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Shadow Tech, LLC – Kestrel ATI Wind Wrap

October 25th, 2016


Click to view Kestrel ATI Wind Wrap spec sheet

Shadow Tech, LLC, best known for the Hog Saddle, has released a brand new product, The Kestrel ATI Wind Wrap. A good wind meter is an invaluable tool when precision shooting. In that regard, the Kestrel ATI Wind Wrap is an extremely useful accessory, as it serves as a retention device that allows the user to mount their Kestrel wind meter to a rifle sling, tri/bipod leg, or MALICE clip for immediate usage. The ATI Wind Wrap utilizes a soft mount which eliminates the effect rifle recoil has on a Kestrel’s internal electronics. Additionally, the Wind Wrap is made of Hypalon fabric, lined internally with a “special grippy material” which maintains grip in oily or wet conditions.


The Kestrel ATI Wind Wrap is 100% American made and Berry Compliant. Best of all, it’s officially approved by Kestrel themselves.


The ATI Wind Wrap is being produced in two models: Kestrel 4500 – available at the time of writing, and Kestrel 5700 – available November 7th, both in Coyote Brown.

Era3 – Utility Aprons

October 25th, 2016

The E3 signature “Utility Aprons” are now available for pre-order in limited quantities. Made from waxed cotton, the aprons feature eight pockets including four waist pockets and four chest pockets.

Proudly made in the USA and offered in Tan and E3 Grey.

The Twist Pouch From Cole-Tac

October 25th, 2016

Stop losing the bits that come with your Multitasker Twist. Now available from Cole-TAC, the Twist Pouch. Hand made here in America. Available in Clack, Coyote, OD abd MultiCam, it is available with or without the Twist as well.

ASU Awarded Patent for Ultra-Compact Night Vision Video Camera

October 25th, 2016

‘Capture the Night’ with ASU’s Newly Patented Compact Night-Vision Video Camera

(BOISE, IDAHO– October 24th, 2016) Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ASU) was awarded their first patent on the EcliptusTM night vision camera system that allows users to finally capture the night in full HD video.

The newly patented Ecliptus™ offers the functionality of the GoPro® HERO4 camera with the benefit of military-tested night vision light intensification. This new technology is a portable and user-friendly way to capture and stream video in extremely low-light scenarios.

“The Ecliptus™ is already being used by the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force for documentation, after-action reports, and even professional-quality video production,” said ASU CEO Mike Atwood. The portable size and convenience lends itself to applications in law enforcement, security, and defense as well research, recreation, and media production.”

The Ecliptus offers a 40-degree field of view, weighs less than one pound, is integrated with the GoPro® Hero 4 and captures images at 12 megapixels with a burst mode at 30 frames per second. It captures night vision images utilizing a military grade AN/PVS-14 objective lens, records in ultra-high definition (4X HD), and stores these images using a 16 GB SD card. Images and video can also be viewed in real time using WiFi enabled smart devices. The camera modes can be controlled using the GoPro® button controls and from mobile devices with the GoPro app.

“This patent is a major accomplishment for ASU,” said ASU President Jim Winkel. “ASU has been known for years as a night vision global leader providing equipment for aviation and ground-based operators. This patent heralds ASU’s emergence as a night vision manufacturer. Our growing capabilities enable us to listen to our customers need and design customized products that satisfy their mission-critical requirements. Each night men and women around the world conduct demanding, lifesaving missions. Through continued investment in new product, we will continue to enable those who serve and protect to complete their mission and return home safely. That is why we do what we do at ASU.”

Earlier this year, GoPro® invited ASU to be one of only a handful of companies to participate in their developers program; a program spear-headed by GoPro to support companies developing products that integrate with GoPro® technologies. ASU was selected to participate in the program because of the night vision capabilities that the Ecliptus brings to existing GoPro technology and its utilization to aid others in their mission to serve and protect.

“Obtaining the patent for the Ecliptus is something that inspires our entire company,” said ASU Chief Technology Officer Dr. Joseph Estrera. “The Ecliptus is a great product, but it is just the beginning of our new product development activities. We will continue our research and development efforts to invent and innovate products that enable others to serve and protect their communities.”

For additional information about the Ecliptus visit

Oxcart Update – Introducing The V2CS

October 25th, 2016

We recently wrote about Oxcart’s V2 Jeans. Apparently, they’ve sold well.  So well, that sizes 32 and 34 are currently sold out.

