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Gear On The Fly – TRAK XL

August 15th, 2018

The Trak XL is Flavio Pellegrino’s third Kickstarter campaign, with the first being the Titanium Runner’s Anywhere Knife.


Originally envisioned as a backup or “last ditch” knife for scuba divers caught in fishing line, the TRAK XL transformed into a neck knife designed for females to protect from assaults while out running alone. Naturally, it can be used for a wide variety of applications.

•  Larger Two Finger Design – Improved Retention – Cannot be dropped – Fits like a glove
• 2.2″ Blade Length – For increased cutting ability
• Titanium features single 2.2″ blade on bottom edge
• S35VN features two blade edges (2.2″ & 1.25″)
• Thicker stock material – Improved comfort
• Redesigned carry sheath – Easy access & increased retention
• Anti-Slip jimping – Improved control when wet
• Hollow ground cutting edge – Finer/sharper cutting edge
• Made in USA

Carry options include Neck, Belt, Backpack, or Armband.


TacJobs – American Outdoor Brands Corporation

August 15th, 2018

American Outdoor Brands Corporation is a holding company that owns, directly or indirectly, a family of consumer product companies, including Smith & Wesson Corp., Battenfeld Technologies, Inc., Crimson Trace Corporation, SWPC Plastics, LLC, and BTI Tools, LLC. Those subsidiary companies operate in four divisions and manage multiple brands, including: BOG–POD®, Caldwell®, Crimson Trace®, Deep River Plastics® Frankford Arsenal®, Golden Rod®, Hooyman®, Imperial™, Key Gear®, Lockdown®, M&P®, Non–Typical Wildlife Solutions™, Old Timer®, Performance Center®, Schrade®, Smith & Wesson®, Thompson/Center™, Tipton®, Uncle Henry®, UST®, and Wheeler® Engineering.

They currently have multiple openings, including:

Associate Channel Marketing Manager

The Associate Manager, Channel Marketing is responsible for creating, implementing and managing channel marketing strategy to ensure objectives are accomplished on time and on budget. The successful candidate will conceptualize develop & implement multi-faceted programs and promotions, aligned with key sales, marketing and brand initiatives.

Manufacturing Engineer

The Manufacturing Engineer will develop and implement optimal, cost-effective manufacturing processes and methods in accordance with product specifications and quality standards. The position will recommend and implement improvements to production processes, methods and controls. It will also coordinate manufacturing launch for new or revised products. Priorities include process improvement, problem resolution, project management and employee training.

Product Engineer II

Perform Engineering tasks either as the administrator of a small project requiring standardized course of action, or as the administrator of an assigned segment of a larger project. Projects consist of solving production design problems and developing new models, and meeting project deadlines as outlined by the Project Management Team. Requires strict compliance with all Company policies as defined by the Executive Management Team, as well as adherence to the Company’s Quality manual and ISO Policy, and conducting business with ethical business practices at all times.


Process Engineers develop manufacturing processes to manufacture New Product Development (NPD) parts. Their responsibilities revolve around three critical test pilot lots.

• Design Concept Validation — Make parts by any method and as quickly as possible for initial design testing.

• Design Process Validation — Establish the production process and produce parts to validate the manufacturing process and the design.

• Production Pilot Lot — Finalize manufacturing process so production can make parts to validate and approve the design and the manufacturing process readiness.

For full details, visit aob.com/careers.

Shopify Bans Firearms and Ammunition

August 15th, 2018

For those of you unfamiliar, Shopify is an online sales platform and many companies in the firearms business are built on it, using this licensed technology.

Earlier this week, Canada-based abandoned its pledge to remain apolitical and altered its Acceptable Use Policy to ban use of the software for the sale of firearms, accessories and ammunition. Unfortunately, for these Shopify customers, their very websites rely in this software. What’s more, Shopify hasn’t indicated how long those affected have to comply with the new policy before they “turn them off.”

I’d say it’s time for those affected to switch to an company which respects the rule of law and supports American businesses. As we learn more about this situation and identify platforms which support civil rights, we’ll update you.

The repercussions are wide spread. SSD Advertiser Franklin Armory sent us this press release:

Minden, NV, August 14, 2018– Reputable firearms manufacturer and industry innovator, Franklin Armory®, received word late Monday evening that their ecommerce provider, Shopify, will soon interrupt their lawful commerce of firearms and components due to a sudden change in Shopify’s “Acceptable Use Policy (AUP.)”  The new AUP was presented without warning and included a new definition of “Restricted Items” to include flash suppressors, threaded barrels, pistol grips, and even magazines larger than 10 rounds.  All of these items are legal to use in a majority of states across the country, yet Shopify is interfering with Franklin Armory®’s lawful interstate commerce.

Because of their lawful commerce in firearms, Franklin Armory® has previously been discriminated against by financial services companies such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citigroup, First Data, Intuit, and Pay Pal.  Social media companies such as Facebook, Google, Youtube, and Twitter have also operated under discriminatory policies to throttle down the reach of firearms manufacturers.

Counsel for Franklin Armory®, Jason Davis, stated, “The firearms industry is under an unprecedented attack from the leading facilitators of interstate commerce that deny legitimate firearm businesses access to important structural supports of modern business.”

Jay Jacobson, President of Franklin Armory®, went on to say, “History is replete with examples of discriminatory practices employed against various societal segments.  In almost every case, our nation has legislated equal protection for those segments to prevent unfair practices and discrimination.  If Congress does not act soon to provide equal protection to all businesses, it is not too much of a leap to see how only approved businesses or people will be able to buy or sell in future financial markets.”

If you would like more information about this topic, please see our website at www.franklinarmory.com.

“This is definitely an attack on our rights and our businesses,” states Nick Hoffman of Tactical Development Group. “For years we’ve fought a losing battle where technology and service providers have created or caved to anti-2A policies. We see it in payment providers and gateways, software licenses, and so-called ‘acceptable use policies’ across the technology space needed to do business online. There is hope, however. We’ve found and use several providers willing to pledge their support to our industry and provide the services we need to create successful online businesses, despite the rhetoric of their peers.”

Where Hoffman used to recommend Shopify and their ‘apolitical AUP’, he now recommends a different solution. “Building our businesses on someone else’s platform leaves us vulnerable – we have too many eggs in one basket and a strategic policy change from a vendor can blindside and cripple us. It’s incumbent of us to be aware of this as we build brands across social media and services where the deck is stacked against us – they don’t want our money or liability. Case in point: pro-2A brands like Black Rifle Coffee Co., Grunt Style, and many others, companies that were also blindsided, operate on and represent substantial revenue to Shopify. Whether Shopify considered the unintended consequences of losing business from brands outside the direct sale of firearms related products or not, it’s going to happen. Diversity in our approach to marketing, building, and facilitating our 2A brands is key to our success in combatting sweeping policy changes like this.”

Reptilia Announces New 30mm Tube Red Dot Optic Mount

August 15th, 2018

August 15 2018 – Reptilia, an American design and manufacturing company creating innovative, premium grade products, has announced the release of their newest optic mounts: the ROF SAR, a 30mm Tube Red Dot Optic Mount, adding a mounting point for a Trijicon RMR® or Leupold Delta Point Pro®.


The ROF SAR mount is designed as a drop-in upgrade for magnified scopes with an objective diameter of 1.3in or less. Available initially for 30mm scope tubes, the ROF SAR adds a mounting point for a Trijicon RMR® or Leupold Delta Point Pro® to provide a fast, close-range targeting option to your magnified scope. End users can easily position the reflex optic at 90º, 45º or any angle the user prefers. Additionally, when paired with the ROF Riser, released earlier this summer, extra height can be provided to clear a host scope’s turrets.


The ROF SAR is precision machined from 7075 aluminum and protected with Mil-Spec type III hardcoat anodizing. Weighing in at 36g, care was taken to minimize the added weight when mounted to your 30mm scope tube.

“Reptilia was founded with the purpose of developing product solutions for those who are put into harm’s way, to ensure our safety and freedom,” stated Eric Burt, Reptilia’s President and Head of Design. “Our ROF line of products was developed to fill a request we received for specific mounting solutions. We take great pride in being able to work closely with our end-users, to ensure we are developing solutions to address the limits that existed.”

Burt, one of the industry’s most respected and sought after Industrial Designers, founded Reptilia with the intent to address issues that were frequently overlooked in the firearms industry. Ranging from simple design tweaks to grander-scale innovations, Reptilia is the vehicle to bring ideas to fruition. Promising an insatiable need to innovate and bridge the gaps that challenge end-users. In a world that is always evolving, Reptilia strives to produce products and provides services that are unmatched in this industry.


The ROF SAR is available now, through the Reptilia web store at www.reptiliacorp.com.

USMC Seeks New Lightweight Hard Armor Plates

August 15th, 2018

Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC), Portfolio Manager (PfM), Ground Combat Element Systems (GCES), Program Manager (PM) Infantry Combat Equipment (ICE) released a sources sought notice seeking information regarding industry’s capability to produce a Berry Amendment compliant lightweight hard armor plate.

For years, the current Enhanced Small Arms Protective Insert (ESAPI) has protected Marines, and other service members from harm, but they are relatively heavy, having been designed well over a decade ago. The Marine Corps wants to leverage advancements in armor protection.

MCSC’s Marine Expeditionary Rifle Squad Team tested a selection of currently available commercial armor plates through the Marine Corps Load Effects Assessment Program course wearing all of their combat gear. MERS discovered that a lightweight hard armor plate in the range they are seeking will increase the mobility of Marines by 8 percent. It is envisioned that these new plates will be used woth the upcoming Plate Carrier Gen III, expected to begin fielding in 2019.

Over the past year, PM ICE conducted an analysis of more than 200 commercial plate designs from 38 different companies to see what type of armor is possible. However, according to the notice, there’s no actual requirement written yet, so it is important that industry respond to this Request for Information in order to inform the requirement.

