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Scorpion MKIV-A Available For Sale

June 18th, 2018

4×4 magazine called the Scorpion, the ultimate off-road vehicle.

This Scorpion was built for the DARPA Grand Challenge and also competed in the DARPA Urban Challenge. It has performed proof of concept demonstrations for the military and is currently Preferred Chassis Fabrication’s show vehicle. The MKIV-A can be purchased in its current robotic configuration or PCF will convert it to conventional human drive.

For info and pricing email

GDI Launches New Website

June 18th, 2018

Manufacturer to Celebrate Launch with Limited Time Discount on Favorite Products
June 18, 2018 – Global Defense Initiatives (GDI), manufacturers of mount interface devices for use with day optics, red dot sights, laser aiming, illumination, night vision and thermal imaging systems, has announced it has launched a new website. Live now; the new site features a sleek, user-friendly layout, providing easier navigation and searches, as well as detailed product information, videos and images.

The new website,, is designed to speak to the consumer, providing functionality and interactive use. The site helps to make the user experience easier by highlighting specific components and benefits with each product.

“We are thrilled with the launch of our website,” stated Marco Gonzalez, GDI’s founder and CEO. “GDI maintains an unwavering level of perfection, with every product that goes out the door; and this site further demonstrates our commitment to making each of our customers happy. The upgraded features and streamlined look will allow our customers to easily find the products they want, based on their need and experience.”

In celebration of the new launch, GDI will be offering eleven (11) of their mount models at a 20% discount for sale, on a first-come, first-serve basis, with a limited quantity of twelve (12) per part numbers shown. The promotion will run today through July 8th, based on availability.

Products Included in Promotion
Rifle Scopes
· P-ROM L-Model™ (Rifle Optic Mount)
· 30mm Tube 0 MOA BIAS P/N: PRL3000
· 30mm Tube 25 MOA BIAS P/N: PRL3025
· 34mm Tube 0 MOA BIAS P/N: PRL3400

Aimpoint Micro Series / Vortex Sparc
Absolute CW P/N: MT5M
Lower 1/3 CW P/N: MT6M

Trijicon ACOG & VCOG
R-COM E-Model™ (Combat Optic Mount) P/N: RCME
V-COM L-Model ™ (Combat Optic Mount) P/N: VCML

Trijicon RMR Series
Absolute CW P/N: MR5M
Lower 1/3 CW P/N: MR6M

Trijicon MRO Series
Absolute CW P/N: MS5M
Lower 1/3 CW P/N: MS6M

Visit, and enter COUPON CODE: WEB20. Celebration Special items shown above are IN STOCK, and will ship USPS PRIORITY in 7-10 business days.

GDI’s ruggedized mounts are designed to improve accuracy and marksmanship in the harshest field use and environmental settings. In serving those who serve, GDI has gained a reputation in the defense community by building optic mounts that exceed military specifications through their precision engineering, manufacturing, and quality craftsmanship standards. GDI’s combat proven products are available to all shooting sports enthusiasts.

Bone Tactical – Cholombia Combat Shirts

June 18th, 2018

It’s called the Cholombia shirt because they are produced in Choloma Honduras, one of the most dangerous places on earth.


The Colombia Shirt is the creation of Bone Tactical. They’ve got quite a story behind the shirt, so I won’t steal their thunder, but rather encourage you to hit the link and read it for yourself.


Sized from Small – XXLarge like military uniforms, there’s even a short sleeved version.


Detachment B-52 (Project Delta) Reconnaissance Tips Of The Trade

June 18th, 2018

When I joined the Army in 1985, most of my senior NCO leadership had served in Vietnam. They were men who had seen combat and we hung on their every word as we trained.

In the late 80s, I served in a LRSD in Germany. We turned to photocopies of a document produced by the Vietnam-era Military Assistance Command Vietnam Studies and Observation Group’s Det B-52 aka Project Delta called ‘Reconnaissance Tips Of The Trade.’


We poured over its 32 pages which were gold to us, offering guidance on how to configure equipment and conduct ourselves on patrols. Some of the information was outdated due to equipment changes, other data was not applicable because we faced a different foe, on different terrain. However, the basics remained the same. Around the same time, 1st Bn 7th SFG(A) released up update called ODB-720 Tips. Unfortunately, it was much more difficult to share information pre-internet and I never saw a copy until I was on a 3rd Group SOT-A in the early-90s.

The original is available on the web from Chapter 31 of the Special Forces Association at Whether you’re reading from a historical perspective or a professional one, there are still a few gems in there.

LBT – Small Vented Comms Pack

June 18th, 2018

This is smaller version of LBT’s Vented Comms Pack. Both were designed to combat radio overheating. It accepts PALS equipped pouches and offers four external, zippered pockets. The pack is also reinforced with HANK.

The pack is padded to protect the communications gear, but incorporates venting. For example, there is a mesh vent at the bottom which can be opened.


The interior is designed for the radio to be strapped into place but accessories can be mounted, by themselves, or in pouches to the pile field interior.

Above, you can see that the pack is PALS compatible and can be attached to a variety of platforms, including a modular frame. There are also removable shoulder straps and waist belt.

3 gun Match for SFC Rich Stayskal on 30 Jun 18 in Fayetteville, NC

June 18th, 2018

SFC Rich Stayskal is currently a Range 37 instructor who has lung cancer.  His colleagues are holding a 3 gun match as a fundraiser for him and his family.

SFC Stayskal is married with two young daughters and has already undergone surgery at Duke Medical Center, including Chemo / Radiation therapy.

He started in the Marines, serving outside of Mosul, Iraq, as a LCpl and earning a Purple Heart in 3004 courtesy of a GSW to the left chest. He left the Marines in 2005 and like so many Marines before him, joined the Army to try his hand at Special Forces. After successfully completing the 18X pipeline, he was assigned to 1st SFG(A), serving three Combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He currently serves as a Range 37 Sniper instructor.


Ammo Requirements: Rifle 200 rds, pistol 200rds, shotgun 100 shells.  Recommend 7.62mm, 5.56mm, 45mm, 9mm, 12ga, 20ga.  Ball ammo or match grade is fine.  NO tungsten or steel penetrators.

Registration is going to be onsite only.  Match POC COL Mike Radnothy 910-705-7612.

Donations go to the Special Forces Charitable Trust (SFCT)

ATTN: SFC Rich Stayskal fund raiser

130 Mill Brook Rd

Suite 1A

Essex, Conn 06426

One More Time – It’s “Pogue”

June 17th, 2018

This is a “POG”


This is a “Pogue”


Any questions?

Coming Soon – M1951-inspired Wool Shirt From Lester River Bushcraft

June 17th, 2018

So new it hasn’t been named yet, LRB’s take on the classic M1951 wool shirt features snap closure allowing this to be used as a jacket, a bunch of pockets both zippered and open, and some with hidden D-rings.