonous after time. Autonomous Alloys has set out to redefine what a target is capable of and in doing so, created the world’s first electronic steel pop up target system that uses traditional first-person (FPS) video game modes to inspire it’s experience, and bring fun and training with interactive, multisensory shooting targets.


Powered by a lightening-fast electromagnet to control pop-up resets and a multi-colored backlit light bar for game feedback, Digital Steel targets combine visual and audio feedback in an extra-ordinary way – every target hit is a satisfying hit. And when wirelessly connected to other targets on the field, something extraordinary happens – game modes that were traditionally only available in video games can now be played down range with live fire. Fan favorites like Free-for-All and Domination from games like Doom, Halo, and Call of Duty, can be played in single player, co-op, and head-to-head modes. Training drills and run and gun modes provide real-world high-adrenaline scenarios and test everything from your double tap and reload skills, to speed and endurance.


Fast paced, intuitive, and fun for shooters of all ages, Digital Steel Smart Targets bring several new features never-before-seen in targets:

  • 20+ Game and training modes at launch and more just a download away
  • Training drills that include custom time-trials and double-tap requirements
  • Virtually unlimited number of wirelessly connected targets down range
  • iOS/Android Apps enable fast and intuitive game starts
  • Up to 4 players for head-to-head or co-op battles
  • Bullet proof! LED illumination is shielded with replaceable polycarbonate bullet resistant polymer; the target popper is cut out of AR450 ballistic steel while the whole chassis is protected by a downward canted AR500 steel shield
  • Solid-state with no moving parts but the popper itself. Onboard embedded processor controls magnetic reset, LED feedback, and wireless communication for lightning-fast responses across the field
  • “Digital Steel Smart Targets are designed to be fun,” said Michael Campbell, co-founder of Autonomous alloys. “Casual and competitive players alike love the system for the charged feedback and action. It’s unlike any other live fire target shooting experience.”


    ITS Tactical – Pocket Notebooks

    June 27th, 2016

    ITS Tactical has taken us back to a modern version of the old Memoranda notebooks we used to get in the military.

    In true USGI fashion, they’ve also included the proven US Made Skilcraft Government ballpoint pen with each 2-Pack of ITS Memo Books. For those in the know, the inner workings of the Skilcraft pen can double as an AR-15 front sight adjustment tool.

    -Available in 2-Packs w/ Included Skilcraft Pen
    -Measures 3.5” wide x 5” Tall (8.9 x 12.7cm)
    -18 Point Chipboard Cover with Rounded Corners
    -32 Blue-Lined Pages from 70# Paper Stock
    -Made with 100% Recycled Papers and Vegetable-Oil Based Inks
    -Made in the USA!


    Unity Tactical Is Now The Exclusive Seller For Iron Forged Concepts’ Product Line

    June 27th, 2016

    Houma, LA- June 27, 2016 – Unity Tactical™ is proud to announce that it is now the exclusive seller for Iron Forged Concepts™ entire product line. These products include the successful Sordin Arc Rail Adapters (SARA) as well as the upcoming Modular Attached Rail Kit (MARK), which will now proudly wear the Unity Tactical logo. Bringing on IFC’s line of helmet accessories is a natural progression for Unity. In 2015, Unity Tactical™ began delving into the world of helmet accessories with the Knuckl™ accessory mount and an NVG adapter for GoPro™ cameras developed is in association with TNVC. For more information on Unity Tactical’s full line of products, visit: www.unitytactical.com

    “In our mission to better serve those that serve us; our military, law enforcement, first responders, and commercial partners, Iron Forged Concepts has accepted the opportunity to come under the Unity Tactical banner. Unity Tactical will continue to support IFC products and customers with the same top notch product and customer support that Unity and their existing products are known for. We are very excited to announce this agreement and cannot think of a better fit for the Iron Forged product family. God bless and stay safe – Zach, IFC “

    “Zach and Iron Forged have built an excellent product and reputation in the industry. We are honored to continue to support our military, LE, first responders, and civilian shooters with his products. Unity Tactical will continue to push forward with new products and innovations in this product line to provide the end users with the absolute best products to support their mission.”

    -Trent Zimmer, President, Unity Tactical


    Dueck Defense – Red Dot Back Up Sight Base

    June 27th, 2016

    Barry Dueck designed the Red Dot Back Up Sight Base as a simple means to incorprate an RDS on to a pistol without going to a gunsmith. The mount slides into the rear sight dovetail.

    • CNC Machined in the USA from US Mill certified bar stock
    • Nitride coated giving a super hard matte black surface finish that is highly corrosion resistant even in salt water environments
    • Uses factory rear sight dovetail. No modification to your gun
    • Optimal mounting height to clear Suppressors
    • Compatible with most open top and red dot tactical holsters

    Next, Dueck Defense is introducing a version for the S&W M&P as seen in this photo by @kotactical on Instagram.


    PROOF Research – Inside Proof

    June 27th, 2016

    I got a chance to see this video from PROOF Research while I was in Germany during IWA. What I like about it, is that it gives you a glimpse behind the curtain and you’ll get to see a little of how those barrels are made. I think you’ll enjoy it as well.


    SPARTANAT – GEAR Made in Italy: FROG.PRO

    June 27th, 2016

    This is the second in “GEAR Made In” series featuring European kit manufacturers by the guys from the Austrian gear blog, SPARTANAT. I checked out FROG.PRO during IWA so it’s cool to get a more in-depth look.


    Some guys love what they call „Gucci Gear“. It is all about high quality and a price not too low. FROG.PRO is a small company from Italy and the manufacture what we would call „Armani Gear“. Also high quality, but with style. We talked with Fabio Casali, the founder and owner of FROG.PRO.

    Fabio Casali

    SPARTANAT: Why FROG.PRO? What is the Frog in your companies name?


    I always loved frogs. They are tiny animals that seem harmless but some of them can produce toxic secretions from their skin. They have a well colored skin, from bright red or yellow colors to camouflage pattern. They are amphibious, and this is certainly one of the reasons because they became the symbol of some SF raiders. We have a great tradition of SF units and this is in a certain way a tribute paid to them and honor what they do.

    SPARTANAT: FROG.PRO origins from Italy. What kind of gear is manufactured by you?

    FrogPro  2

    FROG.PRO: We produce high-end equipment for Military forces, Security operators and Outdoor activities. FROG.PRO products are made from the selection of the best high tech materials and fabrics available. The major part of these materials are sourced from the USA, the world leaders in military equipment innovation, and they exceed all United States MIL-SPEC requirements. Studies of the design during the different phases of development allows us to make concealed stitching with a protective second layer of material. Furthermore all points liable to wear, through friction or stretching, are sewn with special attention. Our modus operandi may not be the least expensive, however each article that leaves our workshop is a milestone in our company mission to provide the best that money can buy.

    SPARTANAT: How long have you manufactured gear?

    FrogPro 1

    The FROG.PRO brand was born in the second half of 2011 to better represent our customized products, once made as a hobby. We officially launched FROG.PRO, as a proper and registered company, in May 2013. Since that day we never stopped working on new designed products.

    SPARTANAT: Who puts on FROG.PRO gear?

    FrogPro  9

    We are in contact with our SF/SOF r&d teams on a daily basis to develop and test new products based on their special requirements. The past year Italian Air Force raiders choose FROG.PRO to meet their needs and at the moment they can rely on some high tech innovative products such as our LC Hagakure. Our products are not only military personnel related, in fact we provide gears to PSC Operators, anti poaching units operating in Africa, serious amateurs for tactical activities and outdoor enthusiasts. That’s why we decided to set different categories on our website.

    SPARTANAT: You have a very special style. Some people say it is „Armani gear“. Where does your feeling for design come from?

    Well, to be honest I do not have any design studies in my background like probably somebody else has. My studies as a youngster were directed completely in the opposite way, but I am very meticulous and I always applied myself to reach the best results both in major and minor projects. Anyway, the aesthetic side is not the priority when I design a new product. Functionality and comfort come first. When these standards are satisfied I start working on the design, often introducing new materials or new features that make our products unique.

    SPARTANAT: Anything you want to tell costumers?

    We are currently working on a new line of products that will introduce some cool innovation in tactical gear. Visit our website, like our Facebook page and follow us to be always updated!

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/FROG.PRO
    Website: www.frogpro.it

    SPARTANAT: www.spartanat.com

    National Molding – Duraflex Web Adapters And Release Pull Bead

    June 27th, 2016

    National Molding has introduced two new products. They’ll be offered in Black, Tan 499 and Ranger Green.



    Click to view .pdf