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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Contractor Bag and Rolling Frame

August 26th, 2016

This week, are focusing on the Contractor Bag and Rolling Frame from FirstSpear. It’s been around awhile but has become quite popular with law enforcement and military. I’ve got one and I can tell you, this thing is a beast and makes transporting your gear a snap.

The bag features top loading through a large generous zipper closed portal and has reinforced secured handles that can be used to offset the pull of the bag behind you so as not to clip your heels or for those times when you find yourself pulling two. Plus, it’s available in some non-tactical, yet muted colors, so you don’t stick out one way or the other.

16” wide
11.5” deep at the top 12.5” deep at the bottom
36” long

Bonus for SSD readers: Order any Contractor Bag this weekend and get a FREE custom fabric backed cell tag in 2”x4″ (up to 8 characters) or 3”x8″ (up to 15 characters).

Magpul Has Some Cool Leather Patches

August 26th, 2016

100% Bullhide morale patches, using portions of the same bullhide that their Tejas Gun Belts are made from, these hook and loop backed patches can be used anyplace a standard woven patch would be used. Each patch is heat embossed with a logo or image that will be unique to that patch due to the natural qualities of real leather.

·Top Grade Bullhide Leather
·Dimensions: 3”X 2”
·Hook and Loop Backing
·Made in Texas, USA

De Oppresso Liber Statue Dedication – NYC – 13 Sep 2016

August 26th, 2016

De Oppresso Liber Statue Dedication – NYC – 13 Sep 2016

Who: 500-800 attendees expected

What: Rededication of De Oppresso Liber “America’s Response Statue” to its permanent home

When: 13 Sep 2016 @ 1130-1230

Where: Liberty Park, World Trade Center, Albany St & West St, New York City (elevated ‘green space’ that overlooks the 9/11 Memorial Plaza). Please see news link below.

Why: Statue commemorates the servicemen and women of America’s Special Operations response to 9/11, including those who fought in the early days of Operation Enduring Freedom. This operation led to the initial defeat of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Info courtesy of the Air Commando Association.

Final Installment of the Travis Haley Signature Series by Keomaka

August 25th, 2016

This is the final installment of the Travis Haley signature series by Keomaka. Collect the series at

The Leaf- Chronical Presents – VETERANS: Parachutists have special evidence for claims

August 25th, 2016

Normally, I wouldn’t link to an article from a site owned by Gannett, but this op-ed is some good advice for US military Veterans who are seeking VA compensation for injuries arising from parachute duties. I served on jump status in both the Army and Air Force and the AF took it much more seriously from a medical viewpoint because parachutist duties were considered flight status. Consequently, parachutist were more likely to hide or at least downplay medical conditions in order to remain in status. After a career, they take their toll. If you’re in the same boat, this article by Sandy Britt For The Leaf-Chronicle is worth the read.

Many veterans who were on jump status avoided going to sick call while on active duty so as not to be taken off of jump status, or because it was frowned upon by their command….For example, veterans who were on jump status and earned one of the parachutist badges have concrete evidence of the number of jumps they completed. It’s a known medical fact that parachuting puts abnormal, traumatic pressure on joints, especially knees, feet, ankles, hips and spine, and as a result, chronic joint disabilities usually follow….read the rest at

Beyond Explains Their Softshells – Rig, or Rig Light? Which one is right for you?

August 25th, 2016

Beyond asked us to share this post with our readers.

We often get asked about the differences between our Rig and Rig Light Softshells. We wanted to address these questions with a brief overview of softshells, what they do and when to use them.

What is a Softshell?

Softshell has become a rather large category in performance textiles. In general, a softshell is a stretch woven, or knit that is breathable, wind and water resistant. Softshells are typically used for high energy aerobic activities where you need protection from the environment, but you also require efficient heat transport and moisture management. The stretch properties of softshell also make these garments easy to move in and more durable around seams.


Both the Rig and Rig Light Softshells are built out of a 4-way stretch Tweave© Durastretch© fabric. The main difference between the Rig and the Rig Light is that the Rig Softshells have a layer of fleece laminated to the Durastretch© fabric. This layer of fleece is going to add extra insulation for additional warmth in colder environments. Because the Rig Light Softshells don’t have the fleece laminate, they are going to be lighter, more packable and will be better in moderate temps.


The Rig Light Jacket and Pant are going to be slightly more packable because they don’t have the extra layer of fleece laminate. Here’s a comparison of the Rig Jacket and the Rig Light Jacket next to a 32oz Nalgene bottle:

Which one is right for you?

Both the Rig and Rig Light Softshells are designed to be worn in active use profiles, so it really comes down to temperature range. If you are planning to be in cold – extreme cold temps, you’re going to want to go with the Rig Softshells. If you’re going to be in more moderate temperatures and you’re trying to save weight, you’re probably going to want to go with the Rig Lights.

Rig Jacket

It’s also important to think about what might integrate the best with your existing kit. For instance, if you paired the Rig Light Backcountry pants with the A2 Longjohn, you’re going to get similar cold weather functionality as the fleece laminated Rig Pants. When the weather, or seasons shift, you can ditch the long johns and you have a super breathable pant for moderate to warm weather.

Rig Light Jacket

We designed the entire Axios system to be customizable to your specific use profile. If you ever have any questions about which garment will work best with your existing kit, or if you have questions about what to bring on your next adventure, please reach out to and we’ll get you squared away.

Rig and Rig Light Softshells are in stock and ready to ship. Contact to place your end of year orders.

Read the rest of the Blog Post Here:

TangoDown – GSR-03 Slide Racker

August 25th, 2016

TangoDown has developed a Slide Racker to accommodate larger frame 9mm and .40 double stack Glock models.

The GSR-03 provides small serrated wings at the slide’s end, to guarantee a positive cycling of ammunition into the weapon. Even if you’re down to one hand, cycling the slide against your belt, holster or heel is quick and positive. Those with small hands or struggling with arthritis, will benefit from this upgrade. The GSR-03 is big enough to offer advantage, yet small enough to be unnoticeable in concealed carry holsters.

Visit for more information on the GSR-03.

Juggernaut.Case Introduces the New SLEEV and BUMPR Products for 2016

August 25th, 2016

For years guys have been telling me that they wished Juggernaut’s handheld device cases were more affordable.  Now, they’ve leveraged everything they learned building the program-level cases in order to introduce streamlined variants that you can afford to buy out of your pocket. Check these out.

With more waterproof smartphones on the market, Juggernaut.Case™ introduces two new levels of protective cases evolved from our field-proven rugged hard case. The new cases are an affordable solution for users that don’t need all of the protection of the original Juggernaut.Case™ but still seek impact/drop protection in addition to full compatibility with all existing Juggernaut.Case™ mounts. The new cases are called the “SLEEV” and the “BUMPR”. Both are available with or without cables for connecting to Tactical Radios/Hubs.

While the SLEEV retains the capability to utilize the new QDD (quick disconnect DOOR) and the QD Cable assemblies via the two thumbscrews, the BUMPR is either Cabled or Non-Cabled with sealed access ports to the micro-USB connector and 3.5 mm audio jack. A new low-cost cable assembly for these cases that terminates in a standard USB-A connector allows unshielded data transfer and 5V power to the device from any portable external battery or car charger, etc.

For more information on these new cases visit: or download the PDF file at: