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Propper Grows Industry-Leading Polo Line

February 5th, 2016

St. Charles, MO – Propper is recognized as the industry leader in performance polos. Now they are introducing new colors in their best seller and launching a value polo to insure an option for every customer.

The I.C.E. (Integrated Cooling Effect) Performance Polo is designed to keep wearers cool, dry and comfortable on the job. Innovative wicking technology is built directly into the fabric, helping it dry 125% faster than cotton and 30% faster than polyester. Breathable mesh underarms help maintain a professional appearance in warmer weather. It’s now available in six new men’s and three new women’s colors along with a new long sleeve version for women.


New for spring 2016 is the Propper Uniform Polo. At $19.99 retail this amazing value can’t be beat. Its high-quality performance polyester pique fabric dries quickly and is fade-, shrink-, and wrinkle-resistant. Plus, it keeps all of the tactical features (mic loop and pen pockets) professionals demand.

In addition to these great new polos, Propper is launching new boots, pants, armor, and more in 2016. Visit Propper.com or one of their authorized dealers to learn more.

SOTech Gives Us A Blast From The Past

February 5th, 2016

The Assault Vest was a symbol for SOTech. It was one of the first projects Founder Jim Cragg made for each of the members of his Army Special Operations team. It also symbolized the “overbuilt” ethos of the company – it was made of double layers of 1000 Denier Cordura, heavy webbing and 138 wt. thread. It even included an extraction harness built in. One of the first uses of AustriAlpin’s metal “click buckle” (their predecessor to the Cobra buckle) was on this vest in 1999. 

RRT THiEF System

February 5th, 2016

While visiting with Regulus Global during SHOT Show, something caught my eye.  It was Tactical Handheld Emitter Finder System from Radio Reconnaissance Technologies.  THiEF provides intercept and Radio Direction Finding Line of Bearing against VHF and UHF, analog, single-channel, push-to-talk transmitters.


I’ve used a variety of radio direction finding systems when I was in the service. But, they were much larger, and heavier. Take a look at the THiEF’s antenna head. It’s so compact, it could be integrated into a helmet or other equipment as a body worn system.

The Controller/Display weighs just 15 oz and the Receiver/Antenna comes in at 16.5 oz.


THiEF uses a custom controller to provide the operator with an intuitive, easy-to-learn User Interface with full audio recoring and playback along with a map display.

RRT’s THiEF is available for qualified international customers through Regulus Global.

Tactical Pro Shop Is Aready Planning For SHOT Show 2017

February 5th, 2016


FirstSpear Friday Focus – VAS Soft Harness

February 5th, 2016


The VAS (Vision Augmentation System) Soft Harness is an adjustable harness which allows the wearer to comfortably mount a single or multi-tube NVD or other device when a helmet is not feasible or necessary. The VAS features an adjustable chin strap with positive lock hardware, which is coupled with a TW Cam-Fit system with Boa dial. Also included with the VAS are key spots for cable management, as well as attachment fields for IFF and the FS Helmet Cover Battery Pack.


The VAS Soft Harness is available in Black, Coyote, and MultiCam, sizes Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large.

www.first-spear.com – VAS Soft Harness

The News

February 5th, 2016

Despite assertions to the contrary, I do not sit around plotting to ruin people’s lives with SSD. Actually, people seem to do a pretty good job of doing that on their own. This isn’t a gossip site, so the bar for what gets posted is pretty high. Generally, the personalities you read about on SSD make a living by showing off their mug at every opportunity, They’re always so pleased to see their latest accomplishment posted on the site, but they get upset when their buffoonery makes it as well. It’s not like we publish every little rumor. They’ve got to really work for the recognition.

It’s not just individuals. We write about companies as well, and sometimes those companies, including our advertisers, get themselves in a bind. I know many of these folks and it can be tough. There can be pressure, internal as well as external, to ignore something, or to say something. Sometimes, I hold off because I’m not comfortable with the facts. Other times, the facts are laid bare, for all to see, and are so obvious that my integrity would be questioned if I didn’t post an article.

Regardless if the subject is an individual or a brand, rarely am I judgemental with those in industry, even when I probably should be. I do have a habit of holding government and its officials to a higher standard though. After all, they serve the public trust and use our tax dollars.

I hear the complaints all the time about how unfair a story was, but generally, what they’re really mad about are the comments. Those are an interesting barometer of how much someone messed up and they can strike a nerve. Comments are both the strength and the weakness of social media. I do monitor them and some are deleted due to their sheer spite. Although, many are left in place, perhaps to fester. Comments is where people lose focus. They confuse comments made by semi-anonymous posters, with SSD’s position on the matter. Often, we don’t have one, or we keep it to ourselves.

Over the past month, we have published two posts in particular, which raised controversy. In neither case was there any external pressure before we published. The decision was completely mine. However, in both cases, once the stories were live, there was a great deal of pressure to alter them or delete them altogether. In both instances, we were accused of trying to ruin someone or their business. The thing is, we were just sharing the facts.  People were mad at SSD, for sharing the facts.  

The bottom line: If you get yourself in the headlines, you’re now the news, and SSD runs the news.

-Eric Graves

Adopt a Caisson Horse from The Old Guard

February 5th, 2016


Two horses from The Old Guard Caisson Platoon are available for adoption:

1. Quincy: Is an 11-year old, black Quarter Horse gelding. His feet have very thin soles which make him sensitive to hard ground when he is not shod. The therapeutic shoe that Quincy must wear limits his ability to be used as a Caisson Horse. 

Quincy is one of the most popular horses in the Caisson Stables. He is known to be very loving and enthusiastic towards visitors and especially children. He could be maintained with proper shoeing and medication. It is recommended that the adopter limit contact with hard ground and endurance riding. He is current for all shots and Coggins test.

2. Kennedy: Is a 16-year old, black Standardbred gelding at 14.3 hands. He was purchased after retiring from racing and groomed as a Caparison Horse for the US Army Caisson Platoon. Following his ceremonial service in Arlington National Cemetery, Kennedy was taken to the Fort Belvoir Training Facility to participate in therapeutic riding with disabled veterans.

Kennedy’s health is excellent. He is up to date on all vaccines and Coggins test. Kennedy’s ideal adopter would be a proficient horseman with horse training experience.

You can find the Horse Adoption Application at:


Direct any questions to the Caisson Platoon at usarmy.jbmhh.mxb.caisson-platoon@mail.mil.

NSSF Calls It Like It Is – Shooting Fantasy Camp

February 5th, 2016

Regardless of what it’s called, this is a great opportunity from National Shooting Sports Foundation. You have an opportunity to shoot and learn from six of the world’s top shooters in Las Vegas March 31 – April 2 at the five-star Clark Country Shooting Complex. I’ve visited the facility on a couple of occasions and it is truly world class.

What’s included in the $2,995 registration fee:
-Hotel accommodations for four (4) days, three (3) nights at Aliante Casino + Hotel + Spa
-Instruction from six of the top professional shooters in the world for a weekend
-A weekend of handgun shooting, instruction and friendly competition at Nevada’s world-class, five-star Clark County Shooting Complex
-9mm ammunition
-Transportation to and from the shooting range
-Lunches and Breakfasts from when you arrive until you depart.
-Personalized Professional Shooting Shirt
-Range Bag filled with Gear
-Commemorative Shooting Cap
-Evening cocktails and events
-Copy of Camp Video and Photos from your experience