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TacJobs – Crimson Trace Seeks Regional Sales Manager

August 26th, 2014

Crimson Trace is currently seeking a Regional Sales Manager. The full details of the position including duties and qualifications can be read below.

Crimson Trace

(Wilsonville, OR) – Crimson Trace, America’s acknowledged industry leader for laser sighting systems and tactical lighting for firearms, seeks a sales professional to become the Regional Sales Manager (RSM) in the Midwest. The position covers Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and southern Illinois and will serve as the accounts manager within that area.

The RSM will be responsible for developing the necessary plans to achieve the territory sales goals. Additionally, the RSM will develop critical business plan objectives through cultivating and building CTC’s regional dealer base, increasing customer loyalty in the area, and focusing on enhancing distributor and dealer relationships. This CTC employee will conduct training with in-store staff and also with distributors and at gun ranges. The RSM will be responsible for promoting and providing POP displays and signage for dealers.

Crimson Trace RSMs must analyze the assigned territory business opportunities and challenges, then develop and implement a productive sales plan to grow CTC’s market share and profitability within the territory. Other duties will require working to grow sales, developing partnership projects, and managing profitable relationships. Must be able to complete reports and maintain records. More job details are at

The RSM must achieve sales goals and business plan objectives within a two-step distribution system while enhancing the reputation and brand awareness of Crimson Trace and its products. Experience should include: territory management skills, knowledge of price and promotion management, merchandising, and display standards.

Among other qualifications for employment as a Crimson Trace RSM are: a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent), and at least two years recent sales experience working with chains, buy groups, on-line and catalog dealers, and distributors. Experience in the sporting goods/firearm industry and a working knowledge of consumer package goods is desired. Candidates should be a career oriented team player with a positive can-do attitude.

Crimson Trace Corporation is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants must be a “US person” or equivalent as defined by ITAR regulations to comply with required US government export control regulations. CTC offers a competitive compensation package and excellent benefits. For additional company and product information, visit

Beyond Clothing – A2 – AXIOS Krios Grid Fleece

August 26th, 2014

A2 AXIOS Krios Grid Fleece-1

Beyond Clothing’s A2 – AXIOS Krios Grid Fleece is a midweight grid fleece layer. It is designed with an athletic fit engineered to pull moisture away from the skin. Additionally, it features:

A2 AXIOS Krios Grid Fleece-6

Ergonomically placed flat lock seams

A2 AXIOS Krios Grid Fleece-5

Front double-pull zipper for temperature regulation

A2 AXIOS Krios Grid Fleece-2

Left and right external zippered chest pockets

A2 AXIOS Krios Grid Fleece-3

The AXIOS Krios Grid Fleece is available in Black and Coyote in sizes SM – 2XL.

Ares Armor – Remora Speed Shotshell Holder

August 26th, 2014


The Remora Speed Shotshell Holder was designed by Ares Armor in collaboration with Gunnery Sgt. Ray Conard – Active Marine Corps EOD Tech and SOTG Instructor. Constructed of .120 Kydex, the Remora is designed to attach to a Magpul MOE 870/500 forend and holds two 12ga shells. Tension is fully adjustable with the turn of a screw.

The Kydex Remora Speed Shotshell Holder is available in Black. Allow 2-6 weeks for delivery as all Ares Armor Kydex products are built to order.

Leupold Mark 6 3-18x44mm Wins Again With FBI Contract

August 26th, 2014

BEAVERTON, Ore. — Leupold®, America’s Optics Authority®, has been selected to deliver Mark 6® 3-18x44mm riflescopes to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


Designated for use by the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team (HRT), the Mark 6 3-18x44mm delivers a wide magnification range in a compact, efficient package perfect for urban environments as well as extended rural settings.

“The world’s most elite military and law enforcement units are finding the Mark 6 3-18x44mm to be the complete package,” said Wilson Timothy, director of tactical and international sales at Leupold & Stevens, Inc. “The 3 to 18 power range covers almost any scenario these groups may experience, all in a riflescope that’s less than 12 inches in length.”

The Mark 6 3-18x44mm riflescope has been selected by a number of agencies and departments for its rugged durability, exceptional optical quality, and American design, machining and assembly. As part of the ECOS-O (Enhanced Combat Optic Sight – Optimized) program, the Mark 6 3-18x44mm was selected by the Naval Special Warfare Center.

