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MISSION SPEC – Essentials Only Carrier XL 

December 4th, 2016

Mission Spec has announced the public release of the XL version of their Ultra-light weight plate carrier. The standard version of the Essentials Only Carrier (EOC) fits Medium or Large (e,x)SAPI plates where the new XL version is designed specifically for the bigger Extra-Large armor inserts.


The EOCXL™ is fully compatible with Mission Spec Shoulder Savers mkII™ and the recently released FlankSavers™ for adding side armor protection to the system. Users wanting more information are encouraged to watch the promo video for the standard (M/L) model located on the product information page.

The EOCXL is available for immediate order and can be customized for end user’s (individual/unit/department) specific needs. Customers seeking customization should contact Mission Spec on the website email contact form. 100% designed, tested, and manufactured in the United States, Berry Compliant, Limited Lifetime Warranty, and available in Mission Spec’s full line of available colors and patterns.

US Army Patents New Blast Debris Protective Harness

December 4th, 2016

This press release from the Army discusses a new take on the Protective Over Garment or POG program.  The commercial items they issued in the past, would be displaced by the negative pressure wave preceding the blast and frag wave.  Consequently, they weren’t as effective as they could have been.  I’m told this new system is a much closer fit, so it won’t move during a blast.

Engineers and designers at the Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center, or NSRDEC, have patented a blast debris protective harness. The harness is worn outside the pants and hugs the body without hindering movement. (Photo Credit: David Kamm)

Granted, it looks complicated in this photo, but it will make sense once you see it actually being worn in the next photo.

Below is the full Army story.

NATICK, Mass. — Engineers and designers at the Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center have patented a new design for a harness that protects its wearer from blast debris.

Worn outside the pants, the harness is designed to protect the groin and femoral artery and prevent debris from embedding in and around the groin. Such injuries can be so severe that repeated surgeries are often needed to remove the debris, leading to extreme discomfort as well as health and hygiene issues. The harness has also been adapted to provide fragmentation protection.

Project lead Kristine Isherwood said NSRDEC began designing the piece of equipment after a joint urgent operational needs statement was issued for blast debris protection, while the Product Manager Soldier Protective Equipment looked for commercial off-the-shelf solutions.

“The protection that existed before was letting debris in because it wasn’t fitted close enough to the body,” said Cara Tuttle, an NSRDEC clothing designer and design lead. “Soldiers weren’t wearing it often enough, and it didn’t come down inside of the leg to protect the femoral artery.”

Before arriving at the harness design, NSRDEC considered several others, including under-trouser, within-trouser, and over-trouser designs. The ultimate design for the harness uses multiple layers of Kevlar that alternate as they overlap.

“A layer overlaps in one direction, then the next layer overlaps in the opposite direction, and it keeps alternating,” Tuttle said. “This creates a better barrier for small [debris fragments], which would have to zig zag through all these layers to get through.”

The resulting design hugs the body without hindering movement or range of motion. Project engineers partnered with NSRDEC’s Human Factors and Anthropology teams to achieve the snug fit. The design makes use of adjustable straps and buckles that allow for easy doffing and donning.

“It was challenging to add layers and area of coverage without impacting movement,” said Isherwood. “Whether you had to climb in a window or kneel, [the harness] needed to stay in place, but also allow full range of motion. The uniqueness of this design is that it’s stable but moves with you.”

Tuttle, who worked in the apparel industry for a number of years before coming to Natick, and Isherwood say they are dedicated to improving the quality of life and safety of the warfighter.

“There is nothing in the [apparel] industry quite like what we do here at Natick,” Tuttle said. “We are helping to protect the men and women who are protecting our country. Our work … has the potential to save lives.”

“[Our Soldiers] are volunteering to be put in harm’s way,” Isherwood said. “So anything I can do to protect them without compromising their effectiveness is the goal. That’s what we are trying to do every day.”

As with many protective items developed by NSRDEC, the innovation is expected to benefit the not just the warfighter, but also may, in the future, be licensed for use by first responders.

44 Official Issue Skull Cap by YANCO

December 4th, 2016

In addition to Tigerstripe, I’m also a fan of dot camo patterns like German Flecktarn. 44 Bikes is offering a skull cap for riders, made from Flecktarn.

Supply is limited, get yours at

h/t to Giff at

TacJobs – Manager, TAG Regional Account

December 3rd, 2016

TAG is looking for highly experienced and qualified people to begin filling our team as our military sales division rapidly expands over the next year to meet the ever growing demands from our customers.

TAG, has shifted its focus from solely offering its own products to a best in class tactical products distribution company. On Jan 17th 2017 our new website will be live with not only an all new look and function but will feature these brands.

Benchmade, Darn Tough, Armor Express, ESS Eyewear, Sig Sauer, Predator War Paint, Mechanix Wear Gloves, Hesco, Multimat, Streamlight, XGO, Proforce, Snugpak, Gerber, Ops Core, Fifty-Fifty, Rite in the Rain, Magpul, SOG Knives, Petzl, Crye Precision, Wiley X, Aimpoint, Maglite, Suunto, S&S Precision, ArcTeryx, LED Lenser, Leatherman, Soloman, Revision Eyewear, Kysek Coolers, Pelican, Goal Zero, Source Hydration, Smart Wool, Under Armour, Oakley, Smith and Wesson, Danner, Gripod and Camelbak.

We have seen tremendous success within our Base Supply Centers and ecommerce sales channels in the past two years. So we are expanding our efforts with our direct to consumer business model that we first implemented in Jan. 2016. What this ultimately means is that TAG no longer has “dealers” or “distributors.” We will price these brands as aggressively as we can to provide not only best in quality but best in price for the end user.

This Regional Account Manager position is in Durham, North Carolina.

LC Industries, a multi-site manufacturing, distribution, retail and E-Commerce Company, is seeking a TAG Regional Account Manager to join our team.

DESCRIPTION: The TAG Regional Account Manager’s responsibility is to develop relationships with military units, customers, supply officers and contracting officers (end users at all levels) within their defined sales territory to grow LCI tactical business by accessing current and future requirements, by being a solutions provider on behalf of the customer. The TAG Regional Account Manager should also educate all customers regarding LCI’s/TAG’s capabilities to be their supplier of choice. Establish and maintain rapport with all co-workers, customers and vendors. Must be an extremely effective communicator both written and in person. Strong phone skills required. Ability to log in and work remotely. Working knowledge of MS Office Suite especially Word® and Excel®. Reports to the Director of TAG. Bi-weekly meetings, day to day supervision is limited. Updated weekly sales pipeline will be required to be submitted bi-weekly for review. Be available for all requested meetings and phone calls from co-workers and direct supervisor.

Strong working knowledge of all tactical products to include but limited to Tactical nylon products such as pouches, packs, plate carriers, slings, belts and harnesses. Hard and soft armor systems. Experience with ballistic helmets, communications equipment to include hand held and man pack systems. Knowledge of Communications headsets, Boots and combat uniforms, Knives; fixed blades and folding. Understand Medical equipment and kitting systems, tactical and cold weather gloves, cold weather layer systems and sleeping systems. Working knowledge of ballistic eyewear systems, high level of understanding of military language, rank structure & acronyms. Must have basic understanding of US ground combat weapons platforms to include but not limited to pistols, combat rifles, sniper rifles, rockets and mortar systems. Exemplify understanding of individual optic and aiming systems as it relates to their weapons platforms. Great knowledge all contract vehicles/funding methods customers can and do use for procurement at all levels. Extensive experience in responding to Requests for Information (RFI) and Request for Quote (RFQ) directly from customers as well as government contracting officers. Detailed knowledge of the Berry Amendment and its rules

QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s degree or 5 years minimum industry experience as an outside sales representative in the tactical industry and experience, knowledge and training with government procurement vehicles such as but not limited to: Defense Logistics Agency’s (DLA) Special Operations Equipment (SOE) and the Fire & Emergency Services Equipment (FESE) contracts as part of the Tailored Logistics Support Program (TLSP). General Services Administration (GSA) schedule 84 products. Federal Business Opportunities (FEDBIZOPS). May substitute or combine up to 2 years’ experience as an Inside Sales Representative to achieve this requirement.

Apply online at:

NO Phone Calls Please

LC Industries is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or protected Veteran status.

Gunfighter Moment – Frank Proctor

December 3rd, 2016

Pistol Sight Problems


Yesterday I was training with some guys and had them shooting what I call Performance Grouping at 50 yards. (we do it at other shorter distances too but 50 yards shots are a very real possibility in the practical applications of pistol shooting) In the exercise I push shooters to put 5 rounds on target as quickly as they can. Being able to group well on small targets is important but I think the time factor is a very real thing in the practical application of pistol shooting. I typically look for shooters to get 5 hits on a piece of 8.5×11 copy paper at 25 yards in 6 seconds or less from the holster.

Back to yesterday at 50 yards. During the exercise a guy came up to me and said…man my front sight is so big I can’t see the target at this distance. That’s a problem folks. We were shooting at 14 x 20 ish steel roughly the size of a man’s chest. I looked through his sights and sure enough the front sight covered the entire target at that distance, makes it hard to aim at what you can’t see. This is a problem that a lot of pistol sights cause especially the night sights. He was using a very popular style of night sight that offers tritum and some bright orange paint. The front sight is .135” wide. In my experience as a pistol shooter and a tactical shooter night sights offer more disability to shooters than capability. The front sights are generally too big and the rear notch is also very big and allows too much room for sight mis-alignment which is the biggest problem for pistol shooters on small targets. Another disadvantage of most night sights is there is no contrast in the font and rear i.e. 3 dots that all look the same. Our eyes see extremely fast but the 3 dot sight slow the eyes down because they have to interpret what they are looking at (which of the 3 dots is the front and which is the rear) From spending a lot of time with my eyes behind a pistol seeing and shooting fast, I have found that a contrast between the 2 sights makes it much easier for the eyes to work at the speed they can. I prefer a black rear and fiber optic front (red for me) I have found a .115 wide front to be very durable and narrow enough that it doesn’t cover a reasonable size target at distance. I’m sure some will bash that the fiber will break and that you have to have night sights for shooting in low light. If installed correctly fiber has lasted as many as 10000 rounds for me. I’m not sure how long it would go because I replaced it at that point. As far as low light shooting: if you have to shoot at night in a defensive or tactical shooting situation, you need a light to ID what you are shooting at, hand held or weapon mounted, either one of those will show you the sights.

That’s what I’ve got for now, rock on and train to win!

-Frank Proctor


Frank Proctor has served over 18 years in the military, the last 11 of those in US Army Special Forces. During his multiple combat tours in Afghanistan & Iraq he had the privilege to serve with and learn from many seasoned veteran Special Forces Operators so their combined years of knowledge and experience has helped him to become a better operator & instructor. While serving as an instructor at the Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Course he was drawn to competitive shooting. He has since earned the USPSA Grand Master ranking in the Limited Division and Master ranking in the IDPA Stock Service Pistol division. He learned a great deal from shooting in competition and this has helped him to become to become a better tactical shooter. Frank is one of the few individuals able to bring the experiences of U.S. Army Special Forces, Competitive Shooting, and Veteran Instructor to every class.

All this experience combines to make Frank Proctor a well-rounded shooter and instructor capable of helping you to achieve your goal of becoming a better shooter.

Gunfighter Moment is a weekly feature brought to you by Bravo Company USA. Bravo Company is home of the Gunfighters, and each week they bring us a different trainer to offer some words of wisdom.

Prometheus Design Werx – Wilderness Utility Top Available For Pre-Order

December 3rd, 2016

Heritage Materials, Modern Performance Design, Made in the USA

Prometheus Design Werx is opening their new Wilderness Utility Top for Pre-Order. This signature design for is in a class by itself. If the spirits of Jeremiah Johnson, John Muir, and Hugh Glass inhabit your own. This design is crafted for those who are most at home in the forests, mountains, and wilderness. A fine blend between a tried and trued heritage wool Melton and a modern, function first utility design, the Wilderness Utility Top is a style that will be lived in and relied on year after year. Cut in a shirt-jac silhouette, it is a relaxed fit and designed to be worn like a light jacket over a light mid-layer. Or size down if to worn mostly with a base-layer like your favorite waffle thermal. Designed and made in California, USA.

The Wilderness Utility Top is a part of their Made in USA CORE-Line of products by Prometheus Design Werx, and will be available in OD Green and Charcoal Gray Heather.

The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

“We see this as the modern mountain man shirt. While a very modern and functional design, it is made with a classic wool Melton. Wool has been the goto outdoor material for generations. It is naturally insulating even when wet, quiet, and no melt no drip. The overall cut and single side arm panels allows a great range and freedom of movement uncommon in wool style outdoor shirts. Ample, well placed pockets for storing any number of outdoor accessories, personal effects, and survival to camp items. 4 of the pockets have zippers for extra security, 2 additional chest pockets act as hand warmers, and are placed as to clear pack waist straps, utility to first-line belts. Double reinforced elbows, generous collar stands up to block wind, and the no-loss slotted parasmock style PDW buttons round out the Wilderness Utility Top. This is a PDW shirt that you can likely pass down to your grandkids. We’re going to wear the hell out of this top.”

The PDW Wilderness Utility Top is available for Pre-Order via their website,

A Quick Nap

December 3rd, 2016

This photo from the Panama invasion depicts a US SOF Soldier getting some rest during a lull in the fighting. Love the Colt carbine with the massive flashlight attached to the handguard and the optic mounted to the carrying handle.

Plenty of Saved Weight for Accessories – Bushmaster Introduces the Minimalist-SD

December 3rd, 2016

Huntsville, AL – Bushmaster Firearms International (“BFI”) is proud to announce today, its latest modern sporting rifle offering – the Minimalist-SD. The Minimalist provides exceptional accuracy, reliability and performance in a rifle that is highly featured, lightweight and economical.


The Bushmaster Minimalist-SD is available chambered in 5.56mm NATO (91056) and 300 AAC Blackout (90924). Both chamberings are offered with a MSRP of $1,169.

Bushmaster Minimalist-SD Feature and Benefits:

Overall Average Weight 6lbs – Perfect for all shooters and plenty of saved weight for accessories.
16-inch, lightweight, 4150 FNC treated barrel – For easy handling without compromising barrel life or ammo compatibility
Rifle Length AAC Square Drop Handguard – For fast solid attachment of KeyMod accessories at seven different angles
ALG Defense Advanced Combat Trigger (ACT) – Consistent, smooth 5.5-pound trigger pull
Mission First Tactical Minimalist Stock – Comfortable and versatile with QD cup and rounded rubber buttpad
Mission First Tactical Grip and Magazine – High-quality furniture and magazine with similar styling

91056 – BFI Minimalist-SD 556 Specifications
Mag Capacity – 30
Barrel Length – 16″
Twist Rate – 1:8″
Overall Length – 35″
Upper Receiver – A3 Flattop
Barrel Material – 4150
Barrel Finish – FNC
Barrel Contour – Lightweight
Avg. Weight – 6lbs

90924 – BFI Minimalist-SD 300 BO Specifications
Mag Capacity – 30
Barrel Length – 16″
Twist Rate – 1:7″
Overall Length – 35″
Upper Receiver – A3 Flattop
Barrel Material – 4150
Barrel Finish – FNC
Barrel Contour – Heavy
Avg. Weight – 6.3lbs