Oxcart just sent us an update that they are introducing a new version of the V2’s that they’re calling V2cs (CS stands for color spectrum). It’s a finished garment that has been given a reactive dye bath which includes a silicone / enzyme treatment to give the pants a softer hand feel. The reactive dye baths also allow them to offer any color. The first color available will be Wolf Grey, but on a different quality stretch denim made by Cone Mills than the V2s. The V2CS are available in sizes 30, 36, 38, and 40.

Additionally, Oxcart gave us a sneak peek of something they’re working on. A SOF customer asked them to make a pair of V2s with a special pocket for a Phokus lowvis blowout kit. They ended up making two; one for him and one for a teammate.

This is a short text note from the tester (in Grey) to Oxcart (in Blue) about his experience.

DEP USA Shipping Enhanced AN/PVS-14 Housings Including New Hyper MUM

October 25th, 2016

Recently, DEP USA ran a multi-part series on their new replacement AN/PVS-14 monocular housings, the Hyper14™ /Vyper14™ in 7075 aluminum and polymer respectively. Now, there is an addition, the Hyper MUM™ and DEP is shipping all of the chassis variants this month, to include the new Hyper MUM™.

In addition to the aluminum exoskeletons, the patented internal dampening sleeve mitigates recoil on some of the most abusive bullet dispensers and drop shock from slippery fingered users. The re-designed surfaces allow for significant increases in modularity, scalability and overall ruggedization to include submersion beyond typical EO devices.

The base chassis system can be purchased via DEP distribution along with the other accessories, such as interface shoes, objective lens upgrade kit (shown in titanium/polymer) and other enhancements. The Hyper MUM™ chassis now allows open source modularity (outside of the manufacturer) for various evolutions buy industry and users, a concept pervasive in the industry but largely excluding EO.

All the legacy MUM components are still compatible (minus included upgrade screws), such as the battery compartment, optics and issue support accessories. If you have a legacy MUM and want upgrades or the options of PVS-14 style capabilities such as a USGI 3X magnifier, dual bridge use, or general ruggedization the Hyper MUM™ options supports these capabilities significantly.

Several chassis improvements over the legacy plastic component include full/uninterrupted internal threads, custom image tube fit, shock dampening, tighter overall tolerances, custom fit sealing gasket, and fully heli-coiled interface junctures.

Hyper MUM™ chassis increases the legacy plastic device weight some 27g, about the half the weight of a NATO 5.56 round.

The beta chassis seen here took over 100 blows with a roofing hammer in an (unsuccessful) attempt to sheer the weapon shoe. It was also shot with a .22LR standard load at 10’ to no effect. The chassis protects and supports the costly image tube, and this is what it does well.

The Hyper MUM™ allows use of the PVS-14 style after-market collar style weapons mounts, and other open source interface products.

Email DEP USA for information on distributors.

Operation Urgent Fury

October 25th, 2016

On the morning of October 25th, 1983 America awoke to reports that our troops had invaded a small Caribbean nation named Grenada in order to liberate American medical students from danger posed by political instability. Joined by Regional Security System troops from a variety of Caribbean partner nations they swiftly overwhelmed the Grenadian and Cuban troops. While Operation Urgent Fury was in name, a joint force operation, and included the use of Special Operations Forces, it highlighted many interoperability issues such as use of joint operational overlays and communications issues.


Several stove pipe issues suffered by the pre-Goldwater-Nichols military were identified during this operation. Additionally, Urgent Fury was conducted with many systems still in use which dated from the Viet Nam war. Our next time at bat, in Panama, saw several new weapons developed during the Reagan buildup such as the F117 stealth fighter and the Marine Corps LAV. Grenada was a great learning experience for the US military as it highlighted issues with joint service operations, particularly in the comms arena as well as interoperability between Special Operations and General Purpose forces. For example, SOF also took a much more prominent role in operation Blue Spoon during the Panama invasion. We’ve come even further in the past three decades.

Finally, as with any conflict, lives were lost. Let us not forget the 19 Americans killed in action and the 116 who were wounded. Unfortunately, there were also 24 Grenadian civilians also killed in the conflict.

Bawidamann Launches New Website

October 25th, 2016

They just soft launched the New You will find the new site to be more “user friendly”, with more inventory, an upgraded shopping cart, and best of all they can finally accept debit/credit cards in addition to PayPal.

They are still loading it so you might find a few unfinished areas, but it is up and running. Check it out!