In addition, the past two International Sniper Competitions have been won using the Mark 6 3-18x44mm by SSGT Daniel Horner and SPC Tyler Payne. The famed Los Angeles Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team has also made the Mark 6 3-18x44mm the standard optic for the unit’s precision rifles.
“We especially want to remind rifle manufacturers that may be submitting weapons for the U.S. Army’s Compact Semi Automatic Sniper System (CSASS) trials that the Mark 6 3-18x44mm has been accepted and approved in a number of military contracts,” Timothy said. “There are a number of details to worry about in any military contract process, but your optic does not need to be one.”

For additional product and warranty information, please go to

Daniel Defense Introduces New Models

August 26th, 2014


Daniel Defense has announced the release of several new products: DDM4v11 Series Rifles, MK18 Pistol and 300 Blackout Pistol.

Today, they introduced the DDM4v11 series of rifles with the newly designed SLiM Rail™ 15.0, their first rail system featuring the KeyMod attachment system. The V11 is available with the 16-inch Government, 16-inch Lightweight, or 18-inch Strength-to-Weight (S2W®) barrel. The SLiM Rail™, which is an acronym for Slim Lightweight Modular, will be available for individual sale at a later date.

Daniel Defense is also releasing the MK18 Pistol and 300 Blackout Pistol. The MK18 Pistol is very similar to the MK18 Factory SBR—popular in the law enforcement and special operations communities—with a 10.3” barrel that is classified as an SBR (short-barreled rifle) under the National Firearms Act. The 300 Blackout Pistol, chambered in 300 AAC Blackout, also comes with a 10.3” barrel. Both pistols are designed with a 1.15” Diameter Pistol Receiver Extension opposed to a Mil-Spec receiver extension and buttstock and are not NFA regulated items.

These products are shipping to dealers now and will be available for purchase online soon.

S.O.Tech – A Tribute To Chuy Serrano

August 26th, 2014


Chuy Serrano 1962-2014

There is another hole in the ranks at S.O.Tech. An ever present smile, an uplifting sense of humor, and the touch of a true craftsman. For over a decade, Chuy’s blade cut sheets that became the gear that protected and supported Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Officers of the Law. His crafted pieces saw service from the streets of our cities to far away battlefields. He left an impact on the world’s warriors, and he left an impact on our family. It was Chuy’s sweat that built our company, and we stood by him as he fought the disease. A great craftsman and a good friend, he will be missed.

EJ Snyder Featured In American Survival Guide

August 25th, 2014

Who remembers American Survival Guide from the 1980s? It enjoyed a long run thanks to the survivalist movement that had sprung up. When the economy improved in the 90s, it was gone but it has found a new lease on life due to the rise of the prepper community.


You may have heard of EJ Snyder from his two appearances on the Discovery Channel show “Naked and Afraid” as well as other TV appearances. Some of you may know him from his 25 years of military service as he retired as a Sergeant Major from the US Army.


In the latest issue of American Survival Guide, EJ shares his top 10 tips for staying alive. He isn’t all Hollywood. EJ is an instructor at the US Army’s SERE school at Ft Bragg. While it might be old hat for some, it’s worth a read.

ITS Offers OC Tactical Hearing Protection Covers

August 25th, 2014

ITS Tactical is offering the somewhat elusive Hearing Protection Covers from OC Tactical.


Made from 1000D Cordura with a Dri-Lex backing for comfort, the Hearing Protection Covers includes a 5” piece of loop VELCRO for attaching your own name tape and small attachment loop for securing your hearing protection to a carabiner, GrimLOC or other point.

Available in these sizes:

-Peltor (Fits Earpro With 2? Wide Bands: Comtac, 6S, TacticalPro, Tactical Sport, and Sordin Supreme with Leather Headband.)

-Sordin Pro x (Fits Sordin with 1.5? Plastic Headband)

-Howard Leight (Designed Specifically for the Howard Leight Impact Sport)

Colors include AOR1, AOR2, A-TACS AU and MultiCam.