According to PM ICE, the lightweight hard armor plate should:

– Provide two-shot ballistic protection from non-armor piercing rounds that are currently prevalent in counter-insurgency operations and other low intensity threat environments.
o Rounds primarily fired by sniper rifles will be tested at a velocity expected at 100m-200m standoff.
o One shot will be in the crown location at 0-degrees obliquity; the other shot will be at off-center locations at 30-degrees obliquity.
o Meet back-face deformations less than 58 mm.

– Conform to ESAPI shape and area of coverage.
– Possess a thickness that is the same or less than current ESAPI.
– Possess an areal density of 3.75 pounds/square foot (Objective) to 5.16 pounds/square foot (Threshold).

Additionally, vendors should be able to produce a minimum of 40,000 lightweight armor plates within a year of First Article Test approval, which is expected 180 days after contract award, once the solicitation is released.

Responses are required by 7 September 2018, 12:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (sic).

Visit www.fbo.gov for full details.

USMC photo and video.

Widget Wednesday:  Supported Equipment

August 15th, 2018


Over the past decade we have worked closely with Program Offices, Commands, and Units to develop a wide range of adapters and cables to bring true plug-and-play power capability to end-users.


Our Power Management systems currently support more than 200 different types of electronic equipment, including:
• military and commercial primary and rechargeable batteries
• UAV and UGV systems (both platforms and control units)
• high-performance military radios
• military and commercial SATCOM systems
• laptop and tablet computers
• EOD equipment
• field medical equipment
• GPS systems
• Laser markers and designators
• Smart phones
• And more…


To see the full list of equipment that we can provide solutions for, check out the SUPPORTED EQUIPMENT page on our website at www.PTXnomad.com /supported-equipment /.


If you don’t see what you need, contact us at Team.Room@Protonex.com and we will lead you through the process of developing a bespoke solution.

High Angle Solutions – Brigantes Presents – Montane Prism Tactical Jacket

August 15th, 2018

Now is the time to think about the upcoming Autumn and the change in weather.  To help cope with this Montane have released the Prism Tactical Jacket.  This is an upgraded Prism jacket which takes into consideration the greater insulation needs of a military user.

The standard civilian Prism uses 40g/m2 Primaloft Silver Eco.  Due to the weather conditions and sleep deprivation that the military regularly encounter we have upgraded the jacket to have 100g/m2 Primaloft Gold Eco in the body and 80g/m2 in the arms.  This synthetic insulation provides the highest level of warmth available whilst still being able to work when wet.  The outer fabric provides an hard wearing and weather resistant surface that is ideal for the rigors encountered when operating in harsh environments.

The cut of the jacket is designed to enable active movement within a mountain setting and provides a 3 point helmet compatible hood adjustment with stiffened peak.  In addition there are two hand warmer pockets along with an internal pocket for securing key items.  The hem is adjustable and the cuffs are low profile.

Overall this is a great go to piece that is ideal in all environments.

For more information get in touch by email on international@brigantes.com or for UK customers warrior@brigantes.com. Please visit our website www.brigantes.com for information on our brands.

8th Annual K-9 Cop Conference & Vendor Show

August 15th, 2018

The conference will be held at the Nashville Airport Marriott in Nashville, TN, ?Sept. 18?, 19, 20 – 2018.

Paducah, KY – August 14, 2018 – K-9 Cop Magazine is hosting their 8th Annual International K-9 Cop Conference for Police & Military Working Dog Handlers next month. The K-9 Cop Conference brings together world-class K-9 instructors, top-notch vendors, and over 800 attendees from all over the world over a three-day period. The conference features more than 40 courses, including seminars and interactive K-9 demonstrations. Topics include tracking, scent training, bitework, K-9 nutrition, narcotics detection, and integrated search strategies.

Courses include:

• Dogs & Drones with Paul Coley of Scent Evidence K9
• K-9 Narcotics Detection with Ricky Farley of Alabama Canine
• Person-Borne Explosives Detection K-9s with Lane Kjellsen of K2 Solutions, Inc.
• NCCAD: What’s in it for me? and Office for Bombing Prevention: 101 with Jenny Margaros of the Office for Bombing Prevention DHS
• Scent Cones and How Scent Moves with Dondi Hydrick of K9 Dog Center USA
• And many more!

For a comprehensive look at the schedule, visit the K-9 Cop Conference Full Line-Up.

The vendor hall will house 45 top-notch vendors over a two-day period featuring the latest in K-9 technology and equipment, including apparel, communications and nutrition. See a list of 2018 Exhibitors here.

Our overflow hotels are now open. K-9 Cop Conference attendees can book their stay at the Residence Inn Nashville Airport, Hilton Nashville Airport, and Baymont Inn & Suites. The conference will be held at the Nashville Airport Marriott. Overflow Hotel Listing & Details.

For more information on K-9 Cop Magazine, visit www.k9copmagazine.com or call (270) 534-0500. Register today and receive 16 hours of continuing law enforcement K-9 education.

Keep updated via social media: Facebook@k9copmagazine | Instagram@k9copmagazine | Twitter@k9copmagazine | LinkedInk9copmagazine