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Thinks That Make You Go ‘Hmmm’

July 22nd, 2016

Thanks RB!

Fight And Flight Tactical – T.A.S.K.

July 22nd, 2016

It’s been awhile since we last mentioned the T.A.S.K. (Tactical Ass Scrubbing Kit) from Fight And Flight Tactical but it’s still a cool product.


Constructed from 8mm antimicrobial spacer mesh, the T.A.S.K. fits standard-sized soap bars, although it also works well with just slivers of soap and even liquid soap, and facilitates a thick lather to wash away dirt and grime, while inhibiting bacterial growth. Includes 6″ webbing loop for hanging out to dry, use at a field sanitation station, or simply for retention.

Available in Black, Coyote Brown and Tan 499.


FirstSpear Friday Focus – Overlap Cummerbund

July 22nd, 2016

This week we are going to give you an update on a great FirstSpear product, the Overlap Cummerbund. Its rapid adoption among State and Federal Law Enforcement agencies along with positive customer feedback has pushed FirstSpear to incorporate the Overlap Cummerbund as the new standard cummerbund on flagship plate carriers like the Strandhögg and Assaulter Armor Carrier.

Originally, developed at the request of a FS Professional User, the Overlap Cummerbund is designed to provide additional overlapping soft armor at the front side of the plate carrier where the Tubes closure system meets. The additional soft armor tucks in behind the Tubes allowing full opening and closing of the vest.

The Overlap Cummerbund has been modified so that the body side allows for the attachment of Ragnar Pockets. This means that magazines and other items can be held in close to the body, providing a more streamlined silhouette, a benefit to users who are working in or from a vehicle, conducting tubular assaults, or who simply wish to carry more magazines than a traditional front loading carrier would allow.

-Soft armor inserts extend behind the tube and overlap the body of the plate carrier, while still allowing full functionality of the Tube system.
-Body side of cummerbund now has loop allowing you to attach pockets from the Ragnar Pocket Suite (our full Velcro backed pockets)
-The back bungee cord has been replaced with Velcro and stretch material.


OAF Currency Poster

July 22nd, 2016

You’ve probably seen the operator artwork based on various denominations of US currency by @Plan_B_Actual. They are quite clever. Elusive so far, you can now own your own version.

OAF has set up a collaboration and this poster is the first of many planned between OAF Nation and @Plan_B_Actual. Get your filthy paws on this bad Larry ASAP and pay homage to one of the most trappinest leaders our country has ever known; Benjamin Freebandz


Remington Announces New Worldwide Distribution Center

July 22nd, 2016

Madison, NC — Remington Outdoor Company (ROC) announces the July 25, 2016, opening of its new worldwide distribution center in Southaven, Mississippi.

The Southaven distribution center is a model for others with exceptionally strong management capabilities, extensive logistics and transportation infrastructure, key geographic proximity and the full support of the community from local elected officials, to city and county management, to the local workforce that will lead this operation in world class fashion.

“We are looking forward to a great partnership with the state of Mississippi and the wonderful community of Southaven,” said ROC CEO Jim (“Marco”) Marcotuli. “Specifically, I would like to thank the Desoto County and Southaven Economic and Planning Development Offices, Southaven City Officials, Proventure Real Estate, Ozburn Hessey Logistics (OHL/MHR), , Colliers International and also Panattoni Development Company for their hard work and dedication, without which this crucial investment would not have occurred.”


30 Seconds Out – No One Is Coming Tshirt

July 21st, 2016

This has understandably become a very popular t-shirt.


TNVC Announces Zero G Deluxe Retrofit Combat Liner for Helmets by 4D Tactical

July 21st, 2016

The Zero G Deluxe Retrofit Combat Liner by 4D Tactical, is available exclusively at TNVC. It offers the most technologically advanced and comfortable suspension system available for any combat helmet. Originally developed for USSOCOM, the Zero G pads meet and exceed specification for ACH Blunt Impact and Ballistic Protection – even exceeding current standard issue, OEM, and aftermarket suspension system offerings (according to independent and DoD lab testing (USMC SMART-TE ACH Test). What’s more; the Zero G Deluxe Retrofit Combat Liner is the most comfortable set of pads available. Let’s repeat that: THE MOST COMFORTABLE SET OF PADS AVAILABLE.

The Zero G Deluxe Retrofit Combat Liner is a rate and temperature sensitive material that conforms to the wearer’s unique head shape. The materials provide unparalleled comfort, fit, and stability. All pads are covered in a heat and moisture wicking NanoTech anti-microbial fabric. It is designed to draw perspiration away from the head and will actually cool the wearer through this evaporative process. The Zero G Deluxe Retrofit Combat Liner is Berry Amendment (10 U.S.C 2533a) Compliant.

The Zero G Deluxe Retrofit Combat Liner was spec’d with input from TNVC to be the ultimate in warfighter comfort and protection. Based on 4D Tactical’s excellent Zero G Standard Kits, the Deluxe Retrofit Combat Liner contains more pads for more complete coverage. All pads are independent of each other for complete customization and compatibility with other head-borne mission critical gear. Once installed, the pads conform to each other, creating the feeling of a single, soft insert, eliminating hot spots of pad contact during extended wear.

This is the best investment you can make in your helmet!


Smith & Bradley goes Full Circle To Change The Tactical Watch Game

July 21st, 2016


Winter Park, Florida, July 11, 2016 – The evolution of the outdoor and tactical watch is upon us. The roll-out of the SANS-13 Evolution on Kickstarter is going to make some serious waves in the watch world. Smith & Bradley went back to the drawing board with the SANS-13 lead by watch designer/engineer Jerommie Smith and input from their customers across the outdoor and tactical community. Smith & Bradley developed the best engineered watch in the marketplace with the industries BEST ILLUMINATION technology–period

The illumination technology is set to be on par with tritium with a powerful glow lasting for at least 6-8 hours in darkness. The polymer used for illumination was once a “Lume Tube” is now a “Lume Plate” for way more power and much longer glow. The Polymer Lume Plates are sure to shake up the tactical watch market.

Other Technical Features include:

  • A Ronda Swiss 505 Quartz Movement, 1 Jewel, 45 month Battery Life
  • Crystal: Sapphire with Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Case: 4mm, 316L Stainless Steel
  • Caseback: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Bracelet: 24mm, 316 Stainless Steel Screw Bar for each link
  • Crown: 7mm with Inner Seal
  • Crown Tube: Dual O-Ring Seal
  • Dial: Sandwich Dial with Polymer Lume Plate Background
  • Hands: Lume Plate integrated into hands
  • Oh Yeah, you can back it now for $250.00 on Kickstarter. Luminox should be nervous.