Don Medine Leaves Safariland Group

August 25th, 2014

The Safariland Group issued this statement regarding TCI founder Don Medine:

Dear Valued Customer,

After 18 years of engineering and producing high quality communications headsets, founder of Tactical Command Industries, Don Medine has decided to pursue other interests and will be departing from The Safariland Group.
Don and his wife Patty built TCI from the ground up alongside a group of law enforcement professionals. Under Don’s leadership, TCI became a company adept at both small custom integration projects as well as large defense procurement opportunities. With a continued passion for TCI, Don decided to sell his company to The Safariland Group in October of 2013 and align TCI’s communications systems with our well-positioned tactical offerings. Since then, Don has been instrumental in integrating TCI’s business into our Communications Category.

With the foundation that Don and Patty have built for TCI we are confident in a successful future for our line of communication products.
We thank Don for his contributions to the industry and wish him well in his future endeavors.


Scott O’Brien

I’ve known Don a long time and wish him well in his next adventure.

It’s Time for the Army to Reconsider Pigskin Leather for Boots

August 25th, 2014

Recently, we posted “Leader Book Notes” on boots from Sergeant Major of the Army, Raymond Chandler. While we applauded his candor, there was a very glaring error in the SMA’s information.

SMA Chandler stated that Warrior Leather is a “common use” term for pigskin. Turns out that is untrue. It is actually a trademarked product of Wolverine Worldwide. You know Wolverine because they own Bates Footwear. Wolverine is the parent company of 16 global brands such as Merrell, Saucony and Wolverine as well as Bates.


Oil, stain and abrasion-resistant Wolverine Warrior® Leather is treated with Scotchgard™ protector to create an invisible, stain-resistant barrier that improves durability without changing the breathability, color or texture of the leather.

Boots with Warrior® Leather are easy to clean and engingeered to resist dirt, mud, motor oil, vehicle fluids, gasoline and other oil-based chemicals.

Once we found out that the term “Warrior Leather” was an actual product that people were buying, it was time to learn more. We ended up discussing this issue recently with the folks at Bates. They’re using it for good reason. Bates found that their WWL is lighter weight, absorbs less liquid, dries faster, retains flexibility better, and is more stain resistant than cattle hide.


The real question in all of this is “what has the US Army got against pigskin leather in the first place?” After all, the other services use it. If it’s good enough for the Marines, why not them?

The first issue that must be addressed is durability. Pigskin is, in fact, thinner than cowhide. Some would take that to mean that it is less durable. Bates shared that over the last 10 years, they have delivered in excess of two million pair of WWL leather combat boots to the US military via DLA contracts and military exchanges without a single documented case of leather failure. Plus, pigskin is more supple. It’s easier to work during the construction of footwear and it breathes better than cowhide.

When the US Air Force moved to adopt pig leather, we know that several Jewish Airmen came forward with their objections. We can imagine that Islamic Airmen may well have been concerned as well. However, cow leather has never been completely replaced by pig leather in US combat boots. It’s only been added as another material solution. So service members have never been placed in a position that would compromise their religious duties. While we understand the religious objections of Jewish and Islamic service members, the overall advantages of pig leather should be weighed as an additional material. Just like there are kosher and halal rations available to those that require them, they’ll still have footwear that meets their needs. Conversely, current issue boots force Hindu Soldiers to wear cowhide. If we are going to use religious grounds as a basis for this decision, all traditions should be considered.

One of the most compelling arguments for the adoption of pig leather is that it diversifies the supply chain for boots. Due to the very fragile nature of the US raw material supply chain it is critical the US military have multiple leather sources in the case of a delivery disruption. Right now, the other services can take advantage of such diversification. Now, it’s the Army’s turn.

The last reason I will cite is, for the Army, the most important reason. Pigskin leather is less expensive than cattle hide. It’s that simple. The Army is the largest consumer of clothing and footwear in DoD and could relieve the cost for boots both institutionally as well as for the individual Soldier with the adoption of pigskin leather for boots; at no performance cost. They can turn those savings around to improve other gear or hasten the transition to OCP.

The advantage is there for the Army if they would reconsider their ban on the use of pigskin leather for combat footwear. Now, we’re not advocating the full scale replacement of cowhide here, but rather the addition of pigskin as an authorized boot material. With the current transition to a new camouflage pattern, cut of the Army Combat Uniform and boot color underway, every option should be on the table, including this one. SSD urges the US Army to reconsider their ban in the use of pigskin leather for combat boots.

UPDATE: I forgot to include a reason. More pigskin = more bacon!